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The 8 Best Ceiling Paint Reviews & Guide (2021)

Choose the ideal color and quality paint for your ceiling

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Why should you paint your home ceiling? Which brands are the best paint for ceiling paint? We have researched for you.

Today, when many people decide to paint their home or workplace, they think of interior or exterior walls. But the ceiling is just as important as these two. Complementing the atmosphere of the area you choose, ceilings can create more advantages than you expect with the brands and colors you set. You can make your space larger, determine the character of the area. Some people prefer general ceiling paints to paint ceilings, while others can turn to water-based paints. You can get much better results with different paint alternatives you can choose according to your ceiling structure and the tips we have carefully compiled for you!

Let’s learn most of the information you will need in our article, such as the points and tricks you need to pay attention to when buying ceiling paint, step-by-step ceiling painting, and paint roller selection. And make everything clear in your mind with the paints we recommend in our article and the eight products we examine in detail.

Buying guide for

The ceiling paint range is quite a wide range. But it’s not impossible to find what you need. Your priority here should be to know your ceiling structure. Ceilings, which complement the atmosphere of the area you use, have different forms. For example, plasterboard suspended ceiling, vector ceiling, metal suspended ceiling, acoustic ceiling, etc. Once you have determined your ceiling structure, it will be easier to find the most suitable ceiling paint for you.

Ceiling paints have many qualities. Choosing according to the area you will use will provide convenience in the long term. For example, if you have complaints about dampness, you should consider the anti-moisture paint options. On the other hand, clearable paints should be your choice if you want to clean your ceilings by wiping.

Another thing to consider when choosing paint is its price. In general, “it is more expensive if it is more quality” can lead you to bad paints. Expensive is not always the best option for you. For example, metallic paints are much more costly than standard paints due to their obtained and production costs. But its appearance is different from ordinary paints. Its application is a little more laborious than regular paints. For this reason, when looking at paint prices, make sure that the difference is due to the paint’s quality, not the type of paint.


In spaces with small or low ceilings, blue and green-toned colors make the room look more spacious and broader and make the ceiling perceive higher. You can create a more friendly environment with colors such as tablecloths and rugs in places with high ceilings.

If you care about interior decoration, fine details take precedence for you. Therefore, you may be looking for different nuances in your ceiling paint. Fortunately, there are decorative solutions in ceiling paints. Regardless of the structure of your ceiling, you can choose a variety of ceiling paints that can offer decorative and stylish solutions easy to apply.

Another issue as crucial as your paint quality is the combination of products you will use together. You should decide in advance which apparatus will make your ceiling without seams and your expectations. You can start by choosing whether to use a brush, roller, or sprayer. You can then tell your paint supplier that you are looking for ceiling paint suitable for the apparatus you will use. Thus, it will be easier to get perfect results.

#1 Best Overall: Kilz Ceiling Paint

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This paint also gets good feedback from its users; you should not ignore the pink color you see when you start painting. Because in a short time, the pink color turns dry and turns white. Unlike ordinary ceiling paints, it can make your painting moments fun with the action it creates. It can be easily applied with the help of a brush or roller if you wish.

How about looking at the content of the paint in more detail? The 1-gallon package is U 8.0 “x W 7.8″ x H 7.0.” It means you can easily paint 250 square feet with just one gallon. Who wants to deal with this troublesome job over and over?  With zero VOC, KILZ Ceiling Paint can prevent ceiling stains and resist splashing. It represents long-term comfortable use.

Before you start painting, it is helpful to look at our tips to make your job easier. After applying the first coat of paint for your ceiling, you should wait approximately an hour. After one hour, your ceiling will be dry to the touch. – we do not think you will need it because it is ceiling paint with high coverage even in the first paint.-  When you test dry, you should apply the second coat of paint two hours later. So you can get a more smooth ceiling. The features of the roller or brush you will use are also essential factors for painting. You should choose brushes and rollers that will not undermine the paintwork of your paint and will not create waves on your ceiling while painting.

Now that you have learned the properties of this paint, you are ready to paint. However, if you do not like that much sparkle, the Valspar 1420 matte finish in our article is for you.

