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The 9 Best Percale Sheets of 2021

The best percale sheets that may interest you for a cool, airy, and comfortable sleep.

Hotel Collection 100% Cotton 400 Thread Count Dark Gray Sheet Set - Made in Green, Deep Pocket, Cool & Crisp Sheets, Set of 4 (1 Flat Sheet, 1 Fitted Sheet, 2 Pillowcases), Full Size - Purity Home
Hotel Collection 100% Cotton 400 Thread Count Dark Gray Sheet Set - Made in Green, Deep Pocket, Cool & Crisp Sheets, Set of 4 (1 Flat Sheet, 1 Fitted Sheet, 2 Pillowcases), Full Size - Purity Home
Best 400 thread count organic cotton percale sheet set for users who want to use it for many years. - 4 different sizes, Fits mattresses up to 17 inches, Machine Washable.
Hotel Collection 100% Cotton 400 Thread Count Dark Gray Sheet Set - Made in Green, Deep Pocket, Cool & Crisp Sheets, Set of 4 (1 Flat Sheet, 1 Fitted Sheet, 2 Pillowcases), Full Size - Purity Home
Hotel Collection 100% Cotton 400 Thread Count Dark Gray Sheet Set - Made in Green, Deep Pocket, Cool & Crisp Sheets, Set of 4 (1 Flat Sheet, 1 Fitted Sheet, 2 Pillowcases), Full Size - Purity Home
Best 400 thread count organic cotton percale sheet set for users who want to use it for many years. - 4 different sizes, Fits mattresses up to 17 inches, Machine Washable.

Are you also a fan of cool sleep? Most people enjoy sleeping on light sheet sets that do not hug their bodies during sleep. That’s why they look for sheets that will make them feel comfortable during their sleep. Percale sheets could put an end to this search because they are the result of a knitted type. Percale sheets, also known as flat knits in the market, are light and breathable.

If you want a stylish look in your bedrooms and a good feeling for your sleep quality, percale sheets will meet this. We have taken this unique structure to our deep mark. As the Wohomen review team, we have prepared the best percale sheets of 2021 for you.

Let’s take a closer look at the sheets where you can sleep as light as birds and cool as spring evenings!

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#1 Best Deep Pocket: Poppy & Fritz Percale Collection

Do you have a memory foam mattress in your bedroom? You need a bed sheet set to keep the comfort of memory foam. For this, cotton percale sheets can help you.

We have a different pattern and a suggestion that will make you happy! Poppy & Fritz top on our list. Percale Bed Sheet Set can be the best cotton percale sheets. Let’s take a look at the features of this avocado printed sheet set!

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Poppy & Fritz Percale Bed Sheet Set is a deep pocket percale set that can fully cover your memory foam mattress. As you know, deep-pocketed sheets offer a crisp look by wrapping your beds. This avocado print sheet can also fit 18-inch beds. It is made of 100% cotton; the set is very light and airy. It is so comfortable that you won’t feel the presence of the sheet already integrated with your bed while you sleep.

It offers 15 inches of depth, and this is a good value for your mattress. Thanks to the elastic on the edges, your bed sheet does not slip and does not get caught in your feet. It is a good plus for most of us. This set, which includes a pillowcase, can offer the comfort you expect, even in the young people’s room. Did it get your attention?

#2 Best High Thread Count: Purity Home Percale 400 Thread Bed Sheet Set

When you buy a bed sheet, are you in favor of using it for many years? Like bamboo sheets, percale sheets are one of the products that promise longevity to its users. Because the materials used and high yarn counts make them durable.

Here is one more of them! Purity Home Ultimate Percale 400 Thread Count 100% Cotton 5 Piece Bed Sheet Set, which takes third place in our list, can be the best 400 thread count organic cotton percale sheet set. Let’s take a closer look at the sheet set’s features for years of peaceful sleep with your bed sheet set with its breathable structure!

