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The 7 Best Shower Valve Reviews & Guide (2020)

Wohomen independently research and recommend the best home & garden products; you can learn more about our product review guidelines here. We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

Are you one of those who turn into a DJ while setting hot water before showering? You cannot adjust the temperature you want, and your shower pleasure turns into a nightmare? Well, if you knew your shower valve and mastered its features, would you still have a hard time? Then we invite you to the mysterious world of shower systems to the valves.

Shower valves are processors that enable us to control the water pressure, temperature, and volume. There are four types of valves that you can also provide thermostatic control. These include a one-way twin shower valve, two-way twin shower valve, two-way triple shower valve, and three-way triple shower valve. You may find it challenging to choose which header is suitable for your bathroom and use. Who knows most of us may not even know about this little processor.

Let’s take a look at the seven best shower valves we have chosen for your health in the shower, easy adjustment, and long life!

List of The Best Shower Valve

#1 Best Thermostatic: Delta Faucet Shower Valve

The versatile design of the MultiChoice Universal Tub and shower valve – back-to-back installation, brass construction, heat-resistance, etc

#2 Best for Low Pressure: Kohler K- GP77759 Shower Valve

Comes with a mixer cover kit for better temperature control. pressure compensating valve. – easily adjustable temperature setting, smooth swing arm, compatible with Kohler trim, etc.

#3 Best Mixing Valve: Danze D112000BT Shower Valve

It is ideal for showers with hand shower combination thanks to its high quality hardened ceramic. – comfortable temperature setting, different kinds of interior, washing, soaping and rinsing resistance, etc.

#4 Best Diverter Valve: Pfister 00131XA Shower Valve

With its high precision reel balancing unit brass body, it offers more flexible mounting depth for shallow wall mounts.- Plaster Guard cap, diaphragm pressure balance valve, plug for the shower, etc.

#5 Best Mixer Valve: SR Sunrise 5043-K Shower Valve

Air energy technology offers a powerful rain shower even under low water pressure. – ten layer chrome plated coating, corrosion resistance, and durability, L Style Hand Shower Head, 5-year warranty, etc.

#6 Best Digital: Moen TS3415 Temperature Controlled Shower

It includes a digital controller for temperature and flow, keeping up with age. -Seven rainshower showerhead, arm, and flange, metal construction, etc.

#7 Best Thermostatic Mixing:  PSSOPP Shower Valve

The thermostat on the valve is capable of rising to 42 degrees Celsius. However, it can be adjusted to 38 degrees Celsius with a safety switch. – Valve with 2 cm hot and cold water inlet, ideal for bathroom, toilet, kitchen, wash, etc.

#1 Best Thermostatic: Delta Faucet R10000 Shower Valve

Delta-best thermostatic shower valve

One of the main dangers that may arise while taking a bath or shower is that when the cold or hot water flow in the installation suddenly decreases, a sudden increase or decrease in the internal water temperature. The risks that you may be exposed to depending on the bathing water temperature can be classified as scalding and thermal shock. Even though the increases in the internal water temperature are as low as possible, their effects are quite high in terms of scalding risk and burn degree. Therefore, having your shower valve thermostatic will protect you against dangers.

 Here is Delta Faucet, which is at the top of our list! It is also imperative that the valve, one of the secrets of your shower system, is thermostatic. Because while you take a shower, even if someone washes the dishes or water the garden, it is not affected by sudden changes in water temperature. When sudden pressure losses occur in cold water or hot water inlets, you do not experience scalding or thermal shock effects due to the battery’s automatic shut-off feature.

In addition to being thermostatic in the details of this product, there are many features. With thirty different styles and shower trim options, you can easily use PEX, IPS, and Universal connection types. A sign that it is versatile. Also, with its unique design, you can increase your shower quality without any operation in the water installation you use. You should buy trim to avoid any problems with installation, sponges, and screws. On the other hand, unlike other valves, thanks to its brass structure, it can be a more robust option with high heat resistance.

So if you do not know, how will you do the setup?

Only personal skills come into play here. Because this product comes with a guide with installation instructions, you can easily install it with its simple narration and visuals. But what you need for this is the soldering gun. If you have a soldering gun in your home, forget the plumber. But if you don’t have it, you will need a plumber for soldering places. For using Delta Faucet, it is enough to have a single-function, double-function, or double-function thermostatic trim because it has a structure compatible with all of them.

Pay attention to these points during the installation phase!

  • You should be careful while using the Pex plastic pipe for piping to the faucet or showerhead! Because you can direct the water to the wrong place.
  • It would be best if you calculated the distance between the valve body and the outlet well. You can block the water flow rate.
  • When using the product, you should follow the user manual. It will be helpful to match the parts correctly and install them correctly.

Once you meet all the conditions, you can start for your shower pleasure! Do you realize how important the small details are for you to pamper yourself? If this recommendation does not meet the criteria for your shower valve selection, you can take a look at Kohler, our second recommendation, which cares about your body sensitivity with its low-pressure option.

What We Like:

  • Flexibility to upgrade without changing your plumbing.
  • Back-to-back installation.
  • Anti-scalding and thermal shock inhibitör.
  • Lifetime limited warranty.
  • 4.88 x 5.06 x 4.88 inches.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Does not contain a trim package.

Check Delta Faucet R10000 on

#2 Best for Low Pressure: Kohler K- GP77759 Shower Valve


The pressure compensating valve is a valve that minimizes the effect of pressure changes from the fluid source and reduces material flow changes caused by piston pump change or unbalanced pump drops. For example, if the cold water flow is interrupted during the shower, the pressure compensation mechanism closes the flow to the showerhead to prevent the battery from scalding with hot water.

Our second place recommendation, Kohler K-GP77759, may be a suitable option for those who want low pressure in their bathroom. Pressure balancing valves provide better results, especially for those who use the kitchen, sink, and bathroom water pipeline jointly. Thanks to a valve and temperature limit stop feature that is compatible with most of the Rite-Temp shower valves, it also helps you achieve temperature control while achieving maximum temperature. You can achieve versatility with several brands and, in our opinion, is one of them in Kohler. It would help if you bought Kohler sponges and trims that are suitable for their structure. With this valve, you can effortlessly rotate the shower arm. Its unique structure designed to increase its durability shows that you can use it for a long time. If you are going to use your choice of stylish showerheads in your bathroom, this valve can help you with its structure suitable for every ornament.

Attention here!

  • In order not to reduce the quality of the shower valve, you must also make sure that the trims you purchase are original!
  • Follow all steps carefully and carefully using the guide during the installation phase! You should pay particular attention to the symbols mentioned. The slightest mistake you make during the installation phase can cause serious problems. If you think you are not getting enough information, installation videos can help you.
  • If the pressure reducing valve is to be installed, the first thing to do is to clean the installation from coarse dirt, i.e., sand and gravel. What we recommend before installing the valve is to install a filter. Using a threaded connection will provide you with comfort when assembling.

They were the information for low-pressure shower valves. If you need a mixer valve, Danze, in our article, may be the product you are looking for.

What We Like:

  • Controls water temperature and pressure.
  • Allows adjusting the flow rate.
  • Easy to install.
  • Compatibility with the product size of 3.5 x 2.5 x 4 inches.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Difficulty in finding the original trim, not including the trim set.

Check Kohler K- GP77759 on

#3 Best Mixing Valve: Danze D112000BT Shower Valve


Mixing Valve, which used to mix the high-temperature water coming from the pipe with the cold water coming from the mains water and obtain water at the desired temperature. The thermal element in the valve body allows you to move the hot and cold water proportionally and create the water at the desired temperature.

Danze D112000BT ranked third in our list, which is the best mixing valve you can choose. Danze ceramic pressure shower valves have the highest flow rates in the industry. This recommendation is ideal for traditional single shower or bathtub and shower combinations. Danze ceramic valves include standard quality features such as heavy pattern brass construction, lead-free waterways meeting ANSI / NSF 61 requirements, and a wide variety of durable and decorative coatings. The valve is maintenance-free. It is also able to withstand various water conditions and years of rubbing, soaping, washing, and rinsing.

Since the ceramic is corrosion-resistant, the pressure shower valve could potentially be the best solution for hard water. The valve can provide ease of use with its 1/2 combination IPS / Copper sweat ports and positive diverter control. How does shower valve work? For back-to-back installation, the valve has reverse flow adjustments from the front and provides up to six gallons per minute of water flow rate at 45Psi to support two outlets.

What do you need for preliminary preparation?

  • Adjustable wrench,
  • Groove joint plier,
  • Phillips screwdriver,
  • Pipe tape and,
  • Hacksaw.

When you are sure that you have all the accessories, we suggest that you get help from the user manual. If you do not trust your mounted skills, you may need to get support from a plumber. It is also useful to calculate the pressure speed and flow direction well when connecting the valve and the pipeline from the mains water. If you install incorrectly, it may affect the water flow rate, and you may not get the right efficiency.

If it is a deflector you need for your bathroom, our fourth suggestion will be of interest to Pfister.

What We Like:

  • Hardened ceramic discs.
  • A plaster guard and a mounting basket.
  • Smooth turning action and eliminate drips.

What We Don’t Like:

  • A plumber may be required for installation.

Check Danze D112000BT on

#4 Best Diverter Valve: Pfister 00131XA Shower Valve


A shower diverter, also known as a diverter valve, is known for its ability to direct the water flow from the tub faucet to the showerhead. Thus, a diverter valve helps you get a shower and bathtub faucet in the same area.

Let’s say your shower cabin has both a bathtub and a standing shower. What you need here is the shower faucet, which will fill the bathtub quickly as well as short-term relief. You should use this faucet with a diverter so that you can change the water flow direction with a single movement.

With the Pfister 00131xa model in the fourth row of our list, water is dispensed from the tub when the diverter valve is rotated 180 degrees clockwise while sending hot and cold water to the showerhead. The valve is made of high-quality metal to ensure maximum durability. While you can install it in the bathroom, laundry room, and garden, the design material is durable and heat resistant, you can keep your shower pleasure for many years. With 1/2 inch fitting inlets and 1/2 IP outlets, you can have individual controls or adjustments for cold and hot water. It gives you more power, making your shower enjoyable. Pfister valves are well designed and come with an extra set of valves and include a design for the body of the valve to suit different trim sets. Of course, you have to buy all of these separately.

The installation is so simple that you can handle it in a short time. Moreover, you do not need to replace the existing plumbing behind your bathroom wall to install the new shower valve. It saves time that we will spend on providing the cleaning necessary for our body health but also provides financial convenience.

With its brass body, the roller balancing unit can offer more flexible mounting depth for shallow wall mounts. Besides, the set includes a plaster protection cap, diaphragm pressure compensating valve, shower plug. So you don’t shop extra.waiting for you in the rest of the article!

