6 Quick Tips to Change Your Bedding For the Season

Rotate and Flip the Mattress

While you’re stripping off all the bedding, give your mattress the quarterly attention it needs. Unless you’ve got a pillow-top, your mattress should be flipped over about four times a year. You should also rotate it head to toe. Flipping and rotating prevent mattresses from getting too worn in the same spot where you sleep every night. It can extend the life of your mattress and keep you sleeping comfortably.

Pick Spring Colors and Patterns

There’s something not quite right about having a burgundy or chocolate-brown bedding in the summertime. For a light, airy, springtime feel, switch to a light color scheme or consider a springtime motif, such as flowers or pretty birds. This is particularly easy to do if you’ve got neutral walls and another décor, so if you’re painting anytime soon, keep that in mind.

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Rethink the Comforter

Down comforters can be used in all seasons, but not necessarily. Yours probably has a warmth rating or is labeled as for a particular season. While heavy or “warmest” comforters obviously aren’t your best bet right now, it’s up to you how warm you want to go. For example, if you love to crank the air conditioning at night but stay toasty warm under the covers, you might want a lightweight down comforter. For some people, a comforter is too much in the spring and summer, and a good quality cotton quilt is more comfortable.

Swap Your Sheets

Kiss those flannel sheets and pillowcases goodbye for a few months and invest in some high-quality sheets that offer breathability on warm summer nights. Consider environmentally friendly options, like organic cotton or viscose made from bamboo.

Clear the Clutter

Got an extra throw blanket, throw pillows, or a middle blanket on your bedding? Consider removing them completely for the season, or replacing them with versions in lighter fabrics. More bulk just isn’t necessary when the weather heats up.

Allergies? Consider a Mattress Cover

Allergy attacks often come with spring, and while the biggest trigger this time of year is pollen, you might want to take steps to reduce allergens inside your home as well. A mattress cover specifically designed to keep dust mites and other allergens out of your mattress could help reduce your sniffling and help you get a better night’s rest.

In fact, frequently switching and washing all your linens can help get rid of allergy triggers.

Changing your bedding doesn’t just make you feel cooler, it can help you breathe more easily too.

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