Purity Home Ultimate Percale displays a unique form of black. You feel that power that lies under his appearance the moment you touch him. This percale bed sheet set, made of 100% cotton, has four different sizes. In this way, you can determine the one that best suits your bed size. This size can quickly adapt to 17-inch mattresses. While achieving integrity with this percale bed sheet set, which includes two pillowcases, you can guarantee durability with 400 thread counts.

The bed sheet set, which gives coolness without keeping your body temperature, is the option for a peaceful sleep. Also, when you want to wash your sheet set, you like it to be machine washable. You notice that they soften more with each wash. All you have to do is add the detergent you use to your machine and wash it warm. You don’t need to use any softener or bleach. What do you think? Is it worth it?

#3 Best Cooling: Sleep Mantra 100% Organic Cotton Sheet Set

How would you like to sleep coolly on organic sheets? Yes, you didn’t hear it wrong! Organic cotton sheets can promise a cool sleep. Especially cotton paired with percale sheets can offer you a quality and airy sheet. Here is one of them! Sleep Mantra 100% Organic Cotton Sheet Set, which is in the third place on our list, can be the best organic cotton percale sheets. Let’s take a look at this sheet with no chemical products!

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This blue percale sheet from Sleep Mantra is produced from 100% organic cotton. The GOTS certificate, which guarantees this, means that your bed sheet is free from all chemical and harmful toxins and is environmentally friendly. This bed sheet set, which can quickly adapt to twin beds, can completely cover your mattress and provide you with a sharp look thanks to the elastics on the sides. Who wants a bed sheet that goes around their feet all the time? We can also say that it is a very gentle product for adults and babies, and children with sensitive skin because it has a hypoallergenic structure. You can have a comfortable sleep process with breathable percale knitting and a feature that does not increase your body temperature. You can enjoy organic percale bed sheets with this package that comes with a pillowcase, a flat sheet, and an elasticized sheet! Do you think this will be your choice?

#4 Best Cotton: Linen Home 100% Cotton Percale Sheets King Size

Think you can’t find percale sheets for your king-size bed? It is a big mistake! There are also cotton percale sheets that are suitable for your large beds. If you are looking for cotton comfort, we have a suggestion ready for you! The fourth place holder on our list could be Linen Home 100% Cotton Percale Sheets King Size, best percale sheets king! Details await us below!

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Linen Home with long-staple combed cotton yarns inspected by the Internationally Accepted QA Agency may be the bed sheet you are looking for for your king-size beds. So much so that its 100% cotton texture makes you feel like a ticket to a peaceful sleep. It featuring fifteen different color options, this sheet set has z-skirt seams. In addition to its charming appearance, it can adapt to beds up to 16 inches with its texture that does not disturb while sleeping. This set, which includes two pillows and two sheets, also has the OEKO-TEX certificate. It means that your 100% cotton percale sheet is free from harmful substances. Do you think it will be your choice for cotton comfort?

#5 Best For Sensitive Skin: Eddie Bauer Percale Sheet Set

Who would want to sleep with fabrics that damage their skin? Recent studies show that bed sheets chosen for sleep can be helpful, from aging your skin to irritation. If you have a sensitive skin type, percale sheets can come to your aid. Do you need a suggestion? We have already prepared! The fifth place on our list is Eddie Bauer Home | Percale Collection Sheet Set can be the best 100% cotton percale sheets. Let’s jump into the details for a product that cares for your skin!

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Eddi Bauer’s bed sheet set, which has animal print, has twelve different patterns. We liked this pattern more. The bed sheet set, which is light and sturdy with 200 thread counts, can quickly adapt to twin beds. Including a pillowcase and two sheets, this pack includes a crisp and breathable percale cotton set. Eddi Bauer, which feels soft while sleeping on it, performs exceptionally well for sensitive skin. We can say that it is an experience that will not irritate you or even feel its presence. With the energy of animal prints, you can search the doors of a peaceful sleep either in adult rooms or in your children’s room. You can machine wash your typical laundry days. All you have to do is not use bleach and softener. Since it is 100% percale cotton that does not resist heat, you can use it for many years as long as you take care of cold washing. Ready to buy?