#2 Best Matt: Valspar Ceiling Paint

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Meet Valspar 1420, the number four on our list! You can see the area you paint more efficiently and get better results. This ceiling paint, which is very easy to use, contains resin. The ceiling will dry to touch half an hour after applying this paint. We recommend using this as a solid primer. For the second coat of paint, you can paint your ceiling after 4 hours.

Can you use ceiling paint on the walls? The right combination is crucial in painting. Valspar 1420 can also be used for your walls. Unlike the others, we recommend that you do not use latex primers on your walls and ceiling because the unique formulation of the paint may deteriorate. Instead, you can choose interior primer oil paints. Paint quality can be affected, temperature, leaving the paint cap open after use, and the brushes you use. If you prefer Valspar 1420 with a sprayer, it can only thin up to 8 oz.

With the matt appearance, you will provide on your ceilings, your lighting becomes even more prominent. In addition, the matt paint you choose adds depth to your living areas. It also integrates with the accessories you will use, and it is easy on the eyes.

You can enjoy using this ceiling paint with some minor measures. For example, we do not forget to mix the paint before and during use. Before we begin to paint the ceiling, we should lay the cloth or linoleum on the floor. We must take care that the area you will paint is airy. Exposure to the smell of paint for a long time is dangerous for your lung health.

#3 Best Affordable: Montage Eco-Friendly Paint

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With this paint, we aimed to offer an alternative that will relax your pockets. According to customers ‘ feedback, the most crucial feature of this paint, which is affordable, provides an excellent coating in one coat.

You know, one of the essential points to pay attention to when buying paint is its smell. When you read the reviews, you won’t find anyone complaining about this paint’s smell. Also, many people say that the paint dries very quickly and does not have to wait long.

Although we cover our house very well before painting it and try to save it from paint, of course, it drops somewhere. In this case, it becomes vital to remove the paint. However, there are also positive feedbacks that this paint is easily cleaned from where it drips.

However, some customers complain that the paint has become lighter after drying than shown, while others say it has become darker. So maybe there may be a difference due to painting. Also, most users find that the color indicator on the back of the box is too small, and the color is not well understood.

#4 Best Metallic: Modern Masters

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Before starting, let’s try to understand what precisely metallic paint is.

What is opaque color?

Opaque means dull, non-transparent, matte. Opaque paints do not reflect the light of the floor they are applied to.

What is metallic color?

Metallic paints contain aluminum particles together with transparent color pigments. On the other hand, aluminum particles reflect the light falling on them, which creates the typical metallic effect. This effect is most visible when viewed from a vertical angle. However, when viewed from a narrow angle, the reflection is reduced, and the color’s hue appears darker. This is called the flop effect.

Our following product recommendation is for those who want to paint their ceiling with metallic paint. When you read the customer reviews, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that almost everyone loves their color. You do not have to wait long for the paint to wait; you can finish your painting in 30 minutes. The most crucial feature of metallic paint is that it shines beautifully. It cannot be said that this paint is also missing from this site. But could it shine more? This topic can be discussed.

It is written that while painting, the paint covers the applied surface well. The only annoying point about this is that you can get this beautiful coat in 2 or more coats. Being water-based increases the variety of surfaces it can be applied to. According to the comments, the paint was leaking out of the cover, as users complained about. When you pay an above-average price for paint, you want not a single penny to be wasted. This situation justifies customers who complain about this.

Our following product, Benjamin Moore, can help you find harmony with your walls.

#5 Best Alkyd: Benjamin Moore

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Benjamin Moore, who we think will choose those who want to match the walls, is fifth place on our list. Tone-on-tone walls and ceilings play an active role in reflecting your character while increasing your room width. With Benjamin Moore’s alkyd paint, you can complete the reflection of your pleasure.

What’s in the content features of Benjamin Moore? Let’s clear your curiosity immediately. The weight of this highly bright ceiling paint is 2.86 pounds. A product is compatible with combination products that you can use with brush, roller, and even sprayer.