We wanted to tell you what you can do with a deflector! So how does a shower mixing valve work, want to know? Continue reading our article. Our suggestion SR Sunrise will be there!

What We Like:

  • Three-hole installation.
  • Thermostatic, diverter, and volume control valve.
  • Easily changing mood.
  • Covered with Pfister’s Pforever warranty.
  • Easy setup.
  • High-quality metal control ensures optimal sturdiness and longevity.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Battery not included.
  • Has no ears to attach to the mounting plate.

Check Pfister 00131XA on

#5 Best Mixer Valve: SR Sunrise 5044-K Shower Valve


Shower mixing valves help mix a source of hot and cold water into a valve to reach the temperature you choose before reaching the showerhead. You cannot increase the low pressure of the water flow with these valves designed for use with low or high-pressure water sources. You can only use the resources used in your mixing target.

SR Sun Rise is on the fifth place in our list with this model. Thanks to its wall-mounted design, we think it is a product that you can catch an elegance in your bathroom. Let’s take a look at their technical features!

This valve measures 12.6 x 11.99 x 7.49 cm and consists of a brass body and plastic box, and contains 4 NPT Thread Adapters that solve the leaking problem. You can be protected from both water waste and water stain that will cause rust over the years. We do not think that you will want your bathroom walls to swell using an already leaking valve. On the other hand, you are experiencing the ease of use for many years with ceramic valve wear resistance. SR Sunrise, which is a suitable option for users who want elegance in their bathroom, can attach the rain shower head and hand shower head to the desired location only depending on the location of the hidden water pipe.

You realize that it is designed for an optimum water flow efficiency of 2.5 GPM, especially if you want to save water for an environmentally friendly life. This rate allows you to save approximately 30% water. We think you can feel yourself swimming in a seaside town with a rain cap. You can discover a different way of pampering yourself with this combination mixer valve!

If you can find the features you’re looking for in this valve, you’re ready to get it. However, if you are looking for digital temperature control, our sixth recommendation is for you!

What We Like:

  • Wide coverage.
  • Silicone nozzles are easy to clean.
  • It is easy to install.
  • It offers excellent value for money.
  • A stylish, eye-catching look
  • Relaxing and refreshing rain like showers.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Overtime can rust.ings.
  • Water pressure could be better.
  • In some cases, it needs a shower arm to promote better positioning.

Check SR Sunrise 5044-K on

#6 Best Digital: Moen TS3415 Temperature Controlled Shower


Developing technology also affects your bathrooms. We have an excellent recommendation for those who prefer digital valves instead of standard valves!

Moen TS3415 IO can be a choice for those who want to organize shower pleasure thanks to the metal construction with various surfaces defined by Suffix. There is an on / off button on it. The digital control dial has four digital pre-sets that you can control both temperature and water flow rate with led indicators. Temperature range setting 60 degrees F to 120 degrees F (16 degrees C to 49 degrees C). The factory’s maximum setting is 115 degrees. On the other hand, the remote control (optional) uses RF technology and has a range of 30 inches (9.2 m), and the showerhead is limited to 2.5 GPM (9.5 L / min)..

Leaving aside the technical information, it seems that we have put the savings to the forefront in the last few days when water use has increased. However, you can achieve the same performance by saving more with digital valves. Moen is designed for us exactly. While considering the comfort of its users, it also emphasizes its environmentalist identity.

We can say that the price-performance range is also in a good position according to the benefits it provides. Because the amounts you will spend on your valve preferences, which are your long-life goal, should not upset you. We think it will enable you to earn income in the long run.Moen, a valve made of chrome that complements the stylish look of your bathroom with its appearance, can be an excellent solution to your digital quest. If the valve you are looking for is a thermostatic mixer, we have reviewed Pssopp for you later in our article!

Moen, a valve made of chrome that complements the stylish look of your bathroom with its appearance, can be an excellent solution to your digital quest. If the valve you are looking for is a thermostatic mixer, we have reviewed Pssopp for you later in our article!

What We Like:

  • Lifetime limited warranty.
  • Immersion technology – spray power for a complete rinse
  • Concentrated and rain rinse modes.
  • Remote control.

What We Don’t Like:

  • The water pressure was low
  • Not started to rust.

Check Moen TS3415 on

#7 Best Thermostatic Mixing:  PSSOPP Shower Valve

Unlike standard models, the Thermostatic mixing type can control the temperature of the water. It can be achieved in pre-set terms, which is an advantage of this valve type. You can set the required temperature and save it for the next use. Just give the valve a few seconds to reach the temperature you set previously. You can do this with manual or automatic buttons.

Pssopp, the last recommendation of our list, offers preliminary preparation for the desired water temperature in the bathroom with its thermostatic mixer valve. You can directly flow to the water level you set by waiting for a short time. The thermostat on the valve can be adjusted to 38 degrees Celsius with a safety switch that can be increased to its maximum value of 42 increased. However, we recommend you to be careful not to be scalded at the first use. Although thermostatic mixing valves have anti-scalding structures, it will be useful to be careful until they find the right temperature and become practical.

In Pssopp installation, you should seek help from a specialist. Plumbers will place the valve according to the marks on it; that is, the hot water inlet sign H, the cold water inlet sign C, will be brought to the appropriate places. External check valves at the inlets prevent the cross-flow of hot and cold water when the inlet pressure is not the same. Therefore, attention should also be paid to the inlet pressure. If the ratio between the two inlets is too large, you should select a flow-limiting valve and fix it to the side of the high pressure.

With its 2.76 x 1.89 x 5.12 inch size and brass body, you can use it in schools, open spaces, hospitals, and bathrooms. Assuring its quality with a 3-year warranty, Pssopp will be your assistant in the shower.

What We Like:

  • Tamper- Proof cap.
  • Setting to save the previous temperature.
  • Stable mixed water temperature.
  • Fail-safe on hot or cold supply failure.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Plumber need for installation.

Check Pssopp Shower Valve on

What are The Different Types of Shower Valves?

Valves are fittings designed to control the water flow and temperature in the shower. Current shower valves, when installed correctly, can reduce the temperature fluctuations and surprise changes in water pressure, making the shower more enjoyable. This guide examines different types of shower valves and how they work to make it easier for you to improve or replace usage quality.

 The valves were examined for you in 7 titles as Thermostatic shower valve, Mixing Valves, Pressure Balancing Valves, Diverter Valves, Digital Temperature Valves, Thermostatic Mixing Valve, and Shower Mixer Valve. We wanted to help you choose the product that best suits your needs with this guide.

The quality of your shower valve in your shower can affect many issues. For example, you can adjust the temperature according to the type of valve you use, save the settings you make, or mix mains water and hot water with more standard valves. You can make your bathroom eye-catching with a stylish design according to the quality you choose.

The important criterion here is to choose a valve that can be applied to the system you have previously, or to change the entire system and establish a system that suits your request. You may need to be a good reader on installation and have the necessary trims. Sometimes, you may have to buy extra trim and call a plumber, depending on your valve type.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Shower Valve?

Shower valves are auxiliary devices for stopping or releasing the flow of a fluid in the pipe. Generally, in systems where fluid pressure is essential, if the pressure increases, it is the safety devices that discharge fluid from the system and decrease the pressure or stop fluid communication in an emergency.

What is The Best Type of Shower Valve?

Delta Faucet may be the best choice in the field of thermostatic shower valves, although the answer varies according to your needs. On the other hand, Moen will be a useful choice in the best digital temperature-controlled shower valve.

Are Shower Valves Universal?

In our opinion, shower valves are on the way to become universal. However, if we look at its compatibility today, shower valves may not be universal due to differences in piping systems and the showerhead apparatus of some regions.


The shower valve is a product that you may have difficulty in choosing with its extensive product range and various qualities. While we were setting up the water, we searched for products that you wouldn’t need to perform DJ performance, and apparently, we were able to get your attention with our recommendation for all types of products. We have created seven different options among the options, such as a better budget, more features, and more ease of installation.

We hope that one of our suggestions takes place in your bathroom and can make your shower pleasure fun.

So which valve would you prefer in your bathroom? You can share your comments with us!

The 6 Best Ceiling Paint Reviews & Guide (2020)

Wohomen independently research and recommend the best home & garden products; you can learn more about our product review guidelines here. We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

Why should you paint your home ceiling? Which brands are the best paint for ceiling paint? We have researched for you.

Today, when many people decide to paint their home or workplace, the first thing they think of is interior walls or exterior walls. But the ceiling is just as important as these two. Complementing the atmosphere of the area you choose, ceilings can create more advantages than you expect with the brands and colors you set. You can make your space larger, determine the character of the area. Some people prefer general ceiling paints to paint ceilings, while others can turn to water-based paints. You can get much better results with different paint alternatives you can choose according to your ceiling structure and the tips we have carefully compiled for you!

All right, fasten the belts for the six best ceiling paints we have prepared for your spaces!

List of The Best Ceiling Paint

#1 Best Overall: Kilz Ceiling Paint

The highest voting product from users. – quick-drying, no need a second coat, color change, etc.

#2 Best Latex: Glidden Ceiling Paint

Covering up patches after experiencing leaks or crack. -waterproof, high abrasion resistance, odorless, etc.

#3 Best Alkyd: Benjamin Moore Ceiling Paint

Deep gloss metallic special effects. – No shrinkage, yellowing and cracking, high resistance to precipitation, etc.

#4 Best Matt: Valspar Ceiling Paint

For matt surfaces. – The splash-proof formula, coloring feature, etc.

#5 Best for Popcorn: Zinsser Ceiling Paint

For indoor ceilings. -Ceiling tiles, economical and ergonomic, etc.

#6 Best for Bathroom Ceiling: Rust-Oleum Ceiling Paint

Abrasion and fade resistance. – satin coating, rust prevention, etc.

#1 Best Overall: Kilz Ceiling Paint


Kilz, which is on the top of our list, can be the best paint for your ceilings. The reason for this is the feature that has gained its popularity; fast color changing feature. In this model, which also gets good feedback from its users, you should not ignore the pink color you see when you start painting. Because in a short time, the pink color turns dry and turns white. Unlike ordinary ceiling paints, it can make your painting moments fun with the action it creates. It can be easily applied with the help of a brush or roller if you wish.

 How about looking at the content of the paint in more detail? The 1-gallon package is U 8.0 “x W 7.8” x H 7.0.” It means you can easily paint 250 square feet with just one gallon. Who wants to deal with this troublesome job over and over?  With zero VOC, KILZ Ceiling Paint can prevent ceiling stains and resist splashing. It represents long-term comfortable use.