#6 Best Budget: Nautica Percale Bed Sheet Set

Do you judge that percale sheets are expensive? Of course, for those with high thread, you may need to empty your wallet. However, it is possible to find affordable percale sheets. As the Wohomen review team, we take care to make choices suitable for every budget. Nautica | Percale Collection | Bed Sheet Set can be the best percale fitted sheet. Let’s take a deep breath together and get down to the last details!

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This sporty model of Nautica seems to add energy to your bedrooms. You can get a fresh look in your bedrooms with its anchor print and striped pattern, as well as a very light and durable percale sheet set with 200 thread counts. So what is included in the set? This set consists of three parts: a pillowcase, a flat sheet, and a rubber sheet. 100% cotton percale sheets can accommodate beds up to 15 inches. If you do not like the anchor print, this model has eighteen different patterns, and the elastic bed sheet prevents slipping. Thus, you do not experience the feeling of a monster hugging your legs during sleep. You can easily choose a model in children’s rooms and adult rooms and will not tire your budget. It has a washable machine structure where you can apply the washing conditions in the same way as our other suggestions. Do not forget to wash in the cold wash! In light of all this information, you now know the best, and you are ready for the purchase!

#7 Best Luxury: Lacoste 100% Cotton Percale Sheet Set

Are you interested in bed sheets in hotels? You can bring their luxurious and smooth stance to your bedrooms. The flawless bedspreads that frequent travelers encounter in hotels directly evoke comfort. And this looks nice enough to make them want to take it and take it to our own living spaces. But hold on!

There are now luxurious-looking sheet sets for you to own! The seventh place on our list can be Lacoste 100% Cotton Percale Sheet Set, Solid, Chili Pepper, Twin, best crisp percale sheets! Let’s take the sharp linen set of this brand we are familiar with close!

No products found.

Lacoste is one of the quality brands we have known for many years. We do not know if you have ever encountered it before, but we can say that we have been following the comments for months as the review team. We finally decided to give it a try, and it felt good to bring this luxury to our bedroom. If we share our experience, this bed sheet set, which is in the most eye-catching shades of red, comprises 100% percale cotton. It gives you an experience where you can sleep like a baby while sleeping. Thanks to its breathable structure, you can enjoy a cool sleep process. If the red color is too ambitious for you, there are thirteen different color options. You don’t have any trouble finding the one that appeals to your bedrooms’ design and taste.

One of the best advantages is that you can wash these sheets in cold water. All you have to do is a wash with the same colors! It’s that simple. With a 200 thread count, you can get a durable and very light bed sheet set. Sleeping with this set, which is crisp percale sheets for twin beds, can make you feel a hotel’s comfort. Is it worth a try?

#8 Best Color Selection: Peru Pima – 415 Thread Count Percale

Are you looking for percale sheets that can offer you a comfortable sleep while adding value to your bedrooms? So listen here. Crisp sheets are smooth and do not create a feeling of stinging on your body during sleep. On the other hand, they are hairless and firm.

Are you curious about the best? Peru Pima – 415 Thread Count Percale, which takes the eighth place in our list, can be the best crisp sheets with many color options. Are you curious about the details? So let’s have a look!

Peru Pima 415 Thread Counted Sheet Set offers a gray color among fifteen different color options to suit your bedrooms. This color fits well with most room designs. Of course, the excess of this color option means that we can get the quality we like in the color we want. These crisp sheets also give you the key to a very peaceful sleep. As you know, some sheets may feel uncomfortable when touching our bodies during sleep. We do not have such a problem in the Peruvian Prima.

With its lint-free structure and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificate, you feel ready for safe sleep. Accordingly, the 15 inch deep elasticized pockets it offers can be adapted to twin mattress sizes. It provides a soft and cool structure thanks to 100% Peruvian Cotton when we take a closer look. You may find that your body temperature during the night is not affecting your mattress. A pillowcase with a 20 x 30 – inch envelope cover is one of the integral parts. Will you have a choice?

#9 Best 500 Thread: Thomas Lee Percale Sheet

Have you had a health problem recently? You will undoubtedly need an area to rest, especially if you undergo a painful process such as surgery. Linens are one of the crucial factors for your comfort. Percale sheets are capable of being the secret key to your comfort.

