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The 5 Best Granite Sealers of 2020

We reviewed the five best granite sealers you need to prevent stains on your granite surfaces and maintain a longer pleasing appearance.

Do you know what you can do to maintain your granite countertop? After dozens of products we tried on, we realized that the most critical care for a granite countertop is to use a sealant. Granite sealers generally help to solidify the granite element. Thus, you can healthily use your granite surface for many years.

You can start by choosing a suitable sealer for the granites that you will use not only in granite countertops but perhaps in most places in your living spaces. If you can’t decide or you don’t know which sealer to choose, don’t worry! We have already listed the five best granite sealers that we have selected from dozens of options! If pen and paper are ready, let’s look at our suggestions for a unique shopping experience!


#1 Best Overall: Black Diamond Granite Sealer

The best granite cleaner developed with NEX-GEN granite sealer for users with large granite surfaces. –Non-toxic and non-acidic, Cover up to 300 square feet, Water-based, etc.

#2 Best For Every Surface: The Floor Guys Granite Penetrating Sealer

Granite sealer for users who want to prevent mold growth on all surfaces they have. – Fast-drying, Preventing mold growth, Protection against water and oil-based stains, etc.

#3 Best Budget: Granite Gold Sealer

Granite gold sealer for users looking for a granite sealer that will not strain their budget. -Non-acid-based formula, Moisture-resisting, Useable on food surfaces, etc

#4 Best for Professionals: TriNova Granite Sealer & Protector

Trinova granite sealer for users who want to achieve professional sealing and protection effect on granite surfaces at the same time. – Gives a glossy and shiny look, Enhances the surface of the stone, Designed to work on mortar, etc.

#5 Best Reliable: Tuff Duck Granite Sealer

Best cleaner for granite countertops for users who want to protect their granite surfaces from stains and mold growth for many years. – Active ingredient, Non-acidic formula, Preserving the natural look, etc.

#1 Best Overall: Black Diamond Granite Sealer

Do you need a sealer for the massive granite surfaces you use in your interiors?Other sealers don’t meet your expectations in size? As the review team, we started researching large sizes of sealers for use on large granite surfaces. We finally found a product. Black Diamond, which is at the top of our list, can be the best granite cleaner you need. Let’s take a closer look at the product to protect all your surfaces!

As a 2-in-1 granite cleaner and sealer, Black Diamond can both clean and seal your granite countertops. So when you buy this product, you are not just getting a sealer. The most important feature that attracts our attention is that it has an internal sealant. Since the main reason for stains on your surfaces is a liquid spillage, you can prevent substances such as coffee, wine, oil, etc. from leaking into the granite thanks to this sealant. If the floor in your home is granite, it means you have to take some precautions for the people living in the house. Black Diamond protects slipping.

Most users find it challenging to apply a sealant to granite surfaces. However, using Black Diamond is so easy that it can break all prejudices. So much so that you need to spray the sealer on your granite countertop and then wipe it off. Unfortunately, the critical detail is that the spray bottle is not included in this package. So you may need to purchase additionally. Fortunately, spray bottles aren’t expensive enough to push the budget. On the other hand, you can use these two together Black Diamond on all-natural stones. For example, it is possible to use marble, limestone, and quartz surfaces for maintenance purposes only.

As a result, it is enough to completely clean the surface from dust and apply before using Black Diamond. Besides, the sealer performance gets more robust with each use, making it easier to use for many years. This suggestion, which you can use to clean shower and floor surfaces in addition to your kitchen countertops, also shows its versatility. Now that you have all the information, you are ready to buy!

If you need a sealer that can work on more surfaces, our next suggestion might be for you.

What We Like:

  • Provides both sealing and cleaning on granite surfaces
  • It gives shine and pleasant smell on granite surfaces
  • Care cleaner for all-natural stone

What We Don’t Like:

  • It is not suitable for use on marble surfaces
  • It does not contain a spray bottle

#2 Best For Every Surface: The Floor Guys Granite Penetrating Sealer

Are you looking for an option where you can seal the surfaces in your home with a single purchase? Finding a suitable sealer for every area is extremely difficult. Moreover, since the drying phase of the sealers takes a long time, you may have disrupted the maintenance that your granite surfaces need. Let’s stop this together because we have reached a suggestion after days of research!

