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The 5 Best Rain Shower Heads of 2021

Change the design of your bathroom and your mood

When it comes to taking a shower, you should think more than just cleaning. Because showers, which are among the few areas where we stay with ourselves, are also like our purification chambers. The soothing property of water will help you relax, no matter how hard your day is. Rain shower heads, which are an unmissable opportunity for this, can make your dream and relieve your tension while wetting your whole body with sufficient pressure.

Rain shower heads, which have many color and shape options on the market, can also offer design differences in your bathrooms. Stylish and unusual pieces from each other are unique to create stylish ambiances in your bathroom, as well as to spend peaceful moments. So which rain shower head is the best? Although it is challenging to decide, we aimed to create a list that will narrow your search filter.

Here are the best rain shower heads of 2021 suggestions! Prepare binoculars for a peaceful period; we focus on our article for the best in every respect!


#1 Best Overall: Sr Sun Rise Rain Shower System

Ceiling mounted rain shower head system for users who like to relax with a rain shower to get wet either from the top or from different angles. – A pressure balancing shower valve, An anti-scald feature, The handheld shower head, etc.

#2 Best Adjustable Head: Gabrylly Shower System

Wall-mounted rain shower head for users who want the freedom to switch between different modes. – Three functions, Pressure balancing valve, Abrasion-resistant brushed gold plated, etc.

#3 Best Design: Kes Rain Shower Head

High-pressure rainfall shower head for those who want to catch a stylish design in their bathroom. – cUPC Certified, 10-inch extra-large overhead shower, Built-in ceramic cartridge diverter valve, etc.

#4 Best Budget: Mesun Rain Shower Head

The best waterfall shower head for users looking for an option that won’t strain their home budget savings. – Corrosion-resistant, Durable construction, 11 inches solid brass shower head arm, etc.

#5 Best For Small Bathroom: SparkPod Shower Head

Rain shower head for users who do not have much space for folding the showering pleasure. – Includes fitted water filter, 90 silicone nozzles, Includes Teflon tape, etc.

#1 Best Overall: Sr Sun Rise Rain Shower System 

Sr Sun Rise Rain Shower System

When you finally throw yourself into the shower, the only thing you want is to get rid of all the burden of the day with water. Rainshower heads help you cleanse while removing the tension from your body. Wouldn’t you like a headgear where your hands will be free while in the shower, but that you can direct to your body whenever you want? Here we have a suggestion for that! Sr Sun Rise 12 Inches Brushed Nickel Shower System, which is at the top of our list, can be the best ceiling mounted rain shower head system for rain shower lovers. Get ready for a product recommendation that you can relax with; we’re getting down to the details!

At first glance at Sr Sun Rise, your attention is drawn to its size. In this model, which has a complete 12-inch configuration, you feel like you are in the rain. You mount the rain shower, which we think is one of the products that deserve its name, on the ceiling. Thus, regardless of your height, you can quickly get wet in the shower. Additionally, a hand shower is included in the package. If the idea of ​​water flowing over your head causes your family members to disagree, the hand shower offers a solution that will make everyone happy. There is one more feature that we cannot help but say. One of the dangerous situations frequently encountered in showers is being scalded by being exposed to sudden hot water. Here Sr Sun Rise is equipped with an anti-scald feature for this. Thus, you eliminate the danger for your children or absent family members.

The ceiling and wall-mounted combo rain shower head also have a pressure compensating shower valve to ensure you get the right water pressure. There is also a brass shower bracket holder that can be hidden inside your shower wall. You can control it through the external buttons. You understand that the water touches all your body cells, and you are cleansed thanks to this nozzle, where you get higher water pressure compared to other rain hoods. You would prefer a shower head with a massive rain effect and high-performance pressure rather than a low-performance shower head, would you?

All in all, SR Sun Rise can be a unique option for rain shower lovers. If your ceiling height is the right size, it is not surprising that your bathroom pleasure will prolong. Say what? Has it caught you?

