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The 5 Best Water Softener Salts (Oct. 2021)

Say goodbye to hard water!

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We all want to achieve maximum laundry happiness. Best Water Softener Salt is the key!

When water is not softened, it can take a toll on your clothes. For example, it can cause them to fade or shrink in size. Also, when you shower or bathe with hard water, the minerals stick onto your body and hair, causing dryness and itchiness!

Water Softener Salt is the best product to protect your appliances, clothes, and skin.

We’ll tell you how to find the best water softener salt for your home, what types are available, and which type of water softener salts will work best for your needs.

Best of all, we’ll give you a list of our favorite Best Water Softener Salts that are on Amazon at the moment!

So if you’re ready, let’s get started!

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#1 Best Overall: Diamond Crystal Water Softener Bag

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Do you want to make your laundry as clean as snow? The only remedy for this is not only a good washing powder but also pure water. However, because the calcified pipes over time may damage your plumbing by reducing your water quality thus, whatever you use, you may not get a good result for your laundry. For this, you can choose one of the water softening salts. So, here is our suggestion that will make a good match for you. Diamond Crystal Water Softener can be the best water softener pellet at the top of our list. So, if you’re ready, let’s get started!

Although Diamond Crystal water softener salt is potassium chloride, it can also be used. The salt you put in your water softener with a measuring cup ensures that the water used is softened. You take precautions against lime and rusting of both your water and your resistance. Also, a 40lb pack volume helps you for about a month. Who wouldn’t like to save monthly in one go?

This salt consists of 99.1% pure potassium chloride and is compatible with most water softening systems. It is an excellent feature to relieve your concerns about it, and you will have no problem using it for plants and animals in your home. If you have salt sensitivity or are a family member who needs to be careful about salt, we can say that salt will meet this critical situation. Besides, the bag with salt is very user-friendly. You can easily carry and open the bag.

On the other hand, you can also protect your bathtubs, sinks, and faucets against tough stains. Thanks to this salt, you can offer an excellent service to your water pearls. In addition, the diamond crystal softener salt, which increases your usage and performance power for many years, prevents you from drilling holes in your wallet for repairs and future changes. However, it is worth mentioning that you may need to use more than other salts when you buy this salt. Fortunately, you know that no bridges will occur in your water softener. All in all, it can be the right choice when you want to use salt in your water softener.

However, if you have a sensitive skin structure, our next suggestion may appeal to you.

#2 Best for Sensitive Skin: Morton Pure and Natural Water Softening Crystals

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Are you using softened water for your sensitive skin? For this, you need to find a salt that will be as sensitive as you—many salts on the market care about your skin’s sensitivity. Still, finding the best one takes time. So we conducted an in-depth investigation. Morton U26624S Pure and Natural Water Softening Crystals, which take second place on our list, can be the best solar salt crystals. Let’s take a look at its features.

In addition to being a well-known brand in the market, Morton has been processed with solar energy to produce an evaporated salt. Besides, this salt is essential when you want to soften your water because it is entirely natural.- Consisting of sodium chloride. Suitable for use in moderately hard water, Morton has a safe structure for sensitive skin. In addition, since it squeezes salt lumps or crystals in terms of shape, it does not cause clumping problems.

Morton crystal water softener performs well for your plumbing and water dobbies such as bathtubs, sinks, faucets. The crystal structure prevents the accumulation of minerals in pearls. Wouldn’t it be a surprise for you to encounter scratched glasses when you look at the dishwasher? Or that your clothes remain stained despite all the detergent and long program washes? It is precisely what Morton targets. We have seen that our glasses look better when we use them in our dishwasher. You understand the softness promised to you better when you see that your soaps or shampoos foam more.

On the other hand, you do not have any difficulties carrying the 40-pound bag, opening, or even emptying it. You can take it wherever you want thanks to its carrying handle. However, I do not think that one package is enough for you. It will be helpful to purchase two or more packages for your monthly usage. Then, after making sure that your tank is half full of salt, you can enjoy your soft water.

As a result, with Morton softener salt, you can see that your skin is softened, and your hair gains shine. In any case, matching your water softener with a reliable salt brand makes you happy too. But remember that you shouldn’t use it for your plants or animals.

So if you are looking for a more affordable product for your budget, keep reading!

#3 Best for Dishwasher: 5 LB Dishwasher Salt Water Softener

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Do you feel helpless about the glasses drawn by your dishwasher? It is a situation many of us face. Although we often find the error in our products, we cannot attribute it to the cleaning products we use alone. Because the hard water used will cause calcification of your residences over time. The remedy is hidden in softening the water. You can start by finding the suitable salt for your dishwasher. It can be difficult for you because what many salts in the market promise are in common. Here we have already prepared a suggestion for you! 5 LB Dishwasher Salt / Water Softener Salt, which is in the third place on our list, can be cheap water softener salt for your dishwashers. If you’re ready, let’s have a look at its features!

If you have a large family or regularly host guests in your home, you frequently use your dishwasher. Unlike other salts, Impresa Products’ water softening salt can only be used in dishwashers. Thus, we can say that you will encounter such a significant result that you can see your reflection. This salt, which works well with Miele, Bosch & Whirlpool products in general, can break limescale. You can support having a durable dishwasher with this salt, which can prevent lime and rust.

