Tips for Placing Breakable Knickknacks in Storage

Easy Ways to Prevent Breakage

Glass, ceramic, and even cast resin knickknacks require special care when placed in storage. After all, they must have some value, or you would not bother storing them in the first place. It is crucial to pack and store anything that can become broken correctly. Even if the items are not mishandled, changes in temperature and excessive humidity can cause irreparable damage. Take steps to prevent breakage and keep your valuables from becoming nothing more than memories.

Heavy Wine Boxes are Great for Storage

Do not head to the grocery store or your local discount store when looking for the ideal boxes to hold breakable knickknacks. Visit a liquor store instead. Wine boxes are fantastic for storing breakables. They contain sturdy partitions, and they are heavier than ordinary cardboard. Many grocery stores sell wine, but you are more likely to find empty wine boxes in liquor stores since they sell it in higher volumes.

Boxes Designed to Hold Drinking Glasses are Also Ideal

Could you use a new set of drinking glasses? The boxes are phenomenal for storing breakable knickknacks and other fragile items. Walmart sells complete sets for around $30, and they are worth buying to obtain the right box, especially when glasses are needed anyway. I have been using a drinking glass box to store my fragile Christmas ornaments for years, and it is still in great shape. I still have most of the glasses too.

Save or Buy Plenty of Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is expensive, but it is well worth the price when putting breakable items into storage. Save as much free bubble wrap as possible. Many companies use it to ship fragile goods. When the free wrap runs out, buy it by the roll from discount stores or home office supply stores. Since it is a costly item, it pays to shop around.

Pillow Batting is Also Great Packing Material

A cheaper option works quite well when using partitioned boxes to store breakable knickknacks. Buy a large bag of pillow batting. Pull off as much as necessary, and use it to cushion fragile items. A single bag of pillow batting goes much further than a roll of bubble wrap, and in some cases, it is the better option.


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