If you are looking for an adjustable shower head, keep reading!

What We Like:

  • Additional feature of close rain shower with wall mounted hand shower head
  • Easy to use with anti-scalding feature
  • Harmony with bathroom designs with brushed nickel plated chrome color

What We Don’t Like:

  • It is not suitable for a small bathroom. -It is comprehensive coverage and pricey
  • Two heads do not work at the same time

#2 Best Adjustable Head: Gabrylly Shower System

Gabrylly Shower System

Adjustable shower heads allow you to direct the intensity, distribution, and speed of the water in contact with your body. When you want to buy a rain shower head, it is possible to encounter adjustable ones. However, it is an inevitable fact that you will be indecisive between most options. Here is another suggestion to narrow your filter! The Gabrylly  Shower System, Wall Mounted Shower Faucet Set for Bathroom, which takes the second place in our list, can be the best wall-mounted rain shower head with its adjustable head features. Loading details … Let’s get started!

The second place on our list is a round rain shower head in a brushed gold design. Besides looking rich, the golden look can become the most striking element of your bathroom. On the other hand, the critical feature that interests us is that it comes with a three-function shower head. In this way, you can manually adjust your water flow in the form of soft, pressure, and rain. It gives you the pleasure of taking a shower in the mode you want and provides the pressure you need to wash your home objects in your bathroom. Three birds with one stone! The fact that it has 8 inches also makes it suitable for many bathrooms.

On the other hand, with this shower system, you can adjust the temperature settings depending on your wishes. Simultaneously, the cartridge with a pressure balancing valve stabilizes the water pressure at the level that suits your needs. The brushed gold plating not only serves decoration but also promises durability in resisting rust and abrasion. Rust resistance is an outstanding feature in our bathrooms, where we use water very intensively! And who can claim to enjoy and maintain hygiene in a bathroom full of lime and rust?

You may be worried about rain shower enjoyment, like installation. We want to point out that no model will cause you to make a deal with a plumber that will change your entire layout, empty your wallet. Because Gabrylly is very easy to set up, its shower system, which easily matches the shower system in your bathroom, is very user-friendly if you have some installation knowledge. The buttons on the system make it easy to switch between the titles. Besides, additional accessories such as a shower arm and plug valve are included in the package.

As a result, Garbrylly may be the best wall-mounted rain shower head that can offer your bathroom shower pleasure with the freedom you want. You can adjust the water for each mode with the nozzle settings to make the desired adjustment.

If you need a shower head with a stylish design, our next suggestion might catch you.

What We Like:

  • Stylish appearance with its elegant and aesthetic design
  • Mode change feature with three adjustable heads
  • Durable construction with anti-scalding and additional accessories

What We Don’t Like:

  • It can be a little pricey
  • It is not suitable for low-pressure showers

#3 Best Design: Kes Rain Shower Head

Kes Rain Shower Heads

Are you someone who doesn’t limit the design of your home to just your rooms? For users who also care about bathroom designs, every object’s detail is of great importance, especially when choosing a rain shower head. Rainshower heads have designs that generally support the designs. But why not the best? Here is one of them. The third place on our list, the Kes Shower System 10 Inches Rain Shower Head, can be the best high-pressure rain shower head for users who want to make their bathroom designs unique. Let’s look into the details for a touch of magic!

The Kes Shower System welcomes us with its large square overhead shower and hand shower. The most favorite feature of this dual system is that it offers water flow at the same time. While enjoying the rain with the head shower, you can feel the water contact more closely with the hand shower. The system’s button is connected to the valve system that instantly allows you to switch between three different shower settings. Thus, you can provide the shower setting you want. It offers an outstanding feature, especially for those with a high-pressure system. The fact that the head shower is too perforated ensures that your whole body gets wet evenly at the same time. Also, since it is made of 304 stainless steel, you do not have any rusting problems. The brand also has a CUPC certificate that registers scald prevention.

