Easy 4th of July Picnic Table Decorations

Centerpieces, Party Favors and More

With the 4th of July just around the corner, it is time for those hosting outdoor parties to begin coming up with delicious food ideas and picnic table decorations. After all, who wants to enjoy their food on a bare wooden surface? Centerpieces, colorful table coverings and decorative favors add to the theme of the festivities, and they can turn an ordinary spread into something spectacular. Use these easy 4th of July picnic decorations, and surprise your friends and family members with amazing food, themed outdoor Independence Day decor and more.

Layer a Red Runner Over a Blue and White Vinyl Table Cloth

It can be difficult to keep a lightweight tablecloth on a picnic table. Even the slightest breeze will blow up the corners and edges. Keep it in place while decorating at the same time. Layer a heavy red runner over a blue and white vinyl table cloth. Forget about using cheap, thin outdoor varieties that are certain to blow away. Use an indoor vinyl covering along with a runner, and it will stay in place while creating a vibrant surface to hold and display the food, dinnerware and 4th of July decorations.

Line the Center of the Runner with Unique Candle Displays

If you really want to make a good impression at your 4th of July picnic, line the center of the table runner with a unique candle display. Fill clear glass containers or canning jars with layers of red, white and blue aquarium gravel. Place a flickering flameless votive or tea light candle in the center of each one. During daylight hours, the colorful layers of gravel will visually enhance the picnic table. When evening comes, they will beautifully light up the night.

Make Delicious and Decorative Picnic Table Favors with Candy

Favors are a fantastic addition to a 4th of July party, especially the edible kind. Fill small clear plastic or cellophane bags about ¼ of the way with mini blue M & M candies or Nerds. They will represent the blue square on the American flag. Complete the favors by adding red licorice and white candy sticks to the bags. The red licorice and white candy sticks will represent the stripes on the flag. Tie the bags closed with a gold cord. Besides tasting great, they will add to the theme of your 4th of July celebration.


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