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The 9 Best Air Mattresses For Everyday Use

Difficult to decide between various options? We examined the best air mattress options for everyday use

Are you looking for a bed that can quickly come with you when you’re camping, attending outdoor activities, or moving? How about air mattresses that you can easily lift and store even when not in use?

The comfort of the beds, where we rest during the day, take all our fatigue, and have a unique space, is very important. We need a bed that will relax us and calms us without causing health problems. Air mattresses can also be indispensable for your home with technologies that will replace the standard mattresses day by day.

Like every product we buy, you want the best air mattresses that are suitable for daily use to include positive options.-the most comfortable, most durable air mattress, sufficient size and quality, non-toxic air mattress, and the best budget, heavy-duty, etc. The fact that there are too many brands in the market that can confuse you. Let the countdown begin for our article, where you will make the right choice and find the most suitable air mattress for you!

Let’s look together!

List Of The 9 Best Air Mattresses
For Everyday Use

#1 Best Quenn: Intex Dura Beam Plus – Quenn Air Mattress

Intex Dura Beam Plus Queen is for users who want to combine elegance and comfort to the bedroom with its appearance.- The increased sleeping area and bed stability, Pillowtop Air System, Luxury Comfort, etc.

#2 Best Blow-Up: Active Era Premium Queen Size Air Mattress

For those who want back and body support while sleeping and those who want to fix their bed with heavy-duty air mattress.- Thirty-five structured air coils for support, Manual air valve, built-in raised pillow, etc

#3 Best Budget: Coleman Air Mattress – Queen Double

The best budget option for those who do not want to tire their budget while looking for comfortable sleep.-The antimicrobial treated sleep surface resists odor, Carry Bag, Patented Support Lock™ reinforced construction, etc.

#4 Best Waterproof: King Koil Air Mattress – Queen Size

The best air bed for users who like to eat and drink in their bed but cannot prevent something from spilling on their bed.- An elevated design, Deep compression that can support up to 600 pounds of weight, 120V pump, etc.

#5 Best For Kids: Intex Cozy Kidz Inflatable Airbed

For parents who have not found the right air mattress while giving sleep training to their children and for children who want to have fun in the inflatable mattress.- Roomy and robust, reliable, carryable on luggage, etc.

#6 Best Durable-For Camping Trips: Soundasleep Dream Series Air Mattress

Best toilet flushing system only for users that are using the TOTO toilet.- Self-cleaning, disabling eco-poor those who love camping and those who have to sleep on an air mattress long term. -Anti-slip bottom, Cord storage system, Puncture-resistant material, etc.wer, adjust flow rate and height, etc.

#7 Best Minimum Air Loss: Sleeplux Queen Air Mattress With Built-In Ac Pump

For lovers of queen comfort who do not want to lose the air of the inflatable mattress.-Airtight seal, Enabling the firmness, Built-in USB port, Coil technology, etc.

#8 Best For Guests: Etekcity Air Mattress

Best air mattress for guests for those who want to offer a quality sleep to their guests at home, camp, and outdoor concerts.- Non-skid flocked top and bottom, ​Rechargeable inflator, Reinforced PVC material, etc.

#9 Best Pvc-Free: Lightspeed Air Mattress

For travel enthusiasts who prefer their preference for air mattresses PVC free coating.- Free-flowing valve, PVC free (non-toxic and healthier), Holding air well, etc.

#1 Best Quenn: Intex Dura Beam Plus- Quenn Air Mattress

Intex Dura Beam Plus- Quenn

Our bedrooms are our most intimate areas. Besides, we need to sleep to collect all our energy. Inflatable beds, which offer a comfortable sleep as much as standard beds, are now at the top of the preferred mattress types. It looks like it will remove all the worries and take its place in every home with its images, structures, and installations. Who wants to give up sleep and room design at the same time?

What is the best air mattress for everyday use?

Here, Intex-Dura Beam Plus – Queen, which is at the top of our list, can be a good option for those who prefer their preferences in a stylish design.

Intex dura beam air mattress has a built-in electric pump. Thanks to this electric pump, you can quickly inflate your bed. If you want to sleep in the open air while on vacation and you can not find a socket, then the manual inflation feature is activated. If we look at it from the right side, we can call it a functional inflatable mattress.

