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The 5 Best Garbage Disposals [The Ultimate Buying Guide]

Do you want to reduce the food waste in your home? Then all you need is a garbage disposal. As Wohomen, we have reviewed the five best disposals for you!

Although they do not have an exciting place among kitchen products, garbage disposals are of great importance because they are one of the most effective ways to eliminate horrible garbage smells and piles in your home. When you use a garbage disposal, it shreds your food waste and regular waste into powder. With the water you pour afterward, the garbage has already disappeared!

However, you cannot shrink every food or waste in garbage shredders. Thick, large, and hard wastes should be separated and go to waste. We still agree with this. We made an in-depth review of shredders with different structure and model options. And then we have already listed the five best garbage disposal for you! We left you the pleasure of purchasing with just one click.

So let’s grab your coffee and take a last look at your garbage bag piles. We are starting!


#1 Best Overall: InSinkErator Garbage Disposal (3/4 HP)

Best ¾ hp garbage disposal for users who want high performance and small size. –DuraDrive Motor, Dual- Stage MultiGrind Technology, Sound Seal System, etc.

#2 Best Quiet: HISSUN Garbage Disposals (1 HP)

Best garbage disposal for users looking for a unit that does not make noise when grinding food and garbage.– 9-Level Griding, Special Steel Bladeless, Overload protection, etc.

#3 Best Budget: InSinkErator Badger 5 Garbage Disposal (1/2 HP)

Badger food waste disposer for users looking for an affordable shredder. -Two years warranty, Suitable each sink, Galvanized steel components, etc.

#4 Best Easy Installation: Waste King Garbage Disposal (1/2 HP)

The best waste king garbage disposal for users looking for an efficient and compact unit.- 36 inches cord, Five-year warranty, Mess-free cleaning, etc.

#5 Best Continous Feed: Moen GX Garbage Disposal (3/4 HP)

Best garbage disposal for users who want units that make their work easier while spending time in the kitchen. -Removable splash guard, Pre-installed power cord, Sink flange, etc.

#1 Best Overall: InSinkErator Garbage Disposal (3/4 HP)

What is the best garbage disposal for home use?

Many users ask this question to get a deal with a good brand in their kitchen. Because regardless of the product, a well-known brand always represents trust and quality. When you want to buy garbage disposal for your crowded family, if you do not know which brand to trust, you can look at the result we have reached due to our long research. Here, InSinkErator Garbage Disposal, which is at the top of our list, can be the best ¾ hp garbage disposal. Let’s look into the details for this high performance, very small footprint garbage shredder!

At first glance at the InSinkErator, a compact gray design greets us. This model, which has two separate grinding chambers, has MultiGrind technology that turns waste into a thin dough. Thanks to this technology, the grinding chambers can hold up to six ounces of waste. So you don’t have to worry about living with a pile of garbage for your crowded family. On the other hand, if you have a newborn baby or an elderly family member, the sound insulation system, which has been developed for you not to hesitate while operating the unit, comes to your rescue. A unit that scares your kitchen like a starving monster can be too disturbing, right?

With this model equipped with DuraDrive technology, you can be the nightmare of all waste because this is hardware directly related to your engine power. A specific feature that speeds up your grinding work in the blink of an eye and helps you achieve a decisive result. On the other hand, thanks to the Spacesaver Design feature, you don’t have to worry about adapting to your kitchen design. Whatever your septic tank is, InSinkErator can find a good fit. 

As a result, stainless steel leaves no question about the abrasion or damage problems of the grind, no matter how often you grind garbage. Although it has a 6-year limited warranty, making your life more comfortable with this powerful garbage shredder takes you one step ahead. You are ready to buy it!

However, if you prefer a quieter model, keep reading!

What We Like:

  • High power 3/4 HP DuraDrive motor
  • 6-year warranty
  • Get a pleasing result without clogging with the double-stage MultiGrind technology

What We Don’t Like:

  • It may be pricey
  • Its size can be large than other models

#2 Best Quiet: HISSUN Garbage Disposals (1 HP)

Do you need quiet working garbage disposal?

Being regularly exposed to noise while cooking in the kitchen or trying recipes can be quite distracting and a headache. When you want to grind your garbage, a noisy unit can cause you to bag the garbage directly. Here is another product that will take your laziness away! Second, on our list, Hissun may be the best garbage disposal. Let’s look at the features of this silent storm together!

