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The 5 Best Spotlight Reviews and Buying Guide (2020)

For the lighting you need, we have examined the best spotlights for your various usage areas.

The list of things you need when you are outdoors, at home or your campsite is quite long. When you have to work in the dark, cross the road, or need lighting, a spotlight comes to your aid. It is possible to challenge the dark and make your work more comfortable with a spotlight that will illuminate your viewpoint and will not let you down. So do you know which spotlight will work for you?

Choosing from hundreds of options is a difficult task. You will be confused for a product that is both affordable and will keep you away from your worries for a long time. You may be stuck with questions such as what the lumen numbers mean, which light option is more suitable for you. After all, you don’t want to waste your money when you want to buy a quality product. These concerns are quite typical for a useful spotlight that will both protect your budget and accompany you for many years. In this review, we have compiled the most useful spotlights you need.

Let’s make a bright decision together!

The List Of 5 Best Spotlights

#1 Best for Long-Distance: URPOWER Solar Lights 2-in-1

The best spotlight for users who want to use a solar lighting system in their outdoor areas and for long-distance. –Two in one functions, Automated switch, Adjustable, etc.

#2 Best Rechargeable:  BUYSIGHT Bright Rechargeable Searchlight

The best rechargeable spotlight for camping users who don’t want to be in the dark. – 20-hour battery life on high, IPX6 waterproof, 6000 lumens.

#3 Best Handheld: GOODSMANN Rechargeable Spotlight

Brightest handheld spotlight for users who need light while walking.- One year warranty, Produce 3000 lumens, Lightweight for Handheld, etc

#4 Best Water Proof: SOLLA Led Flood Light

For users looking for waterproof spotlights for use in their garden. – Long lifespan, Twenty four months warranty, durable housing, etc

#5 Best for Outdoor: Topmante Solar Motion Sensor Lights

Outdoor spotlight for users looking for a spotlight for use at outdoor and outside door entry. – Two heads, Aesthetic design, 360-degree tilt power, etc.

#1 Best for Long-Distance: URPOWER Solar Lights 2-in-1

URPOWER Solar Lights 2-in-1

Is it dark at night in your gardens and walking paths? Does your home or workplace look like a haunted mansion because you don’t have enough lighting? It is possible to be enlightened with solar system lighting. Thanks to URPOWER, which is at the top of our list, you can have the best lighting for long distances and large areas. Let’s take a look at the details!

URPOWER Solar Lights is a dual-function product that you can fix both on the wall and the ground. It collects energy from the Sun all day long to illuminate the dangerous darkness on your walkway to your garden or garage. This solar light, which can illuminate for 6-9 hours during the night, turns on and off automatically at night and sunrise. The lighting, which uses the energy source economically, also has adjustable heads. After positioning it where you want, it becomes easier to adjust according to the angle where you can see the Sun best.

On the other hand, you can set this light system into two modes, low and high. If you use low mode on days when the moon is close to the Earth, you can keep the light for darker nights. Each led has 50 lumens, so you have 200 lumens in total. With this feature, you do not have difficulty in lighting long distances.

As a result, if you want the best lighting for long distances, URPOWER, which is relatively easy to install, can be the right solution for you. When you want to mount it on the wall, it will be sufficient to use the screws included in the box. If you need a rechargeable light, keep reading

What We Like:

  • You can find color variations.
  • It has a powerful solar panel.
  • It is a versatile product and easy setup.
  • It includes two lighting modes.

What We Don’t Like:

  • It can be not enough in winter and cloudy months.
  • It can be fragile, must be treated with precision

Check URPOWER Solar Lights 2-in-1 on

#2 Best Rechargeable:  BUYSIGHT Bright Rechargeable Searchlight

 BUYSIGHT Bright Rechargeable Searchlight

Is battery life an essential factor for you when purchasing a flashlight? Who wants always to buy batteries, though? It is why we wanted to examine a rechargeable product precisely. We have examined in detail the best rechargeable flashlight, BUYSIGHT, which is in second place on our list.

It is one of your companions to protect you from light strikes when you are bored, want to get some air, or want to camp. A flashlight can make your job relatively easy, especially when hiking or climbing at night. So what if you frequently have to buy batteries? Would you think you still had a fun venture? BUYSIGHT has produced a rechargeable flashlight in order not to interrupt the pleasant moments of its users. The first feature that draws our attention to this product is that it is produced using ABS resistant to falling and impacts. This way, no injury will occur, even if you fall from too high or hit places. It shows that you can use the flashlight for a long time.

On the other hand, this flashlight, which has two degrees where you can adjust the brightness level, has 35 Watt LED light. With its capacity to produce light up to 6,000 lumens, you can illuminate your viewing angle up to 800 meters. Whether you are fishing, hunting, or hiking, it is a product that can help you cope with your fears and relax you.

In summary, BUYSIGHT is a product that you can charge with its rechargeable lithium-ion battery, preventing you from being halfway through. We think you can safely use it on your long walks while going camping. If you are looking for a handheld product, you can take a look at our suggestion in the following article

What We Like:

  • It has ultra bright led light.- 35 Watt.
  • Includes lithium-ion battery.
  • It is shockproof, and it has an ultra-long illumination range.

