6 Tips on Growing Buddleia Plants

Buddleia plants are perennials that produce fragrant flowers in a wide variety of colors. They are easy plants to care for and can attract various wildlife to your garden. This article will give you six tips for Buddleia Plants.


Buddleia plants should be planted in fertile soil that drains well. When planting more than one, you need to plant them about six feet apart. The location can provide anywhere from full sun to light shade.


Buddleias are capable of surviving drought conditions as long as they have had a chance to become established. Therefore, you don’t need to worry much about watering the plant. You can apply fertilizer in the spring if you want the plant to produce more flowers.


As mentioned earlier, Buddleia plants can produce flowers in a wide variety of colors. They include white, pink, red and purple. If you prune the plant once a year, it should produce a better bloom the next time around.


Now that you know how pruning will help, you should do it once a year. When pruning, you should get rid of the old woody branches. This is because the plant produces new growth only on new wood.


Also as mentioned earlier, Buddleia plants can attract various types of wildlife. Butterflies commonly converge on the plant, especially tiger swallowtails. These plants are also known to attract hummingbirds too.


Buddleias can be considered an invasive species. Therefore, you’ll want to maintain the plant so that it doesn’t produce new seedlings in unwanted locations. This is especially important if you live near a wooded area.

These are a few tips on growing Buddleia plants. Make sure that you plant them in fertile soil that drains well. Also, you should prune them once a year to remove old branches since new growth only forms on new wood.


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