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The 5 Best Twin Mattress for Kids and Toddlers of 2021

As your children's needs pass from infancy to middle childhood change, their beds also change. We have examined the best twin mattresses for your kids who will not sleep in the crib but will not need a giant bed!

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Are your children growing speedy, right? As a parent, you might be asking what bed should have for a four-year-old. They need more than just a sleeping area that meets babies’ needs, like a cradle. Twin mattresses that they can sleep comfortably in the sleeping position they wish and relieve growth pains by reducing body pressures are ideal for your children.

As parents, we want to make sure that it is the best, most useful when we want to buy something for our children. When you want to buy a mattress, you will encounter hundreds of options with many different features. We have prepared a list due to our long research to share your fuss and make a purchasing process that will satisfy you. Here are the five best twin mattresses for kids & buying guide!

Get your herbal tea and stretch your feet. We are starting!

Buying guide for

When you decide to buy twin mattresses for your child, we have listed the best brands you can come across. Although choosing reliable brands brings quality, you will need a buying guide to clarify a subjective choice, such as comfort. As Wohomen, you can determine the best twin mattress for your kids by reviewing the buying guide we have prepared for you.


Sleep Position

It is essential to choose a mattress that will support the position of your children. For your children who prefer to sleep on their back or face down, you should choose a model that will support their bodies and balance their body shaping to eliminate the severe problem. The right solution would be a size that is wide enough for your raking children to move comfortably.


When you decide to buy a mattress for your kids, you shouldn’t take the growing pains lightly. Mattresses redistribute your children’s body weight with a shaping factor, reducing hip and shoulder areas’ pressure. Thus, the mattress that takes the shape of your child’s body will provide more comfort.

Allergies and VOCs

It would be best if you chose to select mattresses for your children with allergies. Hypoallergenic mattresses are capable of responding to the sensitivity of your children. On the other hand, mattresses with some special certificates that can guide you can be reassuring. Mattresses with OEKO-TEX certificates are reliable mattresses that do not contain harmful chemicals that will threaten your children’s health. The Certi-PUR-US certificate mattress is the foam certificate produced without mercury, lead, formaldehyde, flat, flame retardants, and ozone. Indicates that the foam exceeds the indoor air quality standard and contains low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions.


One factor that plays a role in choosing twin mattresses for your children may be the price. According to many variables, price ranges varying from quality materials to unique dimensions can determine your choice. High-priced mattresses tend to be good overall. However, most low-priced mattresses can also perform well.



Your kids’ comfort is essential. For years, you always strive for the best for them and them to always be happy. And when it comes to creating a space for them to rest, you’ll again roll up your sleeves as parents. In the transition from middle childhood to adolescence, you’ll want to create a room with the best twin mattress for kids. So what types will you come across when choosing a twin bed? Let’s take a look at the types together so that you can make the right choice!


Latex mattresses are available in three different models. The production of natural latex contains rubber trees’ essence to offer a good back and lumbar support. Unlike other models, Dunlop latex is denser and more resistant. They are used to support the comfort of the twin mattress. Finally, Talalay latex is light and soft. It is the most preferred latex type.


The hybrid type mattresses’ coil support systems are equipped with layers containing memory foam, micro, and styrofoam. They provide comfort in twin mattresses and, at the same time, combine the benefits found in other mattresses in one product.


Thanks to the air chambers in its structure, they serve as the support layer of twin mattresses. Air mattresses have materials such as thin latex, wool, foam to offer extra cushioning. You can use a pump, app, or remote control to fill or drain this mattress type.

Changeable Hardness

This feature is completely designed for your children to adjust to the changing hardness needs. The sleepers in the structure of the mattresses help you to fill and empty the rooms with air. So you can customize the comfort.


Consisting of a coil layer, this type of mattress is equipped with comfortable foam or fiber layers. Being the most traditional type of mattress, these types offer the flexibility the body needs.


Foam mattresses that can contain memory foam, styrofoam, or both at the same time do not push the body forward by taking their body shape while your children are asleep. Thus, health problems such as back and waist pain do not occur in your children.

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Determining your child’s right mattress size is one of the criteria that will contribute positively to your child’s development. A quality sleep process can even increase their attention span by allowing your child to rest. Therefore, knowing some criteria you need to know when determining the mattress size can make your job easier. Let’s see which mattress size might be the best for your child.