We look forward to telling you about our observations! Second, in our list, The Floor Guys Grout & Granite Penetrating Sealer may be the unique granite sealer you are looking for!

If your home has other surfaces such as marble, limestone, travertine, in addition to your granite surfaces, this sealer works well on all of them. So you don’t have to allocate a separate budget for each. Another critical feature that draws our attention is that it can prevent mold growth. It is a perfect feature for areas that are in contact with water, such as showers. On the other hand, unlike other sealers, it can dry in as little as five minutes after use. Thus, you can continue your cleaning tasks, such as wiping shortly after application. It is also a very optional product to save time.

The Floor Guys is a sealer that can be applied very quickly in terms of usage. You can easily use it after clearing the area you have determined from dust and then wait for it to dry. Then you are done by wiping the dried surface with the help of a microfiber mop. Thanks to the granite sealer, you get a professional look behind. On the other hand, you can provide more protection than other substances such as silicon that will only prevent water leakage. You can get a good result without losing anything from the natural appearance of your granite surfaces.

As a result, The Floor Guys can help you cover up to approximately 500 square feet with a one-liter bottle. It can be the right choice for a sealer that you can work with on all surfaces. With all this information, you are ready to buy!

However, our next suggestion for a more suitable option for your budget may appeal to you.

What We Like:

  • It dries fast while the effect is prolonged
  • Works well on many surfaces
  • It is a strong sealer for the long term

What We Don’t Like:

  • It may cause discoloration on light-colored surfaces
  • It may not be sufficient for large areas

#3 Best Budget: Granite Gold Sealer

Worried that when you need a granite sealer, you will leave your entire wallet at the store? You may be used to spending a lot of money on the maintenance and cleaning products you will use in your living spaces. However, when we researched this subject, we found a product that would not strain the budgets. Granite Gold Sealer Spray, third in our list, can be your budget-friendly granite gold clean and shine sealer.

Granite Gold Sealer Spray comes out with a spray bottle with a golden appearance. It has a water-based formula to make your use on surfaces more comfortable. In this way, it does not contain toxic substances and does not wear on your granite surfaces. It helps you create safe surfaces for food preparation, especially unlike other products. Many users are impressed by the biodegradability of this sealer. It is essential because you don’t want to risk poisoning on a chemical counter while preparing your meals.

Another feature of this granite sealer that fascinates us is the shine it leaves after use. In addition to its moisture-resistant structure, the sparkle it leaves behind makes your granite surfaces more attractive. On the other hand, it can resist scratches thanks to its durable construction. Feeling that you are protecting your surfaces with this product, which you can easily use on almost any stone surface, gives you confidence. All you have to do is give it 20 minutes to dry and apply 2-3 more layers according to your needs after drying. We also need to provide this information that you can polish your surfaces 24 hours after sealing.

In summary, with this product, the manufacturer recommends that you seal your surfaces every 12 to 18 months, you can get clean and stylish surfaces year-round without any problems. You can protect your surfaces against stains with this selection that does not tire your budget and does not harm your savings.

But if you want a more professional sealer, stay tuned!

What We Like:

  • It improves the gloss of the surfaces and makes them durable
  • Contains a sealant that is safe for the food surface
  • It dries in 20 minutes and provides a fast finish

What We Don’t Like:

  • You may need to apply more than one coat on the surface
  • 1 year may not be enough for some users

#4 Best for Professionals: TriNova Granite Sealer & Protector

Want to do a flawless job on surfaces? It’s easy to do with combination sealers that will both protect and heal your surfaces! The only tricky thing was to find the best among dozens of options. Here we have already taken care of this. Ranked fourth on our list, TriNova can be the best granite sealer & protector to create the professional effect you want! If you are rolling up your sleeves, let’s get started!

