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The 5 Best Water Dispensers & Buying Guide (2020)

Improve the quality of water, the most precious treasure for your health

Want to make your life healthier but do not know where to start? Let Water Dispensers take the first step for you by increasing the quality of water, the most crucial resource of your life.

Water is a very significant element of life for all creatures. Trying to carry on life without water is almost impossible. According to many research, whereas people can survive weeks while hungry, they can endure the thirst much less than that. Moreover, it is a well-known fact that three-fourth of our body is water. Considering these all factors, it is not hard to think about how important the quality of the water we consume is.

The way it is, people have started to wonder much more information about water dispensers. If you are one of them, let’s learn the components determining the quality of the water, how a water dispenser makes water cleaner, and points you should pay attention to when buying water dispenser in this article.


PH Value

The pH value of the water is the unit of measure expressing the acidic or alkaline state of its content. The pH value of the water varies between 0 and 14. Between 0 – 7 means acidic, between 7 and 14 means basic water, 7 is a neutral grade. That the water has more calcium, magnesium, and potassium means it is less acidic, so its pH is on the alkaline side. The recommended pH value is between 7.5 and 8.5. Let us remind you that the pH value is a “Logarithmic” number; Water at pH 7 is ten times more acidic than water at pH 8.

Water Hardness

The level of how much calcium and magnesium are in the water is called the hardness of the water. If minerals named dissolved too much in the water, the water is hard, but if they dissolved little, the water is soft to drink, but we cannot get enough amount of calcium and magnesium to our body by this water. In this respect, the hardness of the water we drink should be balanced.

The Smell of Water

The smell of the water is an essential element while we decide whether the water is quality. The natural state of water is odorless. While the scent of water can have harmful aesthetical effects, it indicates that there may be problems in the content of your water. Organic substances, living microorganisms grown in water, iron, manganese, and gases, can be blamed for the odor of the water.

Minerals in Water

There are several minerals which people can not produce. We buy these minerals from sources such as the food we eat and the water we drink. In other words, the amount and types of minerals in the water we drink are essential. If the calcium amount in the water is 250 mg, the magnesium amount is 75 mg, the bicarbonate amount is close to 600 mg, we can say that this water is rich in the electrolyte.


In the USA, it has been determined that murder, theft, robbery, rape, and suicide cases are more common in areas where lithium-poor water is drunk.


#1 Best Price & Size: Brita Water Dispenser

You can put it to your fridge and make drinking the water easier thanks to its small design. Besides, its price is affordable and worth trying.

#2 Best Top-Loading & Design: Avalon Water Dispenser

It will perfectly match where you will buy thanks to its excellent looking design.

#3 Best Self-Cleaning & Taste: Brio POU Water Dispenser

The water coming out of this water dispenser tastes perfect thanks to its advanced filtration. Further, please sit back and let it cleans itself.

#4 Best Bottom-Loading & Usefulness: Primo Water Dispenser

You do not have to lift the 5-gallon water bottle because it is a bottom-loading water dispenser compared to top-loading ones. Renewing the bottle is very easy.

#5 Best Hot Water & Faucet: Ready Hot Water Dispenser

Prepares your tea or coffee within seconds and saves you from unnecessary waiting. Also, its elegant faucet is ready to be a part of the fantastic look of your kitchen.


Step One

The tap water comes to the first filter named “Sediment Filter,” whose pores are 5 microns. The purpose of this filter is to clean the coarse dirt such as dust, sand, moss, insect up to 5 microns. Although the water becomes fine by weeding out particles suspended in water and bacteria, there are still microorganisms, melted chemicals, and minerals in the water.

Step Two

After the sediment filter, the next station of the water is a carbon-block filter. In this filter, organic substances that cause a bad taste, odor and color, and chlorine are cleaned. This process makes the water more tasty, limpid, and odorless. The water is filtered by scale 1 micron.

Step Three

Semi-purified water reaches to the most critical filter. The semi-permeable membrane of hyper filter works with a pressure of at least 2.5 atmospheres. Heavy metals such as lead, mercury, nitrate, arsenic, copper that can be dissolved in water, different chemicals, or pollutants such as bacteria and lime are prevented from passing this filter. Its pores are approximately one ten-thousandth of a micron. Only water molecules and anions and cations useful for humans. Health pass through this filter. The water that comes out of hyper filtration is real healthy drinking water.

Step Four

The purified water comes to the last filter. This filter’s mission is increasing the pH value and prohibiting the creation of microorganisms by cleaning the material, causing the odor. The taste of water is improved, the ph level is increased, and it is enriched in minerals in this filter. And then, it goes to the faucet.


When categorizing water dispensers, it is necessary to classify them according to more than one feature. To illustrate, while a water dispenser can be table-top type, it can also be bottled or non-bottled.

Let’s examine water dispenser types them under two titles.

