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The Best Baby Walkers for Carpet 2020

Let it support your baby's walking in a fun way

Are you looking for a walker that will support your baby walking on the carpet in your living room? Find out what to look for when buying a baby walker for carpet.

Everything your baby does, such as talking, eating, is significant for parents. One of the most important of these is that your baby can walk. Every parent looks forward to their baby’s first step. Walking their babies is the beginning of a new era for both parents and the baby. Families, who know this, turn to walkers to support their babies to walk and have fun and safe time. They want to create an environment in the house where he can practice walking. Since most homes also have carpets on the floor, parents wonder how to choose the best baby walker for the carpet.

If you are one of these parents, let’s learn about the steps your baby should take before starting to walk, whether walkers are safe and beneficial for your baby, and finally, the points to consider when choosing the best baby walker for carpet.

If you’re ready, let’s start!


One of the most curious questions parents have about their babies is when they will start walking. Of course, there are many steps and some things to do before you come to walk.

Let’s look at the steps of a baby’s walking by answering the most curious questions.

Do babies learn to walk on their own?

No. They do not. Parents are the most significant factor in how babies learn most things. You should do exercises to help your baby develop his leg muscles, encourage him to walk, and contribute to his emotional development by helping him/her at every stage.

At what month does a baby crawl?

After babies learn to sit, they go to the crawling stage. In other words, they can start crawling from the 6th and 7th month. Still, this period may differ from baby to baby. Some babies can walk without crawling at all.

How can you strengthen your baby’s legs to crawl?

Put your baby face down. Trying to stand in this position will help your baby’s muscles strengthen. Place toys some distance around him/her, so he tries to reach for them. It will help your baby’s muscles develop. For this, by purchasing a crawling carpet, you can both facilitate your work and prepare a safe and comfortable environment for your baby to crawl.

How do you know when a baby is ready to walk?

Usually, babies start walking after 1.5 years of age. Duration varies from baby to baby. Hold your baby by your hands and stand up. If he/she can balance, even for a few seconds, you can begin walking exercises.

How do you teach your baby to stand out without support?

After the crawling period, the baby enters the walking phase. When he/she feels strong enough, he/she tries to stand up and usually tries to do this by holding on to the objects around him/her. He/she tries to walk by moving his feet slowly. In this period, you can set short goals for him/her, as in his infancy, to establish his/her balance in a short time. For example, while your baby is standing while holding on to the seat, take his/her favorite toy in your hand and make him/her try to come towards you by moving 1 meter away. Doing these exercises will prevent him/her from frequently falling when he/she starts taking his first steps. The more you practice, the closer your baby will get to walking.

After all, as long as your baby accomplishes a man with these exercises and trials, remember to show him/her love and make your baby feel that he/she is doing something right. Your baby, whose confidence in his cat grows, will one day walk towards you from the door of the hall, and you will see his/her first steps.

Gifted babies complete their development faster than average babies. For example, talented babies crawl, walk and even talk at an earlier age than others.


Do walkers delay walking?

Babies who use a walker for a long time cannot develop the hip and joint fit used during real walking. The use of walkers delays the motor development that babies should do in the normal development process. It may take longer for a baby used to walk on tiptoe while in a walker to get used to regular walking. Using the wrong walker makes walking difficult or even delayed rather than making it more accessible.

Can baby walkers cause bow legs?

In prolonged use, the child’s legs may be distorted due to the nature of the walker. Upright posture becomes difficult for the baby, who keeps his legs spread apart. The important thing here is the time the baby will spend in the walker. Staying in a walker for more than it should can cause bow leg problems.

Are sit to stand walkers safe?

Since the walker allows the baby to reach most places, it can cause some accidents. It can pull heavy items onto them and get hot food, drinks, and toxic substances. This situation can cause falls and suffocation. There is also a risk of falling if there are stairs in your home. Before using the walker, make sure that the environment you will use is completely safe for your baby. If you have a ladder in your house, be careful to use a railing.

Can I put my three-month-old in a walker?

Experts recommend that babies not be put on a walker before eight months to normally complete their required development.

