5 Ideas to Decorate Thumbtacks

Add Acorn Caps, Faux Gems and More

Thumbtacks are typically cheaper than pushpins, and since they are flat, they are easy to decorate in countless ways. After buying a new bulletin board, I wanted to use something other than plastic pushpins, but I did not want to purchase ready-made pins. I enjoy crafting, and I came up with creative new ways to decorate cheap thumbtacks. My daughter and I enjoyed adding everything from acorn caps to miniatures. They looked fantastic on our bulletin board, and we decided to make sets to give as Christmas gifts along with homemade boards.

Glue on Acorn Caps

My daughter and I had fun creating thumbtacks for fall. She collected acorns, and we both removed the caps. After the caps were removed, I used a hot glue gun to attach them to plain thumbtacks. It was a fun way to decorate the bulletin board for fall. We pinned a few of our favorite fall leaves to the board along with the usual business cards and notes.

Decorate Thumbtacks with Faux Gems

When trying to come up with creative ways to decorate thumbtacks, consider using faux gems. They look fantastic on a bulletin board. Buy gems with flatbacks, and attach them with superglue. Gems can turn plain tacks into works of sparkling bulletin board art.

Attach Pretty Polished Pebbles

Pretty polished pebbles that seem too small to do much with can be used to decorate a bulletin board. If you have a significant amount, attach them to the frame of the bulletin board using a hot glue gun. Decorate thumbtacks using the prettiest stones of all. Attach them with superglue for a secure connection.

Make Smiley Faces with Permanent Markers

Permanent markers can be used to decorate large thumbtacks in very creative ways. To make them look like real smiley faces, cover them yellow using a permanent marker. After the marker dries, use a fine tip black permanent marker to create the faces. If desired, attach small plastic craft eyes. They can be used to express your mood when leaving notes for family members.

Glue Miniatures to Thumbtacks

Miniatures are also ideal when looking for creative ways to decorate thumbtacks. Choose small items of interest, and attach them to the heads of thumbtacks using superglue. They are perfect for themed bulletin boards. I used miniature kitties to decorate my cat-themed bulletin board, and they look darling. Look for miniatures to decorate thumbtacks for your themed bulletin board, and add to the theme in creative and stylish new ways.


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