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The 5 Best Survival Backpacks

We have reviewed the five best survival backpacks to carry with you everything you need in your private hobbies, travels, and excursions to relax or explore.

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Wouldn’t you like to take your backpack and go on a trip where you will forget all your tiredness? Perhaps a mountain climbing, hunting, or after you decide to camp in a forest, all you need is a backpack! There are thousands of options for survival backpacks. Do you know how to choose survival backpacks of different categories and features?

With the suggestion list and tips, we have prepared the five best survival backpacks! Don’t shoulder the world, shoulder your world!

If your route is exact, let’s get started!



Osprey Atmos AG 65 Backpack

Best Overall

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Are you one of those who have the relaxing effect of nature walks? So what kind of bag do you prefer for your long journeys? Backpacks that provide the most excellent support in your trekking, which is a way of getting away from thoughts and feeling your presence as the roads go on and on, have so many options that you may have difficulty finding the right one for you. Here for you, the Osprey Atmos, which is at the top of our list, can make your choice for a survival backpack easier. Let’s look at its features!

Osprey Atmos is a survival backpack with some specific features for hikers. The equipment you prefer on walks is made of durable materials for you to carry your personal belongings comfortably. Mostly thanks to the anti-gravity suspension, you do not feel like your body is being pulled down. The padding in the back area and shoulder straps allow the backpack to breathe, does not create a foul odor, and does not make you sweat. With this aspect, it guarantees a comfortable experience on your long walks.

On the other hand, when we take a closer look at the structural features, there is a large suspended panel covering the back panel and the hip belt. This panel creates the feeling that your backpack is hugging you. The coating on it is suitable for continuous airflow. Also, another feature we like about this survival backpack is that it has a lot of pockets. The number of bags you will have in a backpack is essential because it gives you room to keep all your belongings. There are two zippered pockets on the top of the Osprey Atmos. Two mesh bottle holders, a cover for the water reservoir, and a compartment at the front bottom. So you can place your spare clothes, hiking equipment, and water bottle.

All in all, if you need a suitable backpack for your walks or travels, Osprey Atmos can meet your expectations. It helps you have a comfortable walking experiment with its suspension system, compression straps, and internal hydration chamber pocket. What do you think? Will it be your choice?

If you are interested in hunting, our second suggestion might appeal to you more.


5.11 Tactical RUSH24 Military Backpack

Best for Hunting

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If you are interested in hunting, you probably have a dozen pieces of equipment. Plus, you waste time thinking about where to fit so many kits each time. If you lack a single piece of equipment, this hobby will cause you to experience more stress. The RUSH24 Military Backpack, which is in the second place on our list, can be a tactical bug-out bag where you can carry all the equipment you need with you. Let’s take a look at its features together!

The striking feature of the RUSH24 Military Backpack, a medium-sized military backpack, is made of 1050D nylon. It means that you can use your backpack for many years because products made of this nylon are durable and have tear resistance.  Also, it is waterproof to prevent your equipment from getting wet even in any bad weather conditions. On the other hand, it offers a 37-liter capacity with 29 pockets and compartments. It means you can carry almost all your materials with you in one go.

Another feature that attracted our attention was the different zippers. Equipped with YKK zippers, RUSH24 is self-healing. So you do not stay halfway through broken zippers. Since hours may not be enough to hunt your prey, you may need to stay for days. Therefore, the RUSH24, which has a comfortable structure, is equipped with thick padding and breathable mesh on the back panel and strap. There is a breastbone strap that will fix this area as a solution to the straps that frequently fall off your shoulders. Thus, your comfort reaches the maximum level.

A tactical bug-out bag includes a drainage point that will keep the inside of the bag dry in case of a problem with the hydration reservoir. Even if a liquid feed is poured into your bag, your bag remains dry, thanks to the drainage point. Of course, you also need to intervene quickly. On the other hand, you can use compression straps to balance the load on your back. In your sudden movements or when you need to run, the equipment in your bag fixed to your body does not shake. Isn’t it a useful feature, so you don’t miss your prey?

In summary, RUSH24 has a beneficial structure for users interested in hunting. You feel you have made the right choice with this bag, which has achieved great things under its medium-sized look.

If you are interested in mountaineering, keep reading!


