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The 5 Best Paint Sprayers for Furniture 2020 (Buying Guide)

Let it make a colorful touch to your life

Once we want to alter the ambiance of our homes or offices, the first thing we came up with is changing the color of the items of furniture. But this alteration can take up the hours with brushes and rollers. If you wonder how you can do it faster, the paint sprayers are what comes to help you.

Each of the colors around us gives us a message, and our brain makes decisions according to these messages. So, color is one of the essential things which makes living spaces look attractive and sightly.

Under the circumstances, people have given a lot of attention to colors and discovered painting techniques in different types from the past to today. With the development of technology, paint sprayers have replaced traditional painting methods.

Let’s get to know more about the paint sprayers in the rest of our article.


Airless paint sprayer

It uses very high pressure to atomize paint and pumps out the color evenly to the surface applied. This pressure causes the droplets to be very fast. Due to paint droplets goes very fastly, they hit the body, and a considerable amount of paint rebounds back. It leads airless paint sprayer to waste much paint. But the positive side of this speed is that you can paint large surfaces very quickly. It’s the best option for large exterior surfaces such as fence, lattice, decks.  Besides, it can be used for interior walls, ceilings, and furniture. Due to over-spraying and scattering, surfaces that will not be painted should be covered with any material, and It is not a good option for operations needing detail. Also, You should put on a mask and protect your skin as paint safety precautions. Thick paint types can be used with airless ones.

HVLP sprayer

The high volume low pressure (HVLP) paint sprayer also works with the pressure. But pressure level is low, and it enables droplets to go slow. Thus, rebounding back and scattering is minimized, and a great majority of small pieces of paint stick to the surface. HVLP sprayers are more comfortable and safer to control and waste less paint due to lower pressure. When these sides are considered, it is possible to say the HVLP sprayer is an excellent choice for precision and interior jobs such as furniture, door, etc. A large number of  HVLP systems can work with the only thinner paints. The most complained thing is that there are too many clogging problems.

Compressed air paint sprayer

It uses compressed air to fan out the paint to the desired surface and needs a compressor machine. Due to its effortless setup, it is mostly preferred by amateurs. It works with high pressure, so paint pieces fly everywhere and very hard to control. Therefore, you will probably need an area for painting working, and you will have to coat places you don’t want to be painted like in the airless paint sprayer. Generally, it is very noisy, and the level of sound can depend on which compressor, hose, and gun model you use. The pressure level is adjustable; thus, it enables you to set the type of paint droplet’s permeation appropriately to what you are working on or where you are working (interior or exterior).


The red has been used in the food industry because it has a savory feature and activates the food center of the brain.


#1 Best Usefulness and Lightweight: HomeRight HVLP Paint Sprayer

Its lightweight brings out less fatigue and more comfort painting, and the viscosity cup that comes with it helps you adjust the thickness of paint.

#2 Best Coating & Speed: Graco X5 Airless Paint Sprayer

High pressure provides that it does not need paints to be thinned, and coat the surface in one step.

#3 Best Price & Beginning: Rexbeti HVLP Paint Sprayer

Its small and compact design makes it one of the best options for the beginning. At the same time, its affordable price will make you want to buy it.

#4 Best Compressor & Design: Wagner HVLP Paint Sprayer

It comes with an air turbine and hose, which makes the sprayer more powerful. Moreover, its handy design will impress you.

#5 Best Power & Hose: Graco X7 Airless Paint Sprayer

While Wheeled design provides ease of portability, you do not need to worry about thick paints thanks to its 3000 psi pressure.


The ability to use a paint sprayer

The paint sprayer has specific models according to customer’s professionalism. You may need to buy another device if you are a beginner and another device if you are a professional. There are sprayers that both professionals and beginners can buy. If you are going to use a paint sprayer for the first time and want to paint your furniture, HVLP sprayers are excellent types to start. It is easier to use and control thanks to the low pressure, and it is manageable for novices as it has less scattering and overspray. If you are a professional and have an Airless Paint Sprayer, you do not necessarily have to buy HVLP one unless you work detailed.

If you have a compressor

If you already have a compressor, you only need to buy a spray gun. By doing this, you will both pay less almost three to nine times compared to buying all the equipment of other types of paint sprayer and start the painting business. Whereas compressed air powered paint sprayers are not the best option for furniture, they will not disappoint you. But if you have not a compressor, both spray gun and compressor costs can be too much for the beginning, not to mention the though handling and noise of the compressor.

Being lightweight

Being lightweight is one of the most critical elements of paint sprayers. If the paint sprayer is heavy, your painting time will be short because you will be tired after a while due to carrying the sprayer, and it will prevent you from doing your jobs and also It affects the quality of your painting. Give attention to the portability of the paint sprayer you buy. It may not bother you at first, but it will become irresistible as time passes.