What We Don’t Like:

  • It can be more fragile.

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#3 Best Handheld: GOODSMANN Spotlight

GOODSMANN Rechargeable Spotlight

Do you prefer a product that will not tire your hand while illuminating your environment with a flashlight, or do you strain your muscles because of its weight? Of course, you are thinking about your hand health when purchasing a flashlight. Because a heavy flashlight can endanger the health of your wrists, GOODSMANN, which is in the third row of our list, can be the product you are looking for. Let’s see what’s in the details together!

Goodsmann spotlight has an impact-resistant structure. The thick polystyrene used in its production helps it resist water. This spot lamp, which you can use in your garden or underwater dives, has three different light modes. You get up to 3000 lumens of brightness. It helps you feel safe while illuminating your viewing angle. Moreover, it seems that you will like it to get a light even underwater for a handheld spotlight.

This handheld spotlight has an 8-foot cable. You can charge this cable by plugging it into a 12-volt socket, and this model has two different modes – Spotlight and Floodlight. There is a trigger for you to switch between the two modes. By pressing the trigger, you can easily use the area you want to use by adjusting the degree of illumination as you wish. Additionally, you can use the spotlight by connecting it to your car adapter. It can be a useful feature for environmental exploration when you are on the road or long journeys.

Finally, this best handheld spotlight comes with a hanging bracket, a nylon carrying case, and a one-year warranty, all with features to make your life easier. If you are looking for a waterproof spotlight, our fourth place recommendation might be for you.

What We Like:

  • You can use it with your power bank.
  • It comes extra accessories.
  • It offers three brightness modes.

What We Don’t Like:

  • You may have difficulty finding it in the dark due to its color.
  • More than 6 feet underwater can not be durable for a long time.

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#4 Best Water Proof: SOLLA Led Flood Light

SOLLA Led Flood Light

Do you need a light to illuminate your garden that you water regularly at night? Are you afraid of coming into contact with water as it will coincide with the irrigation area? Relax! We have reviewed SOLLA, which is the fourth on our list, for you. With a long service life of up to fifty thousand hours, this product may be the best waterproof  LED light you are looking for.

This box-like projector light provides a happy illumination with a power output of 150 watts. By saving energy, it not only saves your budget but also offers you an opportunity to stroll around your bright gardens every hour. If you live in a scorching climate, you may be looking for a product that can withstand it. The good news is that SOLLA is one of the rare products that can withstand high temperatures. It makes it an unmissable choice.

SOLLA, a product that you can use safely in all your outdoor areas, has a complete 120-degree lighting angle. You can provide adequate lighting in essential areas such as evening parties and pool lighting. Thanks to its tempered glass and aluminum body, it protects the lights from corrosion and helps you use them for many years. Who would want to have to change their light system regularly? We believe you will feel safe with this projector light covered by a twenty-four-month warranty.

SOLLA also has a metal bracket that can be fixed to the ceiling, floor, or wall thanks to the 180-degree adjustable mounting bracket. Whether you place it on your exterior, garden, or garage ceiling, you can be dazzled by the light. Whatever the weather, you can challenge the dark with this easy to install lighting projector.

Ultimately, SOLLA can be the right solution for the best waterproof lighting. The happiness of feeling safe in a lighted area can make you more curious and relaxed. If you are in search of lighting for your outdoor areas, our final suggestion awaits you.

What We Like:

  • It has 500 watts.
  • It is waterproof and 140 degrees wide beam angle.
  • It has 24 months warranty..

What We Don’t Like:

  • Does not includes plug.
  • Difficult to install.

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#5 Best Outdoor: Topmante Solar Motion Sensor Lights

Topmante Solar Motion Sensor Lights

Are you looking for lighting to use in your outdoor space? Is the design of your lighting vital to you? So listen to us! Because we reviewed Topmante, the best outdoor lighting. Let’s look at the last suggestion of our list, which has a double head, unlike other lights in its segment!

Topmante Solar Motion’s feature that catches our attention at first glance was its aesthetic design. It takes its source from the Sun thanks to the solar panel on the two heads. Thanks to the energy it stores during the day, it can illuminate your outdoor spaces at night. Maybe you can use it at the entrance of your office or the entrance door of your home by mounting it on the wall.

On the other hand, this lighting system has 30 bright LED bulbs and has the potential to produce light up to 800 lumens. With the sensor that offers multiple adjustment options for the angles of the double head on it, you can provide lighting and full control where you want. With the 360-degree tilt power of the spotlight, you can achieve versatility. Being unlimited in lighting can make you happy.

When night falls, Topmante automatically starts operating in low light mode and can switch to robust light mode within 30 seconds. If it is not very dark, the sensor detects this and switches to power-saving mode. When the day begins to brighten, it automatically turns off and starts to store solar energy for night use. In this way, you feel safe for lighting because you have a smart system that does it for you.

