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Best Embroidery Machine for Hats: Brother PE800

As Wohomen, we have prepared the user manual and tips you need for your hat designs in the Brother PE800 model.

Hats are one of our integrative accessories in daily use. For embroidery lovers, it isn’t easy to find the best embroidery machine to design hats due to the variety of products. We have researched the best embroidery machines for you before. In this article, we will take a closer look at the 5×7 embroidery machine, where you can easily apply your creative designs for your hats. If you don’t know how to do embroidery machines work, don’t worry, we will share all the secrets with you.

Do not forget! If you want to embroider for the hat, you need to buy the hat hoop as an extra. According to the researches we have done in the market, flat pulleys have affordable prices ranging from $ 17 to $ 20.

There is a large color LED display on the Brother sewing machine. You can easily see the design you will make on this screen. Thanks to the preview, you can rearrange the colors and position of your designs. Here we can say that it impressed us as user-friendly. Although the 138 has built-in designs, maybe you have different designs in mind. It is where the USB port comes into play. Thanks to this port, you can transfer hundreds of designs you like to your embroidery machine.

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Brother Embroidery Machine PE800, 138 Built-in Designs, 5" x 7" Hoop Area, Large 3.2" LCD Touchscreen, USB Port, 11 Font Styles
With the Brother PE800, which ideally meets your need for a 5x7 hoop area for hat designs, you can process the designs you set on your hats.

Brother PE800 is a single needle product. There is only one handicap you will encounter here: if you are making a multicolored design, you have to change the threads. But don’t be upset right away, because this embroidery machine stops at each color finish and shows you which thread to install. At least you can save time.

Another feature we should mention is that you have 7 English, 3 Japanese, and 1 Cyrillic font options that you can use when you want to write monogramming and text. Don’t you think it’s a feature that will make mysterious abbreviations to your hats and turn all eyes on you? Or let’s see from this perspective when you send your children to camps, you can make your children recognizable everywhere by embroidering their hats and embroidering their names.

What Should You Consider Before Buying The Brother PE800?

  • You may find that you have to adjust the budget when purchasing the Brother PE800 just as you should when purchasing any product. The good news is that most of you will be budget-friendly for its price. If you have an average budget, keep reading.
  • The second step you need to pay attention to is that your embroidery machine has a design format that it can read. You need to convert your designs into pes format that you like in digital media and want to upload them to your embroidery machine via USB. You have the choice to do this: either purchase digitization software or get support online. Either way, you will be the winner in the future.
  • The most crucial feature of Brother embroidery machines is that you can easily integrate them with every new feature. The critical detail is that you should have a powerful machine as an accessory. The more accessories you have, the more products you can get and make it easier. Based on our experience and user comments, the accessories you will buy extra are challenging to your budget. If your designs cover more than just a 5×7 inch hoop, did you know you can enlarge this model? Its structure is very suitable for this.
  • Brother PE800 embroidery machines have an ideal learning curve in terms of usage. Even if you don’t know it at all, you can easily cope with the directions and user manual. Following the user guide step by step will help you understand the job efficiently.

Need tips for the best embroidery machine for hats? Stay in the article!

Tips for The Best Embroidery Machine for Hats

Before using the Brother PE800 for your hat designs, you can take a look at our tips to perfect your designs.

  • When embroidering, all you need is a stabilizer. For you to do a job as good as a craftsman, a stabilizer that will prevent your fabric from shrinking and tightly ties the threads in place will make your job easier. You need to purchase stabilizers additionally.
  • Note that as this model is a single needle model, you need to buy extra needles. Depending on the fabric structure you will use, your needle may not be durable. That’s why we recommend you to be procured. Thus, you can easily cope with every setback you encounter and produce your projects without wasting time.
  • If you do not have any experience using the hat hoop, you may need support. Because before sewing the stitches back, you will need to flatten the cover by removing the stitches for perfect embroidery. Tutorial videos and user manuals will guide you. Consider these options.
  • While choosing embroidery threads, you should not choose cheap threads. Because this causes your thread to break frequently, and your designs look poor quality and mediocre.
  • You may not be professional to change the formats of the designs you download or change the patterns on the LCD screen on the embroidery machine. It is natural for you to worry about this. Here is another little secret for you! Search engines are a great source of information for all your questions. If you think your visual memory is better, watching a few videos will help solve all your problems.

Curious about other features of the Brother PE800? Let’s tell you!

Brother PE800 Specific Features


Or did you think this embroidery machine couldn’t make appliqués? With this model of Brother, which has a structure that you can easily apply to your designs, you never know any limits! With this feature, how about using fonts by integrating them into your appliques?

Challenge The Darkness!

Do you need light while placing your designs on your hoop or working on dark colored fabrics? With the two LED lights of your best sewing and embroidery machine, the Brother PE800, this is now possible! With this feature, you put your close-up glasses aside, and you can enjoy designing insufficient light without effort!

LCD Screen Dancing With Colors

You have uploaded your favorite design to your embroidery machine. However, you want to make changes to the harmony of colors. What if we say a Brother PE800 with a built-in panel where you can change the thread color is enough? Yes, you did not hear it wrong; you can change your yarn colors and customize your designs with a simple adjustment on the screen. Your hats are getting more and more valuable.


Another feature of this embroidery machine that surprises us is that it is the best sewing machine for quilting and embroidery compared to other gears. For this, all you need is to add the Q presser foot suitable for your machine.

Guarantee Period To Be Friends To Your Life

Brother sewing embroidery machines are generally protected with a 25-year warranty for frame casting from the time of purchase. It offers up to 5 years of warranty for Electronic Components and Maintenance circuit boards, and one year for additional accessories. For adult machines, this period is an indication that you are under significant protection.

With all these features, Brother PE800 proves to be the best embroidery machine for your hat designs. We think that with an embroidery machine that will keep your relations with your inspirational fairies tight, you can turn all the eyes in your area to your hats. You are now ready to buy.

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