No matter what type of paint sprayer you use, if you are working interior, ventilate the area after painting.

Airless or HVLP?

One of the chief differences between an airless paint sprayer and an HVLP paint sprayer is paint resource. In Airless Paint Sprayer, there is a need for a bucket or something like that and hose. One end of the hose is connected to the sprayer’s device; the other end is left into the bucket (paint). The color is taken through the hose with the help of a motor. But in the HVLP sprayers, a bucket or hose is not necessary. There is a 1-liter reservoir at the upside (depends on the model, but usually upside) of the spray gun, and the paint is filled here.  HVLP sprayers seem to be more attractive as portability.

The amount of furniture you will paint will also be beneficial in this choice. If you want to paint all the furniture in your home at once, the 1-liter tank of the HVLP may not be enough for you, and you may have to refill the paint tank at short intervals. When this is the case, it would be more logical to choose Airless Paint Sprayer. Besides,

Another component affecting your decision should be whether your painting job will be detailed, precision. To exemplify, instead of painting your wood chair in one color, if you want to make patterns with color on it or paint some of it to another color, etc., HVLP ones will be a more suitable choice for this. Because HVLP sprayers operate at low pressure, less scattering and overspray are observed. This feature cut rate of inaccuracy and failure.

One of the most important criteria when purchasing a product is, of course, its price. When we compare Airless Paint Sprayer and HVLP Paint Sprayer, it is seen that HVLP ones are more affordable. The cost of Airless ones is almost three times HVLP ones. It would help if you considered the prices during choosing.

For the longevity of the product, clean it as recommended in the user manual after each use. Otherwise, paint residues may clog and make your job difficult in the next use.


Use paint strainer

The paint strainer enables you to remove all impurities (clumps, dirt, dust, dried flakes, etc.) from the paint and enhance your finishing quality.

Test the Paint Sprayer

Test the shot of the spray gun on a piece of cardboard. You can adjust the level of pressure and flow during this test.

Before you plan to paint, please check the weather for that day. Avoid painting on rainy and snowy days.

The distance of sprayer from surface

Distance between sprayer and surface is significant for an excellent finish. The length depends on which type of paint sprayer you use. If the sprayer is held too close to the surface, too much paint will be sprayed on the body, and the paint will flow. If the sprayer is too far away, the color will dust and cause a rough image.

HVLP SprayerAirless Sprayer
Distance10-15 cm20-25 cm
Practice SpeedSlowRapid

The procedures for the surface to be painted

If you want to get the best efficiency from the painting process, the surface to be painted must be clean and smooth. Different surfaces may require various cleaning and preparation techniques. Here are a few of them:

  • For the wood surfaces – Sand your furniture with a sanding sponge. After the sanding process, clean it with a brush or a damp cloth. If there are tone differences in your furniture after sanding, you may consider applying a primer. If you have applied primer and any bubbles and roughness on the primer surface, smooth it out with sandpaper.
  • For the metal surfaces – Sand the furniture before painting metal products. Sanding will help remove rust and roughness from the metal. And then, wipe the surface with a wet cloth.
  • For the plastic surfaces – Use an ammonia-based cleaner or thinner on the surface. Remove dust with a cloth.

Painting the houses facing south in dark colors and the houses facing north with light colors makes the environment more spacious.


In the list below, there are products suitable for every budget and purpose of use to paint your furniture. But if you primarily look for paint sprayer for cabinets, you can check our article Best Paint Sprayer For Cabinets.

#1 Best Usefulness and Lightweight: HomeRight HVLP Paint Sprayer

When you look for a paint sprayer for the elementary level, HomeRight Finish Max HVLP Paint Sprayer is there for you. If you do not want to get tired during painting and want to work freely, its lightweight will aid you in that. With the three different sizes of the nozzle as 4mm for latex and primer paint, 2mm for chalk and latex paint, and 1.5mm for stains and sealers, you can choose the nozzle tip according to which paint type you will use. It increases your working time with its more extensive paint reservoir compared to its peers. To mention the negative aspects, firstly, its motor has the potential to be spoiled easily, and if you do not want to experience clogging issues, it should be cleaned often. Moreover, the paint should be thinned right rate but do not need to worry because the product comes with a viscosity cup, which you can adjust the thickness of paint.

What We Like:

  • Pretty lightweight
  • Comes with viscosity cup: a tool test the thickness of paint
  • Three brass spray tips: 4, 2, and 1.5 mm
  • Adjustable air output shape: horizontal, vertical, and round
  • Does not require a compressor

What We Don’t Like:

  • Needs paint to be thinned
  • Not suitable with latex paint
  • Clogging problems
  • Small paint cup: refilling frequently
  • More wasting paint as per color roller


Painting the low ceilings a shade lighter than the wall color makes the space look big.