Last of all

Walkers are designed to allow your children to have a nice and fun time while they are inside, while at the same time allowing parents to rest in a short time. If used in a controlled and correct manner, it can benefit your baby. If you are going to use a baby walker, we recommend using it for a maximum of 1 hour a day. In this way, both your baby will not be harmed, and you will find time to rest, even for 1 hour. If used uncontrolled, it may affect your baby’s development negatively.


Babies can’t cry. When a newborn is born, he/she cannot produce tears, so what he/she does in the first weeks is just screaming.



Undoubtedly, the most crucial factor to consider when buying a walker is safety. And there are many factors that affect this security. First, the material quality is paramount. A walker made of lousy material can harm your baby’s health and cause your baby to be physically damaged by being easily deformed/broken. Secondly, the walker’s wide circumference provides a safer entanglement zone by restricting the baby’s areas with the walker. Finally, make sure that there are no gaps in the walker where the baby could pinch his hand or sharp bumps that could hurt himself/herself.

Adjustable height

Your baby’s feet must be firmly on the ground while in the walker. If he/she gets used to walking on tiptoe, this will force him to get used to walking normally. The walker’s adjustable height allows you to fully adjust the walker according to your baby’s height, which means you can adjust the walker accordingly as your baby grows. It increases the usage time of the walker. You can also change the length of the walker according to the carpet you will use.


For safety, we recommend that the number of wheels is at least 4. For carpet, it is essential that the wheels are large and the surface area touching the carpet is small. While the wheel’s big general size provides a more comfortable ride, the thinner surface on the carpet minimizes the increased friction on the carpet surface.


The walker’s weight should be at such a level that it should be heavy enough to support your child and light enough to facilitate the movement of your baby on the carpet. Therefore, it is useful to determine the walker’s weight, considering your baby’s weight and age.

Supported Weight

It is vital what weight the walker is for. Carefully examine the minimum and maximum weight values ​​and ensure your baby’s weight falls between these weights. Otherwise, your baby may not be able to walk in the walker, or if he/she is more massive than the weight of the walker, he may hurt himself by breaking the walker.


It is vital that you choose the right baby socks and shoes before walking and in the crawling period. You should continuously check their feet. Keep in mind that selecting unsuitable socks and shoes can inhibit growth and cause developmental problems for years.


#1 Best Sit-to-Stand: VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

Having two-wheel modes, locked and unlocked, allows you to adjust the walker according to the floor you use.

#2 Best Foldable & Compact: Joovy Spoon Baby Walker

Thanks to its foldability, you don’t have to worry about where to put it. Fold it and squeeze it aside.

#3 Best 2-in-1 & Design: Bright Stars Baby Walker

It can be both a sit-to-stand and a regular walker by be dividing into two different parts. Also, a great car design makes it attractive.

#4 Best Jumper & Rocker: Storkcraft 3-in-1 Baby Walker

This walker, which turns into both jumper and rocker with easily added apparatuses, is much more than a walker.

#5 Best Price & Support: Lchuang Handheld Baby Walker

Its price, which is very affordable compared to regular walkers, and its natural support for your baby to walk, makes this walker one of the most suitable options for you and your baby.

#1 Best Sit-to-Stand: VTech Learning Walker

Being a sit-to-stand allows your baby to develop his legs and muscles and use him without any time limitation, compared to standard walkers. It also functions as a toy with a detachable activity panel. The interactive music keys on the top make your baby entertained. The removable phone portion enables your baby to learn by imitating it. Its wheels, which have two modes as locked and open, allow your baby to walk comfortably and safely on the carpet when in open mode.

However, although the locked mode is for hardwood flooring, we do not recommend using this product anywhere except the carpet. Many customers reported that the walker slipped on the hardwood floor even when it was locked. Besides, the removable phone on it can often get lost because it is not connected to the panel in any way.

What We Like:

  • Detachable activity panel
  • Removable phone portion
  • Wheel lock

What We Don’t Like:

  • Not for hardwood flooring
  • The phone is not connected to the walker

#2 Best Foldable & Compact: Joovy Spoon Baby Walker

Can’t find a place to put your baby after walking in the walker? Joovy Baby Walker’s foldable feature comes to find a solution to your problem. Thanks to its folding, the walker can be folded and placed wherever you want. Turn it back on whenever you want. Thanks to its removable tray feature, it can also be your baby’s dining area. With three different height settings, you can continue to use this product as your baby grows.

