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The 5 Best Paint Brushes

Meet the five best paint brushes that can inspire your creativity!

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Are you one of those who like to make changes in your living spaces like us? If something sounds too expensive to get a new one, it is better to transform it. Painting can be a good start for the transformation.

We have shared with you our article “The 6 Best Ceiling Paint Reviews” to paint your ceilings before.

But is it enough to decide the paint color to transform using the colors you love? Even if it looks like a small detail, the paintbrush you choose is as important as the color you will determine. Paintbrushes are one of your primary helpers for a good finish, and you need a separate one for each area. We’ve been experimenting with this all week.

Here is our review of the five best paint brushes ready for you! Here are the meetings that you will enjoy working with and find new inspiration as you work!

If you feel ready, let’s get started!



Purdy XL Series Dale Angular Trim Brush

Best Overall

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What is the best brand of paint brushes? There are many well-established brands that you may encounter in the market. Purdy is one of the best brands that come to mind regarding the narrowness and fineness of the area you will paint. Purdy 144080310 XL Series Dale Angular Trim Paint Brush, 1 inch 2 Pack, the best paint brush for the trim, can be at the top of our list for users who want to get good results to maneuver quickly, especially in narrow spaces. Let’s take a closer look at this angular paint brush!

Purdy is a 1-inch branch-corner painting brush, a model covered with synthetic bristles. This purchase includes two return brushes. Thus, having a spare brush makes you feel safe. When we look in more detail, your freedom of maneuver increases thanks to the orel filaments that can be successful in every paint type. This feature helps you, especially in narrow areas that require fine craft, such as skirting boards and window edges. Despite the copper ring and wooden handle used in its structure, we can call it a user-friendly paint brush due to its lightness.

On the other hand, its capacity to hold more paint than it appears was another feature that impressed us. It helped us finish our painting quickly and spread without leaving impact marks on our painting areas. In addition, it shows you that you will get a good performance in cutting corners, either on horizontal or flat surfaces. Another good news is that Purdy is ready to be used indoors and outdoors!

As a result, you can finish your painting jobs with angular Purdy, where you can complete your shortcuts quickly, efficiently, and effectively. Furthermore, you can comfortably do your shortcuts indoors and outdoors without feeling heavy in your hand. What do you think about our suggestion that you can shoot two birds with this single stone attracted you?

If you need a paint brush that can succeed on walls, check out our next suggestion!


Pro Grade – Paint Brushes – 5 Ea

Best for Walls

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Have you decided to paint your walls? Then you will need a set that can do all the work in one go. Although most users prefer rollers to paint their walls, this will not be sufficient in corners and places requiring fine crafts. It is because you need different brushes for the wall. Here we have already prepared a proposal for you. The second in our list may be 2 Sets Pro Grade – Paint Brushes – 5 Ea – Paint Brush Set, best paint brushes for walls. So get ready to bring a riot of color to your walls, both indoors and outdoors!

When you want to paint the walls in your indoor and outdoor areas with the help of a set, Pro Grade’s parquet-handled brushes make your job very easy. SRT filament shows superior performance in holding the dyes you specify. The 1 1/2 inch angled brush can meet your expectations to create sharp lines. Five different brushes provide a tremendous advantage for power unions so that you can complete your process without leaving any roughness on the wall you will paint.

You may find these brushes weak at first glance, but the steel ring provides a good advantage for resistance so that you can control the brushes better. Moreover, you can use this set not only for your walls but also for other painting jobs. For example, we worked on the fences in our garden over the weekend. The 2-inch brush gave the fence a look like we just pinned it there. As you try this, you realize that you get the guarantee of finishing most of your projects with a good finish with a single purchase.

In summary, with the Pro Grade five brush set, you can cooperate reasonably for your walls to have a new look. With these brushes that weigh only eight ounces, it is also effortless for you to maneuver and create perfect cuts. What do you think? Will you have a choice?

If you want a successful brush on the edges, our next suggestion is waiting for you below!


Wooster Brush Extra-Firm Lind Beck Brush

Best for Edging

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While painting large surfaces is fun, one more factor will make your painting look good. That is, the intersections are painted very well. For this, the type of brush you choose is essential. So here we have a suggestion for you! Wooster Brush 4153-1 1/2 Ultra / Pro Extra-Firm Lind Beck 4153 Paint Brush, 1-1 / 2 in Width, 1-1 / 2-Inch – New, can be best pain brush for edging. So let’s take a closer look at this new baby!