But who makes the best percale sheets? Here we have already found one of them for you! Thomas Lee 500 Thread-Count Percale, which is ninth of our list, can be the best percale sheets. Let’s take a closer look!

No products found.

Thomas Lee Cotton Percale Sheet Set is a product that can accompany you for many years with its 100 Supima cotton structure, which creates a feeling of comfort even when you look at it from the outside. Because 100% long-staple Pima cotton in this percale sheet set structure is longer than other fiber types and has high breathability, in this way, you can enjoy a relaxed sleep throughout the night.

Besides, another factor that ensures its durability is 500 thread counts. This value proves to be an excellent performing product in the market. When we look at the sheet, it offers 18 inches of pocket depth. It means that it has a structure that can quickly adapt to most beds.

Also, Thomas Lee’s hypoallergenic nature is most advantageous for allergic users. Percale sheets can be the right choice for those who want to carry their comfort in the bedroom for many years. Say what?


What Is The Difference Between Cotton And Percale Sheets?

The difference between cotton and Percale sheets is hidden in their processing. To be more precise, Egyptian cotton is the material from which the highest thread count sheets are obtained. As the sheets produced from this material are made of long and thick fibers, they are soft and offer a durable, warm experience to the user.
Percale sheets, on the other hand, have a checkerboard pattern. These sheets are very durable. They can accompany their users for a long time and be the key to a comfortable sleep. So the main difference here is hidden in the way the material is processed.

What Is The Best Material For Sheets To Keep You Cool?

It is essential to choose a bed sheet to keep your body cool during sleep. Bedsheets that can give you coolness and provide a peaceful sleep are generally breathable sheets produced from natural fibers. For example, Linen, cotton, bamboo, percale sheets are light, breathable, and robust in structure.

Do You Really Need To Wash New Sheets Before Using Them?

When you buy a new sheet, you may be hesitant about washing it. But the truth is that when you buy a sheet, washing it will be a healthy decision. Because even though they are fabricated products during production, dust and mites can settle on the sheets. It is enough to irritate and itch your skin. They are also coated with starch to look nice until purchased on newly produced linens. According to sleep experts’ recommendations, if you are sleeping on clean sheets and with pleasant smells, it will significantly affect your sleep quality. For all these reasons, it would be a wise choice to wash the new linens you buy.

What Thread Count Is Best For Hot Sleepers?

High thread count sheets are ideal for hot sleepers. Generally, 200 or more thread counts offer more excellent durability and breathability. Purity Home Ultimate Percale 400 Thread Count 100% Cotton 5 Piece Bed Sheet Set, which is in the second place in our list, can be an example.

Are Bamboo Sheets Cooler Than Cotton?

Bamboo sheets are more breathable than cotton sheets. They are mostly preferred bamboo sheets to calm the warmth experienced by women going through menopause during their night sleep because they stay two or three degrees colder than cotton sheets.


Known as the plain knit, percale sheets can be the key to a cool sleep. Fabrics that can disturb you and increase your body temperature during sleep can make you feel uncomfortable. On the contrary, thanks to the high percale thread count, it can be your preference with its breathable structure and lightness.

We have listed the nine percale sheets of 2021 that can change your bedroom ambiance among the countless brands and colors available on the market. In our article, where we examine different features in different categories, our choice was Poppy & Fritz Percale Sheet, which was at the top of our list. We loved sleeping with this bed sheet set.

So which one will you choose? We care about your valuable comments. You can share your experiences, ideas, opinions, and suggestions with us in the comments section.

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  1. Such a big price difference in these sheets. Good quality sheets are worth investing in if they will help to have a good night’s sleep

  2. I always wondered what “percale” sheets where. Now that I know I’m going to look for them. I need cooler sheets and these sound like they would be perfect. I always look for cotton content and thread count but now I will be looking for type of knit.

  3. I’ve never heard of these types of sheets before the Best Deep Pocket: Poppy & Fritz Percale Collection one looks really nice looking and comfortable.


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