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The Best DXRacer Gaming Chairs [Formula, King, Racing]

A comfortable body means higher performance

Playing long hours of video games and looking for the best gaming chair for yourself?

The DXRacer gaming chair will make you more comfortable than you think.  

Nowadays, the number of people playing games is very high. It is possible to see a player in every range, from young children to adults. On platforms like Twitch and Youtube, people even make money by playing and streaming. As such, the time spent in front of the computer or game console also increased. With this increase in time, people standing still and sitting for a long time had some health complaints. These problems and developments have revealed a new need in the gaming industry: Gaming Chairs. While preparing a computer corner, the players’ first product after the computer was the gaming chairs. They offer a healthier and more comfortable gaming experience to the players than regular seats.     

One of the gamers’ most researched things is what they should pay attention to when buying a gaming chair and looking for the best brand. In this article, we will introduce the gaming chairs of DXRacer, one of the best brands that manufacture gaming chairs and has a place in this sector, and we will tell you what to consider when buying a gaming chair.


#1 Best Affordable: DXRacer Racing Series (RAA106)

This chair, which is the most affordable among DXRacer chairs, offers you a great variety with four different color combinations.

#2 Best Backrest: DXRacer King Series Gaming Chair (KS06)

Don’t compromise your health while playing games, thanks to a higher backrest than usual, supporting the neck and spine.

#3 Best Compatibility: DXRacer Formula Series Gaming Chair (FD01)

This stylish and straightforward chair promises you diversity in the area of use by providing the best compatibility both in your office and in your game corner.

#4 Best Warranty & Pillow: DXRacer Formula Series Gaming Chair (FD101)

Thanks to its high-quality neck and lumbar pillows, you will feel extremely comfortable even for long-term use, and its lifetime warranty will support you forever.

#5 Best Fabric & Seat: DXRacer Racing Series Gaming Chair (RV001)

Enjoy the ultimate comfort while playing games with a patent race car seat with breathable fabric material.

#1 Best Affordable: DXRacer Racing Series (RAA106)

DXRacer Racing Series RAA106, one of the most affordable seats among DXRacer seats, offers you maximum quality and performance. It can be set up in 10 minutes. Thanks to the wheel coated with polyurethane, it moves quickly on the surface. 3D adjustable armrests allow you to adjust the seat to your comfort completely. It significantly increases your performance in games. With mold shaping foam, whoever sits down, the seat is adjusted to the person sitting’s body contours. Lifting the seat with the gas lift is very easy and does not bother you. Its backrest, which can reach up to 135 degrees towards the back, allows you to play your game at any angle you want. You can get colors that appeal to your eye taste with four different color combinations: black, black and gray, black and red, black, and white.

However, some customers have claimed that the surface of the seat is a little too hard.

What We Like:

  • Easy to assemble
  • Wheel coated with polyurethane
  • 3D adjustable armrest
  • Mold shaping foam
  • Gas lift
  • Back angle up to 135 degrees
  • Color options in 4 different combinations

What We Don’t Like:

  • Complaints about being stiff

#2 Best Backrest: DXRacer King Series Gaming Chair (KS06)

If you are looking for a more oversized and more imposing gaming chair, this chair of DXRacer was produced for this purpose. Its extra high backrest provides a significant boost to your neck and back health and gives you great comfort while playing. With 5D sliding and adjustable armrest, you can adjust your arm according to the mouse and keyboard position you use best. Enjoy the comfort by adjusting the backrest to the desired degree with the large angle adjuster. With its robust aluminum base, this chair shows that it is stronger than others. Setting up the chair is very easy, according to feedback from customers. You can do it yourself without even reading the instructions. Thanks to its rocker feature, DXRacer King Series offer you a great opportunity when you want to relax.

Still, there are some complaints that the seat doesn’t slide/move well on the surface. If you keep the seat in a stable place, it may not be vital to you. Another downside is that some customers have emphasized that the seat is a bit harder than average.