We think that what you can do with Benjamin Moore is more than just painting the ceiling. You can follow the steps we will list and create your designs:

  • Make sure that the surface you will be applying to does not have rough surfaces such as grease, lime paint, mold. You can use sandpaper to clean the surface.
  • Always shake the product before and during the dyeing. Thus, you can provide a smooth painting by removing accumulated air bubbles.
  • When using a brush or roller, do not constantly tide over the surface. You get the paint on the surface brush or role again. It can cause bad looks.
  • If you want your ceilings to contain patterns like your walls, you can get a new look with different shapes of sellotapes that you will stick to the ceiling.

In short, Benjamin Moore, the best alkyd paint for your ceilings, will add a different atmosphere to your spaces. However, if this product is not enough for you, the Glidden brand in the rest of our article may be a suitable brand for you to cover the holes in the ceiling.

#6 Best Latex: Glidden Ceiling Paint

No products found.

If you have drilled small holes to hang decorative hangers on your ceilings, over time, your ceiling coverings will wear out. Hanging decorative racks on your ceilings requires you to make holes in your ceiling coverings. These small holes can swell your coatings over time and spill.

We have a product recommendation for abrasions on your ceiling that will not require filling.

Let’s take a look at their technical specifications. This latex paint is 3.785 gallons, and you can still increase the color even if you paint every ceiling in your home. The weight of this model is approximately 10.91 pounds. So the cost of this product is quite affordable for a nice change.

Attention here! These tips are for you! You want to reduce the hassle of ceiling painting, right? You can discover sprayers compatible with latex paints from our previous article, “Best 6 Paint Sprayer For Your Cabinets”, you can find sprayers compatible with latex paints.

On the other hand, try the color on a small part of the surface you will apply first to get effective results. If you prefer brush painting, always set the brush direction in the same direction. For example, for a matte look, if you started painting right to left, we recommend continuing from right to left.

Now you have a more suitable option for wear on your ceilings! If you are still unsure about your popcorn ceiling, Zinnser 03688 is waiting for you in the rest of the article!

#7 Best for Popcorn: Zinsser Ceiling Paint

No products found.

Zinnser 03688, which is in seventh place in our list, is closely related to users whose ceilings are in the form of popcorn. These ceilings, which draw attention with their design differences, require special paint and brush support.

While painting works tiring itself, painting the ceiling also requires circumstances. However, with this suggestion, you need safety glasses, masks, and a ladder. With this spray ceiling paint, you can get rid of the preliminary preparation process and save money; you can observe the change with a single spray. In addition, you can paint your ceilings in a short time for water stains, worn paints, and cracks.

If this is not what you are looking for, our last suggestion is at the end of the post for your Rust-Oleum 7791730 bathroom ceilings.

#8 Best for Bathroom Ceiling: Rust-Oleum

No products found.

Here is our last suggestion, Rust-Oleum, the best ceiling paint for bathroom ceilings! The color of bathroom ceilings is especially crucial against mold and moisture caused by water. In addition, steam accumulating in the air can cause blistering on your bathroom ceiling when you do not provide adequate ventilation. Therefore, it is beneficial to choose waterproof or easily wipe paints on your bathroom ceiling.

In the first coat of paint, the first touch needs 120 minutes to reach dryness. It may be a long time for some urgent work. However, we think it is worth waiting for a perfect base. It takes 24 hours to dry completely.

Let’s see what the other features are. Rust-Oleum 7791730 can resist rust, corrosion, and chips. In other words, it may be a suitable option for you to protect for a long time. You can paint up to 100 square feet. You don’t have to worry about its cleanliness! Because the mineral spirits you will use can be easily cleaned.

Tricks for Choosing Ceiling Paint

The most comfortable paints to use are latex-based paints. They dry quickly and are the simplest ceiling paints to apply. You will probably see this kind of paint frequently on the shelves. They are preferred because they do not splash; they are easy to use, have adequate coverage, and have breathing surfaces to prevent formations such as moisture and mold.

Most ceiling paints change color, which means that although they appear pink or blue at the time of application, they will revert to the actual color of the paint you purchased when dry. This way, you can easily see if you missed any point.

Paint the ceiling in the bathroom the same color as the wall. If the tiles in your bathroom extend to the ceiling, the white selection will also enhance the lighting. You also need to choose moisture and water-resistant paints for the ceiling in the bathroom.

