Creative Ways to Use Big Oil Paintings

Decorating with Painted Art

Big oil paintings can be quite impressive, but they are not ideal in every location, even if they fit. Depending on where they are hung, they can appear too large for a room. However, they can be used in very creative ways, even in areas that do not offer the proper ratio of square footage. If you have oil paintings that seem too big to hang, try these creative ideas for use. They can be used for decorating in many surprising and nontraditional ways.

Create a Stylish New Headboard

Headboards do not have to be made from wood, steel or tufted fabric. On the contrary, some of the most stylish and impressive headboards are works of painted or sculptured art. If you have big oil paintings that do not seem to fit in a small bedroom, move them down the wall. As the photo shows, a large painting makes a fantastic headboard for a twin bed. If your bed is larger, use as many coordinating paintings as needed to span the width of the bed. Yours can look as fabulous as the arrangement in the photo.

Recover an Upholstered Chair with Painted Canvas

Do you have a decorative chair that could use new upholstery? If you have big oil paintings that you do not know how or where to use, do something unconventional. Instead of recovering the chair with fabric, use a painted canvas. Remove the old fabric, and carefully recover the padded seat and/or back with the canvas from your big oil paintings. A heavy-duty staple gun will hold the canvas securely in place. Oil paint is highly resilient, and even if the chair is used, the paint will hold up with proper care.

Top a Chest with a Large Wall-Mounted Work of Art

Oil paintings that seem too big for a small room might work if properly placed. Do not hang them in just any location. Consider mounting one or more above a dresser or chest of drawers. Dressers have mirrors, and a chest of drawers can become the podium for stunning works of painted art. Whether they are hung up or leaned against the wall, if the arrangement is no wider than the furnishing, it will look outstanding. Decorate the top of the chest or dresser with a few related items that will tie the pieces together.


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