When we first encountered Hissun, the black and metallic gray color design was the first point that hit us. It seems like a color choice that will go well with many kitchens. Coming with a 39.4-inch power cord, Hissun is very friendly with its setup. You can install yourself without being a plumber with a little plumbing knowledge. However, if you are in doubt, you can get help.

On the other hand, 750-watt high-speed continuous supply German motor technology is another fascinating point for us. We were expecting a noisy run from such a powerful engine. However, it works so quietly with improved sound insulation that you do not hesitate to run your baby even while he is taking a nap in the living room. This nine-level engine also supports the anti-leakage and impact grinding system. Watch out here! This unit does not use knives! Stainless steel, the head grinds your garbage, providing a fast and deep grinding.

As a result, Hissun may be the best option when you’re looking for a grinder that works quietly to avoid waste in your kitchens. Thus, you can wage war against bacteria and microbes that may form by pulverizing your garbage at any time. Say what? Will it take place in your home?

If an affordable garbage disposal is a better option for you, our next recommendation may appeal to you.

What We Like:

  • 9-Level Grid
  • 750-watt high-speed continuous supply German motor technology
  • Long-lasting special steel blade-free design

What We Don’t Like:

  • None

#3 Best Budget: InSinkErator Badger 5 Garbage Disposal (1/2 HP)

Are you looking for an affordable unit for garbage disposal in the kitchen?

As with any product, when you want to buy garbage disposal, it is possible to find a unit that does not compromise its performance. Now take a deep breath and “Where am I going to find it now?” Stop asking yourself because we have already done it! The InSinkErator Badger Black, which ranks third on our list and is no stranger to us, can be the most affordable garbage disposal. You can now start taking care of its features!

The ½ horsepower InSinkErator Badger 5, which does an excellent job in the kitchens of individuals with a nuclear family structure, offers a rotation speed of 1725 rpm. This way, you have purchased a powerful Dura-Drive motorized grinder with which you can turn all the severe waste into grit. If your previous grinder is InSinkErator, it doesn’t take you seconds to replace it with the old one, thanks to the patented fast lock assembly in the Badger 5’s structure. If not, don’t worry! Because it has a very user-friendly structure in terms of installation. You just need to put together the pieces from the package properly and position them under your kitchen sink. On the other hand, thanks to this unit, which is a model that you can use safely for many years with its robust galvanized steel grinding components, it also saves you time to dispose of new wastes while rinsing all wastes with water.

You do not have to say yes to high prices to grind multiple different waste types in seconds. The Badger is a product that you can find at a more affordable price than other models in its segment despite its superior performance. Although you keep it closed in an area that will not be visible in color and design, it does not compare you with an ugly device image when you open your cabinet doors. It is advantageous in many ways to continue with the garbage disposal without inviting viruses in your home and creating a household garbage dump full of garbage bags.

In summary, with the Badger food waste disposer, which you can obtain without exhausting your budget, it becomes easier for you to gain speed in the kitchen and spend time without sorting the garbage.

If you want a unit that can give you ease of installation, go ahead!

What We Like:

  • Galvanized steel components and ½ horsepower
  • 2-year limited warranty and UL certified
  • 1x continuous shredding

What We Don’t Like:

  • It can make rusted through and was causing leaking under the sink
  • The warranty period may not be sufficient

#4 Best Easy Installation: Waste King Garbage Disposal (1/2 HP)

Are you one of those people who love to do everything yourself?

When you decide to buy garbage disposal for your kitchen, you may want to get an installation that is as simple as do-it-yourself projects. If you only have a toolbox and have been involved in renovations a few times, it will be easier to set up garbage shredders. Here is one of them! Waste King Legend Series L-2600 ranked fourth on our list, is easy to install, and can be the best waste king garbage disposal. So what are we waiting for to review!

If you are looking at this garbage disposal for the first time, you may have questions about how to trust this plastic-looking device directly in your mind. However, it has a stainless steel internal structure that makes it very durable. It means that you can use it for many years with peace of mind. The main point that concerns us is its installation. With the EZ Mounting system, it is an excellent advantage to get a super-fast installation. So you don’t waste your days trying to get him moving your garbage disposal.

A wall switch is all you need to activate your garbage disposal. With the 36-inch power cord included in the package, you can safely start using your grinder after placing it under your kitchen sink. If you accidentally drop a prohibited substance into your grinder, you don’t have to worry. Because the splash guard of Waste King is entirely removable and replaceable, on the other hand, if you have a septic system, you can also use this grinder with septic tanks. You can start chopping garbage with the shredder that works until you activate it and turn it off!

