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The 6 Best Recliners for Sleeping – Reviews & Guide (2021)

Sometimes you have the desire to sleep everywhere. Sometimes you accidentally fall asleep at the TV, and when you wake up, you feel that you are a new generation robot now. Maybe you will have an operational process, and you will need a comfortable place to rest. Even with the return of aging, your bone pain has started to increase, and when you found a suitable place for you, you wanted to have a nap.

So is the only option of all this to lie in your bed?

Lying on our bed would be our preference. Reclining seats seem to change our preferences radically. Because the reclining seats are not just for having a nap in front of the television, for having a comfortable time, but for various injuries or sudden.

It was also a solution revolution for those suffering from health problems. Forget what you know! It will be a solution to your problems, meet the best recliners for sleeping we have carefully studied for you!

List of The Best 6 Recliners For Sleeping

#1 Best Shoulder Comfort: La Z Boy Recliner

It may be your best recliner option designed for your use after back pain and also shoulder operations. – Leg rest, USB port, silent motor, etc.

#2 Best For Elderly: AC Pacific Collection Recliner

Made with sleep comfort and body health in mind, it can be the best recliner for older users. -Electric reclining chair, cushioned, comfortable, etc.

#3 Best Flat Stance: Irene House Lay Flat Recliner

For those who are looking for straight reaching pleasure and those who do not want to experience posture distortion best lay flat recliner. – Footrest, power lift, posture health, etc.

#4 Best Fluffy: Catnapper Magnum Recliner

For users who do not compromise on sleep, pleasure can be the best sleep recliner. -setting option with a joystick, super big, massage option, etc

#5 Best Ergonomic: ANJ Electric Recliner Chair

The best electric recliner that tall users can use in their living spaces. – Feet hang, large chair base, stylish design (suitable for offices), etc.

#6 Best Stain-Resistant:  NHI Microfiber Recliner

The best stain-resistant recliner for those who do not want to spend long hours on recline cleaning. -Hardwood frame, Wall-hugger, Wipe/ stain-resistant fabric, etc.

#1 Best Shoulder Comfort: La Z Boy Recliner

Health problems are the most difficult times that affect people’s daily lives negatively. You can worry about a comfortable place for your basic needs, such as lying down and sleeping, especially after your shoulder surgery. Options such as multiple pillows and raising the bed with additional duvets can be challenging and tiring. La-Z-Boy Calvin, who is on the top of our list, can be a suggestion to address all your concerns.

Our suggestions to address all your concerns with its features are useful for users who have surgery, but can also be suitable for users who have neck hernia or back pain. Speaking of its features, the double-selected and inflated fiber padding for improved cushion loft and shape retention looks quite generous. So you never feel the skeleton of the seat when you sit down. With the arm on the side of the seat, you can adjust the angle of the footrest as you wish. On the back of the recliner, it is strengthened independently of the entire design. The purpose of this strengthening is that you can lean the seat to your desired position. You can use the rocking function even when the recliner is lying down.

In addition to resisting wear and fading, you can also choose premium fabric or leather color options. According to our research, La-Z-Boy recliners consist of patented designs. It shows that the seat is unique, as well as showing its quality. On the other hand, as part of the power controller, it offers a USB connection for charging various devices. It helps you not to get bored for a long time, especially with this area where you can charge your phone or tablet.

This recliner works so quietly that you are not exposed to mechanical sound when adjusting the angle. Even if you do not specify, nobody understands that there is a mechanical system inside. You can get comfort in your use day and night without making noise.

In short, La-Z-Boy is a recliner that will relieve all your concerns for post-operative life. If you are looking for a more comfortable product from your age, our second suggestion AC may be for you.

What We Like:

  • Lumbar and body sport
  • Durable and high-quality, patented materials
  • Leg rest security lock.
  • Includes USB port and electric recline.
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Power controller includes in.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Higher price than other products in its segment.
  • Does not contain massage or vibration feature.

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#2 Best For Elderly: AC Pacific Collection Recliner


As people get older, their desires begin to change. Bone pain occurs, especially when the cartilage due to collagen decrease is weakened. Accelerating the blood flow, eating regularly, and resting well are eliminating these problems. Older people who need constant rest start to be affected negatively both physiologically and psychologically when they sleep for a long time. Here is a suggestion that we believe will end all this painful!

AC Pacific Collection Recliner has a structure that targets the pain and energy potentials of the elderly and offers convenience for them. It grasps your body weight with its padded, plush foam, and soft upholstery. Thus, it can prevent your restless pain by not losing your body forward.

In terms of its technical features, the ability to rotate 360 degrees meets us. This recline, wrapped around a structured solid wood frame that sits on a heavy-duty steel mechanism weighs only 98 Ibs. In other words, when we move from one place to another, it is not an idea when it should be light?

If you want to lie down and read a book or watch TV, you should remember that your feet can swell as your blood flow will be down. So there is a foot-supporting mechanism for your body to reach the right angle. You can activate the mechanism by pressing the button next to it.

