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The 5 Best Table Saws for Beginners (2020)

Take a sharp step into the world of sharp-bladed table saws

Do you want to create new items using old furniture in the house or make small useful items for your home? A table saw can be very useful to create the items you are considering. If you have not used a saw before, do not worry, there are numerous table saw models for beginners.

People love to design things themselves and create them concretely. Saws save us power and time by cutting the wood or other materials used to create something to the desired size. Table saws, in particular, are handy for these jobs. We bring the material to the rotating blade on the table in the shape and angle we want, divide the material into pieces according to the product we will make, and shape it. These table saws, which can be used in your garage, garden, or workshop, are indispensable for people who love to do DIY projects.

If you want to start using table saws and take a step in this area, you can master the subject after reading this article. In our paper, you will learn about table saw types and what should be considered when buying a table saw for beginners. You will also take a look at the products we recommend in the last part of our article.


Before starting everything, let’s learn table saw types with their basic features so that you don’t get confused with unnecessary details. If we examine table saws under two main headings, these are divided into portable ones and stationary ones. These headings are divided into types under themselves. Let’s start with the portable ones.


Bench-top Table Saw

Bench-top table saws are an inexpensive option for your small projects. It is lightweight and can be carried comfortably.

Compact Table Saw

Compact table saws are more robust and more massive than bench-top saws. They can last longer for small jobs and home use. They are often compared to the smaller cabinet table saws.

Jobsite Table Saw

It is the strongest type of portable table saw section. It can be called a mixed version of stationary ones and mobile ones. These saws provide enough strength for professionals and support large projects.


Contractor Table Saw

It has been originally designed and manufactured to be a smaller and compact alternative to a cabinet table saw. But then jobsite table saws started to be preferred more compared to this type. But the strength it provides with its price can make it attractive.

Hybrid Table Saw

They offer the same motor power as a cabinet table saw and the advantage of long-term use at a lower price. But the cabinet has smaller rip capacity than the ones. It limits the size of your work.

Cabinet Table Saw

The most powerful of the table saws are cabinet table saws. It has a high capacity rip and a powerful engine. It is the heaviest and largest table saw compared to other types. All kinds of work can be done with these saws.

So which of all these genres should a beginner choose? You can get an answer to this question in our next topic.



Which of the table saw types we’ve learned is best for a start? For a start, a saw that is both inexpensive and powerful enough to please you, as well as portable, can be useful. The combined version of these features is JOBSITE TABLE SAWs. You can give your priority to these models. But of course, a different type can be considered depending on your budget and match the features you want and the product features.


Rip and Crosscut Blade

While the number of teeth is less in RIP blades, the space between the teeth is more. Crosscut blades have more teeth and less space between them. To compare the two in terms of work, you do larger jobs faster with RIP blades, but you won’t get a perfect smoothing cut. On the other hand, crosscut blades cut with a much cleaner and better finish, while cutting progress slower than RIP ones.

Adjustable Angle

One of the crucial features is that the angle of the blade is adjustable. The blades, which generally have three angles of 0, 45, and 90 degrees, offer an excellent opportunity for your beveling procedures. In this way, you can do your work in a more detailed and more diverse way.

Blade Size

The three most common blade sizes for table saws are 8, 10, or 12 inches, but there are blades available in the market in much larger or much smaller sizes, depending on your needs. The blades that are too big are usually used for larger projects and commercial purposes. Besides, another important point is to what size the table saw is compatible with the blade. Be sure to read your table saw manual if you are going to use the table saw for the first time. 8, 10, and 12-inch blades will suffice.

Dado Blade

Dado blade is the type of blade required for specific jobs. It allows you to create gaps or protrusions in certain lines and shapes in the product you will cut, in processes such as interlocking and matching products. If you think I might need such jobs, make sure your table saw supports the dado blade type. Some products come with the dado blade plate, while some do not. Take a look at the dado blade set we have selected for you on Amazon.


Table size is another feature to consider. Where will you use your table saw? Is it in your garden, your workshop, or your garage? Before you buy a table saw, find out the area you intend to place the saw and the table’s size saw you plan to buy. After placing the saw, make sure that it will not give you any trouble with space.