Loowoko 50L Hiking Backpack

Best for Mountaineering

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Those interested in mountaineering! Are you here? Have all preparations been made to live full adrenaline on steep hills? It is not enough to be fully prepared for these challenging conditions. It helps even if you have a backpack. We know that it’s hard to find a backpack that will pack and integrate all your belongings in a snap. That’s why Loowoko Hiking Backpack, which is in the third place on our list, can make your mountaineering adventure your unforgettable memories with its waterproof structure. If we are ready, let’s start!

The most important feature of this backpack, which can be used by everyone regardless of gender, is that it is a waterproof backpack. Eight adjustable straps are included allowing you to fasten your backpack and hang equipment such as sleeping bags, mats, and hammocks. If you use a tripod to immortalize the moment at the peaks you climb, you can use this area.

Survival backpacks should have the ability to store all the supplies and food you need until you reach the place and the time you spend it. It comes with Loowoko ripstop polyester and rain cover so you can protect your backpack when you are climbing a snowy mountain or want to camp in the fall season. Besides, thanks to its mesh and side pockets, you can place your water bottles and personal belongings. So you don’t need to carry an additional bag. The mesh in the S-type shoulder strap breathes and does not make you sweat, while the back support does not cause pain by supporting your posture. The waist lock helps you balance your center of gravity, especially when climbing at a right angle. Embracing support sounds nice, right?

As a result, the waterproof backpack Loowoko, which won’t let the adrenaline enthusiasts interested in mountaineering come down, can be your supporter. In light of all this information, you are ready to buy!

If you want to buy a backpack for your travels, our fourth recommendation might impress you!


G4Free Lightweight Backpack

Best for Travel

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The most challenging step for people who rest their souls by traveling is the bag preparation process. As the review team, it was a problem for us to find a bag that we could fit in but would not have trouble carrying. Moreover, it wasn’t easy to keep large backpacks when we were not using them. After our long research, we finally found the product we were looking for. G4Free, with its easy-to-carry structure, can make it easy to choose as a foldable backpack for users who love to travel. Let’s explain its features to you.

The first thing we liked about this backpack was its foldable structure. Considering that survival backpacks are generally large and bulky, a folding backpack will free up space. Thanks to this feature that makes G4Free stand out, it is enough to fold it to lift it when you are not traveling. Even without any deformation. On the other hand, unlike its light structure, it is produced with durable materials. It has a vast structure to carry many materials that you will place inside. Thanks to this backpack with a carrying capacity of 40 liters, you do not have to sacrifice what you want to take with you while traveling.

If we take a closer look at the backpack, we see the main compartment, 2 top bags, two flask holders, a spandex pouch, and a padded structure with a chest clip. If you are traveling for a long time traveling or camping, you can take a towel, mat, fishing line, etc. There are bungee elastic ropes and straps for hanging materials such as. A thoughtful feature, the mesh reserved for sizeable hot water flasks, makes your job easier. At the same time, it prevents sweating with its breathable padded shoulders and straps. All you have to do is enjoy your time.

In summary, the G4Free backpack is made of high-quality nylon fabric resistant to contact with water and tear depending on the conditions. It makes you dream of hundreds of places where you can travel with a backpack without any expense for a long time. It takes up as much space as a handbag when folded. Say what? Will it be your choice?

If you want a backpack for trekking and hiking, we can catch you with our last suggestion! Keep reading!


QT&QY Military Tactical Backpack

Best for Hiking & Trekking

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Let’s give ourselves a little bit of nature. Let’s get away from the noise of the city and complicated relationships and listen to the chirps of nature! Let’s defend the good and the beauty by transforming all the bad energies within us! Are the bags ready? Is not it? So the QT&QY Military Tactical, which is at the bottom of our list for trekking and hiking, could be the army backpack that will take us far! Let’s see what this backpack does!

Sometimes your expectation from a backpack is that it just fits a few items and doesn’t cause you trouble. However, QT&QY reveals the big secret behind its small size with its 45 L capacity. The harmony of nature with its colors helps you camouflage yourself against the creatures you will encounter around you. This bag, which is one of the designs in the tactical backpack category, has some particular areas. To make your backpack even more personal and add design, you can attach patches to the velcro areas. Since it is made of 900D polyester with waterproof fabric, you do not experience scratching and waterproofing problems, which is one of the possible consequences of nature walks.