When we take a closer look at the Wooster, its steel ring and tough nylon bristles will welcome it to resist corrosion. This bristle structure is specially designed to make your brush durable, regardless of the climatic conditions. In addition, its exquisite handle is made of maple wood. In this way, it becomes easier for you to grasp and maneuver the brush. As we mentioned before, Wooster, a brush with which you can achieve great edges, makes it easier to maneuver with its 1.5-inch structure.

Brush bristles provide the fineness you need, especially on wall edges and furniture edges. You can easily paint the details. Moreover, you do not have to worry about brush marks. Thanks to the bristles that grip the paint well, you can get a smooth result in one application. Of course, if your surface is smooth and spotless.

To sum up, you can achieve the success you want on the edges with Wooster thanks to its features such as superior hardness protection and durable structure. In addition to all these, you can get the result you expect in your furniture that requires fine artistry and do-it-yourself projects. So, what do you think you will try this new baby?

If you want a brush that will make your job easier on oil-based paints, continue reading our article.


Hiltex 00308 Brush Paint Stain Varnish Set

Best for Oil-Based Paint

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The only disadvantage of the silky appearance of oil paints is the trace left on the paint brush. However, some special brushes are perfect for handling oil-based paints. You can choose these brushes to achieve a smooth surface and easily clean your brush after painting. What about the best? Here it is! The fourth place on our list is the Hiltex 00308 Brush Paint Stain Varnish Set with Wood Handles; 5-piece may be the best brushes for oil painting. Let’s take a closer look at this perfect five!

This set of Hiltex consists of 5 pieces, including 1 inch, 1-1 / 2 inch, 2 inches, 2-1 / 2 inch, and 3 inches. You can use these versatile brushes for both oil-based paints and varnish jobs. Brush bristles consist of Terylene bristles. It means smooth results with which you can tackle many tasks. The wood handle is very portable to grasp and provides you convenience in different seasons. Moreover, the latex coating provides comfortable use in the long term.

On the other hand, for people with hobbies, their ergonomic structure, which is compatible with instant relaxation and the desire to devote time to themselves, provides an advantage for you to tackle more projects. No matter how many surfaces you want to work on, the set of five shows the skills to answer all of them. Moreover, carrying this set of brushes, 0.64 ounces each, is as easy as storing.

As a result, these polyester bristle-covered brushes look like little soldiers so that you can achieve different performances in all sizes. Just imagine and get to work. Unlike other brushes, you do not have to worry about cleaning after painting because you can clean it quickly. With all these excellent advantages, these brushes, which you will want to have, are also budget-friendly. What do you say? Did it attract you? We are not over yet if you need a brush to paint your furniture.

Stay tuned for our last suggestion!


Bates Paint Brushes, Treated Wood Handle

Best for Furniture

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Isn’t it a more economical method to paint your furniture instead of buying new ones?

In our article “The 5 Best Paint Sprayers for Furniture“, where we have examined paint sprayers before, we explained with which sprayers you can paint your furniture. We even gathered which paint sprayers are better for cabinets in our article “The 6 Best Paint Sprayer For Cabinets“.

But if you are going to use your choice for brushes, here is our final suggestion! Bates Paint Brushes – 4 Pack, Treated Wood Handle may be the best paint brushes for furniture. So let’s take a look at our advice with one last effort.

When we first look at Bates’ set of five, we encounter blue and white bristles that resemble sea waves. Painting your furniture with these brushes, each of different sizes, starts to feel enjoyable from the very beginning. Durable synthetic filaments are so hard that they play an active role in holding the paint and finishing your projects. We would also like to point out that you don’t need to be a professional to use these brushes. They are in a structure that beginners can easily use. Moreover, it does not take long to get rid of the remaining dyes when you finish your job. For easy cleaning, the brushes are very user-friendly.

On the other hand, another feature we liked was the light texture of these brushes. You wouldn’t want to work with brushes that will make your hand heavy on your paint job that will take hours, would you? This aspect made us excited to work on our new projects. The ring on it is another factor that increases its durability. Choose your project, choose your color, and start painting! That’s all!

The bottom line is that you can achieve a good finish in your projects with this five-piece set of Bates, each of which is more skillful than the other. You can paint your furniture in any color you want with brushes that you can use for many years without brush marks, and you can also do your DIY projects with pleasure. In light of all this information, you are now ready for the purchase!


