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The 6 Best Solar Attic Fan Reviews & Guide (2020)

Cater to Your Diverse Needs

On hot summer days, the temperature between the roof rises to 158 degrees Fahrenheit, and the high temperature starts from the attic and affects the entire building. The benefits of solar-powered ceiling fans provide natural and economical cooling by throwing hot air stuck into the roof into the atmosphere. Especially in winter, this turbulence decreases with air circulation, and the roof life is extended.

Summer and winter seasons can cause devastating effects on your roof and inside your ceiling. In the summer, hot air can condense in the attic and even damage the products or equipment you hide. You have witnessed that the heat from the skirting boards on the floor creates moisture on the top of your ceiling, especially in winter.

So, do fans of the attic help cool the house? You can decide by examining the best roof solar fans of 2020, which we have examined for you.

Let’s take a look at what we can learn for the solar attic fans that we have carefully prepared.

List of The Best Solar Attic Fans

#1 Best Environmentally Friendly: Natural Light Solar Attic Fan

A simple and environmentally friendly solution for ceiling ventilation.- made of commercial-grade 1100 aluminum, satin powder coating, etc.

#2 Best Industrial: Remington Solar Attic Fan

You can prefer this ceiling fan, with an adjustable pull chain and whisper-sound technology. It is convenient both for covered gardens and indoor decoration.

#3 Best Budget: Rand Solar Powered Attic Fan

Suitable for small areas. – No fossil fuel required, 20-year parts warranty, etc.

#4 Best Brushless Motor: GBGS Solar Powered Fan

Working with renewable solar energy. Flexible solar panel, air deflector, brushless motor, etc.

#5 Best Anti-Allergenic: Amtrak 70-Watt Solar Attic Fan

Preventing moisture accumulation that will lead to mold formation with proper ventilation. Anti-allergy, thermally protected fan, four mounting brackets, etc

#6 Best Smart: iLIVING Smart Exhausted Fan

It does not require expertise in installation. -A smart thermostat control, Cooling up to 2000 square feet, etc.

#1 Best Environmentally Friendly: Natural Light Solar Attic Fan


Natural Light Energy SAF24B Solar Ceiling Fan works with solar energy. As soon as you take it out of the box, you can assemble it yourself. You don’t need to make electrical connections or spend money on expert electricians. With this ceiling fan that you can use in every area where you need air circulation (fiberglass, shingle, or asphalt, etc.), you can reduce the accumulation of steam arising from your daily activities. Thus, you can reduce the lifetime of your roof and, if any, the load on your air conditioning system.

Excessive moisture trapped in the ceilings can cause serious problems. Moisture can turn into moisture, while the lung can threaten your health, and on the other hand, it can cause deformations by disrupting your roof health. The natural light solar attic fan is powered by nature while providing air pressure and air movement with its bottom ventilation and back vents. Now it is necessary to accept the damage we have caused to our world and take responsibility for this. You can take the first step with this environmental ceiling fan.

Florida Natural Light solar attic fan offering a stylish look with satin powder coating and has a 36-watt solar panel and DC motor. It means that during the sunny hours, the fan can take out the humidity and hot air daily.

Also, the solar panel can be adjusted up to 45 degrees or flattened, depending on what you need. If it is positioned directly under the Sun, it can move at 1628 cubic feet per minute. A little advice from us: use one ceiling fan per 2625 square feet. It will be faster, healthier, and will appeal to more areas.

Optionally, you should purchase thermostats and fire safety switches separately. If you have a tile roof, you can purchase turret extension and tile roof flashing kits additionally. If you are in a region with frequent natural events, the design of the roof winding can withstand the wide speeds of hurricane and tornado without panel adjustment. And if the panel is damaged, you can easily replace it without replacing the entire unit.

In summary, this product will be useful for those who want to maintain the moisture balance in the ceiling. However, if you live in an area with a northern climate, our second suggestion, Remington, will be better for you.

What We Like:

  • Quality components.
  • Energy-saving and useful operation,
  • Made of commercial-grade 1100 aluminum.
  • Efficient for getting hot air and moisture out.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Buying additional kits according to the needs.
  • Not suitable for sidewall mounting and flat roofs.

Check Natural Light SAF24B on

#2 Best Industrial: Remington Solar Attic Fan


Remington has been known for many years as one of the best manufacturers of solar ventilation fans. Remington has been known for many years as one of the best manufacturers of solar ventilation fans. This 30-watt ceiling fan is also among environmentally friendly devices. It may be the choice of those who are looking for a quality and stylish device; thus, you can save money as it has a built-in solar panel. An essential saving feature is a thermostat and humidistat, which can be integrated into the device, so you do not need to buy at an extra cost.

On the other hand, the black color of the exhaust fan can match almost any decoration and design. By using this rooftop fan with your moisture-resistant paint preference, you will also avoid the trouble of repainting. You can see our most suitable water and moisture resistant paint recommendations in our previous article.

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If we take a closer look at the device, the motor of the fan is brushless. It works quieter than other devices in its class. Because there is noise reduction technology, it can be an excellent choice for fine-spirited people who think of the people around them. Let’s say you are not satisfied with the device; then, you can return it with a thirty-day return policy.

