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The 8 Best Air Compressors for Home Garage (Sept. 2021)

Must-have tools for your industrial work and DIY projects in your home garage

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You have a big project to tackle at your home garage. You’re building an addition for all of your tools and you need the right equipment to get it done quickly. One of the most important pieces of equipment is something that’s often overlooked- air compressors. You’ll want one with enough power for whatever job you have planned, but also consider weight if you are managing on your own.

The best air compressor for your home garage will depend on a few factors. What size air compressor do you need for your garage? Do you need to be able to power up large nail guns? Will you be using the air compressor to inflate tires and other various items? How much do you want to spend?

This blog post will discuss eight of the top rated air compressors available today, along with their pros and cons. You’ll also find a handy table that compares each model side-by-side.

Let’s start!

#1 Best Overall: CRAFTSMAN Air Compressor, 6 Gallon, Pancake, Oil-Free

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Thanks to its small size, you can easily store this compressor in the garage of your home. So if you are looking for a compressor that will not take up a lot of space in your garage, this product may be right for you.

The product’s lightweight and portability allows you to take it wherever you want and use it. So if you desire to use it in different places, not just keep it in your garage and use it there, it can meet it.

Since Craftsman Air Compressor is oil-free, it does not require any maintenance and is suitable for daily use as it quickly reaches the correct pressure for use.

Works that require high pressure may cause leakage problems that may occur between the tank and the hose. Therefore, if you need a compressor for heavy work that requires high pressure, this product will not be enough to meet your demands.

Although the accessories that come with the product are helpful, they can be damaged or broken after a few uses. Failing these accessories, which diversify and facilitate the use of the compressor, may cost you a new expense.

Another point to note is that this product is quite loud. Hence, it may not be possible to use this product, which makes a lot of noise despite its small size when there are people around. Since you may want to use your compressor not only inside the garage but also outside, you may need to consider whether your neighbors will be disturbed by this noise.

#2 Best Durable: Bostitch Air Compressor Combo Kit, 3-Tool

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It is suitable for use in harsh weather conditions with its high heat and a cold-resistant structure. Moreover, it can reach the required pressure without any problem, even in freezing weather.

This compressor reaches the pressure required for use quickly, such as five to six minutes. You may be purchasing this product for small everyday tasks, not for all-day use. Then this product will be suitable for you as it is easy to use and reaches the required pressure immediately.

Although the Bostitch Air Compressor is not entirely silent, it is much quieter than other air compressors. So if you live in a crowded neighborhood and want to use your compressor comfortably, this product may be suitable for you.

It does not require any maintenance as it is oil-free. In this way, you do not need to make a separate expense for maintenance.

In addition to the daily use of a compressor, its durability is also important. This product can give you years of durability.

The product comes with a 15 feet long hose. This hose, which is not long enough, may restrict your movement during your work. It is also not possible to carry it because it is not lightweight. Therefore, you may need to buy a longer hose.

There might occur a jamming problem in the nail guns that come with the compressor. This is a problem that will cause your work to be interrupted and your productivity to decrease.

This product can be vibrated so much that it can be displaced while operating. This problem can cause unplugging or security problems. So, you must be careful while using it.

#3 Best Quiet: California Air Tools 8010 Steel Tank Air Compressor

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Compressors can make noise that can disturb the environment. However, this one is relatively quiet compared to others. Therefore, you can use this product quickly even if your surrounding is crowded without disturbing anyone. In addition, you can easily chat with someone next to you while you are working.

Moving around the house or garage may be necessary when using the compressor, depending on your processing work. Instead of picking up the compressor and putting it down or carrying it in your hand every time, you can drive it anywhere you want with its wheels.

The California Air Tools 8010 fills the empty tank in as little as three minutes for easy and fast use for DIY jobs and industrial workplaces.

This compressor provides high performance with its one-horsepower engine and provides convenience even in heavy work.

One of the features you’re looking for in a compressor might be years of use, but this compressor may not offer you that. Instead, it may stop working after about a year of use.

It is usual for the product to heat up as the compressors use high engine power while running, but high temperatures can be pretty dangerous. In long-term use, serious heating problems may occur with this product, so you should avoid touching the compressor. This excessive heating may even cause a fire. Therefore you should keep an eye on the product while it is operating.

