5 Great Apartment Patio Decorating Ideas

If you live in an apartment, you likely feel trapped when it comes to decorating your patio. Even the largest of patios can seem confined and impossible to decorate, especially if the ground is made of concrete or wood. While you may feel like decorating your apartment patio is pointless, it is actually a great way to make the outside of your apartment look great, in turn making it a place you will want to spend more time. Here are some ideas to help you get started on decorating your apartment patio to make it feel larger and more comfortable.

Bistro Set

A small, glass-topped bistro set will make the patio seem more inviting, as it provides guests a place to sit while spending time outdoors. However, this small table set will not take up as much room as a traditional patio set, which can make a small space feel more confined. Stores like Walmart and Target sell a variety of three-piece bistro patio sets throughout the spring and summer, making it easy to choose the right one to decorate your apartment patio.

Garden Statues

You do not need grass, or a garden for that matter, to incorporate adorable garden statues into your patio. Having one or two decorative statues will add personality and flair to your patio, in turn making it a place you will enjoy spending time. Kmart is a great place to find inexpensive, small garden statues to brighten up your patio.

Decorative Flower Pot Holders

Since you will not have any space to plant flowers in the ground, you will have to rely on flower pots to incorporate live foliage into your patio. Instead of just arranging plain, boring terra cotta pots on the patio, purchase decorative flower pot holder. Gordman’s sells a wide variety of unique, decorative holders that will make your patio look great. For example, there are some that are shaped like tricycles that hold the flower pot where the seat of the bike would be. These unique holders are perfect for decorating small places like patios, and will help you fulfill your dream of having a beautiful flower garden.

Pretty Lanterns

Pretty lanterns filled with candles will add light and decoration to your patio, making the space look great both during the day and at night. Target sells tea light lanterns in a wide variety of colors and sizes. In the hot summer months when mosquitoes are rampant, you can use these lanterns to hold citronella to keep the insects away.

Windowsill Herb Garden

Windowsill herb gardens aren’t just for windows. You can use one of these adorable little sets to decorate the ledge of your patio. Not only will this serve a decorative purpose on your patio, but it will also provide you with fresh, homegrown herbs to use in your kitchen.


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