Before you start painting, it is useful to take a look at our tips that will make your job easier. After applying the first coat of paint for your ceiling, you should wait approximately an hour. After one hour, your ceiling will be dry to the touch. – we do not think you will need it because it is a ceiling paint with high coverage even in the first paint.-  When you test dry, you should apply the second coat of paint two hours later. So you can get a more smooth ceiling. The features of the roller or brush you will use are also essential factors for painting. You should choose brushes and rollers that will not undermine the paintwork of your paint and will not create waves on your ceiling while painting.

Now that you have learned the properties of this paint, you are ready to paint. If this product is not enough for you, the Glidden brand in the rest of our article may be a suitable brand for you to cover the holes in the ceiling.

What We Like:

  • Cover and prevent stains.
  • Coating with a coat of small stains.
  • Compatible with spray nozzles.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Thick structure – needs thinning.
  • Pouring paint in hard blows – requires attention.

Check Kilz Ceiling Paint on

#2 Best Latex: Glidden Ceiling Paint


If you have drilled small holes to hang decorative hangers on your ceilings, over time, your ceiling coverings will wear out. Hanging decorative racks on your ceilings requires you to make holes in your ceiling coverings. These small holes can swell your coatings over time and spill.

We have a product recommendation for abrasions on your ceiling that will not require filling. Glidden Flat Finish Quart contains unique rubber latex inside. In this way, you do not make an extra effort to cover the holes. Latex gets into cracks and holes, creating a smooth surface.

Let’s take a look at their technical specifications. This latex paint is 3.785 gallons, and you can still increase the color even if you paint every ceiling in your home. The weight of this model is approximately 10.91 pounds. The cost of this product is quite affordable for a nice change.

Attention here! These tips are for you! You want to reduce the hassle of ceiling painting, right? From our previous article “Best 6 Paint Sprayer For Your Cabinets”, you can discover sprayers compatible with latex paints.

On the other hand, to get effective results, try the color on a small part of the surface you will apply first. If you prefer brush painting, always set the brush direction in the same direction. For a flat look, if you started painting right to left, we recommend you to continue from right to left.

Now you have a more suitable option for wear on your ceilings! If you do not think this is your dream product, our next product, Benjamin Moore, can help you find harmony with your walls.

What We Like:

  • Less smell.
  • Low VOC.
  • Splash resistance.
  • Minimizes surface imperfections.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Intensive dye. -dilution required.
  • Not being able to cover completely. -on extremely worn surfaces.

Check Glidden Ceiling Paint on

#3 Best Alkyd: Benjamin Moore Ceiling Paint


Benjamin Moore, who we think will be the choice of those who want to match the walls, is in the third place on our list. Tone-on-tone walls and ceilings play an active role in reflecting your character while increasing your room width. With Benjamin Moore’s alkyd paint, you can complete the reflection of your pleasure. This product, which we believe will add marginality to your home decor, also offers different options for those who do not like silver. -bronze, charcoal, golden, gun smoke, etc.

What’s in the content features of Benjamin Moore? Let’s clear your curiosity immediately. The weight of this extremely bright ceiling paint is 2.86 pounds. A product is compatible with combination products that you can use with brush, roller, and even sprayer.

We think that what you can do with Benjamin Moore is more than just painting the ceiling. You can follow the steps we will list and create your designs:

  • Make sure that the surface you will be applying to does not have rough surfaces such as grease, lime paint, mold. You can use sandpaper to clean the surface.
  • Always shake the product before and during the dyeing. Thus, you can provide a smooth painting by removing accumulated air bubbles.
  • When using a brush or roller, do not constantly tide over the surface. You get the paint on the surface brush or role again. It can cause bad looks.
  • If you want your ceilings to contain patterns like your walls, you can get a new look with different shapes of sellotapes that you will stick to the ceiling.

In short, Benjamin Moore, the best alkyd paint for your ceilings, will add a different atmosphere to your spaces. If you do not like that much sparkle, the Valspar 1420 matte finish in our article is for you.

What We Like:

  • Decorative finishing.
  • Suitable for use on interior and exterior.
  • Somewhat weather-resistant.
  • Good coverage at 105 square feet per gallon.

What We Don’t Like:

  • A bit expensive.
  • Silver color to look like black.
  • Design product rather than ceiling covering.

Check Benjamin Moore Ceiling Paint on

#4 Best Matt: Valspar Ceiling Paint


Meet Valspar 1420, the number four of our list! Thanks to this ceiling paint that provides the best matt appearance, you do not diminish the area you will paint because the color that looks purple on your ceiling first turns white as it dries and has a matte appearance. Thus, you can see the area you paint more efficiently and get better results. This ceiling paint, which is very easy to use, contains resin. The ceiling will dry to touch half an hour after applying this paint. We recommend using this as a solid primer. For the second coat of paint, you can paint your ceiling after 4 hours.

Can you use ceiling paint on the walls? The right combination is crucial in painting. Valspar 1420 can also be used for your walls. Unlike the others, we recommend that you do not use latex primers on your walls and ceiling because the unique formulation of the paint may deteriorate. Instead, you can choose interior primer oil paints. Paint quality can be affected, temperature, leaving the paint cap open after use, and the brushes you use. If you prefer Valspar 1420 with a sprayer, it can only thin up to 8 oz.

With the matt appearance you will provide on your ceilings; your lighting becomes even more prominent. The matt paint you choose adds depth to your living areas. It also integrates with the accessories you will use, and it is easy on the eyes.

You can enjoy using this ceiling paint with some minor measures. For example, we do not forget to mix the paint before and during use. Before we begin to paint the ceiling, we should lay the cloth or linoleum on the floor. We must take care that the area you will paint is airy. Exposure to the smell of paint for a long time is dangerous for your lung health.

It’s that easy! The ones we have chosen for you are not over yet. If you are still unsure about your popcorn ceiling, Zinnser 03688 is waiting for you in the rest of the article!

What We Like:

  • Spatter Resistant.
  • Non-Glare flat.
  • Easy Clean-Up.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Less thinning in sprayers – 8 oz.
  • Not compatible with latex paints.

Check Valspar Ceiling Paint on

#5 Best for Popcorn: Zinsser Ceiling Paint


Zinnser 03688, which is on the fifth place in our list, is closely related to users whose ceilings are in the form of popcorn. These ceilings, which draw attention with their design differences, require special paint and brush support. However, Zinnser is a product that you can paint your ceilings by merely spraying them without brush and roller support. For Zinnser 03688, we can say that the best way to paint the popcorn ceiling.

While painting works tiring itself, painting the ceiling also requires circumstances. However, with this suggestion, the things you need are; safety glasses, masks, and ladder. With this spray ceiling paint, where you can get rid of the preliminary preparation process and save money, you can observe the change with a single spray. You can paint your ceilings in a short time for water stains, worn paints, and cracks.

Do you know how to proceed? Let’s show it!

  • Since this paint is a spray, cover your ceiling with protective tapes before painting.
  • When applying spray paint on the popcorn ceiling, be sure to ventilate the room. Although it has minimal odor properties, you do not want to see allergic reactions.
  • In order not to create waves on your ceiling, always try to spray the spray from the same angle.
  • This highly useful product has a vertical aerosol spray that removes stains and will not yellow. With its size of 13 ounces, it will not tire you and will paint your ceiling in a short time.
  • Allow time for your ceiling paint to dry. It will become completely dry in an average of 1 hour.

Everything you need to do is that simple! You are now ready to use the paint we recommend for your popcorn ceilings! If this is not what you are looking for, our last suggestion is at the end of the post for your Rust-Oleum 7791730 bathroom ceilings.

What We Like:

  • Dries flat White.
  • Non-yellowing.
  • Portable.
  • Low odor.
  • Vertical aerosol spray that removes stains and will not turn yellow.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Not suitable for huge ceilings.
  • Insufficient coating on the first floor.
  • Thin for flat ceilings.

Check Zinsser Ceiling Paint on

#6 Best for Bathroom Ceiling: Rust-Oleum 7791730


Here is our last suggestion, Rust-Oleum, the best ceiling paint for bathroom ceilings! The color of bathroom ceilings is especially crucial against mold and moisture caused by water. Steam accumulating in the air can cause blistering on your bathroom ceiling when you do not provide adequate ventilation. Therefore, it is beneficial to choose waterproof or easily wipe paints on your bathroom ceiling. This recommendation, which is at the top of our list, is an oil painting. You can use the bathroom ceilings with a brush, roller, and sprayer.

In the first coat of paint, the first touch needs 120 minutes to reach dryness. It may be a long time for some urgent work. However, we think it is worth waiting for a perfect base. It takes 24 hours to dry completely.

Let’s see what the other features are. Rust-Oleum 7791730 can resist rust, corrosion, and chips. In other words, it may be a suitable option for you to protect for a long time. You can paint up to 100 square feet. You don’t have to worry about its cleanliness! Because the mineral spirits you will use can be easily cleaned.

What can you do before you start painting your bathroom ceiling? Here are a few suggestions for you:

  • You should stop using your bathroom at least two days before you start painting. A dry surface will make your job easier.
  • Before painting your ceiling, smooth it with sandpaper or a bristle brush.
  • Drain your bathroom entirely and cover them if you have fixed items. Why spend more time on it, although it is easy to clean if it splashes on your belongings?
  • It is our golden rule to use the brush in the same direction during painting. Besides, one more rule: Do not come and go more than twice in the painted area! One-shot operations will make it look smoother.

What We Like:

  • Resistance to abrasion, fading and chipping.
  • Semi-Gloss finish provides.
  • Coverage.
  • Durability.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Late drying.
  • Not suitable for 10×10 ceilings.

Check Rust-Oleum 7791730 on

How Can You Choose The Most Right Ceiling Paint You Need?

The ceiling paint range is quite a wide range. But it’s not impossible to find what you need. Your priority here should be to know your ceiling structure. Ceilings, which complement the atmosphere of the area you use, have different structures. For example, plasterboard suspended ceiling, vector ceiling, metal suspended ceiling, acoustic ceiling, etc. Once you have determined your ceiling structure, it will be easier to find the most suitable ceiling paint for you.

 Ceiling paints have many qualities. Choosing according to the area you will use will provide convenience in the long term. If you have complaints about dampness, you should consider the anti-moisture paint options. If you want to clean your ceilings by wiping, clearable paints should be your choice.

If you care about interior decoration, fine details take precedence for you. Therefore, you may be looking for different nuances in your ceiling paint. Fortunately, there are decorative solutions in-ceiling paints. Regardless of the structure of your ceiling, you can choose a variety of ceiling paints that can offer decorative and stylish solutions that are easy to apply.