TriNova is a product that penetrates the pores on multicolored granite surfaces and closes them while forming a protective layer on the stone surface. Thus, you can handle two jobs at once with a single product. Although many users say that it is easy to dispense the sealer with a sponge or cloth, you can achieve results at least as successful as other spray bottle methods. However, if your preference is to use a cloth or a brush, there is no obstacle waiting for you.

With this sealer, which contains both polish and sealant, you can work on the mortar. It gives you an extra advantage. When you want to achieve a distinct and bright, professional-looking granite surface, you are proud of its glow when done with this easy-to-use sealer. However, you may want to work with extra polish when you want more shine. Trinova also gives an impressive sense of security when you want a chemical-free granite coating on your kitchen countertops where food products are often found.

In essence, you can protect your surfaces for a long time with this sealer, which contains formulas that you can use not only on granite surfaces, but also on surfaces such as quartz, soapstone, and marble. You feel safe with this powerful product consisting of a polymer mixture that many people can easily apply in terms of ease of use. You are now ready for Trinova. We transparently explain all its features!

If you want to protect your granite surfaces with a more durable sealer, our recommendations are not over yet! Our last suggestion might appeal to you!

What We Like:

  • Contains sealant designed to work on the mortar
  • It creates a protective layer and heals
  • It is produced from a suitable formula for the food preparation surface

What We Don’t Like:

  • A spray bottle may not be as effective as a wet washcloth
  • You may need a little more polishing for an unmistakable look

#5 Best Reliable: Tuff Duck Granite Sealer

Did you know the importance of starting with a strong sealer? Who wants to seal granite surfaces all the time? After a while, nobody wants to have an annoying experience, both financially and morally. We prefer products that will not spoil our savings in our shopping, which will help us in the long run. That’s why we wanted to share this product, which is at the bottom of our list, with you. Tuff Duck might be the best cleaner for granite countertops for users who want a durable result. Let’s take a look at the details for the last time!

Although the duck on its packaging grabs our attention at first glance, this is not the only success of this sealer. According to the brand’s claim, its active ingredient is twice as high as any other sealer. We also wanted to test this claim. Tuff Duck does not have an odor that suffocates you on the areas you apply with a water-based formula. Moreover, thanks to the penetrative granite sealing material in its structure, it protects your natural-looking stones without damaging the structure. Although it does not give other products’ sparkle, it does not spoil their design and colors. On the other hand, with this sealer that you can cover approximately 200 feet per liter, you get durability for 3 to 5 years. This feature is one of the criteria that makes it the best in our suggestion list.

The beautiful design of EVO820 seems to blend in with your kitchen decorations. The feed slot is more significant than many models on the market. It allows you to send the products you want to water directly to the reservoir without cutting them. While this model, which has two outlets, takes water from one channel, you also take the other channel’s pulp. The downside is that this model does not come as an additional jug. You need to purchase additionally.

On the other hand, Tuff Duck, which has a thinner structure than other coaters, seems to be diluted to protect more areas. But don’t worry, why not try to apply a second coat after the drying process? This product, which is resistant to all liquids, shows excellent results, especially on mortars. But if you are curious about the surface on which it works best, we can say that you can get high performance on natural and porous stones.

As a result, Tuff Duck is a strong sealer that can last five years for indoor surfaces and three years for outdoor surfaces. Thanks to its non-acidic structure, you can apply for protection without damaging your granite surfaces. What do you think, Tuff Duck managed to impress you as well as impress us with its durable structure in the long term?

What We Like:

  • It offers high performance on the joint surface
  • It contains a higher level of active ingredients compared to other products
  • User-friendly with years of durability

What We Don’t Like:

  • If the application is not made very carefully, a thin layer can be obtained
  • Not all colors are suitable for granite


It is possible to challenge stains thanks to a granite sealer. As a result of our long and detailed research, we have listed the five best granite sealers and examined them for you. So, what are you going to buy? What should be your priority criteria? Let’s take a look at our buying guide together now!