You can recharge this recliner with a contemporary design after relaxation. In this way, while you can lie down whenever you want and enjoy pleasant moments, you can also protect your health.

Long story short, delaying your requests, which are the return of your age, may cause you to have hard times for your health. Moreover, time is always against you for your needs with such an easy solution. We think you can enjoy your age with AC Pacific. If you are looking for a full long reach, do not worry. Our Irene House suggestion in the rest of our article may be a suggestion to help you further.

What We Like:

  • Preventing bone pain.
  • Light.
  • 360-degree rotation.
  • More affordable than other brands.

What We Don’t Like:

  • No massage feature.

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#3 Best Flat Stance: Irene House Lay Flat Recliner


Posture is the harmony and proper alignment of all body parts (head, trunk, arms, and legs). Those who continuously do business at the desk and those who are interested in substantial sports activities start to experience posture disorders over time. Besides posture bands, preferred beds and armchairs are also important.

Irene House, which is in the fourth place of our list, can be a suitable option for users who have back and foot pain. Who doesn’t want a seat that he can improve his posture while resting his feet and resting during the day? Unlike other brands, it offers maximum back support with its reach feature. So when you lean back, the back grips your body, and you can balance the gravity. With its high ground clearance, it offers a safe use for users with pets at home. You can take a lying position without harming your little friends.

The biggest problem of television users is the constant loss of control. Irene House has a solution to this annoying event that will instantly defeat all your viewing pleasure. Because thanks to the special compartment on the side of the seat, you can hide your personal belongings, newspapers or books and of course your commander.

Besides, it has an ergonomic design. You can bring it to any angle you want whenever you want. Moreover, it provides ease of use in your living areas with a carrying capacity of up to 300 lbs. Thanks to its double engine, you can use the mechanism in which you can stretch your feet in specialized positions. The pillows under the skin create a comfortable seat feeling with its soft and over-filled structure.

Irene House, which we believe will make its users happy with all these features, also has a technology that you can put it upright so that you do not hurt your waist while standing up. Our readers who care about body health are now ready to buy this product! For our readers who do not prefer leather comfort, Catnapper is waiting for you in the continuation of our summer with its soft fabric structure.

What We Like:

  • Side pocket for unique items.
  • Supports 330Ibs and rugged.
  • Footrest and reach feature.
  • Posture protector.

What We Don’t Like:

  • To lift the foot extension mechanism, it is necessary to lower the backrest first.
  • Manual angle adjustment.

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#4 Best Fluffy: Catnapper Magnum Recliner


Imagine coming home after a long tiring day. You are so tired that all you need is a massage! Catnapper, which is on the fourth row of our list, can be the best fluffy recliner for users who want to experience the feeling of being in the clouds while enjoying the massage pleasure.

In our view, Catnapper is a seat of pleasure. It seems that it will be an indispensable option for sleep-loving users, especially when they are curled up. This recliner, which feels explored in the clouds with its embossed pillow appearance, can double your sleep pleasure with its width. Catnapper reveals its new design claim with four different color options. In other words, it can be a recline that can add elegance to your living rooms with its design.

In fact, you can feel a little bit of a child with this seat because it’s a rocking seat. The accompanying joystick makes it easy to adjust the angle, and when you make the most suitable position for your sleep, you can fix it and dream it. We can predict peaceful dreams that you will see with the sense of comfort and confidence it gives.

On the other hand, it is durable for long periods of sitting/relaxation/sleep thanks to its sturdy 8-gauge steel – non-sagging seat springs. It means that you can use it for many years.

People-oriented manufacturers produce products considering the comfort of their consumers. Catnapper is one of the brands that design optimum comfort for our consumers. You have all the information for this rocking sleep recliner, which will be a unique choice for quality sleep that will affect your daytime performance. But if you’re looking for an ergonomic option for your office and workplace, ANJ might be a better choice for you. Keep reading our article!

What We Like:

  • Durability with steel material.
  • Rocking feature.
  • Comfortable sleep with its soft structure.
  • Massage feature.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Not suitable for small and narrow spaces.

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#5 Best Ergonomic: ANJ Electric Recliner Chair


Although tall people are advantageous in many issues, they may encounter various problems in their living spaces. Especially the bed dimensions in the house and the standard dimensions of the chairs in the office/workplaces cause severe discomfort and decrease their efficiency performance. Users who cannot find a seat suitable for them have the feeling of being stuck in a miserable life. ANJ, which is in the fifth rank of our list, can be a savior suggestion for these users.

This recliner looks like an ordinary seat. You may not understand its features at first glance. However, when you go into some details, you can find features that will surprise you. ANJ, which we believe is a more suitable option for tall people, is an electric recliner. With its design that you can use in your offices, it can help you create a relaxation area, especially during long working hours with its 360-degree rotation angle.

Quality sleep is the first step of everything that will develop positively in your life. The extreme cushioning structure of Anj Elektrik Recliner can provide you with quality sleep. We think that you will not experience the problem of waste space, which is the biggest problem for tall people in standardly manufactured seats, with this sleeping chair bed because it contains soft foam material to wrap your back, arms, and legs.

