Asian Decor Ideas for Your Bedroom Design

Asian Decor Ideas for Your Bed and Bedside Tables

The bed in Asian decor is all-important. It forms the focal point of the bedroom, like a quiet pond in a garden. And like the pond, the bed must be smooth and straight-lined, implementing the first rule of Asian home decor: Simplicity.

Therefore, if you have a headboard or footboard on your bed, remove them. And to truly adhere to Asian decor, implement its second rule as well: Low Elevation. Remove any risers your bed might have, or even place the bedspring and mattress directly on the floor, for the closer the bed is to the earth, the more accurate it is to the image of harmony Asian decor wishes to impart.

Next, arrange your bed with white sheets covered by a white or earth-toned blanket. The sheets in oriental home decor are folded over the blanket a third-way down the bed, and only sleeping pillows, all puffed and white, are permitted unless you prefer to have no pillows at all.

The bedside tables should be no taller than the bed itself and stand straight angles, thereby implementing the third rule: Symmetry. Ideal Asian furniture is simple in lines and designs and made of wood or wicker.


Enhance the beauty of your Asian decor with lamps shaped like Japanese lanterns—position one on each bedside table, each mirroring the other’s work like reflections in a pond.

Add oriental decor to the wall behind your bed with a trellis or screen. Once again, be sure that the screen stands precisely in the middle and mirrors itself on both sides.

Continue the motif of harmony by introducing tamed garden elements, like orchids or bonsai trees, as well as trickling water fountains, which will act as air purifiers as well.

Asian Decor Backdrop

Paint your walls following the principles of Asian home decor. Begin by drawing a latitude line around your room, at a height taller than your bed by ten inches. Next, paint the top portion of the room with a single, earth-toned hue. Then paint the bottom part with an Asian motif that will soften your primary color with this simple sponge faux finish technique.

Finally, clutter and mess are excluded from Asian decor by its very nature, limiting accessories and keeping everything symmetrical. And if additional space is needed, add a Japanese cabinet to keep things out of sight. Then add bamboo window treatments for added privacy.


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