To sum up, you can get successful results with the Waste King Legend Series L-2600, a straightforward installation by bringing together the package parts. You can get a stylish look in your kitchen cabinets with the gray, black, and red colors on it.

If you need a continuous feed garbage disposal, we are not over yet! Stay in our article!

What We Like:

  • 5-Year Limited In-Home Warranty
  • Compact and lightweight garbage shredder with easy to install
  • Jams less with the 1/2 HP, 2600 rpm permanent magnet motor

What We Don’t Like:

  • There may sometimes be leaks
  • It may not be enough to shred problematic wastes

#5 Best Continous Feed: Moen GX Garbage Disposal (3/4 HP)

Does looking at your garbage disposal while it is running make you feel like a child?

Then what you need is the continuous feed garbage disposal you manage. Continuous feeding garbage disposers are effective solutions in saving you time. So which one is the best? Here, the Moen GXS75C, which is at the bottom of our list, can be the best garbage disposal. Let’s get excited about the features for the last time!

This garbage disposal by Moen offers the Universal Xpress Mount function that makes installation effortless. So if you meet him for the first time, you can feel like you have known him for years and know all his secrets. Thanks to its very light and compact design, it does not take up much space in your kitchen cabinets, leaving you space. It was effortless to set up Moen, who can be very close friends with three-bolt mounting assemblies. On the other hand, unlike other devices that disturb the environment during the grinding phase, it is protected by a sound shield. Whatever you throw into it – among products that will not disrupt the working system – 3/4 horsepower can shred your waste into flour within minutes thanks to its high speed and powerful vortex motor. With this device, which looks like a stylish gentleman, you can achieve harmony with your kitchen decorations in different designs. – A handsome device.

While it is not difficult to find a cable for garbage disposal, it can be challenging for some homes’ budgets. The good news is that Moen also comes with the pre-attached power cord. Thus, you can make your first experience by using the money you allocated for the cable to test your device on foods. If your cable is broken, you can remove it yourself without having to call the plumber. If you want to have spare parts, you can purchase a power cord on Amazon.

In summary, Moen, which can perform well in grinding problematic wastes that can cause jamming in the engine such as fibrous vegetables and fruits, even grains, is already finished while dealing with your other works.

Say what? Will this model, which is independent of control but also in your eye, be your choice?

What We Like:

  • Time-saving with continuous feed garbage disposal feature
  • Vortex Engine that can handle the severe waste
  • Stylish design and compatibility with three-bolt mounting assemblies

What We Don’t Like:

  • None


Has your garbage disposal suddenly stopped? While everything is going well, your garbage monster could malfunction. Fibrous fruit and vegetable residues stuck between gears can sometimes cause clogging. Do you know what you can do before you call a plumber to install a new one or fix the problem? Is it hard to change garbage disposal? Here’s what you need to know when you want to replace your garbage disposal:

Check First!

When garbage disposal stops working, it does not mean it is broken. Sometimes the plug coming out of the socket can cause it to stop. That’s why you need to look under the sink. The pin is out of the socket, plug it back in and reset the circuit by pressing the red button on the unit’s bottom. If your garbage disposal moves, the problem is resolved. But if it’s still entirely, it’s time to change it! What about the other possibility? If you hear noise from the engine, but the blades do not engage, this tells us that the edges are stuck. Generally, materials such as fibrous wastes and fruit seeds cause the blades to jam. Look inside the unit with a light source to understand this. We have to make a warning here alone. Never put your fingers inside the unit! If the circuit flicks, it may cause you to lose your fingers. So unplug your unit from its power supply and clear the obstruction with a long iron or pliers. Then reactivate the power supply and listen to the sound. If it still doesn’t work, there is no escape! It’s time to change!

Make Sure Your Repair Kit is Ready

Your repair kit is a must when you want to replace your garbage disposal yourself and not call a mechanic to contribute to your home savings. Although there are differences in installation or replacement for each model, you should have some repair tools you need. So what are these?

  1. Hammer
  2. Putty knife
  3. Flashlight
  4. Flathead screwdriver
  5. Philips head screwdriver
  6. Needle nose pliers

Check Out The Process To Replace Your Garbage Shredder

Depending on the model of the garbage disposal you have, the conditions for change will also change. Although it is enough to understand the logic, you can get help from video content whenever you need it. As Wohomen, we have listed the stages of change for you! Keep reading!


