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The Best Baby Monitor for Twins & Multiple Rooms (2020)

Make sure your twins are safe

Have you left your twins to sleep and want to make sure they are safe and comfortable? Baby monitors for twins allow you to do your job comfortably when your babies are sleeping or leave them to a walker.

The safety of their babies or children is of paramount importance to every parent. They will do all kinds of things to protect them from dangerous situations and get through the day without any problems. In this case, extra care and effort are required. And if you have twins, all the action is doubled. But we will introduce a beneficial product for families with twins. The technology that makes our lives easier in every field also showed itself in this field, and baby monitors entered our lives. It makes sure your twins are safe even when they’re not around. It also offers you a small rest break.

In this article, you will learn what to look for when choosing the best baby monitor for your twins. You will also have some tricks that will make it easier for you to care for your twins.  After reading this article, you will become who can consider baby monitors features distinguishing them.


#1 Best Screen: Vava 720p Baby Monitor

Watch your baby’s 720p resolution camera image comfortably on the 5 inch IPS screen.

#2 Best Variation: Owlet Duo Smart Baby Monitor

Socks that keep you up to date with your baby’s health data and a camera that allows you to monitor her/him, all via a single mobile app.

#3 Best Camera Control: Motorola Video Baby Monitor MBP50-G2

You can control the room as much as you want from anywhere, thanks to its remote pan and tilt feature.

#4 Best Affordable: Axvue Video Baby Monitor Two Cameras

It offers support for up to 4 cameras at an affordable price compared to other 2-camera baby monitors.

#5 Best Range Capacity: MoonyBaby Baby Monitor

Thanks to its high range capacity, even if the distance between rooms is far, do not be separated from your baby for a moment.

#1 Best Screen: Vava 720p Baby Monitor

It can be an excellent option for your twins with every feature. In this model of VAVA, whose split-screen feature is especially praised, you can see the records of two cameras on the monitor. You can switch between cameras and sounds. So if you want, you can focus on a single baby’s room. It seems that the large and high-quality image has satisfied most customers thanks to its 5-inch 720p screen. Its feature that can measure the temperature of the room helps to provide the best environment for your baby. You can even view your baby closer due to its 2x and 4x zoom feature. Also, hear your baby’s voice and let it hear your voice with bi-directional audio. It also allows you to understand when there is a problem with the light notifications, which are adjusted according to the increase of the sound.

The only comment we encountered as negative feedback about the product was that the night vision feature was blurry. But we would like to state that this view can be very relative depending on the person.

What We Like:

  • Split Screen
  • 5” 720P IPS screen
  • Zoom in 2X/4X
  • Room temperature
  • Bi-directional Audio
  • Light notification

What We Don’t Like:

  • Complaints about night vision

#2 Best Variation: Owlet Duo Smart Baby Monitor

Two great products in one package. You can buy Owlet’s best-selling socks and camera together. The socks snap on your baby’s feet and give you information that you wouldn’t be able to understand when even you’re with your baby. It can notify you of instant heartbeat and oxygen level. In this way, it allows you to intervene very quickly in cases such as throat congestion. With the mobile application, you can receive notifications from both your baby and control him/her instantly. Again, Owlet’s camera can be controlled through the same application. Thanks to the motion sensor, your phone is notified when your baby moves. With the 4x zoom feature, you can watch your baby more closely. With a 130-degree view angle, it can also be used by those who have twins with a good installation.

However, customers reported that connecting the camera to the wi-fi network was very tedious. Even when combined, the camera’s range capacity may be low. You can buy two products that are sold in this single package separately. You can purchase the Owlet Smart Sock 2 Baby Monitor and the Cam Smart Baby Monitor @Amazon.

What We Like:

  • 4X Zoom
  • Room temperature
  • Heart rate and oxygen in real-time (sock)
  • Wireless charging(sock)
  • Monitoring by mobile phone app is easy to use
  • Motion detector(camera)

What We Don’t Like:

  • The camera connection quality is poor
  • The camera connection is hard to set

#3 Best Camera Control: Motorola Video Baby Monitor MBP50-G2

You will be pleased with the many features that Motorola offers a dual camera baby monitor. The most appreciated feature is the remote pan, tilt, and zoom feature. With this feature, you can easily dominate the room. Thanks to its zoom feature, check your baby more closely and in more detail. You can view your two babies at once, thanks to the Split Screen feature. Or choose a single camera to get a bigger view and let the monitor automatically switch between cameras at 12-second intervals. Besides, you can hear the smallest sound of your baby thanks to its high sensitivity microphones.

