Four Ideas for a Baby Shower Brunch

Great Ideas to Get You Started

Searching for a casual way to celebrate a loved one’s baby shower? Why not consider a baby shower brunch! These four ideas are a great way to get you started, no matter what your budget entails. (Silly party games, diaper cakes, and due date guessing optional.)

Brunch Pot Luck

When many people think of pot lucks, they think of backyard barbeques and supper club socials. However, a great casual way to host a baby shower brunch is by making it pot luck. Have each guest assigned to either a “sweet” or “savory” dish. Homemade cinnamon rolls, cut up fruit, strata casseroles, and more all make great options. Serve a variety of juices, coffees, and teas to create a variety of refreshments. This is not only a perfect way to save on the budget, it also allows each guest to take an involvement in planning the baby shower.

Outdoor Brunch

Is the time of year just right to be outdoors? If the weather is cool and comfortable (after all, it doesn’t take much for a pregnant mama to easily sweat!) consider hosting the event outdoors. Many public parks and pavilions are a great way to host a baby shower brunch. Grab bagels, muffins, coffee (decaf/regular), and a cooler full of ice cold juices. Enjoy the sunshine, fresh air, and the company of the mom-to-be while taking part in a great outdoor picnic celebrating the birth of her new little one!

Luxury Brunch

Have an unlimited budget? Go all out for the mom to be! Host the baby shower brunch at a local luxury hotel. Start her morning off right with a relaxing pedicure or prenatal massage. After, have her meet a gathering of friends and loved ones at a catered baby shower brunch event on premises. She will love the pampering and most hotels will help the host with decorations, seating, and more.

Everyone’s Invited Brunch

When many people think of baby showers, they often overlook the father-to-be, husbands of the guests, and any older children in the family. Each member of the family experiences a life-altering change when a new baby arrives in the household. Why not host a baby shower brunch where everyone is invited? Skip the silly games and make it a casual, relaxing time for everyone. Of course, this can take place at home, at a friend or relative’s home, or any of the locations mentioned above.


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