You can achieve resistance and durability simultaneously in this army backpack, which uses double stitches to prevent stress points that may occur on your body. The breathability of the padded shoulder straps and the mesh on the back is another feature that supports your comfort. When we look at the zipper system, we see that it is two-way. It shows that you can quickly access the bag content in case of need. Since it has a MOLLE design, you can wear extra gears on your backpack when it is not enough. A backpack that you can expand its volume will extend your trekking.

As a result, the QT&QY Military Tactical backpack can be a good piece of equipment to support you on your hikes. It provides the convenience that you can refresh your drink from the hidden exit point on the top. Unlike other models, the space required to position additional equipment such as mat and sleeping bags is at the bottom of this backpack.

In light of all this information, we think your choice will be more comfortable.


We have listed the five best survival backpacks that you can use on your different trips and hikes! Do you know what should be in your survival backpack? Don’t worry; we haven’t missed this detail either! You can make the right choice by reviewing tips. Let’s start!

Organize Your Backpack in Order of Importance

According to many survival experts, the bag layout is essential for a walk in nature. To intervene when you encounter a difficult situation, you should create an order in your backpacks according to the order of urgency, not randomly, unlike normal conditions. Accordingly, when you first open the zipper, you should access the most urgent parts. (Flashlight, whistle, radio, cutting tool, etc.) You should find your items that are urgent in the middle. (Raincoat, rope, pillow, food, etc.) At the bottom should be your less urgent personal needs.

Take Into Account the Weight

If you use your backpack while climbing a steep slope or mountaineering, you must define the center of gravity well. A positioning that pulls you down can end your life! You should put light items like clothes at the bottom, the most massive equipment in the middle, and lighter items at the top. Be sure to close the seat belt locks when the whole layout is complete! Backpacks that wrap around your body will keep you balanced and prevent their contents from being thrown.

Learn Skills to Cope with Nature

Nature is full of surprises. In your most challenging moments, you may be too far away to get help! You may not always find a lighter or a match when you need to light a fire to warm up and eat. Your food may be insufficient in your long-term camping plans. Therefore, you should research the areas you will go to beforehand. You may need cutting tools to collect the fruit you can eat. Be sure to carry all the required kits.

Make Sure Your Backpacks Have the Hydration Pack

Being dehydrated can quickly consume all your strength! Hydration packs offer a long hose system to help you consume water without using your hands at all. So instead of stopping and bothering to extract water from your bag, you can drink water whenever you need it. It is also an excellent option to have areas where you can put your flasks in other options.

A Waterproof Survival Bag is an Advantage

Whether it is rain or snow, your backpack must be resistant to it. Even in the absence of adverse weather conditions, you cannot guarantee that your bag will not be exposed to water at all. Waterproof backpacks will protect your belongings and equipment. However, backpacks with rain covers may also be your choice. Otherwise, the moisture that occurs may cause your backpacks to smell bad and be short-lived.

Carry Materials That Can Be Versatile

Everything is possible in nature walking! While the things you can do with a battery in regular times are limited, it makes your job easier in nature to do many things. Or you can even use it to mark a trace in nature while you can only cook with olive oil! If you are rational in your planning, you can have a more enjoyable time with less material!


What Color Should My Bug Out Bag Be?

Among the preferred colors of bug-out bags, the color that does not attract attention and will make you invisible is dark blue. If you cannot find it, other color options can consider. For example, it can be black, camel, green, or gray.

How Much is a Good Backpack?

Unlike bags suitable for daily use, survival bags range from $ 30 to $ 350. Survival backpacks are equipped with unique fabric and specific features in the structure. Price differences will vary according to the features they offer.

What is the Most Durable Backpack Brand?

Durable survival backpacks may differ according to their characteristics, quality, and category. Despite this, Osprey Atmos AG 65 is one of the most durable backpack brands in this category.


Survival backpacks are specially designed products for your urgent and essential primary needs in many unique hobbies such as camping, hiking, and mountaineering. Backpacks, which allow you to achieve many conveniences simultaneously and at once with their fabric structures, special stitches, and special compartments, can help you make your private trips perfect. In this list, which we created by categorizing the best five survival bags, our choice was Osprey Atmos AG 65, a durable brand with all general features.

So which one will you prefer? What equipment do you carry with you when you prepare a survival bag? You can share your valuable comments and ideas with us and help other users to decide!

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