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The 6 Best Vacuums For Shag Carpet (Oct. 2021)

Lower your stress levels by not worrying about cleaning your shag carpets on a daily basis

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Shag carpets are a dream come true for pet owners. They provide a cozy and comfortable home for your pets, while also being stylish additions to any room in the house.

However, they can be a nightmare when it comes time to vacuum them!

The long pile of hair that collects on the carpet has been known to clog up vacuums and cause problems with performance. That’s why we have compiled this blog post full of information about some of the best vacuums for shag carpets so you don’t have to go through all the work yourself!

So you have a shag carpet in your home, but are wondering what the best vacuum for shag carpets is?

There are many types of vacuums on the market today and it can be difficult to find the one that will work best for you.

In this blog post, we will discuss 6 must-have vacuums for your shag carpets by emphasizing essential features such as reliable suction power, extra heads, high wattage, quiet operation.

We’ll also cover what to look for in a perfect vacuum cleaner and provide FAQs.

Let’s jump on our flying carpet and go out to find the best vacuum beast for our shag carpets!

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#1 Best Overall: Soniclean Soft Carpet Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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We prefer flashy, shag, and big carpets for hundreds of square meters of houses, right? The reason for our preference is that we are often in search of comfort, design, and harmony. The only question in mind: Who will clean up so much space? Meet Soniclean vacuum, our first recommendation, that will relieve your fears in carpet sweeping!

For many of us, large living spaces are spaces that give us relief, nurture our freedom of movement, and make us feel happy. Shag carpets are complementary to our search for the perfect design. The biggest nightmare of our carpet preference, which has both advantages and disadvantages in terms of usage, should be the cleaning phase. So we did extensive research, and all the arrows led us to Soniclean, who was waiting at the end of the road.

Soniclean soft carpet vacuum has the title of being the first product produced by leading carpet manufacturers. They must have acted with the thought that the manufacturer needs the best care for a carpet; all its features are producing solutions for its users. With this crazy vacuum, which is the only vacuum cleaner that uses sonic patented cleaning technology, it seems that even the witches have been using grass brooms for years.

Another feature of the patented, maintenance-free and meticulous users will be the Seal-Tech Hepa filter. Thanks to this filter, you can trap all the dust and have glowing shag carpets. Moreover, it prevents you from touching the secondary filter that you will need to replace and the unhealthy powder containers that you will need to wash. In our opinion, the first rule of hygiene cleaning!

Not if we don’t talk about it. Soniclean vacuum has a digitally controlled engine for your different surfaces. If you want to sweep hard floors and shag carpets, you can choose the Quiet Mode option, and if you want to sweep your dirty carpets deeply, you can choose the Deep Cleaning Mode. The cable also affects your movement comfort positively with a length of 35 feet. With these aspects, it can be a very optional choice.

In addition to the brush structure that will not wear on your carpets, there is an Advanced Jam Protection feature. If any object gets stuck in your brush roll, the machine detects it immediately and automatically closes the broom. We are talking about this feature because we think that the machine will prolong the belt’s health and lifetime. Now that you have learned about Soniclean features, your ideas are slowly starting to form.

#2 Best Anti Allergen: Miele C3 Vacuum for Soft Carpet

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Allergic people use their choices in their living spaces for choices that will not endanger their health. In our daily life, carpets are one of the places that will contain germs, bacteria, dust, mold, and trigger allergies.

Suction power is the factor that will provide optimum benefit in the complete carpet process. The stronger the vacuum, the easier it is to reach and imprison allergenic organisms. Here is our second suggestion, Miele C3 Vacuum, with the best allergen removal that you can quickly provide all of this.

While shag carpets were sweeping, you witnessed the dust smell from the back of your machine to the room. Miele vacuum has an air-clean Hepa filter that can be a solution to this situation. It has a structure that traps all the dust inside and cleans the environment it is in. Thus, while cleaning, on the other hand, you do not pollute. You can feel the high suction power of this vacuum with 1200 watt motor volume at first hand. It also means that you can reach the roots of thick threads, regardless of your carpet height.