Since some parts of the product are made of poor-quality products such as the on-off switch or the tank, situations such as the button breaking or the tank leaking rusty water may occur. This may render the product unusable.

#4 Best Oil-Free: DEWALT Pancake Air Compressor

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Do you need an air compressor that will not disturb the environment while doing your projects in your home garages? Working with a silent air compressor is healthier than working with a loud compressor. To not worry about both your health and neighboring houses, a quiet, the highly efficient compressor will come to your aid. Let’s take a closer look at its features!

At first glance, this air compressor’s striking yellow color offers more than a 6-gallon tank capacity and a maximum 165 PSI capacity. You like to work with this kit because it has a very light and compact design. This compressor, which weighs approximately 32 pounds, has a built-in handle on the top. It means you can safely carry it. However, since this compressor does not have wheels, when you want to move it from one place to another, you have to lift it, and you cannot drag it. On the other hand, it can work in your home garages at temperatures below freezing, regardless of the weather conditions. So you don’t expect your compressor motor to warm up.

Thanks to Dewalt’s airflow regulator and high flow couplers, you can achieve maximum performance and efficiency. Using a maximum of 75 decibels when the engine is running makes it the quietest air compressor. Also, its motor never jams. All you need to run it is to plug your compressor into an electrical supply. You plug it in, and you can get to work immediately. It is delightful to work with a compressor that provides you such convenience. It is an extra feature that you do not waste time switching between your jobs. You can carry it in your car trunk for use in your home garages or other business areas. It offers you more freedom of space.

As a result, you can complete your projects waiting for you in your home garage in a short time with Dewalt, a compressor that can offer quiet operation, high performance, and efficiency for users living in crowded populated areas. If you need a dynamic air compressor, our fifth suggestion might appeal to you.

#5 Best Dynamic: Makita MAC2400 Big Bore 2.5 HP Air Compressor

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Do you need an air compressor to use in your industrial projects? These projects require a more industrial, heavy, and powerful air compressor. As a result of our research, the Makita MAC2400, which can produce and sustain 130PSI operating pressure, can be the best dynamic air compressor for air vehicles in home garages.

The Mac2400 is a 2.5 HP low-quality compressor. However, the noise level is relatively low since it works with its 4-pole motor. It does not harm you and the people around you because it produces only 79 DB of sound. Since working on industrial projects is a time-consuming process, you are looking for a compressor to speed. Here is the Makita air compressor helping you achieve higher CFM and greater efficiency in carpentry and fixing work. The pancake type made of double cylinder cast iron reduces the amount of wear you can experience. You want to achieve the pump length in an air compressor, and you will get a long life in a device.

On the other hand, the Big Bore piston design in its body consists of a heavy-duty crankshaft. With a twin-stacked 4.2-gallon tank capacity and a 77-pound weight, this compressor may be considered heavy for some users. To be honest, you should take care of it as it is an oil-based oil compressor. However, when we look at the benefits it provides, we can say that this is an acceptable disadvantage.

So, Makita can be the right choice for your industrial projects. It can help you both in your home garages and in the long run. If you need an electric air compressor, keep reading!

#6 Best Electric: PORTER-CABLE C2002-WK Oil-Free

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Do you need an electric air compressor for your home garages to use with your impact wrenches? A powerful compressor will be sufficient for this. We have finally reached a product among so many options. Ranked sixth on our list, Porter-Cable may be the best 110v air compressor. Let’s take a detailed look at what you can achieve with these compressors, where you can fix the nails and ventilate even the settled dirt in a machine!

Porter-Cable is similar in structure to Dewalt, our first proposal. This air compressor with the most striking shade of red offers 2.6 SCFM at 90 psi. Connecting your home garages to electricity with the help of a socket is enough for you to work on your projects. If you have dirt and rust devices in your garage, you can clean them all with this compressor. Since it weighs 30 lbs, you can carry it with you wherever you want with the handle on it. Its structure, which includes specific features such as high couplers and high flow regulators, really helps you practically solve all your work.

This compressor, which is user-friendly due to its oil-free pump, does not require much maintenance. In this way, you can achieve high efficiency while saving in the long term. It has a unique design with a fast system recovery time feature. You can easily see the degree of air pressure through the indicators on it. Whether you have small or large home garages, you will have no trouble keeping this compressor.