Stating the maximum clearance required for installation, the brand maintains user-friendliness and includes the plumber tape in the package free of charge. If you are confident about the installation, you can get a good finish with these extra accessories. However, if you are not sure about this, it is a good idea to ask your plumber for help. After all, you wouldn’t want to be a victim of a wrong installation, would you?

As a result, this model, designed for use in your indoor bathrooms, impresses with its rain shower head, which performs well in high-pressure bathrooms. While its hose stretching offers you freedom of movement, you can enjoy a peaceful shower thanks to its head shower. It can be a very stylish choice to reinforce the bathroom design you offer to your guests or family.

If you are looking for a more suitable option for your budget, our fourth suggestion is waiting for you below.

What We Like:

  • It is all made of metal, so durable structure
  • So stylish design and high-pressure property
  • Special valve for using both heads at the same time

What We Don’t Like:

  • It is not suitable for small bathrooms
  • For some users, water usage can be too costly

#4 Best Budget: Mesun Rain Shower Head

Mesun Rain Shower Head

I wish everything were free; pink clouds were never missing from the sky? Although there is hope in all of us in this dream world, it is time to return to the real world. When you want to bring the feeling of a rain shower to your bathrooms, you won’t always come across high priced products. You can achieve the same effect with low priced shower heads with the same performance. Of course, as with any purchase, your desire to find the best is expected here. Can we help you? Here, Mesun 8 Inches Square Rain Shower Head, the fourth in our list, can be the best waterfall shower head with an affordable price opportunity. Let’s look at the details of this proposal that will not tire our budget!

Mesun rain shower head has a square design equipped with 8-inch sizeable stainless steel. When you turn on the water, you feel as if you are under a waterfall. When you feel the first water drop touching your shoulders on your toes, your whole body is already wet. Imagine that after a tiring business meeting or landscaping, you can achieve the relaxation you dream of with a rain shower head! The durable brass shower arm is adjustable in this shower head that will leave your scary dreams behind breaking and leaking. It becomes a common meeting point for people of all body types and height.

You get high-pressure water flow thanks to this rain shower head, which you can easily install in your shower system in the blink of an eye. Even if your home system contains low water pressure, it is easy to raise it and find the right pressure with this header. For this product, we can call it a symbol of convenience. Whether you have a toolbox at home or not, remove your minus head and attach Mesun easily using just your hands. That’s all! On the other hand, this shower head, a hero against lime because of its flexible silicone nozzles, also struggles with clogging and dripping. When you want to clean, a soft-tipped brush or sponge is enough.

As a result, Mesun can be the best waterfall shower head, which can work in harmony with all systems regardless of bathroom type and plumbing. You are now ready to buy this product that will protect both your budget and your dreams!

If your bathroom is small and you need a rain shower head that fits, our last suggestion is waiting for you!

What We Like:

  • Attractive with easy installation and affordable price
  • Complete wetting with waterfall flow
  • Strong, unbreakable and drip-proof structure

What We Don’t Like:

  • Too much water may not be suitable for very old-style bathrooms
  • Does not include a shower system

#5 Best for Small Bathroom: SparkPod Shower Head

SparkPod Shower Heads

Not all of us house structures are the same width, so we need to turn to practical solutions. Products, ideas, and DIY projects can come to your aid, where you can see the maximum benefit from small areas. Remedies are not over when you want to create your pleasure zone in these small bathrooms and buy a rain shower head. As a result of our comprehensive research, we have reached a product! Here’s the latest recommendation on our list, the SparkPod Shower Head can be the best rain shower head for your small bathrooms. Let’s look at our suggestion’s details to be a solution for you with the last effort!