The part that provides a cutting guide that runs from the front of the table to the back is called the “Rip Fence.” It is in line with the cutting plane of the blade. What is called Rip distance / Rip capacity is the distance between the rip and the blade. You should determine a rip distance according to the size of your work. Most portable table saws have a cutting capacity between 24 inches and 26 inches, which means sufficient capacity for most jobs. If you are getting a table saw for the beginning, you will appreciate the 24-25-26 inch rip capacity table saw.


It is the part of the saw that allows you to move the product towards the blade and does this within a certain angle. With the angles written on it, you can cut the product at the angle you want to cut in detail. The important thing here is the ease of use of the miter gauge and the easy adjustment of its angles. It is vital that it is easy to move and easy to remove/install for beginners.


Table saws are also divided into two according to their engines. Smaller, portable table showers have direct-drive motors operating in 120V circuits. These motors, which can reach up to 2hp, are mostly designed for thin layers.

Another type of motor is which rely on a belt drive to transfer power from the motor to the blade; these are called belt-drive motors. These saw engines operating with 240V can reach power between 3-5hp. They are often found on stationary table saws and are used for large projects.


Horsepower, with its shortest name “HP,” is a measure of the power of engines. This definition of power used since the invention of steam engines is known as one horse’s ability equals 1 HP. However, this definition is wrong. The power of horses inspires horsepower, but the math is a little different. James Watt, who coined horsepower in 1872, calculated that a horse can carry a 45-kilogram load of 1.11 meters in 1 second. When James Watt poured this information into mathematics, he took the horse’s burden as 75 Kg for an unknown reason and named this unit 1 HP. In short, horsepower is the value of lifting a 75-kilogram load in 1 second.


This feature, which is very important for safety, can prevent accidents. The working style is as follows: The blade has a small electrical signal. When the skin touches the blade, the electrical signal on the blade changes, triggering the safety mechanism. A brake is activated to stop it in less than five milliseconds! The knife goes under the table, and the risk of contact is eliminated.


#1 Best Portable: Dewalt 10-Inch Jobsite Table Saw

This table saw offers power and portability at an affordable price compared to other table saws on the market.

#2 Best Stationary: Grizzly 12-Inch Table Saw

It will be quite enough for your large cutting jobs with its 52 inch rip capacity.

#3 Best Contractor: Makita 10-Inch Table Saw

It differs from other contractor table saws in that it has wheels. Also, you will not have trouble while doing your work with its very stable stand.

#4 Best Lightweight: Bosch 10 Inch Worksite Table Saw

The fact that it offers 5hp engine power with lightness and compactness makes it a product that includes many features.

#5 Best Wheel & Fence: Skilsaw 10″ Heavy Duty Portable Table Saw

Get started with the best fence on the market with the Rack and pinion fence system. Besides, with its huge wheels, you get both great looks and comfortable portability.

#1 Best Portable: Dewalt 10-Inch Jobsite Table Saw

For those looking for both a powerful and portable table saw, this DEWALT model is a great option. It can be used in both small and large projects with its 15 amperes 110-volt motor. It is straightforward to carry it thanks to its wheeled design. The size of its desk offers you a wide range of project support as a working area. With 32 inches of rip capacity, it has almost 30% more rip capacity than average portable table saws. Besides, the two adjustable positions of the rip fence give you variety in your work.

Still, it is heavy and a bit more expensive than the average table saws. It supports the Dado blade, but the dado plate does not come with the product; it must be purchased separately. Its miter gauge is not so good. When you grasp the miter gauge with your hand, it does not feel high quality.

What We Like:

  • High rip capacity
  • Its rip has a two-position option
  • Wheeled design
  • Large work area
  • 15 amp motor capacity

What We Don’t Like:

  • Heavy
  • The miter gauge is not good
  • Slow for large projects
  • Does not have a dado plate

#2 Best Stationary: Grizzly 12-Inch Table Saw

Are you looking for a robust table saw that will always be enough for your big jobs? Frizzly table saw will meet this need. Five horsepower engine power provides convenience even in the most demanding jobs. Easily handle the size of work you want with rip capacity two times that of the average table saws. With the digital readout for bevel angle, don’t allow even a 1-degree mistake in your cuts.

But its 570-pound weight makes it very difficult to transport. So before you buy this product, make sure you have a specific free space for your table saw. Also, this product, which is almost three times more expensive than the average portable table saws, is high for those who want to start using a table saw with a low budget.

