4 Creative Ways to Store Fabric

Storing fabric should be easy to locate without having to dig through piles of material. Digging results in disorganization that will require continual refolding and aggravation. Forget about using standard methods of storage. Use these creative ways to store fabric, and keep your material neat and easy to find.

Organizing a Space for Crafting and Sewing

Use Trouser Hangers and Closet Rods

When looking for creative and easy ways to store yards of various types and colors of fabric, consider using trouser hangers and closet rods. Dedicate a closet to craft and/or sewing supply storage, and mount closet rods to accommodate more than a single row of fabric. Neatly fold and hang the material on trouser hangers, and store them in a color-coded manner. It will be easy to find exactly what you want, and without having to dig through piles.

Store Folded Fabric in Metal Letter Holders

Metal letter holders are good for more than just holding and organizing mail. Mount two or more side by side, and use them to securely hold and store folded fabric. The material will become part of the decorating scheme, and it will be easy to locate at a glance. To make finding the ideal color easier than ever, store it according to color. The wall will be beautifully decorated with a rainbow of colors and an array of patterns.

Wrap it Around Cardboard or Foam for Open Storage

When looking for a creative way to store yards of fabric, do it in an organized but open fashion. Wrap the material around sturdy foam boards or durable cardboard, and store it openly on cube style shelves. As the photo shows, the material will remain neat, and specific bolts will be quick and easy to find.

Simple Milk Crate Storage and More

If wooden shelves are above your budget, buy plastic milk crates that are designed for open storage. Stack the crates, and store fabric that has been wrapped on sturdy foam boards or cardboard. The crates do not have to sit on the floor. They can be creatively arranged and securely attached to a wall.


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