SparkPod is a stylish rain shower head designed from all sides for small bathrooms. So much so that it can clean itself with 90 nozzles on it, it facilitates your installation with the attached water filter and offers high pressure. This headboard, which brings the pleasure of the rain shower to your indoor bathrooms with all its features, makes you feel like you are walking under the thin rain. Although it has a small structure compared to other large heads, it helps you reach almost the same specific features in terms of performance. The only drawback of the head, which you can easily integrate into your existing shower system, may be made of ABS plastic. Because you understand that besides stainless steel, it does not offer such a stable structure, but it is straightforward to get a new one against breakage and leakage problems thanks to its affordable price.

When you buy this shower head, there is an apparatus that you can bend to any angle you want; you can angle the water according to your height and bathroom type. Besides, if you do not like this rain shower head, the brand offers you a 30-day money-back or product replacement guarantee. We do not know if you need this with its stylish chrome coating and effective structure. On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that it has a structure supporting your water savings. Because for most users, a rain shower is considered equivalent to using excessive water. With SparkPod, you don’t have to worry about this.

In summary, the SparPod can be the best shower head for a rain shower where you can make a difference, relax, and purify in your small bathrooms. Thanks to the self-cleaning nozzles, you don’t have to worry about cleaning, and you can be happy to set it up quickly. Here now, you know all the information. What do you think? Is it worth transforming your bathroom with SparkPod?

What We Like:

  • Hand-assembled without tools required for installation
  • Good water pressure with water filter installed
  • Shower head that can be tilted and rotated in all directions

What We Don’t Like:

  • ABS plastic may not be resistant to oil
  • It doesn’t include many spray options


A rain shower can help you relax and pamper yourself. This relaxing effect will also play a very active role in saving the rest of the day. We have listed the five best rain shower heads of 2021 to choose from for you. What criteria to pay attention to about buying a rain shower head? As the Wohomen review team, we are with you in this matter too! If you ask yourself, “What should I look for when buying a rain shower head?” do not worry about it.  Thanks to our buying guide, you can choose the right shower head for you!

Shower types

When you choose a rain shower in your bathroom, you will encounter two types of shower heads, depending on their placement. The first is hand shower heads. You can hold it with your hand and move the rain effect on the parts of your body you want. The second is a fixed shower head. These models, which are generally designed depending on your shower panel, are attached to the wall. They offer you freedom of movement. Fixed shower heads are more massive than hand heads and provide full wetting. Here, you should pay attention to whether you have enough space in your bathroom and whether your plumbing is suitable.

Water flow

Water flow depends on the pressure coming into your home. It is among the essential criteria when purchasing a shower head. Because if you do not have a system that allows you to adjust your water pressure manually, you should prefer more small top heads. On the other hand, manually adjustable pressure shower heads provide ease of use depending on your body’s sensitivity and tastes.

Number of holes

The number of holes that distribute the water flow is a criterion that significantly affects your shower pleasure. Models with more holes will distribute the water more gradually, which will provide more wetting. For individuals who prefer a rain shower, having a high number of holes and determining which place it will flow will make shower times quality.


This issue, which is related to your shower hose’s length, is also related to your height. A shower hose shorter than your height will hamper your bathing pleasure. Shower heads with a shower hose have a length of 1.50 meters. If you are taller and want to position your shower head above, you should choose shower heads with a longer hose length.

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Having a rain shower brings along some responsibilities and allows you to relax and enjoy moments in the shower. Calcification in your shower heads due to your plumbing or even your water tank may cause the cap pores’ clogging. It can significantly affect your enjoyment of rain showers. That’s why you should take care to perform their maintenance regularly.

So what is the best way to clean the shower head?