Toddler Mattresses

Mattresses are the most suitable size for toddlers who move from cradle to bed. These beds are equipped with handrails to prevent curious toddlers from getting out of bed without family supervision and endangering themselves. If you need these toddlers’ mattresses and want to get more detailed information, you can find our article “Best Toddler Beds“.


These sizes, which are particularly suitable for middle childhood and adolescence, are known as the smallest standard bed size. They can easily fit into a small children’s room. Price ranges can suit every family’s budget.

Twin XL

These sizes, which are 5 inches taller than twin mattresses, are suitable for taller children in adolescence and teenagers. They can adapt to rooms with different decorations that your adolescents will like, and they can adapt to changing body sizes.


The right size for children who change positions frequently during sleep; these mattresses increase your children’s comfort by offering more space. These huge mattresses allow you to lie beside your child. Thus, you can help them feel safe by accompanying them before sleep.


Cleaning your children’s twin mattresses helps you improve sleep quality by creating a hygienic environment. Especially for middle childhood children, harmful allergens such as dust and mite that may form inside the mattress are dangerous. On the other hand, liquid stains can be permanent in twin mattresses used without a mattress. Here are ways to clean twin mattresses with a few cleaning tips!

Vacuum Cleaner

Once a week, you can vacuum the twin mattresses with the upholstery of your vacuum cleaner. Remove and wash the bedding sets before starting this process. Begin sweeping downwards in quick succession, starting from the very top of the bed. Do not neglect to apply pressure on the apparatus. Thus, you can vacuum all the dust settled in the mattress. Do not forget to ventilate your children’s room after vacuuming from start to finish. If you need a strong vacuum, you can check out our article “Best Vacuums For Long Hair“.

Remove Odors with the Help of Baking Soda

Changing hormone levels in your children in middle childhood will cause them to sweat frequently. Simultaneously, the moisture in your children’s room can penetrate the bed and create an odor. Therefore, you can cover the twin mattress with baking soda at least once a month. Using a cloth or your hand, rub baking soda onto the surface of the mattress. Then let the baking soda stand on the surface for a while. It will be enough to wait for half an hour. Finally, vacuum the baking soda and lay the new covers.

Treat Stains Before Too Late

You shouldn’t be surprised by any built-in stains you will find on twin mattresses used by your children. Tough stains such as fruit juices, urine, blood, spilled milk in the mattress can penetrate the mattress. Most parents apply chemicals directly to these stains. It is a big mistake. Because cleaning chemicals will leave traces, instead, you can prepare a mixture with liquid dish soap, salt, and hydrogen peroxide. Mix one tablespoon salt with one-quarter hydrogen peroxide and combine it with one tablespoon of colorless liquid dish soap. When it becomes a paste, spread it lightly on the stain on the mattress and dry. After it dries, please remove it from the mattress with a plastic scraper. If there is a color difference on the twin mattress, don’t worry. Because when you wipe other areas with the help of a cloth dipped in hydrogen peroxide, the color balance will be achieved.

Use Mattress Protector

There are mattresses produced to protect twin beds from dirt and stains. It cannot be easy to clean the entire mattress continually. However, mattresses protect the mattresses thanks to their waterproof properties and prevent liquids from penetrating the bed. The guards you place under the linens will not affect the comfort of your children. However, some are two-layered, with nylon hidden between them. This nylon can be noisy for children who frequently change their sleeping position.


It is a very comprehensive and tiring job to search for your children who move from the cradle to twin mattresses and create private living spaces for them. While mattresses that offer comfort in many aspects, such as growing pains and physical development, have hundreds of options and structures, the parents’ difficulty is not a surprise. That’s why we, as the Wohomen review team, have prepared the best five twin mattresses for kids. You cannot even guess what you will contribute to a mattress you will buy for your child.

First of all, making your children feel like an individual can give them self-confidence in their life journey. The brain of a child who has been awakened by rest will be more ready for new information. Based on all this information, our choice was Tuft & Needle, which is at the top of our list.

So, which twin mattress will you choose for your child? Have you had previous experience with a mattress? Come on, share your experience and choice with us! By adding your thoughts to the comment section, you can improve ourselves and light other users looking for their children’s twin mattresses!

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  1. I really don’t like mattress shopping because the prices can vary so much but we spend 1/3 of your life in one so you want to find one that is comfortable for you and is going to last you awhile so honest reviews are always a good tool. One thing I’ve learned is that having a bed off the floor (on a frame) makes it much more comfortable than having the box spring directly on the floor.


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