Lightly padded armrests are specially designed to keep your arms comfortable. With an utterly leather covering and metal staples, Anj has a tilt arm to adjust the best sleeping position. In this way, you can easily adjust your angle. The backrest can extend up to 140 degrees, but this recliner does not have a powerlifting mechanism. You can tilt it to provide the angle, but you will need your knee strength to lift it. To put the ANJ in the reclining position, you have to press the button on the right and wait for a short time. Because the backrest and foot parts start to move at the same time, you hold it down until you get the right position, and when you find the right angle, just pull your hand off the button.

Now you know all the features of Anj. However, if you still cannot find the product you are looking for, our last suggestion may catch you!

What We Like:

  • Premium grade bonded leather upholstery.
  • Very soft cushioning.
  • Sturdy wood and steel frames.
  • Simple recliner lever.
  • Suitable for offices and tall people.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Size might not accommodate some users.
  • Not suitable for users with knee and arm pain/injuries.

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#6 Best Stain-Resistant: NHI Microfiber Recliner


Cleaning is a tiring and challenging job for many people. When you want to do a detailed cleaning, it may be necessary to spend hours. Especially if you need to wipe your seats, either your arms should be compelling, or the fabric of your seat should be easily wiped.

If your choice is for easy cleaning, NHI Express may be the best seat for you. The idea of ​​sleeping on tilt seats may sound strange for many of you. There can be many reasons for this bias. You may suspect that it will not be comfortable; you may be afraid of not being able to clean. Maybe you don’t feel ready for its price. However, with our last recommendation, we recommend that you take a look at the features that will address all your concerns with NHI Express.

While Addison sleeping chair adds comfort to your comfort, it does not steal your living spaces with its wall wrapper unique design. Thus, you can easily choose this sleeping chair regardless of the size you want to use. We think that it can be the choice of everyone, young and old, with a carrying capacity of up to 250 Ibs. So, can you guarantee that the sleeping chair that you can use in your children will never get dirty? Such a thing is impossible. However, Addison does not stain with its microfiber feature. You can easily clean it only with soapy water. In our opinion, the feature that makes it the best is hidden right here.

With the fully manually adjusted angle control – maximum 135 degrees – you are ready to sleep/relax/read a book or watch television when you reach the desired angle. You can evaluate the color options according to the decor of your home. Its installation is quite simple. You do not need any tools for assembly.

What We Like:

  • Microfiber recliner.
  • Support adequate weight.
  • Easy to keep clean.
  • Fair price.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Creaking depending on usage.
  • Not suitable for tall people.

Check NHI Microfiber Recliner on

Can Sleep in a Recliner Cause Blood Clots?

Sleep is an action necessary for people to rest their bodies. It also means little action. Prolonged immobility always increases the risk of clots. If you stay in the same position for hours on a simple sofa, bed, or chair, deep vein thrombosis is inevitable. Sitting or sleeping in recliners poses the same danger. However, to prevent this danger, it is preferable to use the structural features, and the most important is always to lay your back in a full-lying position.

In America, 60% of non-deadly blood clots occur in the legs. Laying two legs on top of each other while lying on the side puts pressure on the lower leg by preventing blood flow. If it is not rotated intermittently, this will trigger clot formation. Most recliners designed today contain mechanisms and are designed in large structures so that you can lengthen your feet. Thus, while your freedom of movement is not restricted, you can also provide an orthopedic mattress comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Manual Recliner?

Manual recliner means a seating system that uses people’s arms, shoulders, and body weight as a nuclear force. They are recliners without any control or lever for adjusting the desired angle degree.

Is Sleeping in a Recliner Bad for You?

You can experience a pleasant sleep by choosing the most suitable recliner for you with its many different options. But the most significant handicap here is continuity. Continuous sleep in the recliner you will prefer with its soft structure, rotation, and prolongation poses after surgery may cause various health problems. The seats can be seen as ergonomic, generous in cushioning, and comfort in fabric. You still need to move intermittently.

What are The Dangers of Sleeping in a Recliner Chair?

One of the dangers of sleeping in a reclining chair after immobility is that your respiratory tract is blocked by wrong angle adjustment. You may not be able to achieve breath control as you cannot use your consciousness correctly during sleep. On the other hand, if you have a massage recliner, you should not make a mistake like massaging your spine. It may even cause you to become paralyzed.

How Much Does The Perfect Sleep Chair Cost?

Sleeping chairs have budget options according to the optimum features they contain. You can find a sleeping seat for every budget. On average, with a budget of $200 to $900, you can have the perfect sleeper seats you are looking for.


Sleeping recliners are preferred by the users day by day with their structures designed according to all ages and living standards. We have searched for the sleep seats that bring solutions to private health problems rather than a luxury. We shared the article that we carefully examined each step, such as its target audience, price-performance rating, user reviews, product quality. Our selection among our suggestions, which we have carefully evaluated all its specific features, favored falling asleep in the clouds, namely CATNAPPER.

So which one will you choose? You can share your choice and valuable comments with us and shed light on other users with your experience.


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