Headboard Ideas for an Air Mattress

Stylish and Practical Options

Airbeds have greatly improved over the years. Many styles are more comfortable than standard mattresses, and they are considerably cheaper in price. They are designed to use on the floor, and many styles are thick enough for regular fitted sheets and other standard bedding. An air mattress that is used instead of a standard bed can also include a stylish headboard that will add beauty and personal flair. It will also help to prevent the pillow from slipping over the end while in use. Consider these creative and practical headboard ideas for an air mattress on the floor, and make it look more like a regular bed and a stylish component of the bedroom.

Attach a Stylish Vinyl Decal to the Wall

A headboard does not have to be attached to a bed to serve a valuable purpose. A vinyl wall decal can work just as well, especially when using an air mattress on the floor. The wall will serve as a pillow stop, and the decal will add style to the space. Decals are available in a huge variety of designs, and they do not look like cheap stickers. Shop online to find the perfect stick-on headboard to complete your airbed, and add designer appeal to your personal space.

Use Over-Sized Pillows to Create a Comfy Headboard

Over-sized pillows are another great headboard option for those with an air mattress on the floor. A body pillow is ideal for starters. Place it at the head of the airbed against the wall. Top your usual pillow with another one that is covered by a stylish sham. Finish with an array of throw pillows in colors and styles that coordinate with the bedding. The body pillow will serve as a headboard for the airbed, and it can also be removed and used as a prop when reading or watching television.

Place the Air Mattress Against a Chest of Drawers

A chest of drawers can serve as a headboard for an airbed. It is an ideal solution for a small bedroom that offers very little wall space. It will stop the pillow from slipping over the end, and it will easily support a variety of stylish throw pillows. Since it is an airbed, it will be easy to temporarily move when retrieving items from lower drawers, and it will solve a common problem.

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