Another issue as crucial as your paint quality is the combination of products you will use together. You should decide in advance which apparatus will make your ceiling without seams and your expectations. You can start by choosing whether to use a brush, roller, or sprayer. You can then tell your paint supplier that you are looking for ceiling paint suitable for the apparatus you will use. Thus, it will be easier to get perfect results.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ceiling paint?

Ceiling paint is a complementary element of home and office walls. It adds depth to living spaces with selected colors and patterns. In addition to its compatibility with the walls, it is an essential factor for human health with its formulas. The lighting used in the areas reflects according to the quality of the ceiling paints.

How to choose a ceiling paint color?

The best way to choose your ceiling paint is hidden when you choose according to your wall and furniture colors. You can achieve a musical harmony with the color you choose. On the other hand, determining what you need will be useful in choosing paint. User reviews can help you get an idea of the ceiling paint you will buy.

White is the most popular ceiling color. White is always the primary preference of users, with its being the color that reflects the light best, not distracting by creating shadows, easy usage, and matte appearance. White is the easiest way to add depth to the environment. So you get a larger room view.

Can you use ceiling paint on the walls?

With developing technology, you can use many ceiling paints on the walls. In this respect, ceiling paints also allow you to save money. Besides, you can use ceiling paints not only for your walls, but also for all your household items, metal moldings, and coatings.

What finish is best for ceiling paint?

Many ceiling paints have a flat coating. All kinds of shine, light eggshell, popcorn, or satin shine appear on the ceilings. Bright colors are sometimes preferred to attract attention. Thanks to the bright paints, the ambient light of the rooms reflected more. In matte paints, you get a bright look. It dominates the objects in the room, that is, for those who prefer a useful fund.


With so many product types and different application areas, it is an area that we have a hard time making decisions: choosing ceiling paint. In our opinion, Kilz is the best of this flight! It looks like it will change your preference list again with user reviews and the perfect look it left. In this article, which we have compiled for you the best options among ceiling paints, we hope that you have found the product you need.

So what is the best ceiling paint for you? You can share your experiences with us as a comment for users who have not bought ceiling paint yet.

6 Best Paint Sprayer For Cabinets: Reviews & Guide (2020)

Wohomen independently research and recommend the best home & garden products; you can learn more about our product review guidelines here. We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

Want to make changes to your home and can not decide where to start? Your cabinets are no longer in modern, do not appeal to your visual pleasure?

The only solution for your old cabinets is not to buy a new one. You will not believe the change effect created by paints!

With the developing technology trend, paints come to make a difference in your home. Spray paint guns with their practical and innovative structures, suitable for the use of young and old, will be the fixture of your homes. With these critter painting sprays, you will be amazed that you can change your living spaces quickly and get smoother and more economical results compared to painting with brush or roller.

In this article, we have examined the six best paint sprayers for cabinets!

Let’s get started.

Best Paint Sprayers For Cabinets

#1 Best Overall: Rexbeti Ultimate 750

Suitable for all cabinets with three different hood options.

#2 Best for Small Projects: Graco Ultra Corded 17M359

For those who want to keep control in small areas -Triax Triple Piston Pump, Airless Finish, RAC X FFLP Spray Tips, etc.

#3 Best Latex Paint Sprayer: Homeright C800971 Super Finish Max

Structure compatible with combined products – enamels, primers, clear sealer, polyurethane, stain, and varnish.

#4 Best Handheld Paint Sprayer: Wagner 0529010 Flexio 590

A wide range of indoor projects –two nozzles, versatile, adjustable paint flow, etc.

#5 Best Flexible: Astro 4008 Paint Sprayer

Unlike its traditional design, the drip-free paint booth – 3 pounds (1.4kg), ergonomic, skillfully reach, etc.

#6 Best Electric Paint Sprayer: Vonhaus

Flawless finish in less time and with less effort than a paintbrush – Spray Pattern, easy to disassemble, flow nozzle, etc.

#1 Best Overall: Rexbeti Ultimate 750


You want to paint your kitchen cabinets for a long time, but you are afraid to give your hours with an incredibly stiff brush or roller painting, to be exhausted. The question always arises in your mind: “Should I paint kitchen cabinets with a sprayer or a brush?” So get ready! Because Rexbeti can be choices for your concern. We have reviewed it for you.

Imagine such a product that it makes you happier than you ever expected with its ergonomic grip design. The user-friendly Rexbeti Ultimate 750 can be your ideal assistant for your kitchen cabinets. Single nozzle sprayers may not be a good option for your cabinets that require detail. Rexbeti has three different nozzles.

It is delivering to you with a 1000 ml paint container prepared carefully by the manufacturers. Who would often want to add paint to sprayer while painting? This situation can be quite annoying, missing your enthusiasm for your do-it-yourself project. In this sense, Rexbeti eliminates the problem with its 1000 ml container capacity. Before moving on to the technical details, we would like to remind you of a critical point. Your kitchen cabinets can often be located in tight spaces. The qualities of your sprayer will be of great importance when you want to convert your cabinets. You do not wish to a sprayer that will stay big or small according to the area and narrow your movement area, right? With its flexible design, Rexbeti will provide maximum comfort for your narrow spaces.

Let’s take a look at the technical features of Rexbeti, which is on our list as a brand that aims to produce the best quality products for its users. With its 500 watts rated power, 750 ml flow rate per minute, 70 DIN-s viscosity, it gets the highest rating from its users.

So what could be the trick to dealing with such a powerful spray engine? If you clean your sprayer at least 1 hour after each use, you can retain your engine power, and you can use it for many years -It will be beneficial to wash with soapy water. It would help if you were careful with the first uses because buildup on the nose of the sprayer may cause splashes. However, it is usually a solution to delete this part before each use. Attention! Due to its intense pressure, you can pollute the environment too much in the first attempts, but do not protect it, after gaining some practice, you will love this feature much more!

On the other hand, we recommend you to use masks and safety glasses before starting your project. In summary, if you have never painted and are afraid to do this, how about buying this product that will not tire your budget and experimenting with your small projects?

If you think it does not appeal to you, you can check the Graco brand in the rest of our article.

What We Like:

  • Affordable price.
  • Trouble-free parts cleaning.
  • Variety with three spray models.
  • Ergonomic structure.
  • Freedom of movement.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Strong spray -it can contaminate the environment.

Check Rexbeti Ultimate 750 on

#2 Best for Small Projects: Graco Ultra Corded 17M359


The brand takes second place in our list, claiming that it produces the most advanced handheld products in the world. What could be the best thing about this product? Let’s answer you; with the industry’s most advanced spray tips. Graco, which we think is an ideal choice for people from all walks and professional groups can choose with peace of mind, should be preferred for those who want to take control first. Although the price range is higher than other sprayer models, the price range will not be a problem in terms of the width of the usage area. Does not any good thing have a high price anyway?

Graco, which we think will offer a more comfortable experience compared to the back and neck pain caused by ordinary brushes or rollers, can be a charismatic choice for all your tips kitchen cabinets. Graco, with 32 oz Flexliner bag capacity, TRIAX ProConnect, can gain the satisfaction of its users with its triple piston pump system. With easy use, it will be suitable for everyone, from professional painters to individuals doing home projects. An ideal choice for your kitchen cabinets, Graco does not limit your movement area with its 1.5-meter power cable; this is why it is possible to convert your targeted areas in a short time.

When we look at user reviews, many users say that you can spray with the FFLP tip with lower pressure and, therefore, less spray, with better material control. Unlike other products, among user reviews, it is also stated that it will not be a problem to keep the paint you use in this sprayer for 90 minutes. However, we would like to warn that leaving the cabinet paints in your sprayer for a long time may increase your cleaning time.

Let’s take a look at the technical features of the sprayer. Graco, using 110-120 Volts, 60 Hz, since it has enough length of cable for your cabinets, it does not have a rechargeable battery. It is fully rebuildable so that you can increase your nozzle options for this feature. The user manual has a clear language and visuals. In this way, you can easily set up and start your project. If you think this sprayer does not meet your needs, you can review the HomeRight product in the rest of our article.

What We Like:

  • Adjustable head.
  • Fast painting.
  • Airless coating.
  • Smooth surface.
  • Comparable performance to other products.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Not suitable for large surfaces – meant for small cabinets.
  • Frequent replacement of the small reservoir – however, the alternative is low cost and suitable for purchase.
  • Short power cord- solved by an extension cable.
  • Causes paint mist – can offer more control as you practice.

Check Graco 17M359 on

#3 Best Latex Paint Sprayer: Homeright C800971 Super Finish Max


The multi-purpose Homeright is ranked third on our list, with its structure designed for the rapid application of primers, adhesives, and heavy coatings. This sprayer can provide the fastest painting convenience for demanding primers, resins, and coats. You can control the material flow for your kitchen cabinets with the help of two different air nozzles or fine spray adjustment. Easy cleaning in sprayer selection may be among the features you need. The newly designed collector pipe and air hole in the chamber can help you clean faster and easier. The 40-ounce container capacity allows you to take fewer breaks, saving your time savings.

HomeRight C800971 Super Finish Max is the newest in the HomeRight collection and comes with a turbine engine. HomeRight has 450 watts of motor power, which is the reason for its preference because its users can paint without the need for air compresses. So you do not need to thin the paint to change your kitchen cabinets. Its low price makes it an accessible product for many users. When you look at price product performance, it can get results that will make you happy.

Technical details and product parts can further assist your selection. Let’s look together. Super Finish Max includes a container lid, cleaning brush. Each color represents different sizes in this product, which offers six different spray options. For example, red tip and nozzle mean 4.00mm, green tip and nozzle mean 2.00mm, blue tip, and nozzle 1.5mm. While using the yellow cap for full spraying, you can use the black mold for perfect spray. The package contains one key. With this key, you can easily change the titles. There is a brush for you to clean the sprayer, so you do not pay additional products for cleaning. If we recommend using the sprayer, you need to analyze the angle and details of the surface you will use because you have to change the sprayer heads accordingly and start painting.

A little tip: you can experiment on a small area first for the spray speed and shape of the nozzles.

If this product is not enough for you, you can consider the Wagner product in the rest of our article.

What We Like:

  • A brass needle and nozzle – for withstanding heavy usage.
  • More durable – compared to plastic products.
  • Air volume and changeable the spray pattern.
  • Including user manual and usage tips.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Not suitable for ceiling – the risk of paint material enters.
  • Not useful large areas – is a useful fine finish.
  • Needs cleaning all time – necessary for long-lasting use.

