Alternate Uses for a Curved Shower Curtain Rod

Decorative and Practical Options

A curved shower curtain rod might not seem to have a use outside of the bathroom, but it is a very handy decorating accessory that can be implemented in other practical and decorative ways. The design of the piece makes it a very versatile item. You do not have to buy the most expensive one available. As long as it is adjustable and sturdy, it can be used to serve one of a number of useful and stylish new purposes.

Unique New Window Treatments with Architectural Flair

Window treatments do not vary much from one window to the next. Most are either covered with shades or blinds and yards of fabric. Something out of the ordinary can make a tremendous difference in the look of the room. Instead of topping windows with straight curtain rods, use the curved variety. To make the windows appear taller and far more extravagant, extend the rods several inches above the tops of the window frames. The curved rods will give the windows amazing architectural appeal, and for a lot less than the cost of cornices or other structural components.

Make a Dressing Area in an Empty Corner of a Bedroom

If privacy is an issue in the bedroom or an all-inclusive living area, solve part of the problem by adding a private dressing area. Hang a curved shower curtain rod in an empty corner, and add opaque drapery in a color and design of your choice. Attach hook and loop fasteners to keep the panels together while changing clothes. It is the ideal solution for roommates or kids. It will not take up a lot of space, and it will not negatively impact the style or the design of the room.

Create a Canopy Bed for a Girl or Boy

You do not have to buy expensive hardware to create an impressive canopy for a bed for a boy or a girl. Mount a curved shower curtain rod over the head of the bed, and hang yards of sheer nylon fabric or netting for a girl. Use a canvas in a color or pattern of your choice for a boy. It can be mounted in a corner or on a bare wall. Use stylish and creative homemade tiebacks when the canopy is not in use. It will give the bedroom a stylish new look that just about any kid would love.


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