Alternative Uses for Bounce Dryer Sheets

I’ll bet you a dime to a doughnut that you have Bounce Dryer Sheets in your laundry room. They work really well as fabric softener sheets and keep away that nasty static cling. But did you know you can use them in other ways, too? What do you do when your clothes are dry? Do you throw out the Bounce Dryer Sheets? Well, there is something you can do with these sheets before you throw them away. Several months ago, I came across the site that I used as my source. I tried some of the ideas and the ones I tried worked. On some of the ways I use them I tried on my own, and some I got from the source.


Bounce Dryer Sheets are great at picking up dust! When you are done drying clothes just save these little sheets in an empty Kleenex box or something to use when you need to do some chores around the house. You know these dryer sheets work as well as those products specifically made to end your dust problems. I use the Bounce Dryer Sheets to clean the dust off from my TV and entertainment center. I use them at the end of my steam mop on the floors. They work just as well as the Swiffer, and don’t cost nearly as much! I save everything, even rubber bands! I have taken large rubber bands and secured a few used Bounce Dryer Sheets onto the end of my dust mop and it picked up dust like a magnet. I use them to clean off my DVDs and CDs also. Have you ever had your DVDs to freeze in your DVD player? I have. Well, it seemed the problem was maybe dust and maybe oils from our fingers accidentally getting onto the disks. I just spent a little time shining up the DVDs and CDs with a used dryer sheet and they played again.

As a Flea Repellent

I take a used Bounce Dryer Sheet and rub my dog down after his bath. I have never used a dryer sheet full strength, meaning before it has been used in the dryer. I have heard that people do use their full strength for this purpose and it works just fine. I have found they work just as well after they have been used once. There is enough chemical on the sheets to keep the fleas away. I think it is much safer than applying flea chemicals onto his skin. In fact, when I used the special flea medicine on my Chihuahua’s back where it is supposed to go, he goes nuts. He just hates it. He started running from me every month when he saw me coming with it in my hand. Now I just rub him down good with a dryer sheet and he isn’t scratching anymore and I don’t even see a flea on him anymore.

In the Kitchen

Do your microwave and refrigerator have fingerprints all over them? If they do, you can get rid of the smudges with a used dryer sheet. Do you have black smudges on the floor? Again, these sheets work great. If the smudge is stubborn, I sometimes use a little hair spray on the dryer sheet to get up the smudges.

Eyeglass Cleaners

I wear glasses, and they are always getting dust on them, or they get smudged up. Sometimes I cry at a sad story, and the next thing I know is that I have tear stains on my glasses. Well, at home have always used dishwashing liquid to clean them, but one time when I was out I was bothered by smudges on my glasses. I searched my purse for a tissue to clean them with. All I had was a dryer sheet that accidentally found its way into my purse. I used it and it worked great! Now I use them all the time for that purpose.

Fly Away Hair

Do you ever get static in your hair? Well, I did the other day. I had to go out and my hair needed washing, but I didn’t have time. I made the mistake of putting some baby powder in my hair to make it look fresh. Ahhh! I had fly-away hair. But then I thought of the Bounce Dryer Sheets and my hair was perfect. It did look like I had just washed it. So if you ever use powder, be sure to follow with a dryer sheet.

Black Stuck-on Pots and Pans

Yup, it works! Just take a Bounce Dryer Sheet that hasn’t been used in the dryer and put it in a pan or whatever pot you are trying to lift off the black burnt-on stains. Put some water in it and soak the pot or pan overnight. The anti-static properties of the sheet work well to remove the burnt-on crust. I just use a scrubber sponge to lift it all up fairly easily. There are more ways to use these sheets, but I haven’t tried them and cannot vouch for them.


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