Cooking often requires the use of liquid. The liquid evaporates, and the humidity rises. Moisture rises to the ceiling and interacts with it. Therefore, make sure that the paint you will use in your kitchen can be wiped and cleaned. Besides, yellow, turquoise, and primarily red colors are appetizing. We wanted to remind you.

Consider painting your ceilings the same color as the walls in your bedroom because when a color surrounds you, it creates a more decadent atmosphere.

In general, white color is used in ceiling painting. Because white color reflects light well, it makes your room look wider, and your ceiling looks higher. And its ability to adapt to any color has made it the most preferred color.

If you want to combine wall and ceiling colors, use a few shades darker for the ceiling if you have ceilings higher than 2.5 meters. For ceilings under 2.5 Meters, use paint that is two shades lighter.

If you want the ceiling to be the same color as your walls, 1/2 the ceiling light will make the room look more spacious and beautiful. If you like dark colors, if you will use dark colors in your place, you can use dark stains on the walls and 1/2 light color on the ceilings.

How to Paint a Ceiling


Painting a ceiling has specific steps and stages as with everything,  we can express the ceiling painting as three stages before, during, and after.

Before you start painting the ceiling;

Any objects which can be broken around in the room should be put aside if possible. Likewise, products should be taken out of the room. If your items are too bulky and heavy to carry, you can cover them with a paint-proof sheet.

Blisters and debris may occur on ceilings due to moisture and mold. Painting on these bumps and spills causes both a lousy appearance and a short-lived whitewash. Instead, you can scrape the blisters with a spatula or similar and cover the cracks with concealer.

Masking tapes should be attached to the wall and ceiling meet points because we don’t want the ceiling paint to smear on the wall.

A cover that will not pass the paint underneath is laid on the floor. It is fixed by taping the edges to the ground. Thus, you will reduce the risk of slipping during painting.

If you want a perfect ceiling painting, you can smooth the surface with fine wall sandpaper.

During painting;

You may want to wash the roller before using it. But, do not immerse in paint completely wet. Remember, we want the brush to be moist, not wet. It ensures that the paint gets on the roller well. So, dampen it off with a cloth and keep the roll slightly moist.

Painting your ceiling with the help of a long-handled roller brush will help make the job cleaner and less tired because long-handled brushes increase your maneuverability.

For the first layer to be applied to the ceiling, it is enough that the paint has a consistency close to liquid. Since the first coat is applied to the dry ceiling, its absorption will be high.

Take the ceiling paint in a large bowl. Add thinner according to the instructions written on the bucket and mix.

Putting the roller in entirely and then out of the paint will allow you to pick up the paint nicely, but it will cause too many drops of paint around. However, you can drain the excess paint by rotating the roller on the bowl’s side surfaces to solve this problem.

After you have wholly smeared the roller with the paint, paint the wall by touching it back and forth like combing hair. Do not press the roller too much; it will cause surfaces having different thicknesses and your ceilings to become dirty quickly. Instead, try to apply the same pressure everywhere. Then, continue painting until there is no paint on the roller.

When painting the first coat, instead of continually removing paint from the bucket, it should be applied to the ceiling until the paint on the roller is finished.

While painting the ceiling, applying two paint coats will make the paint appear more opaque and smoother. If you make sure that all brush movements are horizontal when you put the first coat of paint on your ceiling and all brush movements are vertical while applying the second coat, you will avoid brush marks that may occur on your ceiling.

After the first painting phase is completed, the ceiling is expected to dry. After that, the ceiling, which dries in a bit of time, is ready for painting for the second time.

If you don’t want any paint marks in the second stage, do not put too much pressure on the roller and make sure you allow the paint to penetrate the wall nicely.

You have to be quick when painting your ceiling. Because keeping the waiting time between brush strokes long causes wavy marks on the ceiling. Therefore, acting quickly, especially with the first coat of paint, will help the ceiling paint to appear smoother.

After painting the ceiling:

Masking tapes should not be removed before the paint on the ceiling has dried thoroughly. Otherwise, the paint may flow onto your wall, or the paint may mix.

After making sure that the paint has dried thoroughly, you can paint the walls of the room.