So what are the technical features? Humidistat works above 50% relative humidity, primarily for northern climates. The thermostat operates at temperatures higher than 80 degrees and automatically shuts below 80 degrees, allowing you to ventilate up to 2,500 square feet properly.

You are now ready for this device, which will benefit, especially consumers living in hoses and storms. However, if you have a smaller area, the newly produced Rand in the rest of our article will be a more suitable option for you.

What We Like:

  • Powerful 30W motor.
  • Quiet cooling and ventilation
  • Includes integrated Thermostat and Humidistat.
  • Hurricane resistance.

What We Don’t Like:

  • It is quite small – it can be bought more than once thanks to its affordable price.
  • Professional assistance required in the installation.

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#3 Best Budget: Rand Solar Powered Attic Fan


Rand, who is in third place in our list, is for those who want to get good results in small areas. In particular, the attic can reach high temperatures in summer. If you keep your food there, you will witness that many of your food is spoiled. Rand Solar Powered Attic Fan can reduce this temperature to fifty degrees. Thus, it reduces your need for air conditioning both in protecting your food and in spring and autumn. While low ceiling temperature extends the life of the roof, you can provide the necessary ventilation to reduce moisture and water vapor on the ceiling. Moreover, while you need electricity for your air conditioners, you are sourcing this new product of Rand from the Sun. So we are talking about free power.

So, where can you use the reinforced ceiling fan? Sheds, greenhouses, camps, boats, covered verandas, dog houses, chicken coops, etc. You can use it in all small areas. If you have a larger area, you don’t have to worry. Because this fan, which has a price of 75 dollars per piece, will not tire your budget for us.

Let’s look at what awaits us in the technical specifications of the device. With the cubic length per minute capacity reaching 4735, Rand can cool 700 square feet. Since it does not have a cable, it is sufficient to determine only the right area; it is effortless to install. High efficiency long-life brushless motor can work even in low light and cloudy conditions.

This device includes a 25-year limited warranty. You can solve your problem under warranty within any problem you will experience during this process. It comes in the kit with all the hardware you need. You do not need to purchase an additional piece.

The essence of the word is that if this product we recommend for your small spaces is enough for you, you are ready to buy the device. If you want to use a galvanized fan for your preference, you can review our fourth device, GBGS.

What We Like:

  • Attractive design.
  • Working capacity even in low light and cloudy conditions
  • Cooling 700 square meters with 435 CFM capacity.
  • Long-life brushless motor.
  • No fossil fuel required.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Not for larger areas.
  • Less powerful than devices in the same category.
  • No insect protection for the fan.

Check Rand Solar 8-Watt on

#4 Best Brushless Motor: GBGS Solar Powered Fan


Do attic fans help cool house? Definitely yes. With the right solar attic fan of your choice, it is effortless to cool your home. You can achieve this with the GBGS fan in the fourth row of our list. We can recommend this massive, 1750 CFM solar ceiling fan for users with a large ceiling up to 2,800 square meters, with warm air that can get stuck in the corners with a smaller fan.

When you open the packaging, you will notice that there is a sealant in this ceiling fan. Insulating the fan from the shingle and making it waterproof is based on the sealant. Thus, your fan will be protected against natural events such as rain and snow. Because this fan is waterproof, let’s look at the other features of the device together.

GBGS has a thermally embedded system to protect the engine. It doesn’t overheat to keep it in balance. It starts operating at 77 degrees Fahrenheit and automatically shuts off when it reaches 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Besides, this fan has quality nylon fiber aluminum blades that provide efficient airflow in all directions. Thus, you can adjust the fan according to the angle of the Sun, and you can save energy by using more Sun.

On the other hand, the fan has a galvanized steel body. Galvanized coatings are used today to obtain products resistant to excessive precipitation. If you are looking for a life-long fan, you can choose this fan.

Another feature that we are amazed is that although it appeals to large areas, it only draws 20 watts, which gives you plenty of freedom to place solar panels on the roof. Thanks to the deflector inside, you can obtain fresh and continuous airflow. If you are not satisfied with this device, it offers ten years warranty for the GBGS engine and 20 years for the solar panel.

If you are looking for an anti-allergic fan, the Amtrak solar attic fan in our article will be a better suggestion for you.

What We Like:

  • Smooth Air deflector – for better air circulation.
  • IP68 waterproof brushless motor.
  • Adjustable solar panel.
  • Available with a mounting and installation guide.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Limited installation area or type of roof.

Check GBGS Solar Attic Fan on

#5 Best Anti-Allergenic: Amtrak 70-Watt Solar Attic Fan


Do you have an allergic structure? You need a solar attic fan, but do you become a hospital when you use it? Then we have a good suggestion for you. Amtrak can be a pleasant experience for you with its anti-allergic nature.

With the developing technology, human nature is considered as much as the environment nature is considered. Sometimes the fluff accumulated inside the fans can trigger your allergy. We researched for you which solar attic fan thinks about your health.