Check Homeright C800971 on

#4 Best Handheld Paint Sprayer: Wagner 0529010 Flexio 590


As number four of our list, Wagner Flexio 590, we can say that it is one of the suitable products for your kitchen cabinets, as it is very successful in domestic use. It can spray up to 8 gallons in as little as 5 minutes. It means that if you start a favorite song at the same time when you start your project, you will have already finished your plan when your song finished. Flexio 590 provides ease of use with two types of nozzles. Namely, while the iSpray nozzle addresses larger areas, the Detail Finish nozzle can make a superior coating suitable for small spaces. Thanks to its adjustable paint flow, it helps you achieve precise control with ten different speed settings. It offers you the opportunity to get ten times faster than an ordinary brush or roller paint and finish all your cleaning work in just 5 minutes. It can be adjusted wide-narrow or horizontal-vertical with its interchangeable patterns. Wagner is the quality you can paint in any possibility, regardless of the structure of your cabinet.

Let’s look at the features it contains. Wagner’s weight is approximately 2.11 lbs. It means you can carry it easily. The X-Boost power dial allows you to adjust the airpower level so that you can cover 6 ft x 6 ft in about 2 minutes. Wagner Flexio 590 HVLP sprayer runs silently. Since you don’t bother the environment, you don’t have to start painting in the early hours.

Let’s share tips with you for a more comfortable experience. Just remember, if for any reason you need to disassemble the nozzle, first remove the paint container to relieve the pressure! Otherwise, the paint may splash as long as the engine is running. Do not add flammable or degreasing agents to your sprayer. You can cause your motor to burn.

If you have enough information about this sprayer suitable for your kitchen cabinets, you can try it now. If you still can’t find the feature you are looking for, continue reading our article, Astro is next.

What We Like:

  • Variable speed technology – full control.
  • The capacity to deliver up to 60% more airflow.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Use inside or outside.
  • Lightweight – wrist health-friendly.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Prone to clogging of nozzles – frequently needs clean.
  • Extra-strength when using the paint to worn areas.
  • Unable to provide adequate coverage in medium-sized and vast areas.

Check Wagner Handheld Paint Sprayer on

#5 Best Flexible: Astro 4008 Paint Sprayer


The best flexible sprayer placing on the fifth row of our list, Astro, provides easy access to any surface. Unlike other products, it has an air valve. You can adjust the fan as you want with various pattern control. Offering one-year warranty support, the Astro 4008 model is capable of spraying down to the fine detail of your kitchen cabinets.

Who wants to work dirty? When we go down to its technical features, it prevents the paint from dripping into your work area with its completely hermetic structure. Astro 4008, which we think will save you time with its fast and comfortable use, weighs 3 kilos. It has a 1-liter hopper capacity and a 1.8 mm nozzle size. This product has at least 3HP of air compressor and can keep working pressure at 50-60 PSI.

How about looking at the tips we have prepared for you before using the product? Be sure to read the user manual. It will allow you to adjust the airflow, product flow, and spray pattern correctly. If you do not have enough time to read, you can find many videos on Youtube. Do not let the paint dry in the hopper after use. You have to spend a lot of time cleaning it.

Moreover, you can undermine long-term use. Soapy waters are sufficient for unpainted paints in the reservoir. As a result, the Astro 4008 can be an ergonomic choice for your kitchen cabinets. User reviews also show that this product has less impact on small areas. You may have to go over it several times to use it in a wide range. But we think it will be worth it for kitchen cabinets that will look smooth and professional. If you still have not found a suitable product for you, you can take a look at our last suggestion, Vonhaus.

What We Like:

  • Use this product in your vehicles.
  • More productivity.
  • 1-year warranty
  • Adjustable width, height, paint quantity.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Not resistant to high solvent thinner use – for motor health.
  • Frequent air bolt expansion – need to make settings.

Check Astro 4008 on

#6 Best Electric Paint Sprayer: Vonhaus

VonHaus Electric HVLP Spray Gun

VonHaus, the last recommendation of our list, is the most preferred product among the electric paint sprayers. This sprayer can turn into a Professional master without having to spend a fortune for your kitchen cabinets. In terms of use, we found this system perfect and easy to use.

How about embroidering the technical features we researched for you? VonHaus adjusts quickly and easily with its nozzles and gives you the choice of light or thick paint flow. So you can choose from three spay patterns by selecting a flat, vertical, or circular surface. With this sprayer, you can paint kitchen cabinets or furniture pieces. As it is versatile, it can entice you to transform everything in the house.

On the other hand, this sprayer holds 35 oz of paint. The sprayer is only 4 pounds. Since the product is light, it does not force you. When you want to clean, the parts can completely disassemble. You rarely fill the 800ml reservoir so you can cover all your kitchen cabinets at once. Operating with 400-watt motor power, Vonhaus is suitable for solvent/oil-based paints and emulsion/water-based paints, unlike other products.

Let’s give you tips on this product. When spraying a good spray pattern, you should always lower the pressure as much as possible. It will reduce overspray, not only saving paint but also reducing nozzle wear. The life of your sprayer is also related to the pressure speed you use. It will help you save money in the long term. When you are doing your hobbies, you want to make a big profit in a short time, right? Cover the items you will not paint until you gain practicality at first use. In this way, you can spend more time with your loved ones after painting your kitchen cabinets.

What We Like:

  • 35-ounce paint container.
  • Use with many ingredients.
  • Saves your time.
  • 800ml reservoir.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Short hose – only six feet in length.
  • Small cleaning brush.

Check Vonhaus Paint Sprayer on

What You Need to Know When Selecting a Paint Sprayer for Cabinets:

It is crucial to explore all the different options you can use before purchasing a paint sprayer for your kitchen cabinets. In order to find the most suitable painting spray for you, it will be a guide for you to look at the reviews and evaluations made first. However, the specific features you need to know about sprayers will help you more. Different spray nozzles do not all have the same features. For this, you need to match which nozzle is suitable for your machine.

 HVLP means “high volume, low pressure,” which means that the air is pumped from a compressor and then the atomization of the paint, whereas an airless sprayer uses no air and uses air to push paint and pressure through the sprayer. Airless sprayers are more powerful. It will be in your interest to know the meaning of whether the most suitable sprayer for your kitchen cabinets is HVLP.

Spray speed may also be challenging to control because some sprayers have a high engine volume. Consider the most suitable nozzle and engine volume options for you.

Change is fun. Conversions save you money. Paint sprayers will inevitably have a positive effect both on your pocket and your private living spaces, which are a reflection of your personality. Use your choice of products that you can change your kitchen cabinets whenever you want with long-lasting sprayers and correct paint combinations.

Since the competition in the market will be reflected in the prices of the products you will use, try to make your price-benefit analysis well. Do not forget! The cost of a product does not give any information about its quality. You cannot say that cheap sprays will benefit you, or you cannot claim that you will get great results with expensive and heavy sprays. The trick here is a sprayer with features to meet your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of Paint Sprayers?

There are five types of spray paint varying according to the usage areas and consumer needs. These are Airless Paint Sprayers, HVLP Paint Sprayers, LVLP Paint Sprayers, Gravity Feed Spray Guns, and Compressed Air Paint Sprayers.

Which type of paint is best used for cabinets?

Most cabinets will be painted with acrylic, transparent coats, varnishes. Depending on your needs, the right spray system can spray all of these materials, including primers, and more. Some sprayers are not suitable for use with different paint combinations. You can even damage your machine if you use the wrong paint or thinner. Consult your supplier for the appropriate mix.

What is the cost of spray paint for a kitchen cabinet?

According to the researches, the average cost of spray paint cabinets is 732 – 800$. If you buy a combination package such as a spray gun, painting tips, paint, and cleaning materials, you will save more than you pay for a professional person.

How should I clean the Paint Sprayer?

You should do systematic cleaning. After use, you should clean your machine in an hour. The deposits formed after your use may shorten the life of your device. In addition to the products of some brands, you can choose spray kits with unique cleaner sets. Thus, your machine will never let you down under warranty.


We wish that this article, which will prevent you from making other choices of kitchen cabinet sprayers you need, has been the light of your preferences. Rexbeti has closed this race by far. With the positive comments and high ratings of its users, we think it will help narrow your choices like the choice of all segments from beginners to experts.

We agree when it is fun to paint the kitchen cabinet, transform your old belongings in your home. We wish you not to have difficulty in making the correct choice thanks to our article.

Which would you recommend for those who are considering painting their kitchen cabinets? You can write your choice as a comment, along with its reasons.

Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans: The Ultimate Buying Guide (2020)

Wohomen independently research and recommend the best home & garden products; you can learn more about our product review guidelines here. We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

With the arrival of the summer months, the weather began to warm up quickly. However, there are many individuals who do not want to prefer unhealthy alternatives such as air conditioning because certain areas of their body become pressured due to continious air flow created by these machines. The alternatives produced for these individuals to reach cool air more comfortably are therefore very valuable. When a short research is done, it will be possible to see that many alternatives are offered to the users for a cool air and a healthy air circulation. Especially those that can be hung on the ceiling and thus have a chance to show their effect homogeneously in the certain place, are frequently preferred in recent times. Individuals who own a house with a garden often choose Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans in areas between their homes and gardens, in outdoor gardens or in-house decorations. That’s why we did a ceiling fans research in detail.

In today’s content, you will have the chance to observe aesthetic, authentic and quality ceiling fans that can be used in homes, offices or other boutique offices. We made a detailed feature review for each ceiling fan we selected for you. We talked about the prominent features of each product. We also made a detailed list of the advantages and disadvantages of the products. If you are among the best ceiling fans 2020 review research, you will really love this content we prepared for you.

Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans

#1 Best Authentic: Westinghouse Great Falls

Meet a new generation ceiling fan that has a vintage look and really powerful motor power. Here it is!

#2 Best of Led Light Ceiling Fan: Hunter 59135 Nautical 54″ Ceiling

You can prefer this ceiling fan, with an adjustable pull chain and whisper-sound technology. It is convenient both for covered gardens and indoor decoration.

#3 Best Modern Ceiling Fan: Kensgrove Home Decorators Collection

Thanks to this ceiling fan, which has a luxurious appearance and remote control option, you will benefit from excellent airflow performance in very large areas.

#4 Best Budget-Friendly: Prominence 50344 Outdoor Ceiling Fan

If you are looking for cheap outdoor ceiling fans, this product is for you. The ceiling fan, which has a small structure, also has the feature of easy to install.

#5 Best for Indoor and Outdoor: Honeywell Belmar Ceiling Fan

Would you like to meet a ceiling fan that has both an aesthetic appearance and a budget friend? Then the Honeywell ceiling fan is a good choice!

#6 Best Patio: Allen Roth Valdosta Ceiling Fan

If you are looking for a cheap, functional, and small ceiling fan for outdoor, you should check out the patio fan options. This option has an extremely high average user rating.

#7 Best Easy-Install: Honeywell Tropical Ceiling Fan

This product, which has an affordable and easy installation feature, has features that you can use easily both in winter and summer months.