You can transform anything into a paintbrush! Brushes will be your assistant to make color changes in your DIY projects, hobbies, walls, or furniture. We reviewed the five best paintbrushes for you. If you ask “How do I choose a paintbrush?”, there are a few criteria you should know. You can review my buying guide and choose the right paintbrush for your projects. Let’s take a look together!

Bristle Type

There are two types of bristles you may encounter in the market. The first of these is synthetic bristle brushes. The bristles are made of nylon and polyester; the bristles are ideal for brushes that you can prefer for your simple daily life projects. You can usually find these types at affordable prices and are user-friendly and effortless in maintenance. The second is the natural bristles. Brushes with this type of bristles require special care and are expensive so that you can maintain their shape for a long time without losing their shape. In addition, natural bristle paintbrushes are obtained from animals. For example, you may frequently encounter natural hairs obtained from horse, squirrel, and badger hair. So they can be preferred in enamel paint.


You should use different brushes on different surfaces. When you look at the market, you will find three styles of paintbrushes with various missions. Each of these serves other purposes. The first of these are angled sash brushes. You can use these brushes to paint your windows. Angled sash brushes, which increase your maneuverability, especially in your fine artistry, provide you with excellent results in rough and narrow areas. The second is round wing brushes. These brushes are generally small in size ranging from 20 to 40 mm. With these brushes, you can paint your chairs and wooden table legs in your home.

On the other hand, you can choose these brushes to create a fake effect in your transformation projects. Finally, there are square-cut brushes. These brush styles generally allow you to paint on flat and large surfaces. Walls are the most common example of these surfaces. Since they have a wide angle compared to other brushes, you can use them to complete your projects without using much paint without the need for a roller.


You should determine your paintbrush size according to your painting area when you decide to paint. For example, if you choose to paint your doors, you should select three or 4-inch paintbrushes. On the other hand, if you are going to do fine work, one or 2-inch brushes will help you get the efficiency you want. Besides, 4-inch brushes for walls in your rooms allow you to save on paint and get your painting done in no time.


Should I Wet My Paint Brush Before Painting?

Depending on the type of paint you will use for your painting process, it will be clear whether you will wet your brush or not. For example, if you choose latex paint, you will use the water to wet your brush. Thus, the paint will spread more evenly on the surface to be applied without creating roughness. Likewise, you can use mineral spirits to wet your paintbrush. However, once you are sure that it is wet enough, you should remove the remaining liquid from your brush. Excess liquid may cause your paint to become watery and thin.

How Do You Keep Brushes from Getting Water-Based Paint?

You don’t have to worry about cleaning water-based paints on your paintbrush. Because you can easily clean paint residues with two raw materials that are readily available in every home for this, all you need is to prepare soapy water and lather your brush thoroughly with this water. You will see the residue separating from your paintbrush. Then rinse your paintbrush and let it dry.

What Kind of Brush Do You Use for Baseboards?

Skirtings are places that require the utmost attention and delicacy in the painting phase. That’s why you should choose your paintbrush, considering the type of paint you choose and the size of your baseboards. Generally, 2 or 2.5 inch angled poly-nylon brushes can perform as expected. Our other suggestion may be nylon brushes.

What is a Stiff Paint Brush Used For?

The stiff paintbrush is generally used in more intense paints. The bristles of these brushes are stiff, and when fluid colors are preferred, they create traces on the painted surfaces. Most users use these types of meetings to give an aged look. However, it is frequently used for stripe painting on walls.

Do You Need A Special Brush for Gloss Paint?

Gloss paints require brushes with pure bristles to better distribute them and not create brush marks. However, it is not the brush shape you should pay attention to, and it is essential in your application technique. It would be best if you took care to paint in one go to avoid brush marks. If the surfaces you will paint are flat, you can get help from the rollers.


When you want to make changes in your living spaces, you get help from dyes. Sometimes even changing the color of an object or refreshing it can feel good. Regardless of the quality of your paint, the brushes you choose will significantly affect the results. The brushes you will determine according to the area you will work in can make your job more comfortable and easier to get professional results. As the Wohomen review team, we shared the five best paint brushes reviews with you. Now you know which brushes are better.

Although it is difficult to choose between our recommendations, Purdy 144080310 XL Series Dale Angular Trim Paint Brush was at the top of our list with its quality and functionality. We also achieved a good performance in our small spaces with this dual package in addition to our fine artistry.

So which one will you choose? We care about your valuable comments. You can write to us in the comments section to guide other users and share your experiences!

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