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Best Embroidery Machine for Monogramming: Janome 9850

As Wohomen, we researched the guides and tips for customizing your designs with the monogramming sewing and embroidery machine.

Have you looked everywhere, haven’t you found products that match your style, reflect your personality, and make you feel special? It is easy! Now let’s introduce you to the Janome 9850 sewing embroidery machine where you can create your brand and unique designs!

For those who don’t know, Monogram is embroidery in which you can combine one or more letters or other writing units on top of one another or side by side to form a single symbol. Monograms are an excellent option for creating a symbol. The Janome 9850 model is a multi-needle embroidery machine. So you can use more colored threads. The logos we frequently encounter in brands such as Polo, Lacoste, etc. are made with monogramming. Who knows, maybe you can take your first step towards branding with this sewing embroidery machine.

Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9850 Embroidery and Sewing Machine
The Janome 9850 model saves you from additional costs and collects all the features in one machine.

This dual function computerized sewing machine has a machine bed, embroidery bed, and flat embroidery bed that can be converted into a free arm bed. If we take a more in-depth look at the contents of the package, it includes presser foot, double feeder foot, embroidery foot, and darning foot. All these features are accessories that should be purchased in addition to the sewing machine.

You may want to be original in your designs, or you may have designs that you like online. Janome 9850 offers 3 MB of storage space option. You can upload the designs you import into USB to the sewing embroidery machine. Whatever fabric you will embroider, who can keep you after the appropriate color combination and pattern set?

The Janome Horizon MC9850 comes with two fonts for logo monogramming, including two embroidery hoops. Additionally, you can sew a 9mm zigzag stitch, a 5mm straight stitch. Let’s say you want to design a kitchen cloth. After sewing the edges of the cloth, you can embroider the initials of your name with monogramming embroidery. It is a small suggestion from us.

On the other hand, there is a full-color LCD screen where you can edit and preview your designs on the screen. You can easily see all the colors in the designs because they are in full color. You can reach our review article where you can see the pros and cons of Janome 9850 and compare it with other brands of embroidery machines.


  • Janome 9850 is a computerized embroidery machine, as well as automatic features it contains. Of course, handicaps will be waiting for you in this regard, as in every subject. Because computerized embroidery machines are expensive, and you will have a hard time encountering any setback. If you are a beginner in embroidery, this model will not be suitable for you. It can be complicated and tiring to use. But if you’ve had some previous experience with this, this model from Janome can be a good investment.
  • With this model, we recommend for monogramming; you can sew, mend, and even do different embroidery methods. The important criterion here is that you need to have a reasonable budget. Because the price of these models has a variable range. To get excellent products, you need to be specialized in this embroidery machine. When you know all the interior and exterior details, you can be a craft that will be proud of your designs.
  • Before you buy a sewing embroidery machine, check how many features you need and how much the machine meets. For example, automatic threading machines are a savior option when you want to change threads; they can save you time. Since the Janome 9850 is a multi-needle embroidery machine, you can load many threads instead of changing threads, and you can switch between needles quickly. On the other hand, the automatic buttonhole opener feature helps you to sew buttonholes in one go, without changing the dial and having to rotate the fabric like a roller-hoop.
  • Finally, the foot pedal of your sewing machine should be sensitive to pressure, and you should be able to maneuver like skiing on various fabrics and be able to make a flawless stitch. The Janome 9850 can meet your expectations in this respect. It is useful to remind you again. If you are not an expert, you should choose this sewing embroidery machine after you have experience. You can watch educational videos and use the user manual to gain experience.

Once you have Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9850, some tips will make your job easier. Let’s take a look together!


  • The Janome 9850 comes with two small pulleys. If you are going to make larger embroideries, you need to purchase large hoops additionally.
  • For this model, you will need a straight stitch plate and four magnetic hoop clips that you can add to hoops for your embroidery. These additional accessories are not on the budget, and you can easily find them on Amazon.
  • A cover will be enough to prevent thread residues or fabric dust from entering the inner chamber of your machine. You can sew or buy your cover with your machine.
  • For a productive working environment, you need to position your sewing embroidery machine on a reliable and useful floor. There is no table in the package of Janome 9850. If you do not have a suitable space, we recommend that you also consider the table options.
  • After adding the designs you like to the 3MB internal memory, you can create your products with pleasure. However, for the memory life of your embroidery machine, you can frequently clean the finished designs and free up space for use.

Need more information on the Janome sewing embroidery machine? Let us tell you about its other features!


Available In Various Processes

The Janome Horizon 9850 model has an embossed machine bed with a stainless steel plate that can also be used for quilting. The feeding system is a layered system called AcuFeed Flex and has a length of 8.1 and 4.7 inches for quilted workspaces.

Full-Featured Contents

This model includes 175 embroidery patterns, six buttonhole stitches, and two fonts for your logo monogramming. With its retractable magnifier, it offers a viewing angle that you can view your designs from any angle. Besides, the seven-piece feed female supports automatic release.

User- Friendly Working System

You can program with this model while making skips on your fabric. When your embroidery or sewing is finished, it saves you time with its automatic thread cutting system.

Multi-Needle Embroidery

It contains more needles than any other embroidery machine in its segment. Thanks to this feature, it does not make extra costs for your broken needles; on the other hand, it provides convenience for your colored embroidery.

Automatic Features for Pulleys

This model provides automatic positioning of your pulley. It has an internal system that supports the automatic return of the pulley after cutting the thread.

Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9850 could be the best monogramming embroidery machine for expert sewing embroidery machine users to customize their designs. We can say that it is one of the embroidery machines that you can think of when you need a machine for embroideries that will carry your signature on your products and when you do not have a budget limit. While you can make logo monograms that will feed your creative spirit and patent your efforts in your products, we think that it will be an advantage for users to have the feature that you can sew and patch.

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Have you looked everywhere, haven't you found products that match your style, reflect your personality, and make you feel special? It is easy! Now let's introduce you to the Janome 9850 sewing embroidery machine where you can create your brand and unique designs! For those...Best Embroidery Machine for Monogramming: Janome 9850
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