What We Like:

  • 5 HP- 2020V motor
  • 52-inch rip capacity
  • Digital readout for bevel angle
  • Suitable for hardwood projects

What We Don’t Like:

  • 570 pounds weight
  • Not portable
  • Expensive

#3 Best Contractor: Makita 10-Inch Table Saw

If you’re looking for a powerful contractor table saw, this model is designed for you. It is sold with a stand or only as a table saw in two different options. Having wheels on its stand helps you to carry it. In case of any emergency, the electric-stop is activated with a vast and easy-to-press stop button, and thus it takes seconds to stop the saw. The stand does not play while you are doing your job; it fits firmly on the ground. Thanks to the transparent blade guard, the person using the saw sees the moment when the material to be cut touches the blade strictly, and this provides comfort in cutting.

However, because the coating on the machine is plastic, it is less durable. Its stand is almost as heavy as a saw, which makes the table saw, in general, a heavy one. Some customers also stated that the fence does not stand still enough and sometimes creates difficulties in the cuts.

What We Like:

  • Wheeled design
  • The stand is stable
  • Big enough stop button
  • Transparent blade guard

What We Don’t Like:

  • The frame is plastic
  • The stand is heavy
  • The fence is not fixed in place

#4 Best Lightweight: Bosch 10 Inch Worksite Table Saw

If you are looking for a powerful, small, and light table saw, this model of Bosch is designed for you. Its engine, which can reach up to 5hp, will not hinder your hardwood projects. Tailor your saw to the job you want thanks tı the adjustable height of its stand. This table saw 20% lighter than its counterparts with a weight of 94 pounds and offers comfortable portability with its wheeled design. Its small design, useful safety features, and powerful engine make it an excellent option for beginners. Nevertheless, whereas similarly priced products have a 32-inch rip capacity, this product has a 24-inch rip capacity.

Besides the advantages of being small, this is one of the disadvantages. The small attachments to hold the saw stand to the ground and fix it could have been larger. Stability is essential in table saws. It affects both the safety and the quality of your work. Lastly, its fence can be a bit overwhelming and tedious for detailed adjustments.

What We Like:

  • Powerful motor
  • Settable stand height
  • Lightweight compared to its peers
  • Wheeled design
  • Compact design

What We Don’t Like:

  • Difficult to set the fence detailed
  • Rip capacity is low compared to similarly priced products
  • The vacuum fixing on the floor could have been greater

#5 Best Wheel & Fence: Skilsaw 10″ Heavy Duty Portable Table Saw

You are faced with a table saw that is both stylish and easy to carry thanks to its big wheels. The rack and pinion system allows the length adjustment to be more accurate. It also improves the accuracy of the fence itself. Its wheels, which are much larger than their counterparts, help you carry it. Worm drive motor provides higher torque-speed with the same power than other engines, allowing you to reach high RPM values. While the 98-pound weight seems too heavy to carry usually, this weight remains light when we look at its predecessors.

Yet its price is almost 50% higher than its peers. Besides, it may take some time to get used to the rack and pinion fence system mentioned above. Angle gauges on top of the miter gauge are not embossed well enough. You may need to take a careful and detailed look to understand.

What We Like:

  • Rack and pinion fence system
  • Massive wheels
  • Angle markings on miter gauge are difficult to read
  • Worm drive motor
  • Lightweight compared to its peers

What We Don’t Like:

  • High price compared to its peers
  • It takes time to get used to the fence


We chose these five products among most of them, brought them together with you, and shared the sides we liked and disliked with you. But the remaining products may be worth looking at and examining for you.


HPT Jobsite Table Saw


10-Inch Table Saw


10-Inch Contractor Table Saw


10-Inch Worksite Table Saw 4100-09


10 Inch Table


You have learned what you need to pay attention to while buying a table saw for beginners, differences between their types, and safety measures you should take. Now you can consider the products you find yourself with the information you learned in this article. If you found this article useful, you can find reviews of many other products by regularly following our site.

Do you think table saws are better than handsaws?

What do you think is the essential feature in a saw?

Do you think table saws are easy to use?

We would be glad to share your ideas, corrections, or additions by leaving a comment below.



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