The most crucial feature of fans is undoubted that they do not contain moisture. Although moisture is beneficial for the body in some cases, it will be harmful to people whose lungs are sensitive, as excess moisture will cause mold formation after a while. Since many users think that solar attic fans do not have anti-allergic properties, the purchase is not in line with the idea. Amtrak is a device that disrupts. Because, unlike many devices in its segmentation, it cares about the health of its user.

On the other hand, Amtrak comes with 70 watts, 25 feet extra wire, and brackets that you need to install. The fan is a 12-volt fan with 14-inch blades and. It has 2500 square feet + coverage. You can install it with fast connection lines without having to drill any holes in your roof. Thus, there is no need for extensive details that intimidate your eyes.

The silent operation of a fan is also an important criterion. Fortunately, Amtrak can be placed on your preference list with this feature. The features of our fourth proposal were like that, and we wish we brought you together with the device you were looking for.

But what if we talked about a fan that can work at night? Let’s take a look at our last suggestion, iLIVING.

What We Like:

  • Powerful 70W motor.
  • Quiet cooling and ventilation.
  • Anti-allergic.
  • Affordable but high-quality components.
  • Compatible RV, garage, or home.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Potential risks due to the backdraft of appliances fumes.
  • Financial payback may be limited depending on electricity prices and the cost of the unit.
  • Can be more attractive alternatives to reduce AC costs.

Check Amtrak 70-Watt on

#6 Best Smart: iLIVING Smart Exhausted Fan


The most significant feature of attic fans is that they use the Sun as a source. So, do solar ceiling fans work at night? Here’s our last suggestion, iLIVING, says yes as the definitive answer to this question!

This model includes a smart thermostat control. Other products in the same segment do not include a thermostat control. If you want to buy a ceiling fan, you may want to check it out. With the on or off button on it, you can choose an AC continuous or daytime connection, but you have to buy it separately. Thus, the fan saves the solar energy accumulated during the day and allows you to use it at night.

So, does your device that you run double-overtime reflect on your bills? With the parts you will purchase as an extra, it takes only 20 watts of powerful thrust to cool up to 2000 square feet. However, as long as your source is the Sun, your savings are permanent. So don’t worry at all.

On the other hand, this fan offers a broad range of control between 65-130 ° F and a 15-year warranty. It has an IP68 waterproof brushless motor and 14-inch aluminum fan blade, making it meaningless to discuss its durability.

One thing that can make you think about this product: its price! We think it is a good value in price-performance comparison in terms of its features. Who wants to make the wrong choice and regularly change fans? Let’s look at this aspect: you will be able to use this device for a long time after spending it at once. It has a 15-year warranty so you can be more satisfied with your purchase. However, if the device you bought is defective or you have any problems, you can get help.

Finally, we would like to mention that it has a stylish design. Especially the black color can easily match your roof. This fan, which you can install very quickly, does not need to repaint your roof system.

What We Like:

  • Efficient solar panel.
  • Compact and stable construction.
  • IP68 waterproof rating.
  • Working with attachments at night.
  • Reliable and efficient operation.
  • Nice and sleek design.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Not suitable for every budget.
  • Working loudly.

Check iLIVING Smart Fan on

Should You Buy a Solar Attic Fan?

Every object in your living spaces carries a combined bond with each other. The small details that you ignore can be expensive for you. You should consider every fine detail and be able to see the magnificent view. When you turn your face to the Sun, you will see that it creates miracles with its free source. Attic fans can help to increase the life of your roof significantly. Moisture accumulates in the attic and is trapped where there may be damage. This rot and mold will damage the durability of your roofs and cause considerable expenses in a short time. However, a solar roof fan absorbs most of this moisture and provides ventilation that prevents these buildups.

In addition to all these, determining your roof structure and demands helps you to benefit from the fan you choose. In our opinion, solar attic fan is user friendly in every aspect, from protecting the environment, protecting your food, from your health to the health of your roof life and most importantly, you can make significant savings in the long term.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Solar Attic Fan?

The solar ceiling fan is a saving way to add a motorized ventilation system to your living spaces without the need for extra electrical cables or structural changes. Solar attic fans are manufactured using solar panels with high-impact, various durable materials to power the fan for free throughout the day.

Does a Solar Attic Fan Save Money?

An attic fan not only saves money by using solar energy but also reduces the load on your electrical systems, i.e., air conditioners, because it regulates the temperature in your ceiling.

Is Solar or Electric Attic Fan Better?

Cost is, of course, an important criterion. Electric fans are about $100, and solar fans are around $ 550. In the opinion of the experts, the fans say that they work better on sunny days, but their tendency to turn down as the Sun goes down and the efficiency cannot be obtained due to issues such as wrong positioning and not knowing the features.


Solar attic fans are not suitable for everyone. However, it is easy to find fans that suit everyone’s wishes. Because now we are in a transformation. We are in an era where we need to be more environmentally conscious, control our spending, and save more in the long run. As a result of our researches that can answer your questions, solar attic fans seem to take their place in all roofs. Our choice is for the iLIVING device, which we can adapt to use day and night. Obviously, it is a smart device, as well as long-term use assurance has affected our preference.

So which solar attic fan would you prefer?

You can share your valuable comments with us below and write your experiences to guide other users.


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