#8 Best Damp Ceiling: Hunter 53294 Ceiling Fan

For those who like aesthetic, minimal, and simple design, this black matt interior ceiling fan can be a good choice. The product operates at 63 Watts at 120 Volts.

#9 Best Design: Symphony Delta-Wing Ceiling Fan

Meet one of the few products with remote control features among Ceiling fan options. This product is extremely aesthetic with its 47-inch view.

#10 Best Functionality: Hunter 53125 Bridgeport Ceiling Fan

If you are looking for an aesthetic and budget-friendly product, this product released by Hunter Fan Company may be suitable for you.

#1 Best Authentic: Westinghouse Great Falls

You will really love this product, which has an oil-rubbed bronze finish. Individuals who have an authentic and cozy living room often prefer products of this type with a vintage appearance. It consumes 5,050 CFM energy with air circulations done by airflow technology. In order to ensure maximum performance of the product, a 153-by-15-millimeter silicon steel motor was used. This motor has a triple calibrator. If you are looking for a long-lasting product, you can easily choose this one. Because lifetime motor warranty is provided to those who purchase the product. When you buy the product, the following additional parts are included in the package: one-light Fixture, 3/4-inch by 4-inch down rod, 54-inch lead wire, pull chains, and one medium-base 9-watt a19 LED light bulb.

What We Like:

  • Vintage and highly aesthetic appearance.
  • The motor of the product is extremely powerful, so it provides the performance you are looking for.
  • The aesthetic and eye-catching LED light in the evening. In this way, your decoration looks perfect.
  • There are detailed speed settings to determine the speed at which the product will spin.
  • Not very large, it can also be used in small areas.

What We Don’t Like:

  • The price of the product may be more expensive than others.
  • For those looking for a classic and modern look, the product can be too rustic.

Check Westinghouse Great Falls on

#2 Best of Led Light Ceiling Fan: Hunter 59135 Nautical Ceiling

Launched by Hunter Fan Company, this product has Weathered Zinc. Its overall appearance can adapt to both classic and retro styles. This product can be preferred especially in working rooms or dim places. Because of the special technology of the product, it is possible to show whisper-quiet performance. Limited lifetime motor warranty for this product is offered by the brand. So you can be sure that you will not have a problem with the motor.

Thanks to the Pull Chain Control system, the operating performance and overall aesthetic appearance of the product will be completely under your control. There is an LED Light Bulb that you can use easily on the product. This makes the product much more aesthetic. The product has an extra easy to install feature.

What We Like:

  • The product has a pull chain.
  • The led lights of the product have made it much more aesthetic and practical.
  • Thanks to the reversible blades, the product can adapt to changes extremely quickly and easily. Moreover, this feature made the product easy to install.
  • WhisperWind Motor technology makes the product easier to use in confined spaces.

What We Don’t Like:

  • The prices of the product may be slightly higher than the others.
  • Damp-rated.

Check Hunter 59135 Fan on

#3 Best Modern Ceiling Fan: Kensgrove Home Decorators Collection

Meet this new generation ceiling fan with espresso color. This product, which will look stylish and minimal in both indoor and outdoor decorations, has thin blades. There are 8 blades in the product. The product can be used outdoors because it is highly resistant to adverse weather conditions. The product, which has DC motor technology, has 9 different speed modes. There are plastic, glass, and metal materials in the product. The product contains contemporary and modern styles. Therefore, individuals who like a classic style can easily choose this device. The wattage of the product is determined as 33.00 watts. Furthermore, this product is very logical for those who are looking for outdoor ceiling fans that are not too big. Because the product size is only 72inch.

What We Like:

  • The wingspan of the product is quite wide. Therefore, the product can be used both in narrow areas and in large areas.
  • When you use this product, you will get extremely high performance in terms of airflow.
  • The product can also be controlled remotely. This makes the product more comfortable.
  • Product installation is extremely easy and fast.

What We Don’t Like:

  • This is the most expensive product on the list that we will share with you today.
  • This product is among exterior ceiling fans but not wet rated.

Check Kensgrove Collection on

#4 Best Budget-Friendly: Prominence 50344 Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Designed for people looking for small outdoor ceiling fans, Prominence Home has a matte white color. There is frosted led light on the product. Therefore, you will have a stylish decoration in the evening. The product has an extremely powerful motor. Moreover, the motor has 3 different speed modes. You can easily make mode changes between the three.

If you do not like the high level of noise outdoors, you will really love this product, which has a quiet technology. The product has a practical use and easy installation. In addition, it is highly functional thanks to the multi-position ceiling fan feature. You can easily install this product, which has a reversible motor, between 45 and 60 minutes.

What We Like:

  • It is suitable for those who are looking for an affordable product.
  • Wing direction can be easily changed. It is practical to use.
  • There are three options for motor speed.
  • It has an all-go design.
  • It is small in size, you can use it anywhere.

What We Don’t Like:

  • This white matte product is not an aesthetic decorative item.

Check Prominence 50344 on

#5 Best for Indoor and Outdoor: Honeywell Belmar Ceiling Fan

Try this new generation product with 5 highly aesthetic blades! This dark brown fan has been released by Honeywell Ceiling Fans. The product has a wide range of performance. Therefore, it can be used in many places from medium-sized rooms to large rooms. The blades of the product are 52 inches wide. The end of the product has an oil rubbed bronze aura. It is possible to say that the product is extremely robust and long-lasting. Because the product is made of metal and wood materials. One of the different features of the product is that it has stainless hardware. Working with 120 volts, this ceiling fan also spends 56.4 watts. You can use this in almost any ceiling. Because the product’s weight is only 17 pounds. There is no additional led bulb in the product.

What We Like:

  • The product is an extremely advantageous product in terms of price performance.
  • The general aura of the product is extremely aesthetic. Therefore, it can be used in interior designs.
  • The product has a reversible motor feature.
  • A pull chain feature is also available in this product.

What We Don’t Like:

  • The product has no bulbs. Therefore, the appearance may not create elegance in the evening hours.
  • The product is only damp rated.

Check Honeywell Belmar Ceiling Fan on

#6 Best Patio: Allen Roth Valdosta Ceiling Fan

If you are looking for an aesthetic fan, this option may not be suitable for you. The fan system in a metal chamber creates a vintage look. However, it is also possible that this chamber will rust over time. If you are looking for patio fans and want an affordable and compact design, you will really love this product. This favorite product among outdoor patio fan alternatives has an almost full score on Amazon.

This product, which shows maximum performance in general air circulation, is recommended to be used in outdoor areas that are not very wide. Fan’s size is 20 inches. Therefore, it does not create an unnecessary crowd in narrow areas. The product has a highly developed motor. Thanks to this motor, it is possible to produce 3030 cubic feet per minute. In short, the product can perform well in extremely hot outdoor areas.

What We Like:

  • The installation of this ceiling patio fan is extremely simple.
  • Since the product is small, it does not take up a large area, it operates smoothly even in narrow areas.
  • Extremely powerful motor, so it gives good results in airflow.
  • One of the wet rated outdoor ceiling fans.
  • Extremely affordable.

What We Don’t Like:

  • The product does not have a very aesthetic appearance.
  • For wide outdoor designs, this product is not enough.
  • It provides airflow only for a certain point, its circulation power is low.

Check Allen Roth Valdosta on

#7 Best Easy-Install: Honeywell Tropical Ceiling Fan

Meet a ceiling fan released by Honeywell. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, this product is extremely easy to control. That is, you can control it practically thanks to the traditional pull chain. Sound (noise) is a very important factor especially in ceiling fans to be used indoor. Products need to emit low-frequency sound. So, Honeywell also preferred to use the whisper-silent feature in its design. Moreover, the product has 4 different speed modes so that you can get maximum efficiency from the product. You can also use this product in the winter months. It may make sense to use the low-speed option to ensure that the warm air from a particular source is spread throughout the space.

Since the product has a lifetime guarantee, it is an option that you can use with peace of mind. It is also necessary to underline that the product does not have a led light feature. In addition, the product does not have a reversible motor feature. Product dimensions are determined as 52 inches x 13.6 inches.

What We Like:

  • Aesthetic design.
  • Extremely easy to install.
  • A lifetime warranty is offered for the motor of the product.
  • A reversible motor system that can be used in the winter months.
  • High performance in terms of airflow technology.

What We Don’t Like:

  • There are no led lights on the product.
  • The product may be adversely affected by weather, it is unprotected against various damages.

Check Honeywell Tropical on

#8 Best Damp Ceiling: Hunter 53294 Ceiling Fan

The aesthetic design of this product, which has a matt black color, will impress you. It is really easy to control this ceiling fan with a pull chain remotely. Moreover, the dimensions of the product are specially designed so that you can easily use it in indoor decoration. Product dimensions are determined as 52 x 52 x 12.2 Inch. The biggest difference between this fan from others is that it works in whisper silence. In this regard, the product can be used both in public places and in personal homes.

The blades of the product are in Matte Black & Stained Oak colors. Since the product is made of metal, it can be used undamaged for an extremely long time. There are 5 different blades in the product. Since it has a Variable Speed feature, it can adapt to different requests and environments. The style of the product is designated as Damp Ranted. Moreover, it requires 120 volts. The airflow capacity of the product is determined as 4999 Cubic Feet Per Minute.

What We Like:

  • It is known that the product offers a lifetime warranty.
  • The product, which has reversible motor technology, is highly developed.
  • Thanks to the WhisperWind motor feature, the product operates extremely quietly.
  • Extremely affordable.

What We Don’t Like:

  • The product has a very high score, but the rating is very low.
  • Compared to other models, it is possible to say that this product performs less in terms of airflow technology.

Check Hunter 53294 on

#9 Best Design: Symphony Delta-Wing Ceiling Fan

Introducing a new ceiling fan, launched by Smeamus, with an elegant style. The biggest difference in this product from others is that blades are made of wood material. Did you know that this elegant product with remote control feature also has an energy-saving mode? Especially those who think that ceiling fans consume a lot of electricity will love this mode. This ceiling fan has a lamp feature as well as a fan feature. There is a led lamp in the middle of it. The oil-rubbed bronze finish motor ensures that the fan has an extremely elegant and cool style. Opal glass diffuser is one of the important features that distinguish the product from others. The product can be exchanged or returned up to 30 days after purchase. The general color features of this ceiling fan can be explained as follows: 47 Inch-White Acrylic. The points of the product other than blades are made of metal. It is possible to say that this product, which has a modern style, has a coverage area of 8-20 meter square. When you buy the product, blades, light kits, remote control features will be provided in the package.

