Creative Ideas to Use Birthday Gift Bags

Decorative Storage and More

Gift bags are good for more than just holding tissue paper and gifts. Birthday gift bags can be used in several creative ways. They make fantastic home decor and storage containers. I came up with several unique and innovative uses after receiving a beautiful gift bag with a vintage design. I wanted to save it instead of folding it up and tucking it away for someone else’s birthday.

Make Beautiful Luminaries

Pretty birthday gift bags make beautiful luminaries. Use craft punches to add decorative openings. Punch around the graphics, or enhance them with illuminated details. For example, a birthday gift bag with lighted candles on a cake can be beautifully enhanced by punching out the flames. When a battery-operated candle is added to the bag, the flames will magically glow. If desired, replace cheap nylon handles with pretty ribbons that coordinate with the bags.

Sturdy and Decorative Storage

My daughter and I save some of our birthday gift bags to reuse for gift-giving, but others are saved for decorative storage purposes. They are ideal for storing and organizing craft supplies, hats, gloves, and other small lightweight items, especially when they must be openly stored. They look better than cardboard boxes or ordinary paper bags. I prefer decorative bags to baskets in some situations. My daughter’s bedroom is decorated with stars and other space-themed accents, and we used birthday gift bags with celestial designs for storing things on her open shelves.

Create Eye Catching Planters

Cheap plastic planters can be quite ugly, but they do not have to be discarded. They can be covered in very creative ways. Eye-catching birthday gift bags can be used to hold potted plants of the appropriate size. If necessary, cut the bags to the ideal height, and line the raw edges with rickrack or lace. The decorative bags will hide the pots, and they will beautifully highlight the plants.

Display Blooms in a Bag

Beautiful birthday gift bags are also ideal for holding faux blooms. Fill the base of a bag with glass pebbles, dried beans, or florist foam. Use the material to hold the flower stems in place. Add flowers that coordinate with the colors of the bag, and fill in the openings with fern stems, dried eucalyptus, colorful statice flowers, and baby’s breath. A bag of blooms makes a great birthday present too. It is a gift that will keep on giving in a lovely and decorative way.


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