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The 5 Best Reclining Sofas (2021)

Do you know the comfort of your family and loved ones in your living room with modern reclining sofas? We have carefully selected the five best reclining sofas for you!

Betsy Furniture Power Reclining Bonded Leather Living Room Set (Grey, Loveseat)
Betsy Furniture Power Reclining Leather Living Room Set
The bonded leather reclining sofa for users who love luxurious and elegant designs. -USB output, Split-back design, Premium Foam.
It adds richness to your living rooms with its luxurious appearance. It offers freedom of movement with its split-back design. Thanks to its USB port, it helps you avoid getting away from your technological devices while resting your feet.
May not be suitable for users with pets. Cracks may occur on the leather surface if their regular maintenance is not done.
Betsy Furniture Power Reclining Bonded Leather Living Room Set (Grey, Loveseat)
Betsy Furniture Power Reclining Leather Living Room Set
The bonded leather reclining sofa for users who love luxurious and elegant designs. -USB output, Split-back design, Premium Foam.
It adds richness to your living rooms with its luxurious appearance. It offers freedom of movement with its split-back design. Thanks to its USB port, it helps you avoid getting away from your technological devices while resting your feet.
May not be suitable for users with pets. Cracks may occur on the leather surface if their regular maintenance is not done.

One of the places where corner grabs are played among crowded families is the living room. It may not always be possible for individuals with such different characters to live together in peace and happiness. However, we have a suggestion that everyone can enjoy and offer comfort to everyone at the same time!

This week our review team David went on the search for a reclining sofa for his family. We decided to tackle this job together and started to search for products on the market. We have previously reviewed the best recliners for back pain. (If you haven’t read it yet, you can find it here) But David was looking for more comfort for his crowded family. So we rolled up our sleeves for two and three-seater recliners, and we finally got one for David. Now it’s your turn! Get ready for the best recliner sofas! Here we go!

Buying guide for

Can you ruin a couch by sleeping on it? Yes, unfortunately, you can. Sofas that are used for a long time will wear out over time and disrupt your comfort. In reclining sofas, you can get comfort without restricting your freedom of movement. At the same time, you get the advantages of back, waist, and foot support thanks to the reclining sofas that have supportive qualities in your body health.

Our article listed the five best reclining sofas with different features; we chose the best reclining sofa brands. So what criteria should you consider when you want to buy a reclining sofa? We have prepared our buying guide for you!

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When you decide to buy a recliner sofa, you must first choose according to your room’s size to position your reclining sofa. Most reclining sofas will fit when you have large rooms. However, if you have smaller rooms, you should calculate the dimensions of the product you will buy. On the other hand, your intended use will also influence your decision. Will you position your reclining sofa in the living room where you will spend quality time with your family and loved ones, or will you set it to create your own space to check your mail and relieve your tiredness? Your answer to this question will also determine the size of your recliner sofa. You are now ready for your body type selection among hundreds of options to find 2/3/4 seater recliner variations.

The Size of Your Body

Your reclining seat must be of the proper size to support your body. If you have the opportunity, try sitting on the sofa before you buy it. If you do not have such a possibility, compare back and seat length measurements with your body measurements. The ideal size of the gap, especially between your reclining seat and leg support, is 5 inches. Thus, when you sit in an upright position, the foot support will support your body balance and help you relieve the whole day’s tiredness.

Quality and Durability

What shows the quality and durability of the reclining seats is undoubtedly the quality of the material used in its construction. Including specific features, each piece’s quality and durability will enhance the performance of the reclining seat. It will make you happy in the long run if you choose the fabric, the use of metal or steel, the inner filling, and the structure of the sponge.


When you choose reclining sofas, you can find many types under two main headings. These headings also have options in subheadings. When you see that leather or fabric seats are usually intense, you need a feature that will affect your decision-making and stand out? Is a leather or fabric sofa better? Let’s decide together!


There are a variety of fabrics that you can find in two different types to use in your upholstery. These are made from both synthetic and natural materials. Let’s take a look at the most frequently preferred categories!

1. Synthetic Fabrics

These types of fabrics appear in the market as long-lasting and affordable.

A. Polyester

This fabric is made with a blend of both natural and synthetic fibers to resist fading and wrinkles. Although polyester fabrics you may prefer in the living spaces you use often are not compatible with wool, they can be compatible with other materials.

B. Microfiber

It is a type of fabric that is very easy to clean. However, it is not produced from a single material. This fabric type, which is a mixture of polyester and nylon, creates a soft texture feeling. It is durable.

C. Acrylic

Acrylic fabrics are similar in appearance to wool. Although most users say they have a hard time cleaning, they are easy to maintain and inexpensive. These fabrics, which are resistant to stains and fading, are combined with natural materials and add durability to upholstery.

2. Natural Fabrics

These types of fabrics are versatile and soft fabrics that absorb dye well. They help you apply the colors you specify. They offer more color options.

A. Cotton

These types of materials are fabrics used in blending with polyester, linen, or nylon. Because when used alone, they experience negative results such as wrinkling and fading. They are breathable, comfortable to maintain, soft fabrics.

B. Linen

They are smooth, shiny, and soft fabrics that can resist annoying adversities such as moth and corrosion. Linen fabrics are also breathable type fabrics that are comfortable and easy to clean.

C. Wool

These fabrics, which are generally preferred in regions with cold climates, are challenging to maintain fabric types. When you choose a product with a leather fabric type, you need to perform excellent and regular maintenance. In addition to keeping warm and feeling soft, they can also attract moth-like flaky birds. It causes your fabric to deform over time.