Since it does not contain additives, you do not have to worry about usage. In addition, since it has 100% pure and very coarse grains, it can help you get more effective results than other salts. Even your children can carry this salt, which comes in a 2-pound sealed bag. -It is light, although it has no carrying handle. Just add salt to your water softener and make sure there is half or more salt.- If you only have a container for salt. It’s all that simple!

In summary, you can enjoy safe use in your dishwasher without additives with this water softening salt from Impresa Products. Another feature of it is that the price is very affordable. Therefore, we can say that the reason why most users are the preference is that it has a reasonable price as well as its performance.

How about, are you ready to buy your dishwasher? If you need a better option for your family, read on!

#4 Best for Family Use: Cargill Salt 7304 Water Softener Salt

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Need powerful water softening salt for your large family? Generally, water use is high in crowded families. Considering that different skin types are also together, water softening salt will become a necessity. So which one is the best? Let us suggest to you. Cargill Salt 7304, ranked fourth on our list, can be the best water softener salt crystals for your crowded family. Let’s look into the details for a choice that will make your whole family happy!

Cargill is one of the salts that perform well in domestic use because it is a well-known brand that removes the hardness in your water and softens your water. It comes with a sitting package when you buy this product. When you add it to your water softening tank, it melts instantly. It ensures that you will not encounter any bridging problem. When using in bathrooms and sinks, the softened water can make your family members look healthier and their hair looks brighter. Besides, this salt, which allows you to use it on the device and dobby, can resist lime.

On the other hand, diamond crystal-shaped salt pellets also perform well against stains. When we used it in toilets and sinks, we got better results in cleaning. Of course, you can use it not only in the sinks but also in cleaning your clothes. You notice that your clothes are softer. If you have children in your family members, this feature will attract you. As a result, you wouldn’t want to hurt your kids’ skin, would you?

To wrap up, Cargill may be one of the salts suitable for large families to soften moderately hard water. Additionally, we have seen that since it is pure salt, users also use it in most poultry processing and meat production.

What do you say? Will you offer your family soft water? If you’re looking for a solution for rusty iron, our last suggestion might catch you!

#5 Best Iron Remover: Pro Products RO12N Rust Out Water Softener Cleaner

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Are you in trouble with rust stains? Rust is an inevitable end in areas exposed to excessive water. However, you can completely solve this problem with a water softener salt that will remove the substances that cause rust in your resin. A salt that you can use in your sinks and bathtubs will remove all rust and bring you a happy ending. Here is one of them! Our list’s last recommendation, RO12N Rust Out Water Softener Cleaner, can be the best water softener cleaner for iron. Let’s look at the features with one last effort!

While trying the last suggestion of our list, we can say that we felt experimenting in the laboratory. RO12N Rust Out, which we first tried on our rusty repair tools, needed some time to get rid of rust stains. After all, it will take some time to erase the years. However, this period did not take that long. We were also very excited to try it out in other areas of use. This water softener cleaner does its best for purely environmentally conscious users. Because there is no room for corrosive chemicals, it is just one feature that makes it reliable.

It can be sad to see how dangerous your water is regarding rust stains around bathrooms and tubs. Unfortunately, the situation will not be the same for iron-containing softeners. Fortunately, you don’t have emotional moments when saying goodbye to rust stains with this cleaner. Everything can look as new as the first day. It impressed us a lot. With a volume of 1.5 lb, the bottle is straightforward to carry and use. However, since it is reactive, you should be careful when using it and not breathe it.

As a result, Rust Out is a good option when you want to fight against rust stains that have endangered your health for years. We can call it a cleaner that improves the functioning of your resin and extends its service life. A product that will impress you in most of your living spaces and even in your garages.

In light of all this information, you are now ready for the purchase!


Do plants like softened water?

If you plan to feed your plants with softened water, stop there! Plants cannot tolerate sodium contained in softened water. As a result, the water balance in plants is disturbed. Thinking that your plant needs more water, giving softened water will cause your plant to die.

Can you mix pellets and crystals in my water softener?

Generally, pellets and crystals can go well together. There is no danger in mixing different types of salts in your water softening. However, you have to check your tank frequently for deposits.

What can you do old salt?

Don’t worry about disposing of your old salt because there are several ways to do this. Our first suggestion is that if there are weeds around your habitat, salt, which is not suitable for the plants’ chemistry, will kill them. Thus, you can get rid of weeds in a short time to re-green your gardens. Do not forget to allow up to a month for the soil in that area to plant new plants. Our second suggestion is that you can melt your hiking trail covered with glaciers in winter with the help of this salt. Sprinkle on the ice road and wait for it to melt. Finally, it is okay to throw away the old salts in the trash, so put them together with your other rubbish and throw them away.


You can take precautions against lime and rust with water softening salts. However, many models on the market can make it challenging to make a decision.

Do you prefer potassium chloride or sodium chloride? Crystal or pellet?

To answer all these questions, we have discussed the five best water softener salts for you. Besides, we have gathered the criteria you need to know when purchasing a water softening salt in our buying guide.

Here we chose our suggestions. Diamond Crystal Water Softener Bag, which is at the top of our list, was our choice. This selection made it easy for us to obtain softened water to make us comfortable in monthly use.

Well, have you bought water softening salt before? Was there a product you tried before among our recommendations?

We care about your valuable comments. You can share your ideas, opinions, and suggestions with us in the comments section, and you can light the purchasing decisions of other users.

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