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The 5 Best Bathroom Faucets in 2021 (For Hard Water)

Make choices that you can add value to your bathroom and fight hard water stains.

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The types of water pearls found in your baths are essential complements in your fight against hard water. Typical bath pearls are insufficient to resist hard water. Because the structure of hard water is quite suitable against deposits and standard batteries cannot eliminate these deposits. Over time, it causes the faucets to clog and decrease your water quality. Therefore, you should choose a unique, durable, and strong faucet.

Bathroom faucets for hard water are produced from superior materials. These materials resist scratches, fading, stains, and deposits. As your faucet is not blocked, you can do an excellent job by ensuring your bathroom hygiene.

So which bathroom faucets are the best quality?

Here we have already listed the best bathroom faucets for hard water in 2021 for you! You will not have to worry about stains for many years as you protect your bathroom from hard water by choosing among different categories and types of faucets!

If you are ready, let’s start!

Buying guide for

When you decide to buy a bathroom faucet, it is important to know which model works for what criteria will provide you with a profitable purchase. You now know our list of which brands are the best. What about the criteria? We’ve collected all you need to know when purchasing the best bathroom faucets in our buying guide!


Here is one of the first criteria! The size of the faucet you will buy should be one of the first features you will look at. Because for small sinks, minimally sized taps will be suitable. If your sink is large, your faucet size will grow at the same time. If you want to have good harmony in your small bathroom, you can create functional and useful areas using our article “Small Bathroom Ideas to Find More Space”.


For hard water, the material of the bath faucet is also among the essential criteria. Faucets are made of different materials such as stainless steel, gold plated, PVD, nickel. Stainless steel faucets are generally expensive and resistant to water stains. Gold-plated faucets do not darken and are ideal for a stylish design. PVD faucets are anti-wear materials that can resist rust and calcification against hard water. Nickel is one of the most vital models that can be counted among the most durable materials, and they are very rich in appearance. You may also be indecisive in choosing a bathtub, as it will take up an important place in your bathtubs to create a combined design in your bathrooms. Fortunately for you, we have prepared “The Best Bathtubs“.

Spout Arc Height

This situation is all about the area of ​​your bathroom. The spout arc height should also be suitable for the position and size of the sink. For example, if you need a hard water faucet to descend directly into your sink, your outlet spring height should be 200 to 250mm.


There are vented and non-ventilated spouts in the bath faucet. Ventilated faucets are an ideal choice for increasing water pressure. Water flow is different in faucet without ventilation. They are the types that look like a waterfall flow and do not need a grid. The choice is yours!


When it comes to faucets in your bathrooms, you will come across many designs and functionality models. In addition to good brands, it will be useful to know the types of faucets you will encounter different service types. We have compiled the types of quality and durable taps suitable for the sanitary system in your bathroom.

Widespread Faucets

Widespread faucets, which consist of adjustable models with distances up to 8 “and 16”, require three holes as the spout and handles are mounted separately. It will generally be the right choice for users with large bathrooms.

Centerset batteries

Also known in the market for their all-in-one designs, these models are the right choice for smaller bathrooms that lack much space. Three holes are required for the Centerset, and generally, the distance between the handles is 4 inches. They have stylish and minimalist designs.

Single-handle Faucets

These models with one and two holes are the kind that you can match with an expansive floor slab. Both the faucet and arm can be found together, and the faucet arm can be found separately. It is a suitable choice for use in large and small bathrooms.

Minispread Faucets

Minispread faucets, which have a very modern design in appearance, consist of three parts. They have a 4 “distance between the spout and arm centers and are very efficient in small bathrooms.

Wall-mounted Faucets

These models, which have a very useful bathtub and sink faucets structure, are ideal for bathrooms with modern designs in recent years. Users who want to save space and have vessel sinks have 8 “and adjustable centers. Most users also prefer a wall-mounted faucet for an antique look.


Photo on Envato

Water is unavoidable in the bathroom. Where there is hard water, rust will form over time. This bad image, which disappoints people, will also interfere with the hygienic appearance of the bathrooms. Research shows that most homes in America use hard water, which is proof that we need to act as soon as possible!

