10 Daylily Varieties for Your Garden

Daylilies are one of the most popular perennial plants for the garden. Easy to grow and relatively hardy, they come in a wide variety of colors and styles to complement every garden style. This article covers ten popular daylily types you might like to grow.

Becky Lynn

This type of daylily has the classic spiky leaves in a pale green color. They are like pretty green ribbons that will add special interest in your garden. The flowers of this type of daylily are pale pink and ruffled. Each petal has a white stripe down the center.

Frans Hals

This hybrid strain of dalily is one of the brightest and most colorful. Besides the emerald green leaves, the blossoms have orange-red petals striped with gold. The sepals, which look like smaller petals alternating with the real ones, are orange. Truly a bright addition to your sunny garden.

Stella De Oro

The Stella de Oro daylily is one of the most popular types in contemporary gardens. The compact clumps of spiky leaves are dark green. Each trumpet shaped flower is bright yellow gold. The plants bloom most of the summer long.

Ruffled Apricot

Although this variety is a slow grower, it is worth the wait to see these pretty apricot colored blossoms. The edge of each petal is ruffled.

Fairy Tale Pink

Another ruffled daylily type is this delicate pink blossomed one. With greenish yellow in the center of each blossom, the pale peachy pink will brighten up your garden with feminine beauty.

Smoky Mountain Autumn

For maximum pretty color, this daylily type has lavendar and pink flowers with an orangey-yellow throat, or center part. Each petal is heavily ruffled on the edges.

Prairie Blue Eyes

Perhaps the most purple of all daylilies, this variety has a wide yellow center but lots of bright lavender color on the broad petals. Like most daylily varieties, this one loves to grow in full sun.

Scarlet Orbit

The common name of this type gives you a lot of information about what the flower looks like. With a greenish yellow throat, the rest of this daylily flower is bright crimson red.


With dark green foliage and delicate yellowy white petals, this type of daylily is described as star-shaped. The petals are narrower than other varieties.


If your tastes run toward the elegant or gothic instead of the sunny and feminine, you will love the Dominic daylily variety. Atop slender green stems, the blossoms bloom a deep reddish black color with orange throats. It is the darkest daylily, and surely a striking addition to your garden.

Theresa Lien
Theresa Lien
A professional writer who has specialized in houseplants and indoor gardening. She's had experience with outdoor landscaping too, having written about plants that grow well on balconies and patios as one of her previous articles for Wohomen.


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