  1. First, you should start replacing your garbage disposal by cleaning the space at the bottom of your kitchen sink. Place the flashlight and a large towel under your sink as you separate the unit. The towel will keep the water flowing.
  2. Disconnect the drain tube of your garbage disposal from the sink. Then separate the pipe from your grinder. -This pipe can be made of metal or rigid PVC. Try to be gentle. Otherwise, you may damage your drainpipe as well.
  3. The mounting ring is a slimline ring with three extension handles at the top of your garbage disposal. Here you have to use both hands. Hold this loop with one hand and the handles with the other and turn it counterclockwise. Meanwhile, the weight will increase as the throwing process will be released. Get support from your shoulders and legs to avoid being thrown.
  4. Now unscrew the metal front plate from the bottom of the garbage disposal and remove it.
  5. When you detach the front plate, you will see the copper ground wire. Slide the green screw that holds this cable from the bottom and unwind the two power cables. – These two electrical cables are the ones connecting your home’s electrical system to waste. So you can find it more comfortable.
  6. Take your old garbage disposal unit aside and have your needle-nose pliers ready for you to tighten the clips. Gently remove the rubber retaining ring from the flange of the old mounting bracket. You may need to insert your flat blade screwdriver between two objects to separate them.
  7. Now unscrew or push off the old mounting bracket. Push up the perforated metal ring inside your kitchen sink and remove it. Scrape off any old putty left around your sink. The putty knife will help you.
  8. Start applying plumber’s paste to the bottom of the new sink flange and apply pressure to the flange so that its ring covers the opening to the drain. -Do not forget to put weight on your flange to keep it still until your putty dries.
  9. Slide the rubber gasket in the package for your new unit onto the original mounting bracket and screw the frame into the appropriate area under the sink. Pay attention that the screwing process is not crooked to get good efficiency.
  10. Attach the mounting ring to the mounting bracket and begin to dismantle the metal front plate under the garbage disposal. Fix the copper ground wire under the green screw at the bottom of the grinder and connect the device to your home’s electrical system. Match the colors of the cables with the codes on the wire nuts and clip the unit.
  11. Raise your garbage disposal into place in the mounting ring and then turn it clockwise until the ring is in place. Once you find the right location, the garbage disposal will be fixed. After connecting the drain tube, fix the screws. Put the plugin in the socket and lift the weight off the flange. Check the bottom of your sink by turning on the water for a dryness test. Ensure that there is no water leaking from the drain pipe and that you have done the correct installation.
  12. Finally, plug in your garbage disposal and press the “on” mode to activate the circuit breaker. Your new unit will start working! Here we made it!


Are you sure you can throw anything away in the garbage disposal? To use the grinder healthily for a long time, you should never send some waste into the unit! Do you know what these are? Let’s tell you!

Potato Peel

Throwing potato peels into your garbage disposal is not the right decision. The shells that turn into a sticky structure by staying in your plumbing pipes will cause clogging. If something like this happens to you accidentally, remove the power supply plug and remove the drain pipe and clean it inside. Additionally, you can use Glisten Garbage Disposal Cleaner to clean your garbage disposal.

Bones & Seafood Shells

Can you put fish bones garbage disposal?

One of the things you should never throw in your garbage disposal is chicken and seafood bones. These hard materials will cause clogging as well as damage the blades. You may not have a problem throwing the tiny bones, but you shouldn’t risk it as there is a possibility that they get caught between the blades.

Fibrous Vegetables & Citrus Peels

Is it OK to put orange peels in the garbage disposal?

Fibrous vegetables such as asparagus, celery, artichoke, lettuce, cabbage, etc. get tangled in the garbage disposal blades. Simultaneously, citrus peels such as lemon, orange, and tangerine get tangled in the knives. Although rare, scabs on the knives can cause your garbage disposal switch to trip and even a short period of smoke. If something like this happens accidentally and your switch burns out, you can order a new Switch Kit on Amazon.


Although there are opposing views on this subject, you should never throw eggshells into your grinder. Instead, you can throw them away. You can even feed the soil by adding it to the pot of your home plants. However, we cannot say that it is beneficial for your garbage disposal.

As a result, you should keep in mind that your garbage disposal also has a limit. You wouldn’t want to hurt it and disrupt your home savings, would you? You are likely to experience blockages as it has a blade circuit inside and contains a drain pipe. Like you are likely to encounter foul odors after grinding your waste. We can recommend a deodorizer for this. So you can remove foul odors and keep your garbage disposal clean.


