Unique Barbed Wire Craft Ideas

Wreaths, Lighted Orbs and More

Barbed wire is good for more than just keeping farm animals from escaping their enclosures. It can be used to craft lots of visually interesting works of modern art. Although it can cause injuries, when handled with care using protective gloves, it can be twisted and turned into very unique decor. It can also be used to make a dramatic statement. Consider these easy barbed wire craft ideas. You can create amazing wreaths, lighted orbs, broken heart wall hangings and more.

Precautionary Statement

Never craft with barbed wire without wearing barbed wire gloves. Shop online for a pair of protective gloves, or visit a local farm supply store. They will help to prevent injuries, and they are well worth the price. Also, be sure to keep it out of reach of children and pets, before and after crafting.

Make Unique Lighted Orbs

Imagine a hollow ball made from barbed wire. It is an interesting work of highly unique and expressive art. Add a hanging light to transform a basic orb into a unique fixture for a man cave, a bedroom or another living area with industrial style.

Form the wire into a large ball around a simple light fixture on a chain. A pair of needle nose pliers will make the job easier and much safer. Long sleeves are also a good idea. Wrap the barbed wire as securely as possible, and be sure to leave an opening in the bottom that is large enough to safely change the light bulb.

Twist Barbed Wire into a Stylish Wreath

Wreaths are commonly crafted from grapevines, but they can also be made from barbed wire. Glass and other additions will add color and visual appeal.

Wrap the barbed wire around and around until creating a tightly wound wreath. Be sure to wear a barbed wire handler’s gloves. Finish by threading a large glass bead through a regular piece of heavy gauge wire. Create the curls that represent foliage with a pair of needle-nose pliers. It is the perfect craft to hang up high on a wooden fence or at the peak of a rustic building.

Create a Broken Heart Wrapped in Barbed Wire

A heart wrapped in barbed wire has various meanings, but when it comes to love, it represents emotional protection. Once the heart is wrapped in barbed wire, no one can reach it again. It is forever protected from further damage.

Paint a heart-shaped piece of wood using a sponge and various shades of acrylic crimson craft paint. If desired, make it appear broken by adding a few jagged lines. Soften the lines along the edges. After the paint dries, wrap barbed wire around the heart four or five times before cutting it with snips and tucking in the ends. Hang it on a wall, or display it on a door. It will make a very clear and dramatic statement.


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