However, the device player makes a lot of noise, and there is no volume setting. Moreover, some customers stated that the device resets itself and the image sometimes freezes. There are also feedbacks that the range capacity is not very good.

What We Like:

  • Split Screen
  • High-sensitivity microphones
  • Remote pan, tilt, and zoom
  • Room temperature
  • Switch automatically between cameras
  • Wireless range is good

What We Don’t Like:

  • Music/noisemaker is very loud
  • Randomly resets itself
  • Low range capacity

#4 Best Affordable: Axvue Video Baby Monitor Two Cameras

AXVUE multi-camera baby monitor, which saves you money at a more affordable price than the other two camera baby monitors, is upgraded to 4 cameras. In this way, you can place cameras in both your twins’ room and the game room. With the sound detector, when your baby does not make any sound, the screen automatically turns off and saves battery. When your baby makes a sound, the screen automatically turns, and the image of that camera is displayed from whichever camera sound is detected. And it automatically switches between cameras every 15 seconds. It is effortless to set up and connect cameras.

The camera has a 2x zoom feature, but I have to say it is not very functional. To mention the downsides, it doesn’t offer a split-screen feature at first. So you cannot see the images of two cameras at the same time. The camera angle is not very wide, so you may need to position the camera a little further and higher. The device has a two-way conversation, but when you want to say something to a single baby, your voice goes to both cameras.

What We Like:

  • Expandable up to 4 cameras
  • Voice detector
  • 2x zoom
  • Switch automatically between cameras
  • Easy to set up

What We Don’t Like:

  • Does not have a split-screen feature
  • The camera angle is not too wide
  • The voice goes to 2 cameras when spoken

#5 Best Range Capacity: MoonyBaby Baby Monitor

This baby monitor, which can capture even from very far rooms, can be a logical choice if your twins’ rooms are located in different places and even if your room is far away. This baby monitor, which comes with two cameras, can be added to 2 more cameras, and four cameras can be watched at once. Isn’t it an excellent way to control your twins or 3bits? With the Temperature alert feature, it warns you when the temperature drops below the value you set and allows you to manage the environment’s temperature where your baby is as you wish. With the sound detector, the camera warns you through the monitor when it detects sound.

However, since this detector is very sensitive, it sees and alerts even a sound that is not in the room. It can create an uncomfortable situation. Since it is charged with the USB input, it requires a power bank or USB extender and USB adapter for long-term use. Customers reported that the battery life is not very long.

What We Like:

  • Voice Activation
  • Expandable up to 4 cameras
  • The range capacity is high
  • Temperature alert

What We Don’t Like:

  • Requires USB adapter
  • The sound detector is very sensitive
  • Battery life is short


Bi-directional Audio

Bi-directional audio is a feature you should consider even when looking at any baby monitor. Two-way sound is that your baby can hear your voice while you can hear your baby. To give an example, you are not with your twins, and your baby is making faint noises. Among the people, this is also called making a lamentation. Your babies are just waiting to hear your voice. Then they will continue to sleep. Thanks to the bidirectional sound, you ensure that babies continue to sleep by calling them through the baby monitor without going to their room. In this way, you can continue to cook your meal. You can also visit the HealthyChildren to get information about your baby’s sleep patterns and quality and to learn more.

Multi-Camera & Split Screen (Crucial for twins)

Those who have twins know, if you have twins, you have to get two of everything. The same is true for baby cameras. To control your two babies, you need a camera that sees both. You need to add one more camera to the baby monitor (if it has a single camera). Monitors must also have a split-screen feature to show two cameras. This way, you can be sure that your two babies are safe. You can use these two cameras in different rooms in the future.