As a result, Porter-Cable, which can meet your electric and 110v air compressors’ needs, comes with 13 accessory sets. So you don’t pay for additional accessories. With its 6 gallon capacity, you can finish your small projects quickly. If you need a better portable air compressor, you should check out our seventh recommendation.

#7 Best Portable: Stealth 20 Gallon Ultra Quiet Air Compressor

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Who would want the trouble of carrying an air compressor for home garages? Your wrists may need to be very strong, mostly if you will work with heavy industrial compressors. Considering that each user has different physical properties, a wheeled, portable air compressor would be more useful. Here, Stealth ranked seventh on our list, can be the best portable air compressor. Let’s take a closer look at this compressor that will provide freedom of movement!

Stealth is one of the generally well-known brands of air compressors. The first reason that drove us to try this compressor was brand recognition, an air compressor with a Stealth oil-free induction motor. Thanks to its engine, which provides you a lot of convenience in maintenance, you can switch between your works without wasting time. Since it has a large capacity of 20 gallons, you can compress the existing air in the atmosphere and use it for a long time. The air compressor, which has a corrosion-resistant, heavy-duty steel body, also operates silently compared to its massive structure. If your EV garages have piled up, at least you know you’re not working with an air compressor that will cause you headaches from the noise.

Stealth, which has a powerful vertical stand feature, has wheels under it. When you want to move from one place to another in your large home garages, you can easily drag them. With this purchase, where you will also get a lifetime warranty, you can use it integrated with tools such as fine nailers, angle grinders, cutting tools, impact wrenches, drills, hammers, chisels, sandpaper, etc.

In summary, the Stealth air compressor provides 5 CFM @ 90 PSI, while its large structure helps you gain speed while finishing your work in your home garages. You can also save money, as the oil-free induction motor’s maintenance doesn’t require constant attention. In light of all this information, you are now ready for the purchase! If you want to save more space in your home garages, our last suggestion might be for you.

#8 Best Wall Mount: Plews & Edelmann Tru-Flate Air Compressor

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Do you need an air compressor that won’t take up much space in your home garage? Then it would help if you opted for wall-mounted air compressors. We all know the difficulty of choosing from the many options available on the market. Even though we had challenges as the review team, we managed to reach a product. The last recommendation on our list, Plews & Edelmann Tru-Flate, might be the best wall-mounted air compressor for your home garage. Let’s take a look at the features of our final product recommendation!

What strikes us at first glance at Plews & Edelmann is that it is a tank-free air compressor. This multi-purpose model comes with all the necessary hardware to mount it on the wall. Thus, you do not need to buy extra while saving space. You can achieve high performance in this model, in which you can inflate your car tires or inflate your children’s toys. At the same time, it has a solid recoil slot so you can fold and lift it properly when not in use.

On the other hand, this model also has a preset digital inflator. It shows that it can be the right choice for new users in mechanics. Thanks to the Smart Flat digital inflation technology in the device, your work is getting easier. After selecting the pressure you need on it, the compressor turns off automatically when it reaches that pressure level. Thus, you do not experience unwanted dangerous situations. -Overheating and burning of the compressor, etc.

In summary, this compressor, which can be easily powered by a 120-volt socket, is 110 PSI. Since it has a 25-foot long hose, you can move freely around your projects by dragging away from the wall. You can save space in the long term in the air compressor model for home garages, where you can provide high efficiency at the same time. Say what? Can it help you?

Buying guide for

You can be the architect of many projects in your garages. Without losing a lot of time, you can realize all your renovation work and DIY projects with air compressors for the home garage to practically help you do all your projects. That’s why we’ve listed the best air compressors for the home garage!

So what criteria should you look for when you want to buy an air compressor for use in your garages? We have prepared the purchasing guide for you to facilitate the selection of compressors from hundreds of options and configurations! Let’s look into the details for a pleasant shopping experience and a solution that will make your job easier!

Photo by DonNichols

Power and Size

When you decide to buy an air compressor, you must first determine the space you will reserve for it in your garage. It is also essential that your air compressor is strong enough to be compatible with the tools you will use. For compressors with a CFM rating for power measurement, 9.0 CFM to 14 CFM will be sufficient for your home garages. You can choose 14 CFM, especially for power tools. Portable or wall-mounted air compressors will be an efficient solution for your garage.

On the other hand, when we consider pressure, air compressors generally need 90 PSI. Although it will vary depending on the tools you will use, the lower the PSI and CMF ratings, the lower your power.