Intex Dura-Beam Plus Queen can provide as much height as your standard bed with its 22-inch height. As the name suggests, you continue to feel like a royal member even while you sleep. You do not have a hard time lying down on the bed or getting out of bed.

Honestly, instructions and user guides seem dull by many of us. However, we can say this is the first condition for inflatable mattresses. Skipping even one step can cause the inflatable mattress to lose air. The Intex-Dura Beam Plus Queen has a dial to help you inflate it. We recommend that the dial is fixed in the direction of inflation, even while sleeping. Thus, you will minimize the inevitable loss of air. Your mattress is ready to sleep in about 4 minutes.

This inflatable mattress has a plush double air cushion system for your more sleeping comfort and edge structure for more sleeping space. The upper part is made of 20.8 gauge vinyl and covered with a waterproof flock. With a thick texture, Intex offers a soft surface thanks to this flock. If you wish, you can sleep without using sheets. Thanks to its flocked surface, Intex Dura-Beam Plus Queen also reduces the noise created by the air mattresses by supporting the layers to remain in place.

As a result, Intex can be the right choice for those who do not want to compromise on luxury. If you are looking for an inflatable mattress that will help you with more health problems, Active Era in the second row of our list may be more suitable for you.

What We Like:

  • Built-in electric pump.
  • Thick waterproof flocked upper.
  • Comes with case and AC power cord
  • Horizontal air chambers for additional support.
  • Cover made of polyester fiber.
  • Built-in electric pump

What We Don’t Like:

  • No air coils.
  • Needs electric plug.
  • Large size is a little bit expensive.

Check Intex Dura Beam Plus on

#2 Best Blow-Up: Active Era Premium Queen Size Air Mattress

Active Era Premium Queen

The primary factor of sleep comfort is the choice of beds that support back and waist health. Some functional features in standard beds can provide comfort by taking the shape of the body. The good news is that there are inflatable mattresses that care about your physical health. Sleeping on air mattresses might make you feel uncomfortable. Maybe because you think they are lightweight, you may be thinking that they are constantly slipping and will divide your sleep. However, Active Era Premium Queen Size Air Mattress, which is in the second place of our list, can destroy all your taboos.

The Active Era Premium Airbed is equipped with thirty-five organized air loops to provide back and body support during sleep. Even if you frequently return at night, this inflatable mattress continues to protect your health. This blow-up bed includes a 3-inch raised pillow for spine alignment to provide head and neck support. The mattress has a self-inflating electric sip in less than about 3 minutes. Thanks to this feature, you can quickly get your inflatable mattress ready for use while saving time.

Active Era Premium airbed has a waterproof and puncture-resistant structure. When we compare the price performance, we can easily say that it includes the features that deserve the money you give. Active Era Premium inflatable mattress, which is small enough to fit in the storage compartments of a vehicle, cabinet, or drawer, can guarantee your safe sleep with its structure covered with heavy-duty materials.

As a result, Active Era Premium is an air mattress that provides convenience for those who prioritize the health factor. If you’re looking for a more affordable option for your budget, read on. Coleman can be an air mattress that respects your budget.

What We Like:

  • Built-in pillow.
  • Quick inflation in 3 minutes
  • Easily stored.

What We Don’t Like:

  • May tend to air bumps.
  • You cannot find small holes.

Check Active Era Premium Queen on

#3 Best Budget: Coleman Air Mattress-Queen Double

Coleman Air Mattress-Queen

Users who do not want to pay a fortune for air mattress, are you there? Have you stopped buying the inflatable mattress you need because of the high price? Stop! We have a suggestion for you! With the best budget option on our list, Coleman Air Mattress Queen may no longer need to postpone your shopping.

As we always say: reasonable prices can also meet your demands. We will be witnessing an excellent example of this Coleman Queen Air Mattress has a unique sleeping surface. Thanks to its antimicrobial structure, this surface can protect you from odors, mold, and fungi. It has a removable-washable quilted cover that makes it open for a long time. Who wouldn’t want a hygienic sleep? If you also have a child or pet, you don’t need to spend hours cleaning your inflatable mattress.