Water Source and Filtering

Direct-Piping Water Dispenser

It is also called POU (Point of Use) water dispensers. In this type, the water dispenser is connected directly to the water source coming to the house (tap water). The water becomes potable by passing through advanced multi-stage filtration. Mostly, POU water dispensers are more hygienic than bottled ones.

Bottled Water Dispenser

These water dispensers generally need a 5-gallon water bottle. The dispensers are named called as top-loading ones or bottom-loading ones depending on where the bottle is placed. Instead of advanced filtration systems, there are standard level filter systems.

Size and Place

Freestanding Water Dispenser

Freestanding water dispenser usually works with a 5 gallons bottle, which can be supplied from supermarkets. But there are also types of direct-piping. Their length from the ground is mostly 1-1.20 meters.

Tabletop Water Dispenser

These water dispensers are smaller in size than others and take up less space. It is designed to be placed on kitchen countertops or tables.

Water Dispenser with Tap

It consists of three groups as faucet, tank, and filter system. Its water source is city water. While the tank and filter system is placed under the counter, the faucet is mounted on the counter. It has advanced filtration systems, but in the instant hot water dispenser, there may be standard filtering systems.


According to a study, living in places where water is available can lead us to a calmer, happier, and more creative life.


We have compiled suggestions and information for you on which water dispenser you should buy for which area. Now, let us help you decide by considering water dispensers under two headings as home and office.

For Office

If you want to buy a water dispenser for your office, the first component you should consider is portability. You should be able to keep up with the changes in the office and position the water dispenser in the best place according to the needs of the work area. The second component is its water source. Due to many people works in the office, more water will be consumed. Thus, if you buy a bottled water dispenser, you may need to refresh the bottle frequently.


On the other hand, in the Direct-piping water dispensers, you connect the machine to the running water source, and you do not have to worry about refreshing the bottle, moving it, or following this job. The negative side of direct-pupping water dispensers is that it is necessary to position it in a place with a water outlet or close to the tap. This situation restricts you in terms of portability. But in bottled water dispensers, it is enough that there is a socket near to the dispenser.

Thirdly, another element is silence. The sounds from our surroundings are vital when trying to concentrate on any task. It can affect the efficiency of the work done. Therefore, it is crucial for you whether the water dispenser you will buy operates silently or not. Before purchasing the product, try to read the reviews and learn about its sound.

To mention one more element, it is the ability to self-cleaning. In the office, nobody does enjoy with the cleaning and maintaining the water dispenser regularly. If the water dispenser can maintain itself, a new thing to do is not added to the workload of the office.

For Home

One of the first things to consider when buying a water dispenser for your home is the size of your kitchen or hall. If your kitchen or hall is small and you move inside barely, table-top ones or under-countertop ones seem better for you. Table-top ones have smaller design compared to the others. You can place it to the kitchen table, a shelf you mount in the hall or countertop. 

Freestanding water dispensers take up space and fill the area as appearance. It may not be extensive horizontally, but with the length and with the 5-gallon bottles placed on top of the bottled ones, it takes up more space in where you put it. As in the office, you have to put the direct-piping ones near the water outlet and socket. If you consider buying a one with a faucet-tank-filter, ensure that your place in under-countertop is available to put tank and filter system.

Another issue is what you want the water dispenser for. If you’re going to use the water dispenser entirely as a source of drinking water, direct-piping water dispensers will be the right choice for you. But if you only buy hot and cold water for convenience, the bottled ones are more suitable for you. If you want to buy it for only hot water, there are models called instant hot water dispenser.

If you wish to make your job easier while pouring water into the glass and filter the water a little and even put it in your fridge, the water dispensers with the water tank directly above the tap and the size of 2-3 jugs are ideal for you. If you wonder what it looks like, click and go to the product review.


#1 Best Price & Size: Brita Water Dispenser

Are you looking for a dispenser that makes you fill the glass more effortless and a little filtered water? You are where you want to be. Brita Water Dispenser reduces chlorine (taste & odor), Mercury, Copper, Zinc, and Cadmium, which decrease the quality of your water. Its tap is embedded into the reservoir, and it is a whole. That it can be placed in the fridge separates it from the others. When you open the refrigerator door, hold your glass below the tap and open the spigot. Drinking water from the fridge has never been more comfortable.

To talk about opposing sides, the many costumers reported that after a while, water leaks from its stopper. But do not worry about it. Replacing the stopper is cheap and effortless. It is hard to clean because the filtered water area is not reachable. Moreover, its filter system is not enough to clean tap water. You have to use drinking water.

What We Like:

  • Small design
  • Easy to use
  • Presents two filter types
  • Material is quality
  • Portable

What We Don’t Like:

  • The filter is not enough for tap water
  • Leaking Problems
  • Issues about draining the water in the reservoir
  • Hard to clean


It takes approximately 140 liters of water to grow coffee beans and make a cup of coffee.