We’ve reviewed the five best garbage disposal that can make trash smaller than living in a house full of giant trash. So when you want to buy garbage disposal, do you know where to start? Don’t worry about that, because our buying guide is ready to assist you!


When you decide to buy garbage disposal, two different function options meet you first. The first of these is bulk feeding. These models work only when the drain cover is installed and you have activated the unit. If your family members include children, this is a useful model for misuse and accidents that may occur at any time. Although they run quieter, unlike the other models, it is no surprise that they are expensive. The second is the continuous feeding model. These types of models operate and shut down, depending entirely on your intervention. Namely, they start working as soon as you turn on the power with the switch on the wall and continue until you turn it off. Meanwhile, you can dispose of large-scale waste without a break. These models, which are more suitable for families without children, can be a little noisier.

Motor Size

If you ask yourself, “What horsepower garbage disposal should I get?” you should read here. There are three types of garbage disposal engine power. ⅓ horsepower is suitable for small homes and those who want to grind small amounts of food waste. ½ horsepower is those that offer minimum horsepower and are suitable for typical home use. These models are smaller in type and are suitable for users who do not have much space. The last type with ¾ to 1 horsepower is suitable for users with large families. With this type of engine power model, it is possible to shred the most challenging wastes to grind, and they work very quietly with their excellent insulation properties.

Features of Garbage Disposal

Each model has different features included. These provide good performance with the extra power they add to your garbage disposal.

A. Anti-Jamming

This option is the “anti-jam” option. In this way, the essential feature you will achieve is to prevent simple waste from getting stuck. While the buttons on the unit’s side on some models allow you to manually reset the motor, some advanced models offer a solution to reverse the motor direction by instantly detecting the jam. They can also increase engine power to prevent jamming.

B. Stainless steel

Stainless steel garbage disposers allow you to get more durability by resisting corrosion. So you get long-lasting performance.

C. Quiet Working

Advanced disposals are equipped with an insulated outer shell to avoid disturbing you and the environment while working. On the other hand, they even include a rubber mount for jolts’ noises during operation. So your garbage disposal will cease to be a terrifying helper that sounds like a monster for the individuals in your home.

D. Dishwasher Connector

Some garbage disposal models offer the possibility to connect to your dishwasher to grind solid food pieces that have been cleared of your dishes. In this way, it helps you prevent future generations from living in a waterless world by rinsing your dishes before placing them in the machine.


Is A Garbage Disposal Worth It?

Using garbage disposal in your home will help you avoid foul odors in your garbage bins. It is also an excellent solution to prevent piles of garbage from accumulating and occupying the house more than you. If we talk about a disadvantage, if you throw food waste that you should not throw into your garbage disposal, you will cause clogging and foul odors.

Do Ice Cubes Sharpen Garbage Disposal Blades?

Though surprising, placing a handful of ice cubes monthly in your garbage disposal is one of the most effective ways to maintain and clean them. Ice cubes help sharpen the blades without damaging the grinder. Throw the ice cubes in your garbage disposal and start the unit! It’s that simple!

Are Garbage Disposal Splash Guards Universal?

Splash guards are universal. These accessories are placed on the garbage disposal neck and prevent water from splashing around from the ground materials. Simultaneously, these accessories, which prevent clogging, can prevent the noise problem by reducing the sound.


Garbage disposers, where you can quickly minimize the food waste in your home, provide benefits in many ways. For example, you do not contribute to making the world uninhabitable with the plastic bags you use to separate all garbage. You can also prevent foul odors’ formation and naturally invade your home by flies and insects with food waste broken into tiny pieces.

As Wohomen, we have reviewed the five best garbage disposal for you. The grinder we want to see in our kitchen is InSinkErator Garbage Disposal, which is at the top of our list.

So which one will you buy for our world? You can share your experiences with other users in the comments and us. Thus, you can help us improve ourselves based on your knowledge and experience.


  1. A lot of good information and I can confirm that you shouldn’t put potato peels down the garbage disposal. I had a clog that I ended up vacuuming out with a wet shop vac which worked. I thought I was going to have to call a plumber because nothing esle worked to unclog my drain. Garbage disposals are definably worth the money.

  2. My garbage disposal is making noises so I am in the market for a new one. I like the features of the quieter disposal!


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