Granite Sealer Groups

When you decide to buy a granite sealer, you come across two groups. The first of these is the penetrating sealer; the second is a topical concealer. Both can be water and oil-based. The general characteristics of oil-based seals are that they leave a pungent odor, and the cleaning step is more challenging than water-based ones. You should especially use it on granite surfaces in your outdoor areas. Otherwise, even if you wipe it, the pungent odor will not pass. Water-based seals, on the other hand, are odorless. Some users even say that some water-based seals applied to granite leave a pleasant odor. Unlike oil-based seals, you can also use water-based seals on your surfaces such as tile, onyx, sandstone, porcelain tile, concrete, etc., which do not require the granite to be dry or clean. Knowing the two main categories will help you make a seamless match to the surface you have.

Granite Coating Types

It cannot be obvious to come across many types of sealants. Each sealant has a different structure and properties. Let’s look at the features of the varieties we have explained for you so that you do not waste time on detailed research:

A) Penetrating Sealers

This type of sealant penetrates the surface. It infiltrates the surface of your granite and forms a film on top. Thanks to this film, the body’s water-based stains are not absorbed and cannot cause permanent damage. They do not alter the surface and friction loss (COF) of your granite. Penetrating sealers, which are more suitable for domestic use, also have two scopes. The first of these is standard sealers. Although these concealers do not show durability for a long time, they can protect your granite surfaces from dirt, various liquids, and residues. However, they are not suitable for kitchen type areas as they cannot protect against oil-based stains. The second scope of penetrating sealers is Premium sealers. These sealants provide top-notch and long-lasting protection against all colors, including oil and water-based paints and water dispensers. They are more suitable for domestic and commercial kitchens and are useful in saving you money in the long run.

B) Development of Sealers

They are the sealants that effectively strengthen the natural colors on your stone surfaces and protect your granites without reducing their brightness. These types usually eliminate your aesthetic concerns when you want to get a better appearance. Healing sealants can be expensive as they also contain oil-based and other stain protection properties.

C) Topical Pastes

These types are the ones with the lowest durability compared to other seals. They peel off briefly quickly and are very troublesome as you have to apply them regularly. Although most users prefer surfaces with less usage intensity, it is not a popular coating and is inexpensive compared to other layers.


What Happens If You Don’t Seal Granite?

When granite surfaces are not covered with sealants, the liquids penetrate the stone, creating a dirty appearance. Liquids that get inside over time can also cause malodor and corrosion. Sealants push fluids and prevent them from penetrating the stone.

How Often Should Granite Be Sealed?

With the help of a sealer, you can prevent damage to your granite surfaces. Depending on how light or dark your granite color is, you should seal it every three months and annually. Adequately sealed granite surfaces will not cause you problems for a long time from the first use.

Will Bleach Harm Granite?

Yes, any bleaching chemical that contains acid is not suitable for granite surfaces. Cleaning agents that will be used all the time should be diluted with water. There are some safe special bleaches diluted with water on the market. However, if you have sealed your granite surfaces, it will be sufficient to wipe with hot water and liquid detergents.

Can Lysol Wipes Be Used On Granite?

No, you cannot use it. You should not use it on your granite countertops and your vanity tops or backsplashes because Lysol will cause your sealer to lose its effectiveness due to the hard ingredients and citric acid it contains. Mainly lemon-scented Lysol contains intense citric acid. As we mentioned before, granite surfaces are not resistant to acidic components.

How Do You Clean Granite Before Sealing?

You should clean your granite surfaces at least 24 hours before you start sealing. Be careful not to use hard acids such as vinegar, baking soda, bleach, lemon juice in your cleaning. After completely emptying the surface, wipe it thoroughly with a dry microfiber cloth to remove the dust on it. Take care that there are no fingerprints, oil, or water stains from the surface.


The maintenance of granite surfaces is a necessary process that provides highly effective results. Mostly the unsealed granites will wear and deform over time. Liquid stains begin to penetrate porous granites over time and form permanent stains. That’s why you can protect your granite surfaces only with sealers. Sealers, which you can find suitable for granite on every surface and structure, also have options ideal for every budget. In this review of the five best granite sealers, our preference was for our first recommendation, Black Diamond. We have obtained significant results on all our granite surfaces with this product that provides sealing and protection.

So which sealer will you choose? You can share your valuable comments and suggestions with us and help other users in their purchasing preferences.


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