Decorative Ways to Arrange Rocks in a Flowerbed

Create Amazing Patterns, Floral Designs and More

A rock garden can be absolutely beautiful, especially if the rocks are arranged in unique and creative ways instead of randomly placed. They can be arranged to create gorgeous designs of various sizes from footprints to hearts. Artistic talent is not required, but a vision and a collection of stones are essential before getting started. Consider these unique and decorative ways to arrange rocks in a flowerbed, and create swirls, flowers, footprints, paisley designs, hearts and more. Incorporate colorful glass pebbles into the designs to create amazing works of flowerbed art.

Create Stone Flowers amongst Real Blooms

Use well-chosen stones to create rock renditions that will beautifully decorate the ground in between clusters of real blooms. Begin with a center stone, and surround it with rock petals of the appropriate shape and size. Create bloom after bloom until filling in all of the open areas in between live plants. If desired, use flat glass pebbles in colors of your choice to enhance and highlight the designs made of rocks. They can look absolutely amazing and even more gorgeous than the real foliage and flowers.

Make a Stone Heart with Phlox in a Raised Mound

One of the most beautiful ways to arrange rocks in a flowerbed is in the shape of a heart. Create a stone heart, and fill it with red creeping phlox. It will look particularly stunning when placed on a mound and appropriately angled for all to see. If your property has a hillside, consider creating a large flowerbed shaped like a heart. Create a border of rocks, and fill it with red blooms of your choice. Transform it into a broken heart with the addition of jagged rocks that shatter the center. Low-growing white blooms can be used to create a live arrow.

Create Swirls with River Rocks, Glass Pebbles and More

Flowerbed mosaics are some of the most impressive of all, and grout is not required. Simply press smooth river rocks and colorful glass pebbles partially into well-worked soil. Create swirls, paisley designs, geometric shapes, floral designs and anything else desired. Plant flowers around the designs, and keep them trimmed to prevent the shapes from becoming swallowed up by blooms and spreading foliage. Also, rinse them often to keep them from sinking into the soil and eventually disappearing for good.

Theresa Lien
Theresa Lien
A professional writer who has specialized in houseplants and indoor gardening. She's had experience with outdoor landscaping too, having written about plants that grow well on balconies and patios as one of her previous articles for Wohomen.


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