3 Baby Shower Ideas for a Boy

Decorations are a big part of planning a baby shower. They help add to the excitement of having a new little baby on the way. While there are plenty of gender-neutral decorating ideas available, it can be a lot easier to decorate when the baby’s gender is known. People get really excited when they see “baby boy” or “baby girl” decorations, rather than colors and decor that are virtually genderless. Are you planning a baby shower for the expectant mother of a little boy? Check out these baby boy shower ideas, themes and inspiration for table centerpieces and accents.

Baby Boy Color Scheme Ideas


Baby shower color schemes are often blue for a boy and pink for a girl, because these are the most commonly associated colors with babies. This doesn’t mean you have to decorate for the shower with pink or blue–you can either change it up with completely different colors, or you can add on to the anticipated color scheme. For example, choose a couple of different shades of blue and accent them with brown. Or, pair blue with a nice, earthy green or sunny yellow. If you would rather skip the blue altogether, try mixing two or more of the following: chocolate brown; moss green; buttery yellow; and tangerine.

Choosing a Theme for the Baby Boy Shower


Who says you have to decorate with blue or a certain color scheme? Instead, choose a theme for the baby shower and accent with complementing colors. Does Daddy like to play (or watch) sports? Center your theme around baseball, basketball or football. Choose decorations that are inspired by this particular sport, then throw in some orange or brown streamers, balloons, napkins, et cetera. Maybe Mom would prefer a fishing theme or something related to the great outdoors. Rather than coming up with a baby boy shower theme off the top of your head, ask his parents what would best suit their interests.

Table Centerpieces and Accents


Diaper cakes are becoming popular at baby showers; they are cakes made of strategically-placed baby diapers that the expectant mother can take home later. If you are up to a larger challenge, perhaps you could attempt to construct a baby carriage using watermelon; use a smaller melon as the baby’s head and cover his body with a blanket of mixed berries. Finish him off with blueberry eyes, a melon nose and a pacifier in his mouth.


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