What We Like:

  • Extra high backrest
  • 5D sliding and adjustable armrest
  • Large angle adjuster
  • Strong aluminum base with footrests
  • Easy to assemble
  • Has a rocker

What We Don’t Like:

  • Not rolling well
  • Complaints that the seat is hard

#3 Best Compatibility: DXRacer Formula Series Gaming Chair (FD01)

It’s a great option to do your work in your office and be an excellent gaming chair in the game room. This model of DXRacer Formula Series is designed to be simple and stylish. In this way, customers who do not want a mixed and colorful appearance can choose it with peace of mind. With its high-density cold cure foam filling, it helps you in your long-term work and protects you from health problems by supporting your waist and back. It is effortless to set up when you receive the seat. This seat, which can slide easily on carpeted surfaces, increases your comfort level by adjusting its cushions very quickly and at the desired comfort. Formula FD01, considered more affordable than DXRacer models, does not strain your budget.

However, the armrests can only be adjusted up and down, causing trouble in changing the seat. If it is crucial for you to adjust the armrest back and forth and angular, you may need to review the product. Also, the pillows that come with the sofa may feel a little thinner than those of other armchairs. But we don’t think it will make a big difference in usage.

What We Like:

  • Stylish and simple design
  • High-density cold cured foam filling
  • Easy assembling
  • Easy to roll on the carpet
  • Pillows are easy to adjust
  • Affordable price

What We Don’t Like:

  • Armrests only go up and down
  • Cushion is thin

#4 Best Warranty & Pillow: DXRacer Formula Series Gaming Chair (FD101)

This model, which is another excellent seat of DXRacer Formula Series, a master in making gaming chairs, offers you support that will last forever with a life-long guarantee. The installation process requires no professional knowledge and is easy to handle. Thanks to its quickly rotating wheels, you will not have any difficulty when you want to move with your seat; you will be able to slide from one corner of the room to the other without leaving your seat. Thanks to the breathable mesh seat, you will not sweat even if you sit for a long time. Customers also reported that the quality of the neck and lumbar pillows was excellent and satisfying.

However, there are some complaints that the seat cover is irritating leather. Armrests can only be adjusted up and down. Since the rocking setting is a bit tight, you may have to apply some force to swing. Some users reported that although they were not tall, the chair was shorter than standard desks.

What We Like:

  • Wheels are easy to roll
  • Rocking Feature
  • Easy to assemble
  • Neck and lumbar pillows are good qualify
  • Breathable mesh seat
  • Lifetime warranty

What We Don’t Like:

  • Complaints about covering
  • Armrests only go up and down
  • Complaints about being short
  • Rocking adjustment is hard

#5 Best Fabric & Seat: DXRacer Racing Series Gaming Chair (RV001)

DXRacer’s OH / RV001 model is designed to protect your body’s health and increase your comfort while playing your games. It offers three different color options as blue-black, red-black, and white black allows you to choose the colors you want according to your color taste. The soft pad cover for the armrest has been provided to increase the mouse’s comfort while playing. Changing the seat’s flexibility is another feature that allows you to adjust the seat to your convenience. Its lifetime warranty will enable you to get support whenever you experience any problems with the seat.

Still, the seat cannot be said to be wide. Therefore, it may cause problems for larger and overweight players. It is also more challenging to set up than other player seats. Finally, some customers have suffered that the armrest quality is not very good.

What We Like:

  • Three color option
  • Soft pad cover for armrest
  • Adjustable flexibility feature for seat
  • Breathable seat
  • Lifetime warranty

What We Don’t Like:

  • Not wide seat
  • A little hard to assemble
  • Complaints about armrest quality



The height of the chair is adjustable, giving you a great advantage. This height adjustment should be possible without getting up from the chair. It would be better if this was done through the air pump. You have to set a height for yourself that your feet will be on the ground.

Lumbar Support

It is crucial how well the back and lumbar supports of a good gaming chair are. It should be adjustable 360 ​​degrees to the back, up, and down. Besides, the high-backed gaming seats provide support for the upper back, thereby reducing the strain on your waist. So you can have a more comfortable gaming experience.


While people normally blink 20 times a minute, this figure is only 7 when using a computer.

Horizontal Length

The player seat’s horizontal length refers to the part from the far end of the seat to the backrest. The important thing here is to choose a gaming chair according to your size. Someone with a bulky structure can’t be comfortable in a player’s seat with a short horizontal length. By learning the dimensions of the seat you are planning to buy, you can find what size seat you need with the chairs you find in your home or around you.

Arm Supports

When it comes to a work chair or a computer chair, the armrest is optional, but not the same for the gaming chair. To reduce the load on your elbows and forearms, provide support while holding the mouse, and relieve the back, the player seat you will buy must have arm support. The fact that the armrest is adjustable in height can be a great advantage in fully adjusting the chair to you.

