3 Decorative Ways to Use Deer Antlers in Home Decor

Make Fan Pulls, Knobs and More

Deer hunters often save the antlers from the bucks that they kill, but you do not have to become a hunter to obtain a gorgeous set of horns. Those that are naturally shed can be found on the ground where deer typically roam, and they can be purchased online. Larger racks are usually mounted on a plaque and kept fully intact, but smaller or single pieces are also worth saving. They can be used for other decorative and practical purposes. Consider these creative and stylish ways to use them. They make fantastic natural embellishments, and some are useful as well as decorative.

They Make Phenomenal Cabinet Knobs

The bases of deer antler make fantastic cabinet knobs. They have fluted edges that are natural works of art. Cut off the base of a deer antler rack to make a sturdy cabinet knob. Power tools are not required. All that you need is a little elbow grease and a small hacksaw with a sharp blade. After trimming it away, sand the cut end to remove any rough or protruding areas. Drill a hole in the center. It should be big enough to accommodate a double-ended machine screw. Apply clear-drying epoxy before inserting the machine screw. The decorative knob can be used as a pull for a cabinet door or a drawer when the glue fully dries.

Decorate the Base of a Lamp

Deer antlers can be used to decorate a rustic table lamp. Choose a set of antlers of the appropriate size, and glue them into place using E6000 brand adhesive. It will dry clear, and it will securely hold the antlers on or around the base. They will add a natural touch to an otherwise basic table lamp. To make it even more decorative and rustic, replace the fabric or paper lampshade with a birch bark shade. They can be found online and in stores that sell natural furnishings and decor.

Add Deer Antler Light and Fan Pulls

Fan pulls can be as decorative as they are practical, especially those made with deer antler tips. You do not have to pay extra for ready-made pulls. To make a natural pull for a ceiling fan or lamp, cut off a three to four-inch antler tine. Carefully drill a hole in the end to accommodate a bead ball chain. Use a disposable syringe without a needle to fill the hole with clear-drying epoxy. Use a sewing needle or a small nail to carefully push the bead ball chain into the hole. Wipe away the extra epoxy and allow it to dry before usefully. It will work exceptionally well as a fan or light pull, and it will add decorative appeal to the fixture.


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