#2 Best Coating & Speed: Graco X5 Airless Paint Sprayer

You are faced with a product that will not let you down in your job. Due to working with high pressure, you can paint a large size of the area or several furniture in a short time. Clogging is a very prevalent issue for paint sprayers, but RAC IV Switch Tip does not let your working to interrupt by providing a feature that reserving the tip when it clogged. Also, it has adjustable flow and pressure, and it enables you to set your paint sprayer suitable for the surface you will paint and the paint you will use. Nevertheless, there are a couple of things that you should take into account. Because of the Airless Paint Sprayer operates with the high pressure, it uses paint extensively; over-spraying and scattering are inavoidable problems. Besides, due to atomization is very high, You should wear protective clothing to protect your skin and protective mask.

What We Like:

  • Fully adjustable pressure and flow
  • Can handle with the thick paints
  • Ability to be connected to the garden hose for cleaning
  • Ability to work with a paint source from 1 to 5 gallons
  • Coating in one spray

What We Don’t Like:

  • Wastes too much paint
  • More expensive compared to the other sprayer types
  • Over-spraying and much scattering
  • Needs you to take extra measure
  • Requires more complex setup


The painting should be done in the morning time because the risk of sticking to wet paint is minimized as there will not be many insects during these hours.

#3 Best Price & Beginning: Rexbeti HVLP Paint Sprayer

If you want to paint your furniture and never experienced painting with a sprayer before, Rexbeti Ultimate-750 Paint Sprayer is for getting started painting economically. It will satisfy you with its lightweight and ergonomic design. The paint strainer, which comes with the product, allows you to remove all impurities (clumps, dirt, dust, dried flakes, etc.) from the paint. The variety size of nozzle makes it possible that you adjust the device how paint requires. Do not forget the color has to be thinned by applying instructions before use. Yet, its quality of the material is not very good, so it does not last a long time. There are some arguments that it leaks paint from the nozzle even when you do not pus the trigger. Therefore, give attention to cover your goods before painting.

What We Like:

  • Three spray patterns: horizontal, vertical, and round
  • Four nozzle size: 3mm, 2.5mm, 2mm, 1.5 mm
  • Comes with 5-pcs Paint Strainers
  • Adjustable flow control
  • Rather lightweight
  • Has affordable price

What We Don’t Like:

  • Poor quality of material
  • Paint leaking out of the nozzle after releasing the trigger
  • Has some overspray
  • Need to be cleaned after every using otherwise, it will be clogged

#4 Best Compressor & Design: Wagner HVLP Paint Sprayer

If you want a sprayer that is both HVLP and powerful, then Wagner Spraytech HVLP Paint Sprayer is produced for this. The most important feature that distinguishes this tool from its peers is that it comes with an air compressor and hose. While the length of this hose reaching 20-feet (6 meters) approves you to move freely, the compressor makes the sprayer more powerful. Also, you will not get tired quickly, thanks to its light weighty. However, be careful not to run this device at night because it is noisy because of its air turbine; you do not want to annoy your housemate and your neighbors. Although it has an air compressor, it may not perform as well on thick paints like airless paint sprayers. You still are required to dilute your thick paints.

What We Like:

  • Adjustable pressure and flow
  • Variable spray patterns: horizontal, vertical, nummular
  • Comes with two size paint reservoir
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Comes with an air turbine

What We Don’t Like:

  • Noisy while working
  • The paint tank is small
  • Short power code
  • Cleaning is more than a few steps

#5 Best Power & Hose: Graco X7 Airless Paint Sprayer

Professionals and those who want to improve themselves in their painting job, Graco Magnum X7 Airless Paint Sprayer is the best sensible option to take themselves one step up. You do not need to worry about thick paints because this sprayer has pressure power taking up 3000 psi. You will not have any difficulties while moving your sprayer thanks to two wheels positioned below it. With hose support whose length takes up 31 meters, you can increase your painting area at your discretion in whether interior or exterior. Still, if you will use it, you have to be ready for lengthy setup processes and remember wearing a mask and clothing. Also, over-spraying and scattering is still a problem due to it is Airless Paint Sprayer (high pressure). The price of this paint sprayer is higher than the other average Airless Paint Sprayer because this model is open to more professional transactions and more commercial.

What We Like:

  • Hose Support up to approximately 31 meters
  • Ability to work with a paint source from 1 to 5 gallons
  • Wheeled design: easy to transport
  • Suitable for professionals
  • Reversible paint tip: easy to fix clogging problems

What We Don’t Like:

  • High price compared with average ones.
  • More massive: tough to move
  • Over-spraying and much scattering
  • Needs to take more precaution
  • Requires more complicated setup


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