Coleman Air Mattress Pump is offered to the users in the package for a robust 120V inflation and deflation. So you don’t have to buy extra pumps. This inflatable mattress, which has also passed the tightness tests, has an AirTight System and a patented support lock. Double cushioning has been applied in your search for comfort. Thus, you can feel the feeling of being at home, whether indoors or outdoors.

Coleman Air Mattress also finds you solutions when you want to remove it or move it quickly where you go. The sporty bag offers space-saving storage. After you have discharged its air, it is enough to roll it and roll it up.

In summary, Coleman is a majestic green and imposing air mattress. If you want to choose another thinner air mattress that will not tire your budget, you can reach Coleman’s other product, Coleman Thin Air Mattress.

If your inflatable mattress features water resistance, King Oil is waiting for you below!

What We Like:

  • Includes carrying bag.
  • Accommodates up to 600 pounds weight capacity.
  • Has Airtight System.
  • Antimicrobial structure

What We Don’t Like:

  • Not the best in maintaining the air level.

Check Coleman Air Mattress on

#4 Best Waterproof: King Koil Air Mattress- Queen Size

King Koil Air Mattress- Queen

Imagine an inflatable mattress where you can stretch your feet and enjoy the film. What could be the wrong thing about doing some madness before falling asleep with your popcorn plate and a cold drink to accompany your enjoyment? But what is that? Your drink was poured into your inflatable mattress !!! Keep calm; it is possible to experience such accidents, even if you are dreaming.

In the fourth place on our list, our hero, King Koil, can be your choice for long-term preservation with its waterproof structure. King Koil Air Mattress gives a good look with black-gold colors at first glance. It has a form very close to the standards of traditional mattresses. An inflatable mattress is suitable for your use in any place.

You don’t want to risk your sleep comfort while going on vacation, right? With its compact structure, you can take King Koil anywhere. It is so easy to install with its raised design and 120V pump that you can prepare your inflatable mattress for sleep in a short time, like two minutes. It has a velvety softness that will not disturb you during the night, soak up your skin, and not miss your sleep. Don’t let this softness fool you. Because of the structure of the fabric, we are talking about. The air mattress has a hard structure that will not disrupt your body posture and risk your spine health.

Another reason we recommend King Koil Air Mattress – Queen Size is the warranty feature approved by the International Chiropractors Association. The quality of an air bed approved here is apparent. It protects your money and trust in the brand by offering a 1-year warranty to its users. In this sense, King Koil seems to gain the trust of all of us.

In short, King Koil can be a good option for users who are looking for a waterproof feature. If you are looking for an inflatable mattress for your kids, come on to our fifth suggestion! Intex Cozy Kidz may be a suggestion for you!

What We Like:

  • Comfortable height.
  • Easy to deflate and inflate.
  • Waterproof and 1Year warranty.
  • Double high at 20 inc with a built-in pillow and bottom grips for stability.
  • Air filled coils.
  • Internal layering designed.

What We Don’t Like:

  • A little bit bulky and not suitable older adults.
  • Air can escape sooner than expected.
  • Built-in pillow does not carry another where on the bed- cause it is part of the bed.

Check King Koil Air Mattress- Queen on

#5 Best For Kids: Intex Cozy Kidz Inflatable Airbed

Intex Cozy Kidz Inflatable Airbed

Our children are our most valuable assets. We become the architect of a comfortable life in every product we choose for them. Your children may need inflated beds, just like you do. We have done detailed research to end your search for the best air mattress brand for your children.

Intex Cozy Kidz, which is in the fifth row of our best list, offers the comfort that your children will find peace with their sleep beds wherever you go. There is no difference between the standard size and the traditional childbed. Let’s take a closer look at this inflatable mattress, which is suitable for children age groups after two years of age.

This inflatable mattress has a comprehensive design for healthy sleep for your baby and your children and offers a waterproof upper feature. In this way, you can protect the bed from the urine leakage during sleep. Of course, children can also pour water while lying down, drinking milk, water, or any beverage. Intex Cozy Kidz will help in this matter. As parents, we think you will like this feature.

This unique inflatable mattress for children comes in different color options. With its 20-vinyl feature on the top with 12 gauge edges, it provides reliable and robust material trust. We can say that it is a soft air mattress that you can easily carry for your children in the park, picnic, or holiday. You can blow with an optional pump to the air bed.

