The Best Way to Coat Candles with Glitter

Budget Ways to Add Bling

Candles coated with glitter are typically more expensive than plain varieties, especially if they also include graphics such as numbers or letters. Specific hues and designs can be hard to find, but they are effortless to make. It is possible to coat the wax with glitter in designs for every occasion, and it will stay firmly in place. Use these easy ways to create beautiful sparkling candles, and opt for budget ways to add bling instead of breaking your decorating budget and settling for something that is anything less than ideal for the occasion.

Necessary Supplies

To coat candles with glitter and create numbered or lettered designs, you will need fine glitter that is especially for candle making, Mod Podge decoupage medium or a comparable brand, a large soft bristle craft brush, plain candles and peel and stick letters or numbers. You should also have an old vinyl tablecloth or something similar to protect your work surface. Paper plates can be used to catch excess glitter during the application process. It is expensive, and none of it should go to waste.


Begin by applying peel and stick letters or numbers. They will serve as stencils, and they will be removed once the Mod Podge dries. The bare area beneath will retain the shape of the numbers or letters.

Next, apply Mod Podge using the soft bristle brush. If they are used, carefully brush around the peel and stick pieces. They will be easier to remove if they are not covered in glitter. Coat one section of the candle at a time, and hold it by the top and bottom edges.

As each section is coated, generously add the glitter. Gently shake the candle to remove any loose pieces. Once the entire candle is coated, allow it to dry completely before handling further.

After the candle is fully coated and the Mod Podge is dry, carefully peel away the appliques. If the edges of the glittered designs are too ragged, use a tiny brush, Mod Podge and additional glitter to fill in the uneven areas.

Glitter Candle Uses and Ideas

Decorative glitter candles are ideal for celebrating on New Year’s Day. Consider coating four candles and using peel and stick numbers to create the year when they are placed side by side. They make beautiful party décor while celebrating New Year’s Day or any other special date or occasion with family and friends.


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