It isn’t delightful to switch on / off continuously when switching from room to room while sweeping the carpet in your home. The continuous search for socket locations and moving your machine can cause you to waste a lot of time. Especially the machines that are constantly switching on and off use excess electricity to restore energy. Whereas Miele Turbo Team offers a 30-foot long cable option, allowing you to waltz with pleasure while moving from room to room. We think you will not scream when you see your bills.

Since sometimes it’s just late, you can avoid sweeping spilled nuts, broken glass or crumbs to avoid disturbing the people around you, Miele vacuum cleaner may be a secret collaborator to solve these accidents because there is the silent working technology. Whatever the problem is, you can enjoy cleaning at any time.

On the other hand, adjusting the suction control knob on the brush head declares you a more equipped warrior against different surfaces. You can adjust the brush to use on your shag carpets, parquets, tiles. It has an ergonomic structure for the seats, corners, or delicate areas. You can easily reach the surfaces by using your wrist strength.

The features of Miele, which you can choose for your health, seem to make you happy in long-term use.

If you have a pet, Kenmore 31140 on the third row of our list will be a better choice for you.

#3 Best for Pet Hair: Kenmore 31140 Pet-Friendly Vacuum

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There are also pets among the members of our house. It is a pleasure to spend time with them, show our love, and take care of them. What if you have a furry friend who is scratching, running, playing games on your high pile carpets? Airborne feathers can be dangerous to the health of both you, your children, and your animal friends. This recommendation is just for you: Kenmore 31140 – Best vacuum for pet hair!

High pile rugs are not suitable for users with pets. You may have owned a pet later. If you do not have a crazy idea of ​​throwing your carpets, we recommend you listen to what we have to say.

This Kenmore 31140 model has a two-motor Power Flow system to increase vacuum power and a suction control dial for your cleaning needs. Besides this powerful vacuum feature, they also have led headlights. In this way, you can gain a viewing angle up to the dark parts of your high-pile carpets under the seat.

Thanks to the simple brush adjustment buttons on it, you do not have difficulty transitioning from carpet to hard surfaces. Also, since it is a steep model, it does not take up much space and does not obstruct you while navigating. It has an additional hose with a telescoping rod. With this additional attachment, you can easily clean your floors, curtains, ceiling, and furniture underlays. If the bag is full, there is a control indicator that you can understand without the bag bursting.

If we say, they have accessories that can save you at an additional cost? There are Pet Handi-Mate tools, crevice tools, and Combo dust tools for your versatile cleaning. In other words, you can buy solutions that you can provide cleaning in all areas at once.

It is easy to maneuver with a weight of approximately 20 Ibs, and we must say that this vacuum has an additional 30-foot cable from the old. Thus, you can vacuum large areas longer.

That’s what Kenmore vacuum’s features we looked at for users with animal friends.

If you are looking for the speed option with the vacuum feature you are looking for, don’t stop! Dyson is waiting to meet you on the rest of our list.

#4 Best For Quick Pick-Ups: Dyson V11 Torque Drive Stick Vacuum

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Time is very precious for all of us. The most important benefit of a planned life is to use time efficiently. With developing technology, you prefer practical and fast products that will create breathing space for you. Although it varies according to the width of your house and the style of building, sweeping the house is a time-consuming process. You may tend to sweep for hours, especially to make sure your thick carpets are clean. However, we think that you will complete your cleaning both quickly and practically with the vacuum we will recommend soon.

Dyson V11, which is in fourth place on our list, is a revolutionary vacuum with a lightweight and high suction power that can be used by everyone young and old. When you take it in you, you feel yourself meeting your shag carpet in a ring. And soon you will be the winner of this ring.

The first feature that makes the Dyson V11 a warrior comes from its engine. With a motor power of 125,000 rpm, this vacuum cleans dust and residue stains on every surface. It has thin and long rotating blades inside. These blades also help increase airflow efficiency and suction power. – up to 20%.