Finally, Intex Cozy Kidz can provide convenience with the comfort it offers for families who provide sleep training to their child. You are now ready to buy to witness that your children are running to sleep. If you are a camping enthusiast user, SoundAsleep is waiting for you below.

What We Like:

  • Includes pillow.
  • Has a range of colors.
  • Portable- carry everywhere.
  • Sides come with a more exceptional grip.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Takes time to get inflated and deflated.
  • Standard bedspreads may not fit.

Check Intex Cozy Kidz Inflatable Airbed on

#6 Best Durable-For Camping Trips: Soundasleep Dream Series Air Mattress

Soundasleep Dream Series Air Mattress

To the attention of camping lovers! Being in touch with nature does not mean that you sleep on hard and uncomfortable floors. Here is a recommendation to tolerate the limited and suffocating discomfort of sleeping bags: Soundasleep Dream Series Air Mattress.

We know that this adventure is not only if you provide all the equipment of your tent in the areas where you are camping. But did you know that you can sleep in the air mattress? Although SoundAsleep is usually an air mattress prepared for indoor use, we can say that it is the most durable air mattress you can use in the camp. Let’s dive into the details of the inflatable mattress you will want to camp more with the feeling it gives!

The Sound Asleep Air mattress is a fully inflated queen bed in 78 x 58 x 18 inches. It has a remarkable height, which gives you the feeling that you are lying in your usual bed, so you do not stumble over. The mattress features ComfortCoil Technology, which includes 40 internal coils that allow the mattress to sustain your weight. When you lie on the air mattress, you do not collapse or stretch like an air bomb ready to be launched. So, a feature that provides full grip. It comes with an easy-to-use 120 VAC internal pump system. Dual intelligent pump technology helps to tighten in a matter of minutes. When it reaches the softness or hardness you want, you can close the system.

There is a grip on the bottom to prevent the bed from slipping. The outer material is made of a durable, foldable PVC plastic, quilted to make it puncture-proof.

To sum up, SoundAsleep, which we think is a good option for campers, stands behind the air mattress with a 1-year warranty. If you are troubled by the loss of air in your airbed, how about our seventh leader? Continue without slowing down!

What We Like:

  • It’s extra-thick for comfort
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Has a grip at the bottom for stability.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Can produce a pungent smell during the first new uses.
  • Can be more expensive for someone.

Check Soundasleep Dream Series Air Mattress on

#7 Best Minimum Air Loss: Sleeplux Queen Air Mattress With Built-In Ac Pump

Sleeplux Queen Air Mattress With Built-In Ac Pump

When searching for an air mattress, the most critical question is how long your mattress will hold air. Because in most of the air beds, the air is a problem that is difficult to imprison for long periods. In the seventh row of our list, SleepLux Queen Air Mattress takes its place in many cases with the ability to keep the air the same for weeks. Let’s look at it together.

The SleepLux Queen Air Mattress comes with built-in Tritech inner beams. These vertical beams help to balance your increased weight pressure and movement while you sleep. In this way, it can keep its form for a long time.

Another feature you will like is this queen air bed with USB ports. You can charge without leaving your phone, tablet, or laptop. It also has a technology that protects your neck health and prevents neck stiffness that may occur during the night with its raised pillow upper part built into the bed. So how do you inflate?

The internal pump system provides the solution to inflate and deflate the mattress. The USB port is also connected to this pump system. Unlike other airbags in your field, your inflation time takes about 5 minutes. When the stiffness you are looking for reaches, you can stop the system and enjoy a pleasant sleep.

Besides, there is a kit for you to make repairs in cases of disassembly or puncture. Although the surface tension is less than 1%, it is always beneficial to be cautious about the dangers that may occur. In this respect, SleepLux has a consciousness that protects its user. Moreover, it contains a non-slip sole against adverse situations such as sliding and moving. You can quickly move it to the places you go and fix it in the area you set up.

Inflated size and appropriate size is not too bad for the SleepLux Queen Air Mattress. Eighty inches long x 60 inches wide x 22 inches high. There is an extreme weight limit on this airbed; it has a carrying capacity of up to 661 lbs, this is a massive amount for a Queen airbed. We wouldn’t be wrong if we say it is suitable for use with families with children or babies.