Material Quality

Try to find out what material the player chair you plan to buy is made of. The gaming chair made of a harmful material can make you sweat, itch your body, and cause pain where it needs to be relieved.


ENIAC, a computer built by scientists during the Second World War, weighed about 27 tons and covered 1822 square meters.


Should I get a gaming chair or an office chair?

If you spend most of your time playing games or working at a desk, we recommend that you buy chairs that are specially designed for these jobs, such as a gaming chair or an office chair. Sitting in uncomfortable and standard chairs for a long time can harm your waist and back health.

What’s the difference between a gaming chair and an office chair?

It is more compatible with human anatomy. Player seats are designed according to back ergonomics. The seat’s seating depth is also intended to prevent gamers from experiencing health problems such as posture disorder after long sessions.

Arm Supports the presence of arm supports in usual seats is more an optional feature. Player seats, on the other hand, must contain the arm support. When holding the mouse, you need an armrest to support your elbows and arms. The lack of arm support can cause annoying pain in your shoulder after an hour or two of mouse use. It contains an internal neck and back support cushion.

For typical office and home chairs, cushions purchased later are usually used for neck and back support. However, if the pillow is not compatible with the seat structure, these cushions may be a shackle instead of supporting you. The player chair contains the neck and back support cushions as part of the seat. You can also adjust these cushions according to your own body.


As a result of the development of technology over time, portable computers have emerged. The laptop, as it is known today, was produced in America in 1945. But the computer at that time was not as light as it is today. The first laptop, named Alan Kay, weighed precisely 20 kg.

Why do gaming chairs have holes in the back?

The purpose of the holes is to make the pillow that comes with the player seat sit better, provide you better comfort, and complement your back ergonomic structure.

Do DXRacer chairs come with pillows?

Yes. As with most gaming chairs, DXRacer chairs come with a cushion that fits the seat correctly. With this pillow, you can continue to play your games and broadcast on twitch comfortably without your neck and back pain.

How tall is a DXRacer chair?

DXRacer chairs are sold in three different sizes like S, M, and L.
S size chair dimensions:
Adjustable height 46 – 56 cm
Overall height 127 – 137 cm
Armrest to Armrest 46cm
Backrest 56cm
Length of backrest 86cm
Seat Depth 48cm
Wheelbase Diameter 70cm,

(These dimensions are based on DXRacer’s Racing Series RAA106 / NR model.)

Let us remind you that you can find more product types in S sizes. Also, these dimensions may differ according to the series of the model you will receive.

If you want to learn the M and L sizes, you can click here for size M, click here for size L and access the information on DXRacer’s official site. (You can see the measurements in inches on the DXRacer website or in other resources. We have converted it to cm for you and shared it. Remember to note that 1 inch is 2.54 cm.)

Are DXRacer chairs leather?

Yes. DXRacer chairs are covered with extremely durable carbon-look vinyl and breathable PU leather. The chair is designed to be used for a long time, and its stain-proof feature makes it easy to maintain and clean. Touching the leather cover will be very lovely for you while you are playing.


We chose these DXRacer chairs among most of them, brought them together with you, and shared the sides we liked and disliked with you. But the remaining products may be worth looking at and examining for you.

DXRacer Gaming Chair


DXRacer Office Chair

Iron Series OH/IS132/N

DXRacer Computer Chair

Racing Series RV131


You have learned what you need to pay attention to while buying a DXRacer gaming chair. Now you know how much the seat you sit in a while playing games or doing a job affects your performance. This awareness will positively affect your health and performance in the game you play or the job you do. You can consider the products you find yourself with the information you learned in this article. If you found this article useful, you can find reviews of many other works by regularly following our site.

What do you think is why the use of gaming chairs has increased so much in recent years?

When you switch to the gaming chair, can you understand the difference between standard office chairs and gaming chairs?

What feature do you call a must-have in a gaming chair?

We would be glad to share your ideas, corrections, or additions by leaving a comment below.


  1. Yes. DXRacer chairs are covered with extremely durable carbon-look vinyl and breathable PU leather. Poly Urethane is plastic.. so that would be a NO.

  2. This is really helpful. Thankyou. It would be great if they could combine the comfort of an office chair with the support of a game chair. I wonder what that would look like?


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