8 Decor Ideas to Make a Rental Feel Like Home

1. Use the height of your room. The space above your cabinets and armoires is the valuable storage area and using canvas storage bins to keep you organized frees up drawer space to keep more of your everyday stuff at your fingertips.

2. Install a DIY chandelier. A hanging light can define the dining space from the living room and make one space into two. Take an old box spring and string lights to create a dramatic light in a loft space.

3. Display your collections. Have a cool collection of watches or sunglasses? Hang them on a simple wire rack on the wall as art and free up your nightstand drawer for the ugly stuff or hang your serving trays on the wall and when you need to use them simply pull one-off for the night.

4. Use clear furniture for the non-storage pieces. Introducing a Lucite or glass side table or a large scale mirror creates the illusion of more space without taking up a lot of room.

5. Hang custom window treatments. Layered windows create a rich and inviting look so hang both curtains (as high as possible) and roman shades. You can easily make DIY roman shades from old plastic blinds and fabric.

Window Treatments (Image via curtainsblinds )

6. Every big piece of furniture should be hardworking. The bed should also double as storage with extra drawers underneath. The sofa should double as a bed with a pull out feature or a deep enough seat to sleep, one person.

7. Patterned headboard wall. To anchor your bedroom stripes, plaid or an argyle wall to create drama and visual weight in your space.

8. Install tile decals. If you have a bland bathroom personalize it by adding tile decals to create a border around the shower.

Image via Karimova


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