Bathroom Lighting Installation Tips

There are many different types of lighting that can be installed in the bathroom to make the room most functional and stylish as well. There is a need in the bathroom for task lighting, ambient lighting, and also overhead lighting. Follow these tips for installing lighting in the bathroom to get the most out of your bathroom design and lighting.

Task Lighting in the Bathroom

There is a need for task lighting that creates a bold view of the mirror. It is important that the light around the mirrors shines onto the person in the bathroom performing the task and not directly on the mirror itself. Lighting that shines on the mirror can cause shadowing and irregularities.

If you will be using overhead lighting in the bathroom then a vanity light should be placed on a dimmer switch so that the amount of light that is cast from the vanity fixture is variable and can be changed based on the amount of light that is desired and the task that is being performed in the bathroom. Dimmer switches are relatively easy to install and they take the place of a regular on and off light switch.

Task lighting should also be cast on both sides of the mirrors in the bathroom to provide ample and even lighting in the task area. Wall sconces are perfect for this type of lighting and they add a stylish look to the bathroom. There are wall sconces that come in shapes and sizes that can be coordinated with nearly any bathroom design and style. Additionally, a wall sconce can be used to create a more rounded look to a bathroom that otherwise may have had too much concentration on the mirrors in the room.

Overhead Lighting

Overhead lighting in the bathroom is used to light the room during non-task related times such as shower taking or potty breaks. An overhead light will light the bathroom well enough to function in the room but not focus so much light on the mirror and vanity area where tasks such as shaving and applying makeup are performed. There are different types of overhead lighting that can be installed in the bathroom including flush mount lights and chandeliers for a more romantic touch. A chandelier over a jet or garden style tub will make a statement of sophistication and romance in the bathroom!

Ambient Lighting in the Bathroom

Together, the use of task lighting on dimmer and overhead lighting which can also be on a dimmer can create a sense of ambiance in the bathroom. Sconce style lighting on a dimmer is perfect for use at night when you may want to shed some light on the bathroom but do not wish to fully light the room. Dimmer switches can be purchased at a home improvement store for usually $20-30 depending on the complexity of the switch itself. These are a great way to update or adjust the lighting amounts in the bathroom or any other room in the home.


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