Here are the stages for you:

  1. To clean your rain shower head this way, you need a bag to cover your head, white vinegar, and a rope or rubber to tie the bag. Once you’ve got all the ingredients together, you can get started. If you are sure your vinegar is distilled, fill the bag most of the time with vinegar. Cover your hanging rain shower head so that it sinks in the vinegar-filled bag. Then, tightly tie the mouth of the bag with the help of rope or rubber. If your shower head is new, 1-2 hours will be sufficient. However, if you have a veteran shower head and your first time cleaning it, leave it for 7-8 hours. White vinegar is also an excellent way to shine your shower pipes. You can also polish them while you wait.
  2. When the time is up, remember to wear a mask before emptying the bag, pour the bag into the drain, and pour water over it. Then take your shower head wearing gloves and dry it with a sponge or cloth. You have to be very careful and naive here. Because you do not want to damage your headpiece while drying the solution you prepared.
  3. Now it’s time to dive into the details of your rain shower head! There may still be debris left in the nozzles at this stage. Soon we will get their lives too! A toothbrush will be our main hero here. You can start gently hovering over the nozzles by taking the brush you don’t use. It will help dissolve the crumbs. When you are sure that you have thoroughly cleaned each nozzle, we can now move on to the final stage.
  4. Time to activate your rain shower! Please turn on the water and let it flow for a while. Then, if there is a pressure mode, put your water in pressure mode and let the last residues inside and outside your head go away. Dry your nozzle in case of water stains and new scale build-up. Our recommendation for your rain shower is to give it time for a day. However, if you are looking forward and miss your rain shower, you can instantly reuse it! Congratulations, you’ve done it!


Although cleaning your shower head seems relatively easy from a distance, it would be useful to pay attention to some critical points. Incorrect intervention or wrong preferred method will affect your savings negatively and damage the entire shower panel. Here are the essential points to consider when cleaning your rain shower head:

  • Do not use acid-based chemicals for thorough cleaning. -This can corrode your shower panels.
  • Protect your skin while cleaning with vinegar. Vinegar can cause allergic reactions when cleaning your shower head. – Use goggles, masks, and gloves.
  • You can choose a lemon essential oil for the damages of vinegar. Do not use other cleaning agents to avoid harmful reactions.
  • Steam cleaners contain high temperatures. – Never use your shower head so that it does not immediately function.
  • If you have to clean it with a toothbrush, be careful to be delicate. However, a sponge is always less harmful than a brush.

Not every cleaning method is inclusive of all topics. First, pay attention to what material your shower head is made of!


Do rain shower heads use more water?

When you buy a rain shower, you may be concerned about how much torrential rain will reflect on your bill. However, contrary to this judgment, rainfall shower heads allow you to save money. On average, a family of four can save up to 2,900 gallons of water annually.

How far away from the wall should a rain shower head be?

To fully feel the peace of the rain shower and to soak your whole body, it should be installed at a minimum of one foot from your bathroom wall. You can set a three-inch head for the shower arm and 3-4 inches for the head.

How do I get more pressure from my rain shower head?

More pressure will affect your water flow rate. There are several ways to do this. You can start by cleaning your shower head first. (Follow the cleaning steps above.) Second, you can increase the pressure by installing a shower pump. Finally, depending on your shower dobbies’ suitability, you can use an electric shower with a cold water accumulator tank.


When you want to have a rain shower head models, it is customary to be worried about installation and cleaning. However, we tried to resolve your concerns in this article, where we reviewed the best rain shower heads of 2021.

With the relaxation and purification feeling of the rain shower, you can maximize your bath hours; these heads are easy to install. There are also options for every budget for a wall-mounted handhold or two-in-one headboards that add extra elegance to your bathroom designs. Our bathroom choice was the Sr Sun Rise Rain Shower System, which is at the top of our list. Thanks to this system, which offers complete wetting and can touch every part of your body, you can feel like you are walking in the rain.

Have you ever had a rain shower head experience before? If you are choosing for the first time, which of our suggestions were you interested in? As Wohomen, we care about your valuable comments. Please do not forget to write your opinions, suggestions, and ideas in the comments section!


  1. I have used a rain shower in hotels and always wanted one for home. I am a cheapskate though, and don’t want to pay a plumber.

  2. I love that there is even one made for a small bathroom: SparkPod Shower Head Both of the bathrooms in my home are small but I know a good shower head could really make a big difference.


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