10 Soothing Blue Bedroom Ideas

Decorating the Bedroom in Blue

The cool color blue makes me think of blue lagoons, swimming, and summer. It’s no surprise that blue is one of the most popular colors for bedroom decorating. At times blue is combined with another color, as with the ever-popular brown-blue decor. But I prefer to craft a blue bedroom decorated in analogous colors-that is a whole array of blue hues. Then my wood furniture, white doors, and molding all act as foils to my blue decorating, like a frame around a picture. Here are my favorite 10 blue bedroom decorating ideas.

Narrow or Wide Blue Bedroom Walls

Of course blue bedroom decorating involves painting the walls in blue, but I like to do something a little different. In small and narrow bedrooms, I paint the wall behind the bed in a darker shade than the surrounding walls. This gives the illusion that the room is wider than it is. For a room that seems too wide, I reverse this decorating idea and paint the accent wall in a lighter shade of blue. To make rooms look bigger I use light shades of blues, and to make bedrooms seem smaller I use darker ones.

Blue Decorating Wall Frames

Because blue bedrooms are cool and soothing, the walls can seem too bland if painted in a single color. I like to use paint to create the illusion that the centers of the walls are recessed. To implement this blue bedroom decorating idea cut a square of cardboard at least 4 feet wide. Use this yardstick to draw a line on the wall at a 4 foot distance from the floor, surrounding walls and ceiling. Fill in the center square with a darker hue than the outer wall frame.

Blue Lampshades

Add charm to your blue bedroom decorating with blue glass lampshades for your bedside lamps. Choose Tiffany-style lamps for a pool of green and blue colors, or pale blue glass if you want the lamps to let out more light. If you have blue cloth lampshades, glue a deep blue tassel fringe around the bottom to decorate your lamps. And for a soothing ambiance, get scented blue candles that come with decorative ceramic lampshades in blue hues.

Blue Art & Frames

At a craft store or fabric store look for paintings in blue or photographs snapped through a blue lens. Foggy blue waters or sun-washed lagoons will blend well with your blue bedroom decorating, as will Impressionist paintings depicting fields of blue flowers (like Van Gogh’s Irises). If the picture frame is not blue, paint it with semi-gloss blue latex paint. Once dry, sand the paint along the edges to distress the frame and expose a little of the original color.

Blue Sheer Curtains

Even if you have heavy drapes or blinds, add the cool, light beauty of sheer curtains to your blue bedroom decorating. You can simply hang sheer blue shower curtains on curtain hooks, or make your own sheer blue curtain. Just visit the craft store and buy enough sheer blue fabric to go from floor to ceiling. Use no-sewing hem tape all around the edges of the fabric, making the top hem wide enough to slip the curtain pole through. You can also use clip-on curtain rings for this blue bedroom decorating idea.

Blue Rocking Chairs

There’s something about rocking chairs that makes them go so well with the cool , soothing atmosphere of blue bedroom decorating. You can find affordable rocking chairs in garage sales, unfinished furniture stores or home decorating stores. For unfinished wood, stain the chair in blue. For plastic or painted rocking chairs, first paint them with water-based primer, then paint them in semi-gloss latex blue paint.

Blue Bedding

The sheet, duvet and blankets in your blue bedroom are the most prominent elements in the room. Therefore, choose your bedding carefully, making sure it matches your bedroom decorating style as well as your personality. If you have pets, don’t buy embroidered bedding as threads may snag on the nails of your dog or cat.

Blue Decorative Pillows

Like flowers in a beautiful vase, decorative pillows will add charm and style to your blue bedroom decorating. Create your own affordable decorative pillows by sewing new cases for old pillows. Just choose beautiful silk fabrics at a craft store and add a tassel fringe in the seam.

Blue Rug

Whether you have hardwood floors, tile or carpet, adding a blue rug under your bed will create the cool illusion of a pool. Choose a rug that is wider than your bed by 4 to 6 feet and longer than it by 2 to 3 feet. Soothing blue bedroom decorating with a dark carpet will cause a high ceiling to appear lower by focusing the eye on the bottom of the room. A light blue carpet will make a smaller room feel bigger.

Blue Wall Stickers

My last but not least blue bedroom decorating idea is charming as well as soothing. You can find wall stickers that adhere to the wall permanently (like wallpaper). There are butterfly stickers, flowers, trees-many variations from large to small to enable you to create beautiful wall decor.


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