If you now know the characteristics of the best air-losing air mattress for your family. We think there are no more question marks left to buy. However, if you need an air bed when you need to open extra space for your guests, our next suggestion is to wait for you for the rest of our summer.

What We Like:

  • Hight strength- good form and firmness.
  • Minimal air loss.
  • Less than 1% stretch.

What We Don’t Like:

  • First few nights, it can lose air.

Check Sleeplux Queen Air Mattress on

#8 Best For Guests: Etekcity Air Mattress

Etekcity Air Mattress

You want to welcome your guests after a long, fun day but don’t have enough space? Have you attended outdoor activities with your loved ones and need a bed for them? Our eighth suggestion for our thin-minded hosts, considering their guests, is that the Etekcity air mattress may be a suitable option for you.

First of all, you can inflate this air bed, which comes with a rechargeable electric pump, in a minute. The electric pump includes an AC and DC adapter, and you can charge it before your trip or at home in your car. However, you should be aware that a fully charged pump can only perform about three puffs before draining. Thanks to the hidden cable compartment, you can rule out the scattered cable image.

The twin size variation, 75 cm long and 39 inches wide, offers plenty of room for a plus-size person to sleep. It has a weight capacity of 450 Ibs, and, like all Etekcity variants, you can have it with a carrying case.

Suppose you want to use it for your guests in the camp, this air mattress that rises 9 inches from the ground when inflated offers unmatched insulation against the most common environmental insults. It becomes ready for use by effectively isolating uneven and delicate floors. Besides, the flocking top of the Etekcity air mattress offers a comfortable surface. For your guests to have a comfortable and quality sleep, Etekcity seems to win your appreciation as well.

In summary, Etekcity can be a suitable air mattress for guests. If you are looking for a bed PVC free, our last suggestion is that Lightspeed can win your heart.

What We Like:

  • Durable and puncture-resistant double-layered construction.
  • The flocked top is waterproof.
  • Clutter-free cable management thanks to the hidden cord compartment.
  • It has a 2-year warranty and lifetime customer support

What We Don’t Like:

  • It is among the higher-priced air mattresses.

Check Etekcity Air Mattress on

#9 Best Pvc-Free: Lightspeed Air Mattress

Lightspeed Air Mattress

If you like traveling, traveling the world, probably the essential thing you need is inflatable mattresses. The air mattresses have a wide range of products, the criteria of which you can ultimately determine. Unlike those who prefer inflatable mattresses with PVC as their protection structure, if you are looking for a non-toxic mattress (PVC-Free), here is our last recommendation, Lightspeed.

Lightspeed’s first feature of this model air bed is the presence of different materials used in its structure. Namely, unlike other airbed hybrids on the market, it is thinner and lighter than PVC alternatives, using toxin-free TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane). Thus, it can be a good option for users who do not want to be exposed to the smell of plastic.

As a result of our reviews, we see that it is made of durable, high-quality, health-safe materials that are entirely Phthalate-free. This material prevents slipping with its structure and gives a pleasant feeling during your sleep. This inflatable mattress, which is flexible, has the potential to hold air well.

Produced with thermoplastic foam compared to typical air mattresses, this mattress is very light. We must say that the mattress is leak-proof and reduces the jumping effect and discomfort due to the movement that occurs while sleeping thanks to the stabilizers it contains.

The additional thickness of this air mattress, which has an environmentally friendly character, is a layer of 0.6 mm height and therefore provides better insulation than typical ones.

Finally, the mattress properties make it useful indoors and outdoors. It can also be a good option for those who want to make a long-term investment that will be useful and provide long-term comfort.

What We Like:

  • Set up easily and quickly.
  • PVC-Free and environment-friendly.
  • A durable mattress that takes two people.
  • Has a stabilizing system for weight distribution.
  • Portable and easy to pack.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Its polyester surface may give a slippery feeling.
  • Does not transfer much heat.

Check Lightspeed PVC-Free Air Mattress on

Air Mattress – Buying Guide

As Wohomen, we have prepared this guide for you to examine the features of the best inflatable mattresses that are suitable for daily use.

How to Choose The Best Air Mattress for Everyday Use?