Babies prefer to hear the female voice rather than the male voice. That’s why people make their voices shrill when speaking to babies.

Noise level

Static is another factor you should consider. While your baby is trying to hear if he is sleeping or crying, noises from the back can prevent you from hearing your baby. Most digital baby monitors generally have very little static. Baby monitors typically have a technology that cuts off these static and noise-causing signals. But when reviewing a product, consider comments about background noise or how clear the sound sounds. As a precaution for crosstalk, you will be much less affected if you prefer baby monitors operating at a higher frequency.

When should you stop using a monitor?

Actually, there is no specific age or rule for this. You can use it from the time your baby is born until you want. When children get older, and their intelligence improves, they can develop techniques accordingly when they understand what you are watching and hearing from the camera. For example, when your twins are playing games in the room, they run to their beds when they hear the sound from the camera. These are some of the examples we heard from parents. Long story short, there is no specific vaccine or limit to its use. This period may vary depending on your opinion and your child’s development.

Battery Life

Battery life is one of the features that will affect you the most. A baby monitor with a longer battery life means longer monitoring and fewer costs in the long run.

There are generally two types of baby monitors on the market. These are those that work with conventional batteries and those that work with rechargeable batteries. Those that work with traditional batteries need to be replaced continuously at short time intervals. Constant replacement of these batteries also means extra cost. However, in charged baby monitors, when the parent unit (screen) is standing apart most of the time, it can be plugged in, and the battery is left full. If desired, it can be unplugged and taken to different parts of the house.

We do not recommend cameras to be battery operated. Generally, baby monitor cameras work with wired/plugged in. Because you’ll want to watch for long hours with your baby monitors, changing the cameras’ batteries (considering that the cameras are mounted high above the ground) will make you both hassle and extra cost.

Adjustable Camera Angle (Crucial for twins)

If you want to avoid any difficulties while mounting or placing your baby monitor for twins in the room, you should choose a baby monitor with an adjustable camera angle. Setting the camera fixed to the twins’ cradle will give you an inconvenience when trying to adjust it and reduce your ability to view the room. Also, when the camera angle is adjustable, if you have twins and you haven’t got the 2nd camera on the baby monitor yet, after looking at one baby, you can turn the camera to your other baby and see him/her comfortably.

Range Distance

One of the most important aspects when purchasing a baby monitor is the shooting range. In general, shooting capacity is measured in open field sound. It means that it can be measured as if there were no walls etc. between the cameras and the monitor. However, as these products are being researched, they will block/attenuate signals between monitors and cameras. Therefore, it is useful to choose a baby monitor considering your twins’ room and the distance between your own room or room where the monitor will be used in. If you live in a huge rage house, you should choose long-range baby monitors.

Zoomable Camera

When we hear any sound from our baby, this is not enough for us. That’s why we’re looking at baby monitors. Hearing is not efficient; it is also necessary to see. What about seeing your baby closer? You can examine your baby much closer, thanks to the baby monitors with zoom cameras (digital or optical zoom in / out). For example, if you suspect any blockage or vomiting, you can better diagnose it by seeing it near.


Security is an essential factor in baby monitors because you are actually recording a particular part of your home with these cameras. Malicious people can take over these images and make plans about your twins or your home. When purchasing a baby monitor for twins, be sure also to check out and research the company’s safety measures/procedures.

Night Vision

Night vision is one of the essential features to consider when buying a baby monitor. Because you may want to observe your twins at night, or you may not want to turn on the lights because you want them to have a better quality sleep. That’s why the baby monitor should have a night vision feature.


Although we select five baby monitors for you and examine them, these products may not be enough for you. We think it will be useful to share other twin monitors in our data with you to review more products.

Infant Optics

DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor


DM221-2 Audio Baby Monitor


Video Baby Monitor


Video Baby Monitor


Baby Monitor with 2 Cameras


You have learned what to look for when buying a baby monitor for twins. You now have enough information to keep your twins safe and comfortable at their best. We remind you once again that the adjustable camera angle, dual camera & split screen features should be primarily for twins. With the information you learned in this article, you can think of the products you have found for yourself. If you found this article useful, you can find and review products related to your baby or any other topic on our site.

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