About Popcorn Ceilings

With Popcorn ceilings, things can get a little different. These types of ceilings are usually painted with spray paints. Let us briefly explain the steps you need to take for these ceilings.

  • Cover your ceiling with protective tapes before painting.
  • When applying spray paint on the popcorn ceiling, be sure to ventilate the room. Although it has minimal odor properties, you do not want to see allergic reactions.
  • To create waves on your ceiling, always try to spray the spray from the same angle.
  • Zinsser has a vertical aerosol spray that removes stains and will not yellow. With its size of 13 ounces, it will not tire you and will paint your ceiling in a short time.
  • Allow time for your ceiling paint to dry. It will become completely dry in an average of 1 hour.

A Few Things for Bathrooms

We briefly explained the steps that will make your painting in the bathroom much better. Let’s examine them together.

  • You should stop using your bathroom at least two days before you start painting. A dry surface will make your job easier.
  • Before painting your ceiling, smooth it with sandpaper or a bristle brush.
  • Drain your bathroom entirely and cover them if you have fixed items. Why spend more time on it, although it is easy to clean if it splashes on your belongings?
  • It is our golden rule to use the brush in the same direction during painting. Besides, one more rule: Do not come and go more than twice in the painted area! One-shot operations will make it look smoother.

Paint Roller

Different types of brushes and rollers are used for painting ceilings, walls, doors, and windows. Roller selection is significant to achieve the wonderful painting you want. Roller selection is generally based on two factors: the surface you will paint and the paint type. To illustrate; In general, black bristle brushes are produced for synthetic paints, and white bristle brushes for water-based paints. While a satin roller is preferred on smooth surfaces such as paste and satin plaster, a plastic paint roller should be chosen on plastered and textured surfaces.


As a paint roller, let us suggest a beautiful paint roller frame for your ceiling painting: Wooster Brush Roller Frame. The brush, which is in the “Amazon’s choices category,” looks like a good option with a 5-star rating of 84%.

The size of the area to be painted is essential in choosing a paint roller. As the paint area gets smaller, smaller brushes and rollers should be selected, and as the area expands, larger brushes and rollers should be set in parallel. The edges of the places that are not wanted to be painted, ceiling, and wall junction points should be painted with thin-tipped brushes called shortcut brush so that the paint does not overflow to other parts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ceiling paint?

Ceiling paint is a complementary element of home and office walls. It adds depth to living spaces with selected colors and patterns. In addition to its compatibility with the walls, it is an essential factor for human health with its formulas. Furthermore, the lighting used in the areas reflects according to the quality of the ceiling paints.

How to choose a ceiling paint color?

The best way to choose your ceiling paint is hidden when you choose according to your wall and furniture colors. You can achieve musical harmony with the color you desire. On the other hand, determining what you need will help you choose to paint. User reviews can help you get an idea of the ceiling paint you will buy.

What is the most popular ceiling paint color?

White is the most famous ceiling color. White is always the primary preference of users, with its being the color that reflects the light best, not distracting by creating shadows, easy usage, and matte appearance. In addition, white is the easiest way to add depth to the environment. So you get a larger room view.

Can you use ceiling paint on the walls?

With developing technology, you can use many ceiling paints on the walls. In this respect, ceiling paints also allow you to save money. Besides, you can use ceiling paints for your walls and all your household items, metal moldings, and coatings.

What finish is best for ceiling paint?

Many ceiling paints have a flat coating. As a result, all kinds of shine, light eggshells, popcorn, or satin shine appear on the ceilings. Bright colors are sometimes preferred to attract attention. Thanks to the bright paints, the ambient light of the rooms reflected more. In matte paints, you get a brilliant look. It dominates the objects in the room, that is, for those who prefer an excellent fund.


With so many product types and different application areas, it is an area that we have a hard time making decisions: choosing ceiling paint. In our opinion, Kilz is the best on this flight! It looks like it will change your preference list again with user reviews and the perfect look it left. In this article, which we have compiled for you the best options among ceiling paints, we hope you have found the product you need.

So what is the best ceiling paint for you? You can share your experiences with us to comment on users who have not bought ceiling paint yet.

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