In the 1970s, it was desired to create an image of power by using leather fabrics in office furniture. Now it can be preferred in homes and living areas thanks to its comfort and ease of maintenance. Four different leather fabrics are durable, resistant to wear and tear: genuine leather, bonded leather, PU leather, and PVC leather.

1. Artificial Leather Options

There are two types of artificial leather. Let’s examine the options below together!

A. Polyurethane Leather

This type of fabric is a synthetic alternative that is very close to genuine leather. It tends to wrinkle when stitched for flooring, as it is soft and flexible.

B. Polyvinylchloride Leather/ Vinyl Flexible

Although it is resistant to fire and moisture, these types of fabrics are plastic. This type of leather, obtained by blending fillers and additives with plasticizers, is not environmentally friendly. Although they appeal to long-lasting use, they require strict maintenance in cleaning.

2. Natural Leather Options

A. Genuine Leather

It is the most durable made by using real animal hides. It is divided into four groups: aniline, fragmented, pigmented, and fully textured.

B. Bonded Leather

Made from recycled leather materials, this type of leather is durable and environmentally friendly. You may sometimes smell a chemical in this leather, which is very easy to clean.


Reclining sofas are home furniture with a wide variety of specific features. Manufacturers who want to achieve a suitable result for each user’s demand are very generous in this regard. Let’s see what different specialties the reclining seats are designed!

Swivel Base

When you want to turn your direction in your reclining seat, they are swivel-based seats adjusted to the angle you want. On the one hand, they allow you to dominate your environment; on the other hand, they provide a comfortable rest.


If you have a tiring work tempo during the day or feel pain in your body, these are the reclining chairs with massage features that can be ideal for you. Sometimes there are options where you can make massage adjustments with a button or a remote. If these features differ in each brand, it can be called a common way to pamper yourself.

Big and Tall Recliner

These seats, which have an extra-large design, are preferred by heavier and taller men. Thanks to their quality materials, these seats, which are strong and durable, generally have lumbar and back support together.

Rocker or Glider Base

This type of recliner is ideal, especially for nursing mothers, because it is equipped with a unique piece that allows you to shake the seat when you want to put your baby to sleep or breastfeed.

Built-In USB Charger

Since you will spend more time when you get used to the comfort of reclining sofas, the manufacturers have thought of every detail carefully by considering this situation. When you do not want to take your phone with you, they have included built-in USB chargers in the recliner seats so you can charge your laptop when you take your computer with you to read your mail. Thus, while performing your daily routines, you can also enjoy relaxing.


What is the Best Time to Buy Living Room Furniture?

Leading market researchers in the industry suggest that when you want to buy a triple sofa, dining table, chair, or anything that is living room furniture, you should pay attention to the manufacturers’ policies. Because manufacturers are busier, especially in the summer months, and do not include special offers such as discounts on their plans. In times of intense demand, price ranges increase, making your purchasing power difficult. For this reason, shopping in the winter months will be a choice that will give you more advantages. For example, a reclining seat price you buy in October / November / December / January means you’ll probably get more discounts than buy a reclining sofa in April / May / June.

How do I Make My Recliner Sofa Look Good?

With a few tips, it will be possible to show your reclining sofas better. Let’s take a look at these!

a) Tips 1: Position it in the Right Place in Your Rooms
You can start by positioning it in your rooms for your reclining armchairs, which look quite large in volume. If you have bought a single reclining sofa, it would be the right choice to position it in the rooms’ corner. Most recliners are designed for full reclining and can be placed in room corners. But what if you bought a living room group reclining sofa? Then apply item b!

b) Tips 2: Support Your Reclining Sofas with Additional Objects and Lighting
If your reclining chairs are in the middle of your living room, you have gathered all the volume here. You can balance it with a coffee table, specially designed vases, floor lamps, newspaper, and magazine holders to create the right design balance. Thus, when you lie down on your recliner sofas, you create a perfect resting area rather than a broken room set. On the other hand, your living spaces recliner sofa and accessories combine to form integrity.

c) Tips 3: Choose Solid Color Upholstery Fabrics
Your guests who come to your home first look at the shapes and objects in objects and objects in your room design. This natural attraction is a reflex. When the reclining seats are colored, attention will be focused directly on them. To distract these surprise-filled home furnishings from the attention net, they must be in plain, solid colors. Thus, your heavy-duty reclining sofas will look like ordinary furniture and offer you a natural living room.

What Style of Sofa is Most Popular?

When you want a stylish design, leather reclining sofas are trendy, classic choices. Cotton, linen, or microfiber fabrics are popular when you want a durable and easy to clean reclining sofa. In families with pets or small children, natural materials that are easy to clean and do not contain chemical odors are often preferred.


Are recliner sofas any good? Comfortable, stylish, elegant, and at the same time supporting your body health, recliners serve the same purpose, although they have many different features and structures. Lie down and enjoy it! When you want to make a choice that will make both your loved ones and your family feel comfortable and make them feel special, you can bring peace to nirvana with the three-seater recliner or four-person reclining couch.

In this article, where we examine the best five reclining sofas, we aimed to bring you together with the best brands. At the same time, we have presented you with the “criteria that reclining seats should have” that will positively maintain your shopping pleasure. As a result of our research, we chose AC Pacific at the top of our list.

So which one will you choose? Have you ever had a reclining sofa experience before? Please share your valuable comments and experiences with us to improve ourselves and provide users with more support!

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  1. I prefer upholstered vs leather sofas because they seem to be warmer and cozier. They also don’t flake like fake leather.

  2. This is perfect timing. My partner and I were just discussing needing a reclining couch! We surely spend more time on it during COVID.

  3. These all look comfy and with covid we stayed home so our couches got lots of love for this family of 6 i think i may have found my new couch thank you!


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