Nevertheless, the lack of a wheel lock causes your baby to go to unsafe areas. Also, customers report that the front wheels of the walker sometimes get stuck. Finally, even the highest height setting can be short compared to average baby sizes.

What We Like:

  • Removable tray
  • Foldable
  • The seat is machine washable
  • Three adjustable height

What We Don’t Like:

  • Does not have wheel clock
  • Some stacking problems
  • Short length options

#3 Best 2-in-1 & Design: Bright Stars Baby Walker

Want a walker that is both sit-to-stand and normal? Bright Stars Baby Walker offers you that. While the removable car-designed upper body becomes a sit-to-stand walker, the rest is a regular walker. In this way, if you have two children, it is an excellent convenience for you. With three different height settings, you can continue to use it by changing the height as your child grows. It will attract your child’s attention with the realistic ford mustang car design that provides excellent looks. With the detachable activity center, your child can benefit from it even when they are not in a walker.

However, the initial setup phase can be a bit tricky if you’re new to this business. Also, no folding requires you to free up some space at home to put it.

What We Like:

  • The normal Walker mode and push behind mode
  • Two kids can play at once
  • Three different height option
  • Realistic ford car design
  • Detachable activity center

What We Don’t Like:

  • A little bit tricky to install
  • Not foldable

#4 Best Jumper & Rocker: Storkcraft 3-in-1 Baby Walker

When your baby goes to the corners with the walker, do you want it to be able to get out quickly? This walker offers this opportunity to babies with its 360 degrees rotating seat. The baby can go any direction he/she wants, thanks to the 360-degree rotating seat. With its detachable jumping board, it functions like a jumper rather than a walker. Moreover, the walker turns into a rocker with the rocker bits you can easily add underneath. The removable toy tray allows your child to play with their favorite toys in the walker even when they are not in the walker.

However, most customers reported that the jump board did not exactly coincide in the center (under the baby’s feet) and, therefore, could not use the jumper as they intended. Also, after putting on the rocker bits, the power to be given is more than a baby can provide. For this reason, the baby cannot rock himself. Also, the sound level from the toys may be a little loud for your baby.

What We Like:

  • Removable toy tray
  • Stationary jumper
  • The 360-degree swirl seat
  • Rocker feature
  • Adjustable seat height

What We Don’t Like:

  • The jumping board is not at the center
  • Baby cannot rock her/him self.
  • The toys are very loud

#5 Best Price & Support: Lchuang Handheld Baby Walker

Are you looking for an affordable walker that will support your baby walking? Hand-held walkers are for you. This walker is suitable for every budget, with a much lower price than ordinary walkers. After dressing your baby, you can even hold it with one hand. Also, you will protect your baby from all possible accidents, as you will never let go. Besides, these walkers support natural walking learning by enabling babies to stand themselves. Providing only support for balance, these walkers can be used on any ground your baby can step on, whether on carpet, parquet, or in your home garden. Still, the fact that you have to keep holding it continually requires a 2nd person to use this product. Also, it may take some time to dress this walker on your baby. But it will not be difficult for you to support him with your baby and get him into this sweet walker.

What We Like:

  • Affordable price
  • Provides security
  • Comfortable for baby
  • Supports walking naturally
  • Can be used on all floorsl

What We Don’t Like:

  • You always have to keep it
  • It takes time to adjust the proper fit for baby


We chose these five products among most of them, brought them together with you, and shared the sides we liked and disliked with you. But the remaining products may be worth looking at and examining for you.


2-in-1 Infant & Baby Activity Walker


Batman Baby Activity Walker


Adjustable Height Baby Walkers for Boys

Tiny Love

Baby Walker and Mobile Activity Center


You have learned what you need to pay attention to while buying a baby walker for carpet, steps of a baby’s walking, and the positive and negative effects of using baby walkers. Now you can consider the products you find yourself with the information you learned in this article. If you found this article useful, you can find reviews of many other products by regularly following our site.

Do you think baby walkers are safe for babies?

Has your baby ever had an accident due to a baby walker?

What exercises do you give your baby to walk?

We would be glad to share your ideas, corrections, or additions by leaving a comment below.



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