When choosing the most suitable mattress for you, you should determine which criteria you need for a mattress. We would like to emphasize that it is essential where you will use the air mattress. Size, material, pump, comfort, air holding capacity, and price are among the determining criteria.


Air mattresses are generally almost the same size as standard mattresses. Inflatable mattresses are made in stock, and since all sizes are not needed, manufacturer companies produce according to demand. Most air mattresses are categorized as Twin, Full, and Queen. Only select brands can find superior options such as Twin XL, King, and California King. The queen-size dimension is 78x58x19 inches, and The Twin Size dimension is 74x39x19 inches. The critical factor here is that you can choose the best size according to your needs and area. All sizes are suitable for daily use.


The type and quality of the materials used in the construction of an inflatable mattress are determined by how well it holds the air and retains its shape. You should not forget that thicker and higher quality materials keep the air better, and you will not worry about the constant loss of your bearing air. On the other hand, air mattresses that can be bent for puncture-resistant comfort and transport will be a good option for many years of use. While some users search for beds with PVC features, some users prefer PVC-Free (Non-toxin) air mattresses. Here, the decision should be based on your comfort.


You can inflate the air beds as a primitive way with your mouth or with a manual pump or an electric pump. There are also quality air mattresses with a self-inflating internal pump. Many of these pumps are available in built-in or removable forms in high-quality air mattresses. So when you want to store your air mattresses, you don’t have to think about the pump mechanism separately.

Internal pumps run on rechargeable batteries or electricity. Some beds contain valves that you can use as a backup pump, taking into account the risk of not finding a socket. You can evaluate the pump options by deciding where and for what purpose.


Another critical feature after determining your suitable pump system is the comfort of the air bearing. Air mattresses that will put your comfort and physical health at risk will not be suitable for long-term use. The criteria required for the comfort level of an air mattress include compliance with your desired frequency level, anti-slip recessed edges and flocked tops, and a built-in pillow for your neck health.

Air Holding Capacity

When you are sure that you provide the necessary comfort, the next step is the air holding capacity of your inflatable mattress. You cannot talk about the comfort of sleeping in a bed that you will have to inflate after each use. Air mattresses that hold the air and do not lose the frequency you set are the necessary criteria for healthy sleep and sleeping in the air mattress for a long time. While some air bed models can hold air thanks to their designs, some models offer a second pump feature that maintains an adjusted bed pressure continuously throughout the night.


Price is an essential determinant in air mattresses as in every product we buy. In recent years, you can find the most high-quality air mattresses at an affordable price. According to the criteria you are looking for, you should not equal your expectation of durability with cheapness. Different materials used for durability are naturally reflected in the price. Still, for simple uses, you can find the most suitable air mattresses with functional options that will not shake your budget.

Read: Headboard Ideas for an Air Mattress

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Sleep on an Air Mattress Permanently?

Inflatable mattresses are savior beds. It is more suitable for your need for a sudden developing place, for use in camping and outdoors. Sleeping in the air bed for a long time can cause stiffness in your back. After a while, you can not have a quality sleep process, as your shoulder will not be aligned.

How Much Weight Can an air Mattress Hold?

The air mattresses’ weight limit is 300 Ibs, assuming it does not have high quality or extra features. The weight limit may vary depending on the size and structure of the bed.

How to Deflate Air Mattresses?

Just follow the basic steps to inflate the air mattresses:

First, find the valve you put your pump on, make the valve open, the air should be evacuated immediately when the pressure is decreasing. Press on the bed to release air faster. While inflating the nozzle using your electric or foot pump, place it on the valve and bring the hose to the lowering section. If you are using a foot pump, press the pump as you would to inflate and apply pressure to the bed for air release. Roll and pack your air mattress to make sure it is completely lowered.


Air mattresses became portable mattresses that take their place in every house day by day. Usually, air beds are a savior for users who want to host guests, camp, and want to create extra space for their children.

In this article, we tried to identify the topics you need to know and the brands that suit you best before buying an air mattress. Intex Dura-Beam was our first option with its model structure and features.

So, what do you pay attention to when buying an air mattress? You can support us by sharing your valuable comments and experiences in the comments section.


  1. I had the worst experiences with air mattresses in the past I would either wake up with the worst back pain or it would deflate while I was trying to sleep. So i am happy to see which ones are good.


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