There are modes on the LCD screen that will help you increase the density of the vacuum according to your choice. While starting to clean the carpets of your room, you can take advantage of the Eco, Auto, Boast options, so vacuum power control is entirely your choice. Besides, Dyson V11 reports you on the LCD screen with the technology of monitoring system performance 8,000 times per second.

This vacuum is cordless. So this means that the moments that we can dance freely with our vacuum begin. Dyson’s battery technology and battery saver triggers power when you need it, helping you use it for a long time. You can clean 10×10 feet in just 30 minutes.

We seem to hear your question: Does the suction power drop when the battery is low?

Let’s answer: No. Despite its low battery, the vacuum does not lose its suction power.

Providing hygienic discharge is another feature we like. You may like the “point and shoot” mechanism. All you have to do is go to your trash and empty it with one click without touching it.

Dyson V11 was our recommendation for those who love time savings and want to be freer.

If you need a smart robot that will move without any contact, our last recommendation is iRobot Roomba may be the best choice for you.

#5 Best for Hands-Off: iRobot Roomba i7+

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The world is changing. Our habits, strong taboos, expectations, and more everything is changing. What is changing in your living spaces? Here is iRobot Roomba i7+, our last suggestion that will change your understanding of cleaning.

The vacuum robots, which are taking place in every home day by day, make you feel like The Jetsons. If you had a robot dream that you dreamed of in the past, that would do your work for you and clean your carpets; we can say that your dream came true. iRobot is such a smart vacuum that its features may surprise you.

The world is changing. Our habits, strong taboos, expectations, and more everything is changing. What is changing in your living spaces? Here is iRobot Roomba i7 plus, our last suggestion that will change your understanding of cleaning.

Robot Vacuums, which are taking their place in every home day by day, make you feel like The Jetsons. If you had a dream of a robot that you dreamed of in the past, that would do your work for you and clean your carpets; we can say that your dream came true. iRobot is such a smart vacuum that its features may surprise you.

This vacuum features smart imprint mapping technology. So when you turn on the vacuum, it first explores your home. It adds obstacles, power cords, all the sketches of your home. It provides the power to clean all rooms with the capacity to add up to 10 maps. You can start cleaning by remote control even when you are not at home. You can command Alexa or your Google assistant to run iRobot at any time. We loved the feature of being integrated.

But how do you say engine power, the suction power shows high performance with the AeroForce filter. It can quickly work on your carpet, parquet, or hard floors. It can store the dust it collects in up to 30 dust containers. When its reservoir is full, it can return to the station, which also contains the charging system, and clean itself. If the bag fills up, the indicator on the station warns you. Can you imagine the time you will spare for yourself with this vacuum?

Finally, Roomba iRobot has an exclude function. It means that you can set at least 60×60 unlimited areas to prevent a vacuum from approaching these areas—for example, your pet’s food containers, delicate home decorations, your baby’s playground, etc. You can prevent it from approaching places.

If you are looking for a more suitable option for your budget, our sixth option is Bissell CleanView 9595A, which will not shake your weight.

#6 Best Budget: Bissell CleanView 9595A Bagless Vacuum

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Saving money can be the first step to raising your living standards. There is no need to undermine your savings by paying high prices for your shag carpets. Why not buy a product with the same function at a more affordable price?

Bissell CleanView 9595A, which is in sixth place on our list, can be the best option for users who want to get satisfactory results on a low budget. Unlike our previous two suggestions, Bissell vacuum offers OnePass technology in this model, which is insufficient for deposits in the corners and walls. In this way, you can easily clean all corners while collecting more dirt in every pass.

You’re excited, aren’t you? Do not lose your excitement! Because we researched this vacuum, which contains many more features than its price, for you in more detail. Unlike other vacuums, it does not have a bag. Instead, there is a can that you can empty without contact by pressing the button on it. When you press the first button, you can easily separate the box from the vacuum, and with the second button, you can directly empty it into your trash can.