#2 Best Top-Loading & Design: Avalon Water Dispenser

If you look for a water dispenser whose material is quality as well as looks elegant in your home or office, Avalon A10 is produced for you. Its stainless steel and black stainless steel colors make it possible for you to choose the proper one for you. It has a room temperature water output. So, you can drink water according to the temperature of the environment.

Are you afraid that your child could burn his/her hand or any part with hot water flowing from the water dispenser?

There is no need to worry. There is a child safety lock on the hot water spout, so the whole members of the family are able to use it unworriedly. However, consumers reported that the dispenser could fail at making water cold after using it for a certain period. They also noted its room temperature water from the cool spout is nearly as cold as the water coming through the crisp cold faucet.

What We Like:

  • Child safety lock on hot water
  • Has attractive color options
  • Hot, cool, and crisp cold water
  • Impressive design: Looks very good
  • Easy to setup

What We Don’t Like:

  • Makes a little noise
  • Does not have a self-cleaning feature
  • Complaints that the water is not cold enough
  • The temperature of the cool and cold options is the same
  • Leaking problems after a while


Water makes up 95% of a fetus in the womb. While this rate is 77% in the infancy period after birth, the amount of water in a person who weighs 70 kg in adulthood is 42 liters.

#3 Best Self-Cleaning & Taste: Brio POU Water Dispenser

Are you tired of taking home drinking water? Brio Water Dispenser is here to help you. It does not require a bottle because it is connected to the water source (tap water). Thanks to a 4-stage filtering system, it purifies the tap water flawlessly and allows you to drink the water with the best taste. Your children are prevented from burning themselves due to its child lock on the hot water faucet.

One of the most critical features that highlight this water dispenser is its self-cleaning ozone feature.

Just pressing one button, the dispenser cleans itself and brings you time to renew the filter system. Nevertheless, you can slog while installing the dispenser. Its user guide is not illustrative. Moreover, do not forget to buy a bottle of wastewater. Its filtering system wastes much water. Your water bill may cost a little more than usual.

What We Like:

  • Water’s taste is perfect
  • Child safety lock on the hot water spout
  • Self-cleaning feature
  • Hot, cool, and crisp cold water
  • Advanced filtration

What We Don’t Like:

  • Complicated setup
  • The user manual is challenging to understand
  • Wastes much water
  • Not long-lasting

#4 Best Bottom-Loading & Usefulness: Primo Water Dispenser

The most chief feature is that it is itself. This water dispenser is a bottom-loading one. As opposed to the top-loading water dispensers, the water source is below the unit. This way, you don’t have to lift or fatigue to load heavy water bottles into the water dispenser. In proportion to the other dispensers, it is straightforward to set up. You can wash the stainless steel drip tray by a dishwasher, which provides convenience at cleaning. When you want freezing water, Primo Bottom-Loading Water Dispenser will satisfy you. Still, you can load only the primo brand water bottle to the dispenser.

And if you have a kid, you have to be careful because there is no child lock on the hot water tap. Customers stated that the dispenser could be noisy when cooling the water, but it is not at an uncomfortable level.

What We Like:

  • Effortless bottle renewing due to bottom-loading
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Long-lasting
  • Successful at cooling

What We Don’t Like:

  • Works with only primo water bottles
  • No child lock on the hot water spout
  • Noisy when running cold water

#5 Best Hot Water & Faucet: Ready Hot Water Dispenser

Want to prepare your coffee, tea, or food ingredients effortlessly? Ready Hot Water Dispenser will make an opportunity for this. It includes three groups as a faucet and hot water tank, and its spout is quite graceful. This dispenser produces water between 122° and 208° as temperature, and you can adjust the temperature of water thanks to its adjustable temperature feature. The material of the dispenser is stainless steel, so it presents a long lifetime.

It is not difficult to use, but its installation is complicated. If you have never experienced plumbing before, you may need a plumber. There can be noise while the tank heats the water. And these sounds can keep on certain intervals. Due to this water dispenser is sensitive, it can break down quickly. You have to be careful at installation and usage.

What We Like:

  • Optional faucet selection
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Stainless steel material
  • Elegant faucet

What We Don’t Like:

  • Plumbing is hard for beginners
  • It can be not quiet while it heats water
  • Sometimes waiting 4-5 seconds
  • It can break down easily


All in all, there are hundreds of water dispenser models, and we have compiled and presented you 5 of the best. You can choose the most suitable water dispenser for you, considering the criteria we have explained. Furthermore, thanks to information about the components which determine the quality of water in the article, you will now be more conscious when purchasing water for your home. For example, you will be able to decide whether water is healthy by looking at the pH value on the label when buying water.

Did you know the information we mentioned about water in this article before?

Are you considering looking at the pH value and the minerals in it before purchasing water?

Is there any type of water dispensers we did not mention?

We would be glad if you share your ideas, corrections, or additions by leaving a comment below.


  1. Several years ago after many years of no problems, our local water developed a bad taste and odor. The water company said nothing was wrong with it. It was like swamp water. I started buying bottled water. But soon got a Brita. It works great.


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