What We Like:

  • Remote control feature.
  • Led light and the power of this light is also suitable for general lighting.
  • Aesthetic appearance and fits perfectly with the interior decoration.
  • Acrylic lampshade.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Slightly heavier, unlike others. Therefore, it may not be used in places with low ceiling power.
  • Does not have a waterproof feature.

Check Symphony Delta-Wing on

#10 Best Functionality: Hunter 53125 Bridgeport Ceiling Fan

Made of five plastic materials, the blades make this product extremely high performance. The dimensions of the product are also suitable for indoor and outdoor. This ceiling fan’s size is determined as 52 x 52 x 11.3 Inch. Also, it has a pull chain system so that you can easily control the product without difficulty. Thanks to 3 “and 2” down rods, placement or installation in the room is extremely easy. Even people who do not have experience in this matter can easily complete the installation process. You can buy this product that can be used easily in different areas such as porches, patios, sunrooms, living rooms, and bedrooms. Because it has an extremely good value in terms of price-performance ratio.

What We Like:

  • This device with WhisperWind motor technology does not create unnecessary noise in the interior.
  • Extremely affordable and budget-friendly.
  • Since the product has a Three-position mounting system, it is comfortable and can be used comfortably.
  • Aesthetic and modern appearance.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Since the blades of the product are plastic, it may not be very durable.
  • The motor of the product does not have the feature of waterproof.

Check Hunter 53125 on

Frequently Asked Questions

What are The Types of Outdoor Ceiling Fans?

Although they all seem to look alike, ceiling fan types can actually have many different features. Therefore, there are many factors you should consider when choosing one of these products. Let’s talk about the types of outdoor ceiling fans that are most preferred for you and offer excellent performance especially outdoor.

Wet Rated Outdoor Fans

As ceiling fans products operate, they may encounter situations such as rust, corrosion, and motor damage as they touch the air. But such outdoor fan types have an extra sheltered structure in this regard. Usually, these types of products have ABS plastic or water-resistant plastic blades. In this way, these products are extremely long-lasting and remain aesthetic. It is very important to choose a ceiling fan with this feature, especially if you want to use a ceiling fan in an environment where it will often expose to rain or snow.

Damp Rated Outdoor Fans

If you want to use an outdoor fan in a covered outdoor area and want to create coolness in this area, damp rated outdoor fans may be for you. These products should not be in direct contact with water. This can cause a decrease in product performance. But even very high humidity in the air does not negatively affect the working performance of these products.

Wall-Mounted Patio Fans

Patio fan types that can be used both indoors and outdoors do not have a very aesthetically good appearance. However, contrary to popular belief, their operating performance is strong and their motor capacities are high. Moreover, for those who want to make a budget-friendly choice and those with a narrow installation space, the patio fan will be a much more economical choice.

How Do I Choose an Outdoor Ceiling Fan?

If you’re looking for a good ceiling fan for the outdoors, there will be a lot of things to consider. Let’s list these elements briefly.

  1. Number of Blades: Check out how many blades it has. The number of blades often determines how strongly the device in question will circulate air. If you are using a product without sufficient blades, even high motor performance may not be sufficient compared to what you want.
  2. Blades material: Blades made of metal, wood, or plastic perform differently. Metals are extremely long-lasting. Plastics can be preferred because they are light, but they usually wear out in a short time. Wood products offer a very aesthetic appearance.
  3. Product size: Where will you use the product? It is really important to find the right size according to where you will use the product. For example, you should prefer that the product you will use in a narrow room in the interior is small. You can choose a wider product in a large living room, while outside you will always feel freer.
  4. Does the Product Have Easy Install Feature: The products are sent to you in pieces while shipping. You need to install this product yourself. In this case, it might make sense to choose a product with easy install feature.
  5. Wet rated or damp rated: Where you use the product determines what features you want the product to have. Do you want the product to be waterproof? Or is it enough for you that the product only has the infrastructure to provide coolness? You should examine all this.

Of course, the motor power, warranty process, and voltage of the product should also be examined.

Are Outdoor Ceiling Fans Effective?

Of course. Outdoor ceiling fans can operate extremely efficiently as long as it has a powerful enough motor and effective blade structure. Moreover, since some products have an energy-saving mode, it is possible to provide comfort at affordable prices.

Are Outdoor Ceiling Fans Waterproof?

Different types of outdoor ceiling fans are available in the market. Some of the outdoor fans are used in covered areas. The waterproof feature is unnecessary for this type of fan because such fan types are not exposed to external factors such as rain. However, some outdoor fans are in constant contact with external factors. These must-have a waterproof feature. Outdoor ceiling fans with the waterproof feature are called wet-rated fans.

What are Outdoor Ceiling Fan Blades Made of?

It is extremely important that the blades of outdoor ceiling fan products are of high quality. Whether these devices are long-lasting or not is determined by blades’ quality and motor power. Blades are usually made from three basic materials. Let’s examine them.

  1. Metal: Those who generally think the ceiling area is durable may prefer ceiling fans with blades made of metal. These fans are a little heavier than others. But metal products are extremely durable for many years. Produced with anti-rust technology, these blades are also antibacterial. Especially in wet-rated products, these features are given extra importance in order to prevent corrosion in contact with water.
  2. Plastic: In general, plastic blades cause the cost of the ceiling fan, and thus the price decrease. Products with plastic blades often become lighter. Moreover, these blades perform extremely high due to their speed. However, this material, which is unprotected against wetness or wear, is unfortunately not considered to be long-lasting. Therefore, those with a higher budget prefer other alternatives.
  3. Wood: Those who want to prefer a stylish, authentic and rustic decoration often buy ceiling fans with wood blades. These long-lasting and high-performance ceiling fan types can be priced a little higher.

How Many Blades are Best For an Outdoor Ceiling Fan?

For outdoor ceiling fan types to be used outdoors, the number of blades between 3 and 5 will be sufficient.

Can Any Ceiling Fan Be Used Outdoors?

Technically yes, you can. But in practice, it would not be right to do this. Because ceiling fan types produced for indoor are exposed to conditions such as dust, water, precipitation, or humidity in the external environment at a high level. Therefore, using products that are produced for indoor and unprotected to these factors will reduce their lifetime.

What Should I Look For When Buying an Outdoor Ceiling Fan?

When choosing an outdoor ceiling fan, be sure to carefully consider the following features about this fan:

  1. Is the fan sufficiently protected against external factors?
  2. Is the motor power of this fan high enough, will it give you the performance you want?
  3. Is it possible to achieve an aesthetic harmony with the area where you will use the fan?
  4. Is the fan long-lasting?
  5. What is the number of blades of the fan you choose, what material is the blades made of?
  6. What is the warranty period of the fan you choose?
  7. Does the fan you choose to make noise or is the motor built according to WhisperSound technology?

Should You Replace Your Aging Exterior Door?

As an exterior door ages, problems with it opening and closing, weather-stripping and drafts can take effect-especially when they are poorly maintained over the previous years. But it’s not just natural wear and tear that can make an exterior door drafty-it may have a lower R-value due to improper insulation.

There are numerous ways to improve your doors energy efficiency and lower your overall energy bill each month, however, they sometimes outweigh the costs of installing a new exterior door, considering the costs of simple steel or fiberglass exterior prehung door can cost very little. The question is: should you replace your aging exterior door?

Inspect your Old Exterior Door

Before you decide to buy a new door or simply repair your existing door, first it’s a good idea to inspect it for any visible damages. Wood rotting around the edges, soft spots, and rusting are all good indicators that it might be time to install a new door.

Minor troubles due to rot or rust can easily be dealt with and repaired-if it’s caught on time, removed and repainted immediately. Problems where rust or rot are bigger than the size of a quarter and have been ongoing for some time are best off totally removed and replaced.

Last but not least, check for air leaks around the door. Close the door as tight as it will go, close all windows and doors and then turn on your bathroom fan and kitchen ventilation. Light an incense stick and waft the smoke around the door. You’ll see the smoke waft and curl when there is an air leak present.

Fixing Air Leaks

It’s not always the door and the weather-stripping that’s the air leak problem-sometimes it’s the door’s striker plate itself. That’s the metal clip on the door frame that holds the door latch in place when the door is closed. You can make the door fit tighter against the weather-stripping by moving the striker plate closer to the door jamb.

Remove the striker plate and fill the two screw holes in the door frame with some toothpicks. Cut them off flush to the jamb and chisel out a small portion (about ¼-inch) of the striker pocket in the door frame to allow the striker plate to slide closer to the door jamb. In some rarer cases, you may also need to replace the old hinges to achieve a tighter fit between door and frame.

It’s also a good idea to buy some new weather-stripping for around the door jamb to replace the old. It’s called compression weather-stripping and after time, it tends to lose its compression. If you have steel doors, you may want to consider installing magnetic weather-stripping. It works excellent for steel doors and can easily be installed to replace old and worn weather-stripping.

More often than not, the weather-stripping on your old exterior door’s threshold is damaged and if that’s the case, then it should be replaced. If it doesn’t appear worn, you may simply need to turn the adjustment screws to raise the thresholds weather-stripping closer to the bottom of the door if there’s an air leak under the door.

6 Steps to a Flawless Remodeling Project

Bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms are all great candidates for home remodeling. When you see the pros do it on television, it looks flawless and everything appears to run smoothly and consistently from beginning to end. So how do they do it? Lots of tools, determination and a bit of good luck can only take you so far. Use the following six tips for flawless remodeling and get the most out of your next building project.

What’s the Value?

One of the most important parts of remodeling is getting the best return on your investment. If you’re going to pump thousands of dollars into your new bathroom, shouldn’t it at least bring that much back in return if you ever sell the place? Be sure to do your research and find out what remodeling features are going to bring you money back and which ones are going to make you take a loss when it comes time to sell.

Tight Budgets

Create a cost breakdown list and finalize your budget down to the last penny. Make room for everything you need-and then some. While a loose budget may make it seem like there’s more room for changes, it really adds to the chaos when it comes down to the final bill. Many homeowners find that they spend all of the money they needed to finish the project, on other odds and ends that they added to the budget as they went along.

Be Choosy on the Features

Every good remodeling project has one feature about the space that sets it apart from other designs. It might be a whirlpool tub in the bathroom remodel or maybe it’s the fireplace in the living room-whatever the extra, be sure that it’s not something that’s going to stand out like a white elephant. Be sure that whatever features the room has, it’s practical and it won’t go out of style a few years later.

Design for Furniture

While an open floor plan looks great on paper, when it’s filled with furniture, it’s a whole new ball game. Designing your addition, renovation or remodeling project around the furniture that you’re going to incorporate into the room is one of the best ways to get the most real-time use out of a newly remodeled space.