For those who do not like the limitations, there is a 25-meter power cord, and you do not have to filter with the reusable filter continuously. In our opinion, the Bissell vacuum cleaner is wallet-friendly in every sense. Another feature that affects us in this respect is that it includes additional accessories that it needs in its package (Extension rod, crevice tool, brush connection for taking dust, and TurboBrush Tool.) While you can easily attach the accessories, you can also clean the seats and mattresses apart from your shag carpets. By changing the brush attachment, you can vacuum your windows, shutters, or lampshades. You can clean faster with a hygienic and robust absorption option with Bissell while touching bacteria, microbes, and dust with a dust cloth. All this sums up the versatility of vacuum.

Finally, we would like to mention that you will not have any difficulties while cleaning the Bissell vacuum. You should wash the vacuum filter at least once a month. You open the top of the box by pressing the buttons on it. Then you take off the yellow sponge and go on. It’s all that simple. Bissel, which we are talking about all its features, can be your peace of mind choice for your shag carpets in search of the best budget vacuum.

What We Like:

  • Bagless- Contactless discharge.
  • Low price- High performance.
  • Lightweight- Easy to carry.
  • Includes extra accessories.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Hose too short to clean high ceiling spaces.
  • Rotating brush that is not closed.
  • Large dust on the shag carpet scattered around due to open brush.


Of course, you can vacuum your shag carpets. The trick here is to be careful. You should carefully examine the properties of the vacuum you choose. Don’t be in a hurry to choose the option that suits you best.

Another trick is to choose a thin stick beater, high suction motor, and products that will not wear your carpet. Since carpets are not frequently changed household items, you need to maintain them and clean them from dirt, dust, and fluff. The vacuum is a significant factor, especially for families with pets, families with babies and children, or users with asthma. Vacuum, which cannot be made in-depth, may affect your health as well as it will damage your carpet health in the following periods.

It is possible to find a vacuum with many options that will provide optimum benefits for large areas, small areas, shag, or long pile high carpets. User comments and reviews can be a guide for you too.


1- Shag carpets, which require more suction power than other types of carpet

.This means that you need a high-powered vacuum with good suction to remove all hair and dirt from your shag carpet.

The more powerful the motor, the better it will be at removing pet hair, and other debris stuck deep down into your carpets.

An adjustable power setting is critical because this allows you to choose how much suction power you would like on any surface. This can help cut back on noise and prevent damage if too strong of suction is used against delicate flooring materials such as wood or tile.

A high-powered vacuum cleaner is often more heavy and loud than its low-wattage counterparts.

2- An attached brush that is ideal for removing pet hair from your shag carpet

If you have a high pile carpet, it is recommended to go with a brush roll that can reach deep down into the fibers and remove dirt, dust mites, dander, mold spores, and other allergens. This also helps prevent allergies caused by these particles from becoming airborne when your vacuum can’t pick them up!

A good vacuum for shag carpets should come equipped with at least one of these powerheads (if not both) as well as attachable crevice tools that are perfect for cleaning in smaller areas like corners and under furniture where pet hair tends to gather.

Most high-quality vacuums today provide multiple attachments for different jobs around the house. This is a great tool to have and adds extra value when purchasing your new vacuum!

3- You’ll want a bagless model because they’re easier to clean out and maintain

.A bagless vacuum is easier to empty and clean because there isn’t a bag to worry about. Instead, everything that gets sucked up by the machine goes directly into its dust cup or other tanks, where it can be easily removed!

This means you don’t have to buy new bags every few weeks like with traditional models, saving both time and money in the long run while also reducing your carbon footprint on our planet!

4- Consider the weight of the vacuum cleaner and how it will feel on your arm when vacuuming for

.A lighter vacuum is usually more comfortable to use, but it’s essential not to sacrifice suction power for a less heavy machine!

In addition, you want to ensure that the wheels on your model are made from quality materials and won’t scrape or scratch up hardwood floors if they come in contact with them. Rubberized wheels will provide good traction while moving over smooth surfaces such as tile or linoleum without leaving marks behind when used correctly!