This spotlight, which can easily illuminate your outdoor spaces despite bad weather conditions, does not require cables. Thanks to its waterproof feature, you do not worry about its explosion in rainy or snowy weather. It offers a 20% conversion rate by storing energy all day with its rechargeable battery. It can be the right choice for those who want to save money.

In summary, after charging Topmante in the Sun for two hours, it is sufficient to cover the solar panel without light for your use at night. You open it quickly by inserting the pin on it into the keyhole, and it is ready to use. Thanks to its 1-year warranty, you can feel safe in any problem you may encounter. Topmante will be the right choice for those looking for aesthetic lighting.

What We Like:

  • You can install quickly.
  • It has two heads for maximum brightness.
  • It is also versatile and adjustable.

What We Don’t Like:

  • It’s brightness can be limited for someone.
  • It has no cable.

Check Topmante Solar Motion Sensor Lights on


When you decide to buy a spotlight, the area you will use is a significant factor. Spotlights can be a good option for sufficient lighting in your outdoor, home, campsites, or office. You can make decisions that make your life easier with spotlights with options such as handheld, waterproof, solar-powered. As Wohomen’s review team, we have reviewed the best spotlights you need for you. Now we will explain the buying guide for the most accurate spotlight.

What should be the size and form?

When searching for spotlights, the first way to narrow your search is to decide on the size and shape of the bulb. In this way, you will be one step closer to the lighting you are looking for. There are three types of LED spotlights on the market. MR, BR, and PAR. Once you’ve decided on the type option, you’ll see a two-digit number indicating the bulb diameter. These numbers refer to your bulb size. For example, let’s assume that when you choose an MR type LED, you buy the 16 diameter model. These bulbs are the smallest type of spotlight with a diameter of two inches, and you can use them for lower illumination. When you choose a PAR type LED light, you get two and a half inches in diameter, considering you buy the 20 diameter model, which makes it suitable for small homes with short ceilings.

What color should the spotlight be?

While the color of your spotlights can turn the areas you use into a warm environment, it may have the capacity to illuminate even the darkest ones. The important thing here is to decide what kind of reflection you want. For example, if you choose a 3000K color, you get the blue color, 4000K color reflects neutral white.

What should be power and brightness?

It is traditional to think of the bulb brightness in watts. However, the watt does not meet the total light value; it only describes the electricity meter. To give a hint, your choice of a 40-watt bulb gives more brightness than 60 watts. Lumen numbers also indicate degrees of brightness. A spotlight with 6000 Lumens will be enough to illuminate your outdoor spaces and gardens. However, for larger areas, it will be useful to keep the number of lumens high.


How many lumens is a good spotlight?

Although the answer varies depending on the area you need, if you are going to use more than one spotlight, 120 lumens can be a good option for average lighting. Spotlights that you fix on the ground can illuminate your walkway and pool sides. Six thousand lumens can be the ideal option if you are going to light in areas such as doorways, extensive gardens.

What is the best handheld rechargeable spotlight?

When you want to go camping or hiking, you will need a handheld and rechargeable spotlight that will illuminate your surroundings. As a result of our investigations, GOODSMANN can help you illuminate the night with 3000 lumens of light power without weighing you down.

What is the difference between cool white and daylight LED bulbs?

When you want to buy LED bulbs, the most preferred color options are warm white, cool white, and daylight. The Kelvin (K) scale is used to measure the color of the bulb. Let’s take an example: daylight colors range from 4000k to 4500K and are ideal for domestic use. When you choose warm white LEDs, you get light between 2700K and 3200K, and there is sufficient lighting for their entrance. If you prefer cold white LED light, you can provide lighting between 5000K and 6200K in your outdoor areas.

What is the brightest light in the world?

When we look around as guests of the Earth, the brightest thing is definitely the Sun. Although it is a star, the Sun, which is the goddess of all renewable energy sources, has become the source from which it feeds in spotlights in recent years. Thanks to the panels mounted on the spotlights, you can use this enormous star to illuminate the environment at night. The Sun, which illuminates our day during the day, is with us at night with its energy.


Spotlights help you make a difference in your living spaces by providing warmth and aesthetic appearance, regardless of where they are used. When you decide to buy, as with every product, encountering too many options may cause you to have difficulty deciding where to start. That’s why we have reviewed the latest trends and best spotlights with our review team. URPOWER was the winner of spotlights, which we take as the basis for all kinds of usage areas, from long-distance lighting to rechargeable, from handheld to waterproof, from indoor to outdoor. While you feel safe, we think that it is a product that complements decoration with its stylish design. You can adjust this spotlight, which you can mount on your walls or the ground, to absorb the sunlight fully, and you do not have difficulty using it with its automatic on-off feature.

So which one will you choose? You can share your valuable comments with us, and you can help users who want to get the spotlight like you with your ideas and suggestions.


  1. I’m glad you included the brightest light in the world. lol. Very useful information. I just wanted to add that if you have neighbors close by you may not want to consider how many lumens you choose for your backyard, especially if it has a motion sensor and you have a dog.


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