There are many ways to prevent hard water and therefore avoid rust stains. Hard water faucets can help you greatly in this regard, and some methods you can apply at home can also help you. If you are also worried about this, you can try the methods listed below!

Water Softeners

Hard waters have this structure because they contain too much mineral. Here, water softeners that will soften the minerals in hard water are the best for this job. Water softeners can be an excellent way to feel safe and take precautions against rust stains.

Frequent Cleaning

Hard water will cause accumulation when it is not intervened and waited to dry on its own. Often, this is the reason why lime and rust stains occur. Since the bathroom is our constant use, it is possible to encounter hard water here. Therefore, after each use, you may need to dry the areas with hard water and increase the cleaning frequency. Cotton swabs can be suitable for this job. Besides, commercially available dirt and rust-removing cleaning materials can be useful in facilitating your cleaning.

Cleaning by Natural Cleaning Products

Most users are reluctant to use chemicals. You can make your rust remover instead of these cleaners, containing many toxic substances and can be harmful to health. Here are some of what you can do:

  1. Put one glass of natural white vinegar and one glass of water in a spray bottle and mix well. Spray this mixture on places where rust stains may appear and wait for a while. Then, with a stiff brush, brush the areas where you sprayed the solution. After rinsing with plenty of water, pat dry and repeat once a week.
  2. Again, prepare a mixture of white vinegar, lemon juice, salt, and baking soda in a spray bottle. Shake well until homogeneous and spray around your bathroom faucets. After five minutes, rub it with a sponge or scrub brush. The rust spots will gradually disappear.
  3. Only lemon and salt alone will be sufficient. If you’re not working on built-in rust stains, you can try this duo for cleaning. Again, our main hero will be a sponge. Pour this duo on the sponge and rub. That’s all! If you need more information about cleaning, you can read our “How to Green Clean the Bathroom Quickly & Efficiently” article.


Is Moen Or Kohler Better Quality?

Kohler is one of the brands with a very long history in the market. Although Moen is a new brand, it is preferred by most users because it offers unique designs and stylish surfaces. However, Kohler includes more convenience, longer life, more options, and different models for most users. Moen is the right choice if you are looking for simple functions and more affordable prices. However, if you are looking for more functions, durable materials, and quality, Kohler should be your first choice, in our opinion.

Do Touchless Faucets Work Well?

Since our hands, which we frequently use during the day, contain many bacteria and microbes, non-contact faucets are the right solution in terms of hygiene. Adding value to bathroom design, these models work well in general. Thanks to these models, which also positively affect your water saving, you can prevent germ spread.

What Is The Difference Between A Pull-Down and a Pull-Out Faucet?

Pull-down faucets with a longer spout are ideal when you want to pull your faucet down. These models will be space-saving effective choices for users who have limited space in washbasins. Pull-out faucets help you spray water in the direction you want. It means a lot of freedom of movement.


In areas with dense, hard waters, mineral surplus stains cause areas that lack hygiene, which take away all the beauty of bathrooms. For this, faucet selection is an essential source of precaution. Faucets can prevent damage from calcium and magnesium. The brass material used in constructing the faucets to create both bathroom designs and healthy conditions in the best way will also prevent rust and corrosion.

These are all the main reasons that lead you to the search for the best. As the Wohomen review team, we reviewed the best bathroom faucets in 2021. Our selection, which we got the best performance in our bathroom and adds significant value to our design, was in favor of Delta Faucet Lahara Widespread Bathroom Faucet 3 Hole, which is at the top of our list.

So, with which of our suggestions do you plan to take measures for your hard water? We care about your valuable ideas, suggestions, and experiences. Every comment you share with us helps us as well as be a reference for other users. Meet us in the comments!

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  1. I wish you reviewed which ones will go the longest without needing repairs and the best value for the money. Hard water doesn’t seem to be a big issue when picking a bathroom faucet. I need a new faucet so I thought I would check this out.

  2. I love the KOHLER Devonshire K-394-4-2BZ 2-Handle Widespread Bathroom Faucet with Metal Drain Assembly in Oil-Rubbed Bronze it looks luxurious!


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