Clever Storage Spaces

Besides designing around the furniture, it’s also important to design around your storage needs. Space is always at a premium during a remodeling project so it’s best to take advantage of unused spaces for clever storage solutions. Be sure to design for more storage than you need, because you’ll eventually need more storage as you get older and accumulate more things.

Multifunctional Designs save Space

There’s no need to add on that extra linen closet if you really need more office space. By combining two spaces into one, you can reduce the need for additional square footage in the overall remodeling project. With the right combination of savvy storage and multifunctional use of space, you’ll save money and space to use for the parts of the renovation you’ll need the most.

How to Keep Your Home Healthy During a Remodeling Project

No one likes to get sick, and keeping yourself healthy is an important part of everyday life for most people. In keeping yourself healthy, it’s also important to keep your home healthy. That means keeping your home free from poisons and toxins that can cause your home to be an unhealthy environment for you and your family.

But what about when you’re remodeling, renovating or building a new home? There can be a lot of dangerous materials that can cause a construction project to turn unhealthy very quickly. Simply use the following three tips and you’ll keep your home and your family healthy during your next remodeling project.

Avoid Moisture Problems

One of the worst things you can do to your home during a remodeling project is to allow moisture to enter through exposed materials. And that starts from the bottom of the home, all the way to the top. From foundational damp-proofing to covering an exposed crawlspace with plastic sheeting, keeping the moisture out of the soil that surrounds the structure is just as important as keeping it out of an exposed roof. Be sure that if you’re hiring any contractors for help, ensure that they have a weatherproofing plan in place for keeping your home high and dry during construction. You may also what to check your contract agreement on what the contractors responsibility involves if moisture becomes an issue in the home during any phase of construction.

Avoid Contaminants

There can be any number of contaminants already in your home without your knowledge. Any home built before 1978 runs the risk that lead paint, carbon monoxide gases and asbestos materials are present. By federal law, any contractor performing work that will disturb paint in a home built before 1978 is required to be trained in lead-safe practices by the EPA. Dust and debris from these materials can easily cause lead contamination on every surface on your home that’s not well-protected. Lead is extremely dangerous for those who are pregnant and small children.

Other dangerous materials like formaldehyde can be brought into the home by inferior materials. Cheap cabinetry and carpeting can off-gas formaldehyde and other toxic chemicals for years to come when installed brand new in your home. Be sure to check the contaminant level of your new products as well as your old ones to avoid dangerous contaminates in the home.

Avoid Pests

Bugs and rodents aren’t just a nuisance-they can bring along with them all sorts of unhealthy additions to a home. While a good combination of pest control materials and moisture control can help ensure that bugs and rodents stay away during the construction phase, it’s also important to seal any holes, cracks or gaps in materials before critters can find their way inside later on down the road. Fill smaller holes with spray foam insulation but be sure to add a mesh screen to larger holes before you fill them with foam so pests can chew through the foam and enter your healthy home.

How to Prevent Heat-Related Illness During Home Project

Whether you’re planting a garden, fixing your roof or installing a new shower enclosure, working indoors or outdoors could not only get seriously injured from overheating your body during the coming summer months, but it can also turn deadly if heat illnesses aren’t properly avoided and treated when symptoms are present. I should know. Over the last 25 years in construction, I’ve had all five heat illnesses on several occasions. Beat the heat this summer and stay cool. Avoid injury on your next DIY project and avoid these five potentially dangerous forms of heat illness.

Heat Rash

The least progressive of all heat illnesses, heat rash is the result of hot humid weather and the chaffing of the skin from heaving sweating. These small red bumps look a lot like pimples and typically form in the crooks and crannies of your body (i.e. crotch, armpits, elbows) and can cause some serious discomfort when left untreated. My favorite way to treat this common heat illness is by keeping the area dry and using plenty of baby powder to reduce friction.

Heat Cramps

Heat cramps are caused from heavy sweating as well and the loss of too much salt can result in cramping in the arms, legs and abdomen. This is the first stage of dangerous heat illness and if you feel cramping in your body, immediately stop what you’re doing and find some shade. My favorite cure for this common problem-drink plenty of fluids, get into some shade for a while and eat a banana-the high potassium helps prevent cramps. If you go back to work before your body has a chance to cool down and replenish necessary fluids, electrolytes and salt, you could end up with an even worse heat illness.

Heat Syncope

When you’re bent over, lying down or hunched up for long periods of time in the hot heat or high humidity, you could become susceptible to heat syncope. Symptoms include dizziness and fainting and can be very serious if not taken care of immediately. Dehydration can also cause this form of heat illness so be sure to drink plenty of fluids. My best advice is to get up and move around about every 15-30 minutes. It circulates the blood flow, allowing more of those precious nutrients to be used by the body to help cool it down. Gatorade or another high in electrolyte sports drink is what I use to avoid heat syncope when I’m working for long periods of time in a crouched position.

Heat Exhaustion

The main problem when we sweat heavily is loss of electrolytes, salt and water and the end result can turn into heat exhaustion if you’re not careful. Fatigue, nausea, dizziness and clammy skin are all symptoms of this dangerous and sometimes deadly heat illness. If you feel any of these symptoms, you need to move to a cool place right away. Cool water sprayed on the clothing and body can help bring down dangerous body temperatures. I prefer to sit in my car with the AC on of at least 30 minutes on a hot day if I can’t go inside to beat the heat. Sip cool clear beverages and avoid alcoholic drinks.

Heat Stroke

Heatstroke is not only deadly, but it can happen swiftly and unexpectedly. Your body core temperature can easily rise to 106 degrees in just minutes under extreme heat conditions. When your body gives up sweating, you start to feel chills and the skin gets clammy, it’s time to quit for the day and go inside where it’s cool. You’ll also need to take a cool shower, sip cool beverages and avoid any movement for a few hours. It’s also probably a good idea to call 911 or head to the hospital if these symptoms continue for a few minutes after moving inside to a cool location. Learn more about heat-related illnesses and how to prevent and treat them here at the Center for Disease Control website.

6 Tips for a Successful Shingle Install

Many homeowners opt out and decide that they’ll conquer their own roof and shingle it themselves. While this process can really save you some big bucks (think half of the cost of hiring a professional), it’s not a job that’s for the DIY faint of heart. Deadly work environment, extreme heat and lack of essential DIY skills are all important factors to consider when performing a DIY asphalt shingle install. If you’re brave enough, agile enough and tough enough, use the following six tips and get the most out of your DIY asphalt shingle project.

Drip Edge Cuts

Installing drip edge might just appear fairly easy-just bend it around the corners and nail it-but it’s a little more complicated than that. You need to snip the angled corners of the bend while leaving just the right amount of metal left on the top piece. It’s a wise idea to test cut a few corners on a scrap piece of drip edge before you make the final install to get the feel for making this complicated cut.

Drip Edge Laps

Lapping the drip edge the appropriate distance is also important for success. Minimum laps of four inches should be maintained around the perimeter. Be sure to fasten a nail into the overlapping seams as well. Nail off each piece of drip edge in the center of the drip edge every four inches on center to prevent the “oil can effect”. This is where pieces buckle and bend from not being installed tightly.

Bull the Edge

Many roofers skip this step and it’s a crime: always be sure to use a roofing tar or “bull” as it’s known in the field to seal the gap between the drip edge and the roofline. You need to seal the drip edge seam where it meets the roof with a good 4-6 inch wide smear of roofing tar before installing the starter shingles.


Today’s modern dimensional shingles are easy to install and don’t require much of a layout. On a gable end roof, you really only need to place down the starter row and snap a few horizontal lines for accuracy every 3-6 rows of shingles. For hip and valley roofing systems, you need to snap a 3-4-5 square caulk line up the length of the roof. Simply make a point on the base of the roofline, measure over three feet horizontally, then measure up four feet vertically. Make the two points meet accurately by measuring diagonally between the two points five feet. Snap a line from the roof line up to the interesting points for a perfectly straight line to start your shingles from.

Nailing Pattern

You don’t want your shingles to blow off the roof so fastening them with the correct “six nail” nailing pattern is important. Two nails on each end and two clusters of nails one quarter of the way towards the center of the shingle is the perfect nailing pattern for all complete shingles.

Shingle Seam Pattern

Always, always, always follow the shingle seam pattern on the inside of the packaging to void the warranty and future roof leaks. Typically, these stagger about every 4-7 inches followed by a centered piece. This ensures the seams of the shingles never line up so water can flow in behind them. It also keeps nails from being exposed between seams.

5 Essential Tips for Hurricane Season Preparation

Hurricane Andrew scared Florida residents back in 1992, while hurricane Katrina shocked America with its hard core devastation and more recently hurricane Sandy floored Americans when they realized that a hurricane can cause serious damages up and down the coast and not just in the south and along the Gulf Coast. Hurricane season starts on June 1 and ends on November 30 for the Atlantic Coast, while on the Pacific Coast, the season starts on May 15 and ends November 30. Use the following five tips and be prepared for the worst case scenario of a hurricane.


First and foremost in any emergency is to have a good back up supply of water. When hurricane seasons starts, I like to fill up a couple of collapsible five gallon water storage containers and store them away in a cool, dark place. Before a storm heads my way, I ensure my bathtub is filled to the brim with water. This way, I have plenty of water stored for bathing and washing while my drinking water is stored separately. Don’t forget, along with perishable foods, each person in your household needs a minimum of two liters of clean drinking water each day to survive.


The first thing that usually goes out when a hurricane approach is the power-and once it goes out, it could be off for days or even weeks at a stretch. While a good gas generator with plenty of fuel stored away is always a great idea for keeping the refrigerator/freezer running, it’s also wise to use other power sources like extra batteries, solar-powered cell phone chargers and hand cranking radios/flashlights to balance out your energy supply evenly.


While some of your power is going to be used for lighting, try to use it mostly for refrigeration to keep your food as fresh as possible. Battery-powered LED lighting is the best way to get a good bright light everybody can use, without wasting precious battery power in the process. One year during a power outage, I used a boat battery to run a series of landscaping lights throughout the house that ran for days.


If the power goes out, you’re not going to be able to cook very well with an electric oven, stove or microwave. Of course if you have gas powered appliances, you’ve got no problem. But if not, it’s important that you have a few materials to cook with like a camp stove or gas grill. Single burner propane stoves work great for heating up non-perishable goodies like canned soup or noodles. Don’t forget the most important essential-a lighter to light the stove.


Many of us have pets but have no emergency plan set aside for them. After all, if you need to head to an emergency shelter, you won’t be able to take them with you. Nearly 600,000 pets died as a result of hurricane Katrina by people being forced to abandon their pets during the rescue. While some shelters allow pets (be sure to preregister for these places) you may need to evacuate with your pet to a nearby pet-friendly hotel.