Oil and Oil-Free

Which is better, oil or oil-free air compressor?

They include air compressors for garages, oil-based compressors, or oil-free compressors. Air compressors draw the available air into the storage tank, and the piston chamber must be oiled continuously for air circulation to continue. While oil-based oil compressors are durable for a long time, Teflon scratches the pistons of oil-free compressors can wear over time. Since oil-free compressors are permanently lubricated with the help of Teflon, they do not require much maintenance. Oil-based compressors, on the other hand, require a little more care and cleaning.

When you need to decide between these two options, you can start by determining which areas you will use your air compressor.


When you get an air compressor for the garage, you must take care of its maintenance. Although the maintenance issue depends on your choice of oil or oil-free compressors, you should regularly clean and maintain these devices to achieve high performance for a long time. The good detail is to drain the moisture accumulated in the valve when you finish your projects. Thus, you can prevent rust formation. Checking other dredging components and valves and checking if they are tight will also help you avoid potential disasters.

Since air compressors turn the air into more aggressive air, you should make sure that all components are working correctly. If your compressor suddenly stopped or did not work, you should position the valve correctly and replace it as soon as possible if any parts are broken or broken.

Tankless design

Tankless air compressors are suitable for inflating your kids’ toys, your partner’s pool ball, or tires in your garages. This type of compressor, which you can use in many other small jobs, operates continuously since there is no tank to store air. It means a noisy time. Sometimes they can be more costly than compressors with air tanks. If you do not care about minor problems for great happiness, they may be suitable for you.

Air tank

This type of air compressor does not work very loudly. It can easily handle even a low CFM as it can store the air in your garage. You will be sure that you won’t have power issues with it. Additionally, if you are working on a job that requires higher CFM, you should give it some time to refill the air tank.

Image by PamelaJoeMcFarlane


How Can I Make My Garage Compressor Quieter?

Rubber grommets attached to the engine are an effective method in reducing the noise from the air compressor. The noise potential will decrease as the vibrations will be absorbed by the rubber when the engine starts. You need to pay attention to choosing the most effective one, knowing that each rubber’s effectiveness will be different.

What is a Good Air Compressor for Impact Wrenches?

Generally, an air compressor with 4 to 5 CFM @ 90 PSI is required to get started with a 1/2 inch impact wrench. If you are multi-tasking, high-capacity gallon compressors prevent wasting time. For example, 20-gallon Stealth could be the right choice.

What CFM do I Need for Air Tools?

The first important criterion is to determine what intensive projects you will work on with it. Then it would help if you pinpointed the CFM that can start your aircraft. Air tools made for general use with portable air compressors require approximately 0-5 CFM. On the other hand, industrial, bulky, and large devices may require more than 10 CFM.

What is the Difference Between CFM and SCFM?

Air compressor ratings commonly come in two types. There are differences in the measurements we come across as CFM and Standard CFM. For example, CFM is a smaller measurement in SCFM. Because the CFM is taken under pressure of 90 PSI and the air volume is therefore shorter. SCFM values are more massive. On the other hand, while SCFM is a volumetric flow rate according to a standard, there is no CFM standard.

Can You Spray Paint with a 50 Liter Compressor?

For paint sprayers and spray guns to work in harmony, compressors with a large tank of 50 gallons and above are needed. To choose an air compressor suitable for paint sprayers, qualities such as pressure, CFM, tank size, you should examine it first. For more information, you can reach our article named “Best Paint Sprayer for Cabinets“.


What is the best air compressor for the home garage?

We have set out to find the answer to this question, just like you. Compressors with different flow rates and pressure features offer a practical solution when you want to speed up your repair and renovation work and get a professional result. Compressing the air in the atmosphere and speeding up our repair work in our garages, compressors have a wide range of products. As such, you may have trouble choosing a compressor for your home garage.

When you want to buy an air compressor that appeals to different sizes and uses, starting with trusted brands will narrow your search filter. As Wohomen, we achieved elite results thanks to the detailed examinations we made among many products. Our choice was the CRAFTSMAN Pancake, Oil-Free Air Compressor, with its lightweight feature out of our list of eight best air compressors for the home garage.

So which one will you choose? Your comments and experiences are critical to us. By sharing your experiences with other users, you can help them create the correct purchasing choice.

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