Make sure there is plenty of space between the handle and where you would like the vacuum cleaner nozzle/brush head located so that you aren’t forced into bending over too much when using your new shag carpet vacuum cleaner. This can cause strain on your back and neck muscles, which can be a massive pain over time!

5- It would also be beneficial to purchase a vacuum cleaner that comes with HEPA filters that remove 99% of allergens

Hepa Filters are essential for those who suffer from asthma and allergies.

They can help reduce the amount of dirt, dust mites, and pet dander in the air by trapping them inside of their filter bag or compartment. This helps keep your home clean while also reducing allergens that circulate it!

The higher quality models will come with washable HEPA filters that you can remove and rinse out periodically to ensure they continue working at maximum efficiency without breaking down over time!

This is a great money-saving feature as well because there won’t be an ongoing cost involved when replacing these parts on your shag carpet vacuum cleaner every few months like cheaper products may require you to do so!

6- Noise level – if noise bothers you, look into quieter models

Some of the best vacuums for shag carpets are very quiet.

This is great if you have small children or pets that might be afraid of loud noises but still want to keep your carpet looking nice!

You can also look into vacuum cleaners with built-in sound-reducing technology, which will provide a quieter operating experience without sacrificing any suction power!

7- Compare warranties and service plans before buying one

Many cheaper models come with very little in terms of their warranty coverage, which can leave you high and dry if anything goes wrong!

Look for at least a one-year manufacturer’s warranty on all parts and labor, which will protect your purchase from any defects or material damage that may occur during regular use!


What is the best vacuum for shag carpet?

There are many high-quality models currently on the market that will be able to effectively pick up pet hair, dirt particles, and dust mites from your shag carpet with very few issues or complications!
Look for a vacuum cleaner that comes with HEPA filtration technology built-in so you can protect yourself against allergens as well.
Another thing to look out for is whether it’s possible to adjust the height of your machine depending on how much pile depth there is around these areas because this can significantly improve its effectiveness over time if done correctly!

What is a high pile carpet?

The word that expresses fabric loops is called pile. The soft surface, which represents how durable the carpet is, is entirely related to this loop. If the carpet is in the high pile category, this indicates that the carpet fibers are more extended and loose. For example, shag carpets are high pile carpets. It is felt that it has a soft structure when touched. Shaggy carpets, which have different qualities and features, are also diversified with the quality of the yarn used.

How to vacuum a shag rug?

Long pile rugs require more cleaning. If the vacuum you choose has moving parts, it has a design that will not damage the fiber of the carpet or deform your carpet. You can achieve the best result for your long pile carpets by using interchangeable heads. If you prefer your shag carpet in an area that you use heavily, you can also vacuum your back by reversing your carpet. Thus, you do not leave an escape area for the powders.

Can a Dyson vacuum shag carpet?

Yes, as long as you have the right model that is designed for this purpose! DYSON V11 Torque Drive Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is a great example of this!


Shag carpets attract the attention of users who want to catch an elegance in their homes. Although it is not suitable for every house and every condition, the important thing is how to look after it after your shag carpet preference. As a result, these costly carpets are not disposable items.

Once the necessary conditions to extend the life of the carpet are met, one thing remains: choosing the right vacuum. This step is an issue that needs to be taken into consideration in all matters, especially your health. Unfortunately, they contain allergen structures that will negatively affect your lung health or trigger your asthma, if any. You may face dangerous situations as a result of a vacuum that is not made in-depth. We have prepared our vacuum suggestions that will take care of your budget, health, and maximum benefit. We were excited about three choices in this title, which we had a hard time making the decision: Soniclean Soft Carpet Cleaner, Dyson V11 in the fourth row of our list, and Roomba iRobot i7+ in the fifth row.

So which one vacuum will you choose for the shag carpet? Share your ideas and opinions with us in the comments; you can be the inspiration of other readers.

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