5 Budget-Friendly Bedroom Makeover Ideas

A Bedroom makeover doesn’t have to be expensive. Have fun with these budget-friendly steps to the perfect bedroom makeover, and make your life a little sweeter.

Change the Wall Colors

The easiest and best way to give your bedroom makeover a romantic, elegant feel is to change the wall colors.

To save money, why not mix a few colors that you have lying around in the garage? If this means you’ll only have enough color to paint one wall, that’s just fine. Give every wall a different, though complimentary hue. If you don’t have enough paint, check out the discount paint section at your home improvement store. And don’t forget the ceiling either.

Paint a square in the middle of it to create the illusion of a tray ceiling.

Add a Beautiful Rug

Increase the elegance of your bedroom makeover by giving character to the floor. Add a beautiful accent rug to cover your carpet or floors. This will add a plush feeling under your feet, as well as bring out the highlights in your walls and ceiling.

Maybe there’s a rug in another room that you can move to the bedroom? Check out closeouts in home improvement and home decorating stores. Have fun with your choice, but be sure it compliments your walls.

Set of Sheets

There’s no need to replace your bedding with expensive new things. Reduce the cost of your bedroom makeover by simply buying a beautiful set of sheets. Buy an extra flat sheet to toss over your bed as a cover. This will keep the bed fresh and inviting.

Add accent pillows for beauty, but don’t overdo it. Let your bedroom makeover be all about comfort, relaxation and romance.

Whimsical Elements

Add whimsical decorations to give character to your bedroom makeover. Hang a wind chime at the window, or a gauzy mosquito net over the bed. Add a water fountain for the soothing sound of water and the purifying scent of rain.

Finally, finish your bedroom makeover with whimsical elements like fairy decor or dragonflies, shoes or decorative keys, silk butterflies, or lantern decor.

Electric Fireplace

Complete your bedroom makeover with an electric fireplace and two small seats before it. To save money consider building a mantle around a small fireplace, or buy a mantle separately and install a cheap electric fireplace unite in it.

Make the seats before the fireplace bean bags for fun, or cheap wicker chairs for simple elegance. Sitting by the firelight to read and chat will become a favorite pastime.


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